Friday, May 18, 2012


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Mike He and Ella Chen Chia Hua earlier appeared on a TVB Entertainment News channel interview to talk about their film BAD GIRLS.

Siu Mei said that this was his first film with Ella.  He discovered that they shared the same habits.  Sometimes he would "pick on" her off screen.  Once he saw how tough the scene was for Ella, he pretended to give her a massage and pinched her foot instead.  Ella also praised Siu Mei as a kissing expert.  She said that when she and Siu Mei kissed she would think about him.  Because she was already in character, no awkward situation would appear.

On the program they also mentioned their first love.  Ella said that while in school she liked to play sports.  She learned that an elder classmate had a crush on her and asked a friend to tell her.  Then they began to chat over the phone and pass notes.  Siu Mei said that he passed notes to someone he liked at school, but the teacher confiscated them all.  At the time for girls he even put on his father's suit to dates.  Looking back now he thought it was funny.

Ella just got married, will she continue to work on kiss scene after marriage?  She said that marriage would not change or affect her too much.  If she will have intimate scene she will first check with her own standards.  As for parenthood plan, she said that after two years she will have a baby.

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