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Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and Shiga Lin Si Nga two nights ago worked on their new film LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2) on location.  Playing a couple they broke up due to a misunderstanding.  Lin Si Nga even slapped Kwan Chor Yiu.  During the shoot, Kelvin screamed at Lin Si Nga, "You are going out all the time, you even lost our son."  Later Lin Si Nga got mad and slapped Kelvin hard.  During the first take, Lin Si Nga was already not holding back and left five finger marks on Kelvin's face.  Unfortunately Wilson Chin Kwok Wai wanted more.  Finally they did five more takes before he accepted one.  However, Kelvin did not complain at all.  After each bad take he still covered up the finger marks with make up and tried again.  During the shoot Lin Si Nga comforted Kelvin, even lightly touching his face and asking him whether it hurt a lot.  Kelvin's label Universal Record executive Wong Kim To personally appeared in support of him.

Aside from being slapped, Kelvin also had a scene in which he walked backward and tripped.  He fell twice and Kwok Kwok Wai was worried that he would be hurt.  After the shoot he immediately consoled him.  Yet Kelvin was worried that his performance was not good enough and kept watching Playback in order to perform his best.  Finally they also shot an addition scene in which he proposed to Lin Si Nga.  They embraced warmly.

Lin Si Nga said that the shoot took place Friday so many people were at Lan Kwai Fong.  To avoid holding up traffic the director from the start already asked her to not hold back.  She said that she hit Kwan Chor Yiu so many times that his face was red and swollen.  Finally the crew had to apply ice on him to keep the bruising down.  She was very sorry.  "Even though Ah Kwan and I have known each other for so long and are so familiar, but I was very sorry.  Every time after hitting him I would apologize to him, but because I hit very hard, we were able to get into our characters.  The crying scene later did not need a lot of time to
cultivate emotions and was shot very quickly."  Did she feel embarrassed with so many people looking out?  Lin Si Nga said that she was not since it was not the first time that they shot on location.  More onlookers was another type of challenge.

In addition, LAN 2 yesterday morning also shot the wrap "bathtub" scene.  Lin Si Nga said that because she and Kelvin were too familiar, during the shoot they felt a little embarrassed.  Luckily the director arranged for the shoot to take place on the last day so they could get more into their couple characters.  She said, "Because neither of us have too much experience, before hand we drank for courage and to relax a little.  Finally we finished with just two takes, everyone was very satisfied with the result."

Working for 23 hours straight, Kelvin yesterday afternoon finally finished all of the shoot and rapidly stated online that the LAN 2 shoot brought him into another fairy tale world.  Now he had to shave off the facial hair that has been with him for 9 months.  He happily said, "Finally I got home.  I still am not sure what day it is.  I am going to sleep!"  Director Chin Kwok Wai and producer Ng Kin Hung posted online that the final "bathtub scene" thanks to the two leads' trust was able to be passionately performed.  They looked forward to more LAN KWAI FONG and hinted at another sequel.

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