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Asian action film THE RAID: REDEMPTION will be released in Hong Kong next month.  Yesterday director Gareth H Evans, lead Iko Uwais and "Mad Dog" in the film Yayan Ruhian promoted in Hong Kong.  To coordinate with all the raves for the film's action, Iko and Yayan gave a live demonstration without holding back.  Then they practiced with three viewers.  Although Yayan has already demonstrated the action first for the viewers to imitate, Kko still seriously performed a stunt fall rather professionally.

Later the director revealed that this was his second trip to Hong Kong and the first for the actors.  Yet due to the tight schedule they could only enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Ching Ma Bridge in their vehicle.  They also tasted Hong Kong cuisine, with Peking Duck being their favorite.  Later they will fly to Indonesia to continue their promotion.  Speaking of Hong Kong action films, the director excitedly expressed that he grew up on Hong Kong action films and Jackie Chan and Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) were among his favorites.  The director said, "They are my heroes, if I would have a chance to work with them of course I would be happy.  I am particularly nervous about this trip to Hong Kong."

Iko has been called the Indonesian Tony Jaa.  He thanked everyone for flattering him and humbly said that he was quite far from him.  Tony was a martial artist who he admired and had a lot to learn from.  They also said that they will work on the sequel in January.

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