Friday, May 18, 2012


Jeana Ho, Celia Kwok
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The Stephen Shiu Jr. invested film adaptation of a novel, YUT LO HEUNG SAI (A ROAD TO THE WEST) yesterday held a production start ceremony at the Cyberport.  Female lead Jeana Ho Pui Yu led actresses from different places in attendance.  Lead actors included Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Mark Wu Yiu Fai.  The actors at first appeared in "uniforms" then changed into swimsuits.

Jeana's figure reduced in size after changing in swimsuit.  Angelina Cheung Woon Nga appeared in a zebra strip bikini and stole her thunder.  When asked why her figure shrank and whether the implants were removed, she denied it and explained that she was sick and got thinner.  She also joked that she was old and would not compare to others and her height made her pretty.  Has she thought about "implant removal"?  She said that she has not thought about it for now.  If the burden became too much then she would.  Currently she did not have any back pain and she was very pleased with her figure.  In the film this time she would not perform in the nude.  She would only practice Tai Chi and Wing Tsun as she joked that she would leave the nudity to other actresses.  Another actress Shu Sum Yin celebrated her birthday and everyone presented a cake to celebrate with her.

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