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The first Hong Kong Salento International Film Festival began two nights ago.  Deanie Ip Tak Han who has won countless awards with A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) two nights ago received the Salento Award.  Her good friend Lau Tak Wa became a father.  Sister Deanie could not help but urge him to hurry and have another.  Sister Deanie said, "If it's too much then later!  However he has to no matter what, Lee Lam Lam had one when she was 50!"

Two nights ago Sister Deanie was in great spirits.  After receiving the award she talked about foreign films and even said that Lau Tak Wa was busy with his baby and could not attend.  Speaking of winning so many awards that her arms was tired from accepting them, Deanie said, "Don't say that, I can accepting even without arms!  The film is still in the cinemas!  Thank you Italians for appreciating me!"  When asked if she has seen Wa Jai's baby, she said, "Not yet!  Don't bother her, having a baby is very tough!"  She admitted that when she had her first she did not permit her friends to visit.  She permitted visitors with the second one
but she was dog tired.

Sister Deanie felt that having a child was not easy and thus hoped everyone would give Wa Jai some space.  She only sent text messages to Wa Jai but did not call to keep from bothering him.  Did she ask him for photos?  Sister Deanie said, "No!  Even if he sent it I wouldn't want it, I am afraid that if it is leaked I would be blamed!" She said that the entire world was happy for Wa Jai.  Did Wa Jai treat her to any ginger vinegar, Ip Tak Han said that she did not understand the tradition.  "I told Wa Jai not to have any, ginger vinegar was bad for bones and teeth why would we still have to see it.  Having ginger vinegar after having a baby truly isn't right!"  Did she give Wa Jai any advice?  Sister Deanie said, "I told him a long time ago, he also read a lot of books in preparation.  He even talked to me about DNA like an expert, such a man is very hard to find!"  Would she ask him to have another, Sister Deanie smiled and said, "That would depend on Mommy's health condition.  Health is the most important.  If it's too much they can wait until later, but they have to keep going.  Lee Lam Lam had a child in her 50s without any problem.  The most important was to have patience and love!"

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