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Pakho Chau was lucky in an internet romantic micro movie.  Aside from a series of kiss scenes with Shiga Lin Si Nga, he also had intimate scenes with Miki Yeung Oi Kun and Monie Tung Man Lei.  Yesterday he and Shiga shot their first kiss scene and even arranged for reporters to visit the set.

Pakho revealed that every time his character felt lonely he would have intimate relationship with the disposable "bubble wrap girl" Shiga and get rid of her when he was done.  Thus they would have many intimate scenes.  Before the shoot, the director asked what Pakho's limits were.  Pakho said that he had no limit but in the movie he would.  In the film he would intensely kiss.  Yesterday morning Pakho and Shiga tried their marks and he said that it did not feel good.  Perhaps because it was too early.  If it was in the evening or at night his body would be in the mood.  Thus that night he and Shiga would have more passionate scenes like embracing and clothing removal.

Pakho also said that this was his "first" film with passionate scenes, but Shiga joked that his life experience was richer.  He admitted that was true.  When asked whether they fell for each other, Pakho worried that after the gratification of the kiss they would lose freshness.  He also pointed out that Shiga wore lip moisturizer, thus after kissing her he felt very moisturized.  Although in the film he also had intimate scenes with Yeung Oi Kun and Tung Man Lei, but the most passionate was still with Shiga.  When Shiga heard that Pakho gave her his most passionate first time, she worried that she would become the target of online criticism!

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