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The Chapman To Man Jat, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei starred, Alex Man Chi Leung guest starred film THE BOUNTY (YUEN HUNG) will be released on June 21.  The film will also be recent part time film producer Paco Wong's 2012 debut.  He even asked RubberBand to score the film.  The band's lead vocalist No.6 and drummer Lai Man also gave breakthrough performances.

No.6 played an introverted Train Man who went alone to Man Chi Leung's inn to attempt suicide, luckily Sit Hoi Kei found him in time and used a basin of cold water at him to wake him.  No. 6 had black ash on his face and water tossed at him, he was shivering for half a day.  With previous stage experience, Lai Man this time teamed up with Wong Cho Lam's brother Wong Yik Lam to played the Kam Brother sugar cane gang.  Lai Man was the bully gang leader.  While chasing To Man Jat, To Man Jat gave him a spanking.  Required help from the crew for a "stunt rear", Lai Man after two performances realized that in order to be in character he had to give up his body.  He said, "Last time when I performed 4 shows of a play, I had to kiss Chan Hei Yi (Sita) for all 4 shows in front of family and friends; this time for the film I even needed the crew's help to put on the 'stunt rear'.  The extra money isn't easy to make!  Yet being able to play a character with a different personality feels rather interesting to me.  Thus in the future if I have the chance I will definitely make even more attempts."

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