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Yesterday was Mother's Day, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Charlie Yeung Choi Nei promoted their film FLOATING CITY (FAU SING).  Sing Sing said that he has already booked a place to celebrate with his mother and family but did not invite girlfriend Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam).  Charlie worked for over 20 hours two days ago and her mother asked her not to celebrate so she could go home and get some sleep, which warmed her heart.

Director Yim Ho along with FLOATING CITY actors Sing Sing, Charlie and Calvin Cheng Ka Sing attended the promotion.  They not only shared their production experience but also reprised their characters' everyday life habits, as they rowed and caught fish.  The most memorable scene for Sing Sing was to do laundry and cook while carrying a baby.  Because during the shoot the child kept on crying, he felt very stressed.  Yet he remembered when he was a little how his mother carried him.  Playing a Tanka woman Charlie in order to play the fisherman character convincingly went swimming and under the tanning light to get darker.  Sing Sing joked that she was the "chocolate jade girl" and thought that she just went to a barbecue.  They both agreed that Tanka was very hard to learn.

Sing Sing was very excited on the stage and kept making humorous poses.  Why was he so excited?  He pointed out that yesterday was Mother's Day, everyone had to be happy.  He also said that at night he would celebrate with Mommy at dinner and even planned to give a diamond watch from a watch event that he attended earlier to Mommy.  Will girlfriend Lynn join them?  He played dumb and asked, "Which Lynn?"  He also said that he and his family including his sister, nephew and niece will have dinner together without other friend.  What did he give Lynn's mother?  He opened his hands and smiled in reply.  Was Lynn no longer a part of the family?  Sing Sing said that he would not talk about anything else and revealed that during the shoot he and his younger brother were carrying water.  Because it was very hot, they put their feet in the water to stay cool.  Yet because his brother's feet was very light unlike his character's, he spray on a very dark tan for him.  As soon as he got into the water though the color dissolved and they joked it was athlete's feet.

How would Charlie celebrate Mother's Day?  She said that two days ago she worked for over 20 hours.  Yesterday morning when she called Mommy to wish her a "Happy Mother's Day", Mommy immediately said to her that they did not have to celebrate at dinner that night.  She told her to go home and sleep, which warmed her heart.  She asked everyone not to just care about Mommy on Mother's Day but more so at other times as well.

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