Sunday, May 27, 2012


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Famous Taiwan musician Yao Chien's first animated film MELODY will soon be released.  The film features James Lin (Lam Yau Ga) and Angelica Lee Sinjie as the voices of its leads.  Yesterday a film novel press conference was held in Taiwan.  Lee Sinjie appeared in person in support while Lau Yau Ga was absent due to work.

With the film release, the film original soundtrack will be released soon as well.  Sinjie said that she was completely involved this time from song arrangement to production.  Every time she recorded she had to practice several times with the producer and song arrangement personnel before recording.  Recalling the process, she said, "The process was truly extraordinarily hard.  Because I haven't been to the recording studio in awhile, the pressure was very great.  I even hid in the corner and shed tears, but everyone was very satisfied with the resulting work."

After nine years away from the music scene, Sinjie returned in support of good friend Yao Chien.  Not only her singing bug returned, she was also inspired to work on a new record.  She revealed that preparations have already begun but she did not want to give herself too much pressure.  The record will mainly feature her own creations as she hoped to bring her love to everyone, which was also the reason that she wanted to keep on singing; the new record at the soonest will be released at the end of the year.

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