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Angelababy gave many first times for her new film FIRST TIME.  Aside from the theme song SMILE OK? that her idol Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) wrote for her, she even came up for a dramatic version music video for her theme song.  She convinced her brother Keven to perform for the first time in place of Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting).

On the day of the shoot, Angelababy, her brother Keven and a group of volunteering good friends went to a Clearwater Bay school to prepare.  In a school uniform, Baby still matched his brother who was still a student well.  Unfortunately her brother was very shy and was very nervous about his first performance.  In one scene a group of female students surrounded him in a chat, he did not know what to do.  Baby saw her brother's face turning red and could not help but giggle.  During the entire shoot, Baby very patiently instructed her brother and often joked and chatted with him to calm his nerves.

Baby pointed out that her brother has always been introverted, a shy guy.  Thus when she learned that she had to shoot this music video, she immediately thought her brother to play the younger version of the film character.  She hoped through his performance to help her brother with his courage.  She said that this time she convinced her brother to perform with his favorite PSP video game.

Baby participated a lot in this music video.  Aside from performing, she also had an understanding of posts outside acting like story creation and camera positioning.  "I am very interested in very aspect, hopefully in the future I will have a chance to be a director in training."  Speaking of the crush with her brother, was it awkward?  Baby said that it was not instead she thought her brother's nervous expression and frowning were very interesting.  The funniest was when she and her brother were supposedly being romantic, he kept reminding her, "Sister, remember to buy the video game for me!"  Keven described his first performance as tough.  He pointed out that he had no talent in this area.  he also had to learn to play guitar on the spot for the shoot.  However he spent a rare day with her sister, which he was very happy about.

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