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Jackie Chan helps Yao Xingtao to the beach

Jackie Chan lets the ladies sit first
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Jackie Chan's new film CHINESE ZODIAC made its Cannes Film Festival appearance.  On May 18, Big Brother Jackie Chan led Kwon Sang-Woo, Liao Fan, and three "Chan Girls" Yao Xingtong, Zhang Lanxin and Laura Weissbecker to a large scale press conference.  At night they attended a beach party.  The event even screened PROJECT A as a salute to Jackie Chan.

At the press conference, each actors pointed out that Big Brother asked for "stylish and pretty fighting", which was already basic.  He also wanted "fighting with thinking, trying different way of fighting in each action scene", every punch had to land, no stunt double.  Thus after this shoot, the cast's action abilities could rival the SEAL team.  As for working with a group of young actors, Big Brother admitted that the investment companies wanted to use big stars at first, but he worried that they could not give their all and ask for a lot.

This time the producer also praised Big Brother for his professionalism.  While shooting in Australia, one scene required extreme wind power to blow four people to mid air.  Big Brother did not use a double.  Under two degrees below zero Celsius temperature he was blown for several hours on the wires.  Thus he thought Jackie Chan was like Superman when he was making a movie.  Big Brother also said that for his  family and his own safety, this film will be his final action film.  From now on he would like to make movies with more sincerity and less action.

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