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The Gordon Chan Ka Seung and Janet Chun Siu Chun directed, based on the Wen Ruian wuxia novel of the same name THE FOUR (SEI DAI MING BO) two days ago held a Beijing press conference.  Chan Ka Seung led actors Deng Chao, Crystal Liu Yifei, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Wu Xiubo in attendance.  The investigation trailer was also shown as hints for the mystery surfaced.

In it the "Cold blooded" Deng Chao and "Merciless" Liu Yifei were revealed as a part of a love triangle in the film.  Typecast as the heavenly Dragon Maiden, Liu Yifei has been questioned as never being rid of the Sister Fairy shadow.  She said, "It doesn't matter!  I can't possibly live in worry and fear!"  Chan Ka Seung helped her and said, "Liu Yifei is particularly cute when she plays cool."

The always direct Wong Chau Sun earlier blasted the Mainland production.  He again said that aside from wanting to elevate the work conditions of extras he also wanted to manage.  He also criticized extras for lacking quality like making phone calls and taking photos on the set to disrupt the production.  He said, "I am raging, making me constantly throw tantrums!"  Wu Xiubo agreed that extras' salaries should be raised.  Because overseas extras were well paid, their passion for work was also very high.

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