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The Fung Chi Chiang directed, Alex Man Chi Leung, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei and Chapman To Man Jat starred new film THE BOUNTY (YUEN HUNG) will soon be released.  Sit Hoi Kei worked with Man Chi Leung for the first time and played father and daughter.  Fiona praised Man Chi Leung for his great acting as well as taking care of her and instructing her.  He also was humorous.  Fiona said, "At first on the set I saw Brother Man Chi stared at me for a long time and I thought something happened.  Later he told me that my neck was longer than ordinary people's.  He said that we as artists no matter on and off screen have to show people the best side.  I felt that this elder told me the truth and thought that he really was thinking of a junior like me."  Fiona said that she was not mad at Man Chi for what he said.  Instead she worshipped and appreciated him for it.  Fiona said, "Brother Man Chi after making this film gave us each a farewell card, on it he didn't write anything random.  Each has something meaningful to the person.  Such a behavior should only be seen among brown nosing juniors, but Brother Man Chi si very detailed."

Man Chi Leung had nothing but praised for Fiona, citing her performance as outstanding.  Man Chi Leung said, "Having been used to television series, we take it for granted.  As a new actor Fiona has to perform with live sound recording.  In one scene she brought life to the character.  I believed that if she went with us to the Udine Film Festival earlier she conceivably would have become the focus of the entire event."  Already a father, Man Chi Leung this time played a father in a movie for the first time.  He said that now his child has begun to grow up but he would try to make time to be with him.  He said, "This year will be my 10th wedding anniversary with my wife.  Earlier we went to Tahiti and even bought a pair of black pearls for a couple necklace."

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