Thursday, May 10, 2012


Fans celebrate with a drawing

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The 50 year old Andy Lau Tak Wa became a father, his wife Chu Lai Sin gave birth to their daughter at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital.  Although Wa Jai has not publicly confirmed the good news, many media outlets yesterday waited outside Wa Jai's residence and hospital.  New grandfather and grandmother Papa and Mama Lau yesterday kept their silence at morning tea about their grandchild but they were all smiles.Reporters was waiting at the restaurant parking lot when Ti Lung passed by, Brother Lung after learning about the coverage of Wa Jai's parents asked nicely, "Don't give them too much pressure."  Would he share any parenting tips with Wa Jai?  He said he did not need to because Wa Jai's parents were very talents, just give them some space.  Meanwhile no trace of Wa Jai could be seen at the hospital.

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