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Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Nelson Cheung Hok Yun, Tsui Siu Keung's son Edward Chui Woai Dong yesterday attended the film OI CHING DAT YUN production start ceremony.  Len Len said that in the film she would play a couple with Taiwan actor Qiu Xinzhi but her nature was suspicious.  Although this character was a strong businesswoman, she would try her best to test her husband in hopes of controlling him.  Was she like this in reality?  She said that she was not.  She said that when she was young she might have had this thought and was suspicious about everything.  Yet now after being together for awhile they had trust and love, he could easily expose her.  Was her husband Julian Cheung Chi Lam very dumb?  She said, "It's very easy to make him tell the truth."  Was Len Len worried that her husband was so handsome that women would throw themselves at him?  She asked, "Aren't I pretty?  He just has looks, actually the inside is even more attractive than the outside, as long as I don't let him communicate with others I am fine."

Len Len admitted that she would not follow her husband because if he would change he could change in a minute.  Thus normally she would give some freshness to her husband.  Like earlier everyday she went out mysteriously, which made her husband very curious.  Yesterday also in attendance were pseudo model Snowy Pak Wan, Joanne Zhang Jianan and Johnson Lee Si Jit's rumored girlfriend Naomi.  Len Len said that she would have scenes with them and teach them how to hold on to their men in the film.  She said that she was no match for girls now.  What did she mean?  She said, "When we were 20 years old we were inadvertent, we wouldn't be as direct as them.  Their behavior, manner of speech and fashion all surprised me."  She said that working with pseudo models was pretty interesting.  She knew how they think and sometimes would even compete with them on how short their dresses were.  Would she compete with their figure?  She immediately said, "You can't compete with that, now it's plastic surgery.  Everyone's faces are almost the same."  Would she consider plastic surgery to provide freshness for her husband?  She said that she would not as her son and husband were both used to her looks.

Chui Woai Dong said that in the film he would play Len Len's assistant and file Len Len's documents.  Would he have any scene with pseudo models?  He said that there were so many that he could not recognize them all.  Did his younger sister who participated in a beauty pageant want to join the business?  He said that school came first for her but their parents agreed for him to join the business.  Naomi lately supposedly has been dating Lee Si Jit.  She admitted that now she was considered with a boyfriend, but whether he was Lee Si Jit it was a secret.  She said that he was only a good friend in development.  Has she kicked out his official girlfriend Spring Roll?  She said that she did not know Spring Roll.  Did she feel like she was a third party?  She boasted, "Have they been together?"  She also admired Lee Si Jit's talent and did not feel that he was unfaithful.  If he was she would not choose to be his friend.

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