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Media Asia film MOTORWAY (CHEH SAU) will be released next month.  The new film uses the police invisible car squad as the story's blue print.  Police officers Shawn Yue Man Lok and the soon to retire Anthony Wong Chau Sun after INFERNAL AFFAIRS (MO GAN DOH) and INITIAL D (TAU MAN JI D) worked together again.  Yesterday they spoke to the Mainland media about the film production.

This film had many live car chases but did not use any special effect at all.  Ah Lok said that car chases were dangerous because the cars were hard to control.  Like in action films, punches and kicks could be controlled.  Cars had to be controlled well but they and the road conditions might cause errors.  Too many factors could affect them.  With any accident the damage would be enormous as well.

Lok Jai luckily did not run into any severe accident during the shoot, but it was very dangerous.  In one part the director did not permit them to drive with their lights on, but a chase without lights actually was very dangerous because without lights you lost the sense of distance and could not see what was in front of you clearly.  Thus he was very afraid and drove slower.  Chau Sun this time was Ah Lok's navigator.  When asked about Ah Lok's difference between the films, Chau Sun joked that he despised him more and more.  Now he knew what he would be thinking and he has improved a lot overall.  Perhaps because he was older, he was more stable.  Chau Sun himself did not like to drive at all.  He would rather walk.  He felt that cars were only a little faster than him and he could not take it.

Ah Lok said that working with Chau Sun was a lot of fun.  Every time he was able to learn a lot in secret, Chau Sun actually deliberated made him learn.  Lok Jai pointed out that working with a good actor was very rare.  When he worked with Chau Sun he had quite a sense of security.  Earlier in the news a police officer chased a high speed motorcycle on the road, much like in the film.  Ah Lok said that the operation was very similar, the conversation with the navigator was very similar.  They drove faster and faster, neglecting everything else to chase the vehicle in front.  Yet in the film they were not so dangerous.

Ah Lok was asked whether he was confident to one day receive the Best Actor award from Chau Sun's hands.  "I don't feel much about awards, I have heard how he treated his awards."  Chau Sun asked, "You should ask me if I ever thought about being as hot and popular with girls as you."  Ah Lok asked Chau Sun has he thought about not accepting more awards?  Chau Sun said that this year he was not even nominated.  If he was, they would not feel good about presenting it to someone else.  An executive called him and asked him not to be nominated.

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