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Shawn Yue Man Lok, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Josie Ho Chiu Yi earlier worked on the poster for the upcoming film release MOTORWAY (CHEH SAU).  They enjoyed the trailer together.  Ah Lok and Chau Sun often made fun of each other.  Ah Lok first questioned Chau Sun's "punk head" hairstyle and facial hair looked more like a crook impersonating a cop.  Chau Sun joked that he resembled Thai policeman exactly and kept speaking Thai.

In the film Ah Lok played a young cop who teamed up with veteran cop Chau Sun to drive an invisible car on duty.  Yet the immature Ah Lok and the soon to retire Chau Sun had polar opposite philosophies and thus created a lot of friction.  Ah Lok said, "Last time in INITIAL D (TAU MAN JI D) Chau Sun was drunk all the time, this time everyone's characters were different.  Chau Sun's character originally was about to retire and did not want to chase anyone.  Yet in order to save me he took action and even had an accident."  As for the car chases and crashes, Ah Lok said that they were certainly dangerous so everyone on hand tried to take as much safety precautions as possible.  He said, "The car I drove in the film was already totaled in the first scene on the first day of the shoot.  Actually it really was pretty dangerous."

Did Chau Sun have to race in the film?  He joked, "I was sharp, I was a driver too, I drove very fast.  Actually I was responsible for navigation, teaching Ah Lok.  Smart people wouldn't do it themselves."  Chau Sun in the film had many very memorable scenes.  The most memorable had to be them peeling out because the burnt rubber smell could not have been smellier.  Secondly the film was shot in the fall.  They sat inside the car.  Because of sound recording they could not turn on the air conditioning, they could not be hotter.  He said, "The police uniform was stuffy, and I had to wear a bullet proof vase.  At that time the salted fish smell truly roasted us until we were dizzy."  He even joked that police officers dressed like that everyday, if he went to sell athlete's foot treatment outside the traffic department he probably would not have to worry about the lack of business.

Chiu Yi in the film played an arrogant police officer who was responsible for an operation to capture a key criminal.  She said, "This time I played the highest rank Madame in the entire police station.  The character was more scheming and seemingly very cold blooded.  Actually her personality was just more masculine."  Chiu Yi admitted that she liked to drive fast and the feel the speed, but this time she did not get to drive in the film.  She was only responsible for commands, hopefully next time she will have the chance to participate.

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