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Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) yesterday attended a recycled fashion event.  Aside from praising boyfriend Aaron Kwok Fu Sing to be a brand name to her, she even was willing to be faithful to Sing Sing.  Even when she worked on a movie with Raymond Lam Fung she would not be electrocuted.

Earlier she was rumored to be taking time off to wed in secret with Sing Sing, thus upsetting Sing Sing's manager Siu Mei.  Sing Sing also reportedly began to control Lynn's jobs behind the scenes and only permitting her to work with big names.  Has Lynn recovered from all the gossip?  She lightly smiled and said, "I have always been in a great mood, I am fine after it passed.  (Has Sing Sing consoled you?)  At the moment that I learned about it I was unhappy for a few hours, after that I was fine.  After so much written over so many years, it's pointless for me to be unhappy and make life difficult for myself.  (Does Sing Sing only permit you to work with big names?)  Every time I appear it's for a big brand, and it was the ones that I like.  (Has he asked you not to work?)  It's very boring to stay home and not work!  I don't know how to cook.  (You can be a mother.)  Let's wait until later."

Lynn is working on Raymond Wong Pak Ming's new film NAM YUN YU YI FOK (MEN ARE LIKE CLOTHES) so she has yet to watch FLOATING CITY (FAU SING) in support of Sing Sing.  She said that she will bring her parents after she finished up with her film.  Has she always been faithful to her boyfriend and never changed clothes (boyfriend) over the years?  She said, "If it's right, even if it's faded, ripped, I would still buy it back to wear it.  (Is Sing Sing in your heart forever a brand name and will you never take it off?)  When I sleep I have to take it off, but as a metaphor he is a brand name."  In the film she and Lam Fung will play a couple.  Who is more Chok between Lam Fung and Sing Sing?  She said, "I don't know, their styles are different.  (No matter how Lam Fung Chok you would not be electrocuted?)  In the film I have to, however how would you make the movie?  Off camera I probably wouldn't be.  (Because you are faithful?)  I warm up slower, before electrocution the shoot has already wrapped.  I take a long time to gradually have feeling."

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