Friday, May 11, 2012


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Real Ting works PR for the event and reveals that he and Miriam Yeung are expecting to be parents around mid June
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Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) two nights ago attended a brand name label exhibition.  Speaking of the birth of Andy Lau Tak Wa's daughter, did Daniel feel the urge to follow suit?  Daniel responded, "I am so young, hopefully it will happen this year."  He stressed that he and his wife Lisa will keep working hard at it.

Daniel also said that in June he and Stephen Fung Tak Lun's company will make the new film CONTROL.  He will produce and star.  He helplessly said, "It was so comfortable when I was just an actor, as a boss I have so much work to do."  He believed that this year he will stay in Hong Kong more to concentrate on making movies and in hopes of having a child quickly; he also said that his friends like Ryan Hui Wai Yun, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Andy Lau Tak Wa all are parents, which made him want to become a father soon.  He said, "If all the children would grow up together, it would be a lot of fun."  Would he want a boy or a girl?  Daniel said, "It seems easier to have a boy."  He also said that he was afraid after having a daughter, when she would start dating in her teens guys would bang on his door.  Would he be a jealous father in law?  He smiled and said, "Right now I am not, but maybe I would be."

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