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The film FA YEUNG (RIPPLE) actors Joseph Cheng Yuen Cheung and Michelle Chen and director Chou Mei Ling two nights ago headed to the Cannes Film Festival.  The team went to Frankfurt, Germany for a flight transfer to Nice, France, but the flight from Taipei to Frankfurt was late in arrival.  In addition the flight to Nice, France was oversold, Siu Chung almost did not make the flight.  After some communication they finally were able to resolve the issue ten minutes before final boarding.  After 16 hours they finally arrived in Nice.

They rested for less than two hours at the hotel before heading to the Cannes Film Festival site.  As soon as Michelle Chen saw the Cannes Film Festival exhibition halls she excitedly took photos.  Although everyone was very tired after the long flight, they were very happy to walk on the streets of Cannes.  Finally they went to a famous Southern French restaurant for Southern French cuisine.  Director Chou Mei Ling knew Michelle Chen's birthday would be at the end of May snuck out a birthday gift with Cannes Film Festival commemorative bag, tee shirt and mug.  Michelle Chen was surprised and pleased.  "Wasn't the director always with us?  When did she sneak off to buy gifts?"

Siu Chung also haggled with a woman who was selling roses for flowers, which made Michelle Chen very happy.  Michelle Chen said that this was the first birthday gift of the year and thanked everyone.  They then raised a glass to Michelle Chen and sang the Birthday song.  She made a wish for the film to perform well so next year they could return to Cannes again.

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