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William Chan Wai Ting earlier with Deep Ng Ho Hong, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and Tsui Siu Keung's son Edward Chui Woai Dong worked on the Emperor Motion Picture TRIAD (JAT JIK) in Jordan for a gang show down.  William along with Tsang Kwok Cheung and Chui Woai Dong led a gang to argue with Ng Ho Hong and his gang of several dozen.

Although that night had no fight scene, under the heat everyone was sweating bullets.  During breaks they often removed their jackets and showed off!  In white tank tops William and Chui Woai Dong were soak through, female fans who were waiting could not take their eyes off.  Even Ng Ho Hong said, "It's really hot, I am sweating just from standing here!"

William looked cool in command of the gang, but actually he was already injured all over from fight scenes.  He showed the bruises on his arms to reporters and said, "Tonight I seem to be leading so many, but earlier whenever we shot we shot scenes in which I got beaten up.  The director even said that he might add more of those.  (Would Ah Sa's heart ache?)  We both are like that with our movies!  (Did you ask Ah Sa about how to make fight scenes?)  I too have studied Thai kickboxing."  The film had many smoking scenes.  William was not worried about his image and believed fans would be able to differentiate between right and wrong.

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