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Jackie Chan tossed non diver Yao Xingtong into the water

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The Emperor Motion Picture, Jackie Chan Films and Huayi Brothers invested CHINESE ZODIAC (SUP YI SUN CHIU) has always been kept under wraps.  On May 17, Big Brother Jackie Chan led the cast to appear for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival.  Big Brother not only flew the cast to participate a variety of events there, his classic film PROJECT A was also selected in appreciation of Big Brother and the CHINESE ZODIAC team's support of the film festival.

Since the production began, the cast, the production locations of CHINESE ZODIAC were all kept confidential.  Aside from Kwon Sang-Woo, the new "Jackie Chan Girl" and the other actors were never revealed.  Last night Big Brother Jackie Chan lead Kwon Sang-Woo, Liao Fan, Yoo Seung-Jun, Yao Xingtong, Zhang Lanxin and Laure Weissbecker walked the red carpet for the Cannes Film Festival competition film RUST & BONE.  This time was also the first appearance of the CHINESE ZODIAC cast.

When Big Brother Jackie Chan and the three actresses appeared they immediately set off the flash bulbs endlessly.  This time Big Brother decided to make CHINESE ZODIAC's debut at the Cannes Film Festival and the event was very happy to set up a large scale party to welcome it.  The international media looked forward to CHINESE ZODIAC very much.  At the same time, Korean film star Kwon Sang-Woo's first collaboration with Big Brother made the Japanese and Korean media fight for coverage.

However at the event Big Brother announced that due to age, safety and his family, this film would be his final action film.

"I am not young any more, Jackie Chan movies aren't Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, I can't fight and jump again.  Fong Cho Ming (Jaycee Chan) in DOUBLE TROUBLE has many action scenes.  So he will fight and I will sing!"  Big Brother also mentioned he loved the action film culture but it was not just fighting and killing.  His future goal was to become Robert DeNiro of Asia.

After the event, the CHINESE ZODIAC team began a series of promotions.  On the 18th it attended the press conference in the morning and a party in the evening with over 50 global media outlets.  At the same time, the event selected one of Big Brother Jackie Chan's classic film PROJECT A as a salute with a beach screening for 5,000 viewers.  It was the only Chinese film to receive a classic salute.

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