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50 year old Andy Lau Tak Wa finally became a father last week!  His 46 year old wife Chu Lai Sin gave birth to a daughter.  For days many media outlets waited outside the hospital but Wa Jai maintained his low profile and did not respond to the media announcement of the good news.  Wa Jai's fans patiently waited for the announcement, finally yesterday morning Wa Jai on his official site left a message entitled "Everything is fine".  Wa Jai first thanked the media and said that he and his wife have already safely returned home.  Wa Jai then left message for his fans who were like family to him and happily told everyone that he has completed a week of first level papa course and will turn from boss to old dad.  This week he will try to be a good husband and papa.  He also revealed his endless joy.

Wa Jai in the past would leave messages on his official site to communicate with his fans.  Yesterday afternoon he left a message of "everything is fine".  "Safely returned home, just want to tell everyone that we are safe.  I didn't include everyone, which everyone can sympathize with.  I have received the concern and well wishes of everyone, and I am truly very appreciative.  Friends of the media all love me.  I have been busy and didn't provide the news that everyone care about right away, I am sorry for making everyone wait.  You care but you didn't push, curious but didn't force, I am very appreciated and very touched.  Wa Jai."

Wa Jai's message to the media did not provide detail about becoming Papa.  He only told everyone that he has already returned home and thanked everyone for their understanding.  Yet Wa Jai left another message for his fans, telling how becoming a Papa this week felt.  This new papa seemed to rather enjoy the life and told fans that both the mother and the daughter are safe.  Yet he stated that he would not post photos of his daughter and believed that fans would understand.  Many fans saw Wa Jai's message and left messages of well wishes.  They also wished good health for "Big Sister in Law" Chu Lai Sin and the baby.  Everyone was happy for Wa Jai.

"Sorry for making my family wait so long.
Big Brother has become Old Dad.  A week of first stage Papa
course has been completed.
Today we have been released from the hospital and returned home.
Coming back here, everything seems real.
Thank you family for your well wishes over the days.  Both mother
and daughter are safe, we are happy!
During this period,
I try: not to treat myself like someone in show business;
I try: not to be distracted to reply to this person and that......
I try: to be very focused, to be a dutiful husband;
I try: to be patient and learn the responsibility of being a
Although having to be a good Big Brother, Husband and Father is
very hard!!
Yet I get endless joy and freedom from it!!!
I am not going to post any photo!  I think my family would
As for the rest, I will save it for face to face!
Wa Jai."

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