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Cherie Chung Chor Hung yesterday attended a watch event, also in attendance was soon to be father Real Ting Chi Ko.  Hung Goo recently frequented public events and discovered many fans still supported her.  She revealed that she even opened a microblog account to communicate with fans and to promote the environmental protection message.

Hung Goo also has become the target of many film companies but she has not been tempted yet.  Would she have ot work with Chow Yun Fat in order to be attracted?  She said of course that would be good because Fat Gor has thousands of fans.  However lately they had very little contact.  Earlier she just learned that it was his birthday.  Speaking of the new generation goddess Michelle Chen's resemblance to her.  She said that she saw YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE and asked, "Does she look like me?  That is a great movie, it's both happy and cute."

Miriam Yeung Chin Wa's due date will be in mid June.  She said that her belly was already very big so she rarely went out.  Outside her home were several paparazzi vehicles in waiting, but Chin Wa did not want to be caught.  If she was she would immediately turn the other way and run.  Ting Chi Ko denied that Chin Wa lacked confidence in her pregnant look, only the belly looked sharper and larger with a boy so she did not want to have her picture taken.  He said that now his arms would not wrap around his wife.  Now Chin Wa is 160 pounds, the same weight as his.  Later they will be able to lose weight together.

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