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Anthony Wong Chau Sun in August will star in the Herman Yau Lai To directed film IP MAN -- JUNG GIK YUT JIN (IP MAN -- FINAL BATTLE).  Chau Sun who will play Ip Man has already begun preparation half a year ago as he studied Wing Tsun with Sin Kwok Lam.  Yesterday Chau Sun went to Sin Kwok Lam's Wanchai gym to practice Wing Tsun.  Chau Sun was very focused and looked very convincing.  Sin Kwok Lam praised Chau Sun and did not know about his martial art background.  When he studied Wing Tsun it came easily to him as he improved rapidly; the action scenes in the film would not be difficult for him.

Many actors have played Ip Man, Chau Sun admitted that he was not afraid of comparison and even joked that earlier Tony Leung Chiu Wai "challenged" him!  Chau Sun said, "I ran into Leung Chiu Wai in the Mainland, he asked me if I would play Ip Man.  I said yes, he immediately made a kung fu pose to challenge me.  I wouldn't fight him though.  I am mild mannered, I wouldn't fight randomly.  As soon as I fight someone

What Chau Sun referred to started with director Yau Lai To.  Chau Sun said, "He knew when I was working on a movie in Africa, workers argued over an affair.  I went over to mediate and finally someone insulted my mother with foul language.  As soon as I heard it I exploded and knocked out the person with one punch."

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