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Shunji Iwai yesterday went to Beijing for a screening of the Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting ) and Angelababy starred FIRST TIME.  The story touched him as he asked director Han Yan for an "encore" to watch it again.  This time Iwai came to support director Han Yan.  Although they only met recently, they got along famously due to common interests.  Iwai with his first film LOVE LETTER won international film industry renown.  FIRST TIME was also a pure romance, with an aesthetic romance of first love as its subject.  Director Han Yan was very nervous when he learned that Iwai flew to Beijing for his work.  After the screening, Iwai with satisfaction said to him, "The film moved me."  He praised the film's music and story as great, as he rarely saw such a refreshing Mainland film.

Shunji Iwai saw Baby on the screen for the first time and thought her aura was somewhat close to Japanese star Yu Aoi.  Iwai and director Han Yan had lunch together and even asked director Han Yan to watch the film again.  Director Han Yan admitted that he was not only surprised but also shocked.  Iwai on the FIRST LOVE poster wrote in Japanese "I was moved" to cheer on the film.

The leads Chiu Yau Ting and Baby also had many touching scenes that were worth savoring.  Chiu Yau Ting played a lovably yet humorous romantic guy.  When he saw Baby in the film, he climbed onto her balcony and romanced her remotely.  Yet under the blazing sun he had to apply facial masks.  Baby before the shoot said, "I have never a man use facial masks before, it was very hard for me not to laugh."  Chiu Yau Ting said
that he was rather humorous and funny, thus in the film the comedic performance to him brought "zero pressure", because privately when he was with friends he was very dumb.

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