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The Clarence Ford (Fok Yiu Leung) directed romance TOGETHER has officially started production at the end of March, first shooting Angelababy, Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Ko Chen-Tung's scenes.  This month finally "goddess" Michelle Chen and the "strongest in the universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan's scenes would be shot.  Yesterday the team shot on location in Tsim Sha Tsui and arrived at 6AM.  Due to the usual traffic especially during lunch, the team in order to avoid affecting the production result set up a road block at the intersection of Kimberly Road and the Observatory Road to keep pedestrians out of the shot.

Many after lunch realized someone was shooting a movie and looked on out of curiosity.  Even store employees stuck their heads out to see what was happening.  In a wedding gown Michelle Chen with an assistant walked out a wedding store to test her marks.  Some pedestrians screamed, "Shen Chia-Yi!"  Then more and more people waited for the goddess.  Michelle rapidly tested her marks and ducked back into the wedding store to stay cool.  The temperature yesterday reached 30 degrees Celsius.  Although Michelle wore a super low cut wedding gown, it dragged on the ground and was heavy.  She also wore long pants underneath and could not be hotter.  While she was enjoying the air conditioning in the wedding store, she even applied a bag of ice pack like object to her face.

On the other hand, Chi Tan was waiting for his shot on the Observatory Road.  In a traffic police uniform he had to stay cool as well.  Yet he still had hot beverage on the street.  Some pedestrians recognized him and asked for pictures and he complied as his usual friendly self.  A car owner saw a "traffic cop" from afar and ran to the car thinking cars were being tickets.  The crew told him it was just a movie shoot and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Michelle's assistant carried an umbrella for her to block out the sun.  Although the hill looked short, the crew used a truck to bring her uphill.  The director shot Michelle in flat shoes running up the hill, then had a few lines with Chi Tan.  Running uphill in the summer heat was quite exhausting.  Reportedly Michelle lost her memory and forgot her relationship with Chi tan.  When she gradually remembered she ran to find him.  Because both sides were metered parking spots, the crew had to direct cars through to avoid the cameras.

Chi Tan praised Michelle as smart on their first collaboration.  Chi Tan joked, "She is even the apple of my eye!"  Reporters pointed out that his traffic police uniform was very stuffy.  He said that it was not considered tough.  "Can it be tougher than action film?  Michelle Chen had it tougher.  She had to run uphill in a wedding gown."  The kung fu film expert Chi Tan did not have to get rough, but the mild mannered goddess this time had to get all sweaty from running.

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