Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Reporters gather outside the hospital
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Andy Lau Tak Wa's 46 year old wife Chu Lai Sin two nights ago checked into the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital in Happy Valley and gave birth to an over six pound baby girl.  The 50 year old father Wa Jai so far has not confirmed the good news.

Lau Tak Wa has always kept his personal life low key, even when his wife Chu Lai Sin was pregnant he only posted "joy for the family" on his official site earlier.

Yesterday the news of Chu Lai Sin's admittance into the hospital and giving birth suddenly surfaced.  The media flocked to the hospital and waited outside but found no trace of Wa Jai or Lau's family.  With Wa Jai's usual low key personality, even if he became a father would not meet the media outside.  He might likely wait until his wife's release and everything is settled before announcing the good news on his official site to his fans.  Wa Jai's company said that they had no idea and no comment.

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