Saturday, May 12, 2012


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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu two nights ago was late to the latest MCDULL animated film to provide her voice.  She explained that her daughter was acting up.  Her good friend Andy Lau Tak Wa has been rumored to be a father already.  Although Wai Jai has not confirmed the news yet, Kwan Yu said that she has already sent a congratulatory text message.  He still has not responded to it yet.  Instead Mrs. Lau Chu Lai Sin replied to Kwan Yu's text message.

Recently Chu Lai Sin was rumored to have already given birth to a "little Dragon girl", but father wa Jai has not officially announced the good news.  Even his good friend Eric Tsang Chi Wai has no idea whether it was real or not.  Kwan Yu said, "I have a reply!  Because I congratulated Mrs. Lau, she replied to me.  I know she is probably very busy so we didn't discuss the details."

Kwan Yu even said that she had a headache from coming up with a gift for Wa Jai's daughter.  Since Wa Jai announced his wife's pregnancy to now, Kwan Yu still has not decided what to give the "Little Dragon Maiden".  She said that because baby products were very private, Wa Jai should have stroller and baby seat not to mention baby clothes.  Her daughter's baby clothes were in the closest without ever being opened.  Thus she wanted to give a gift with some sentimental value.

Will she visit Wa Jai's family?  Kwan Yu said, "I have to wait until it's convenient for them.  He himself hasn't made the announcement, when I sent my text message to him I said I didn't dare to believe anything, I needed him to confirm to believe."

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