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On May 24, the Cannes Film Festival committee at the 60th anniversary hall held a "Return To The Cinema" special screening as many movie videos and trailers made their debut.  The latest footage from Wong Kar Wai's THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) made the global premiere.  The short films after the screening received the applause from many buyers and reporters from around the world.

THE GRANDMASTER's latest footage focused on the eight diagrams.  In it the Zhang Ziyi played "Mr. Miyaji", the Wang Qingxiang played "Mr. Miyaji"'s father, and a child actor who played the young "Mr. Miyaji" appeared.  Snowstorm, plum flower and forest became the film's primary natural elements.  Zhang Ziyi, Wang Qingxiang and the child actor's practices overlapped, with high speed photography and score the martial art was as agile as dance.  Wong Kar Wai's unique visual and audio charms were displayed.  On the screen different scenery and characters traded places, aesthetic, graceful and full of romantic aura that differed from past martial art films.

In the short film Zhang Ziyi's voice could be heard, "My father practices Eight Diagrams XingYi, since childhood the sound that I have heard the most is bones crunching."  Then Zhang Ziyi's narration appeared again.  The entire short film was over five minutes long and was also the finale.  Earlier, THE GRANDMASTERS distributed "Grandmaster invitations" to announce to the world that the film will officially be released on December 18.  Sil-Metropole distribution director, and THE GRANDMASTER press spokesperson said, "This Cannes event is very meaningful.  Movies belong to cinemas, belong to the audience.  So to film professionals, instead of blatantly promoting they might as well honestly make movies.  I am very honored that Director Wong Kar Wai's THE GRANDMASTERS can represent Chinese film to participate in such an event, to let our audience know that on this platform in Cannes Chinese film is not absent."

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