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The Angelababy starred romance FIRST TIME was released on June 8.  Two days ago she and director Han Yan and another actress Cindy Yen (Yuen Wing Lam) promoted in Shanghai.  While Baby was playing a game with the students on stage, a male student hug her by surprise.  She was scared out of her wits and could only awkwardly smile.  Baby finally felt the power of the students.

Because lead actor Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) could not attend, Baby and Yuen Wing Lam put an extra effort.  They played with the students on the stage.  They not only sang but also played with bubbles to reprise a romantic scene with Baby and Chiu Yau Ting in the film.  They never expected that during the student hand shake segment, a male student would suddenly hug her.  She was caught off guard and scared out of her mind as she could only smiled.  Even the host was stunned and immediately separated Baby and the student.  The student was so happy after hugging the goddess that he was leaping for joy, he then immediately knelt in front of Baby to apologize for his inappropriate behavior.  Baby smiled and said, "That's fine, stay cool, I was only worried that everyone would get hurt."

Baby said that the first school event felt great, she did not expect the students to be so passionate.  As for the sudden hug, She said, "At the time I really didn't know what to do, I could only smile.  I was the first time I ran into something like this.  The feeling of the hug was my chin hit his head and hurt a little.  If he was a little gentler then it's better!"

Aside from games, Baby and Yuen Wing Lam sang songs from the movie.  Although Baby was not a singer her performance was steady.  She even received flowers and applause from the students to cheer her on.  Baby honestly said that she was nervous about her first public performance.  Because she sang live she did not want anything embarrassing to happen.  Thus a week before she already memorized the lyrics and kept practicing.  "Just now I was able to rather smoothly sang the lyrics without missing a word, I am pretty satisfied!"

Romantic scenes of her and Chiu Yau Ting were also played.  Students kept cheering especially when they saw their bubble scene.  Baby revealed that Chiu Yau Ting had a tough time with this scene.  She said, "I was mainly responsible for blowing bubbles.  He had to keep chasing the bubbles I made and blowing on them to cheer me up.  During the process he kept on falling down or turning over backward to chase the bubbles.  He was sweating bullets.  We said that the romance required physicality to complete like an action!"

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