Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Zhang Ziyi's team yesterday through Sina microblog issued an open letter about the recent APPLE DAILY report that the Mainland restricted her travel, citing that the rumor maker will be held accountable through legal means in the end and through Hong Kong Hadlanes legal firm issued a legal letter to the untruthful report's media.

The open letter said: Today, we read an extremely absurd false report on Apple Daily.  We again feel chills to our bones and deep sorrow.  In the past month or so, Zhang Ziyi has been working night and day on THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI).  Why does such a responsible actress who is whole heartedly involved in the creative responsibility have to withstand such rumors' defamation and false accusations?  Friends around us urged us to just issue a brief statement and not to "compare facts", because this was not the first time defamation targeted Zhang Ziyi with bad intention.  Not to mention such a topic caused Mainland media inconvenience.  Even people who have the ability to help you clear your name are not in liberty to speak up.  The more you fight, the more pleased the people who throw mud is.  We might as well take a step back and let time ease the rumor, as the one in the clear is naturally in the clear.

Yet we have to apologize to well meaning friends, because this film we do not plan to remain silent anymore.  If we let any lie to continue, anything false would become half true, white would become half black.  Zhang Ziyi's team here is telling those dark hearted ugly rumor makers, this time we have to respond; we have to testify ourselves; we even have to seek legal justice; we would find you from the dark corners and hold you accountable to the end.

As for APPLE DAILY and the related media's untrue reports, we will protect our rights through legal means.

Thank you everyone who has always supported Zhang Ziyi.  No matter how negative the defamation is, Zhang Ziyi has never forgotten her profession.  As Zhang Ziyi's team, we only want to eliminate the disturbance for her and find justice so she can peacefully make even more and better work to repay everyone.

After Zhang Ziyi's team issued the open letter, she appeared at the Hong Kong airport yesterday as photos spread online.  Zhang Ziyi and several friends flew to Hainan for last night's 12th Chinese Film Media Award.

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