Saturday, May 12, 2012


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The star of the film 3D SEX AND ZEN (3D YUK PO TUEN) Leni Lan Yan recently began a producer for the first time on her film YOUTHFUL HORMONES.  The film even landed former Korean idol group H.O.T member Tony An Seung-Ho and Hong Kong comedy actor Wong Yat Fei and has already started production in Beijing and Tianjin.

Two days ago, the film company arranged for a media visit.  Lan Yan on the set said about what she looked for in a mate, "I definitely won't choose a guy!"  Reporters on hand were shocked and asked if Anthony Wong Yiu Ming who earlier came out of the closet affected her.  She said, "No one really affected me.  In show business you have to be careful with guys.  I feel actually girls provide more sense of security, without bad intention.  Guys give me no sense of security."

Reporters asked whether her romantic troubles with Stanley Tong Kwai Lai affected her and changed her preference.  Lan Yan somewhat awkwardly said, "I can only say, I feel everything is in the past.  The past vanished like the fog, and no one need to remember it.  Time will fade everything."  Was she worried that her male otaku fans would be heart broken.  "It wouldn't be that bad.  I hope male fans who like me really won't need to be heart broken, I really thank everyone for their love."

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