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The Michael Tse Tin Wa starred film TURNING POINT 2 (LAUGHING GOR ji CHIM JUI FAN) recently has become a favorite among gay men, who savored Tin Wa and King Kong's all nude scenes and shared photos of Tin Wa and King Kong's revealing scenes.

The photos in question began spreading last month on gay sites.  King Kong's "sword display" even attracted polar opposite comments.  Some Mainland netizens said, "It's so strong even when it's calm, King Kong blinded me" but some netizens described him as "little little little little bird".

King Kong yesterday said, "Although I am not gay, I still have to say thank you!  As for someone calling me 'little little bird', I don't get to mind too much.  I don't have to explain with people I don't know.  Brothers around me who have seen it know what's going on.  I am absolutely confident in myself, it's incredibly big.  If someone feels I am small, he can come out for comparison!  I am a little confused about why the photos would be leaked.  I really have to get some money back!"

Tin Wa who was working in Foshan said, "I am completely naked in this scene, the director said that the release would not shown the lower body or organ, so I absolutely don't believe these photos are real.  They probably are post production work from the internet.  I treat them like a joke.  (During the shoot did you take any precaution?) Everyone there were guys, I didn't have to.  I want people to say 'That's amazing'"

As for effect on his image, Tin Wa confidently said, "I am not worried, many elders have bare back and fully nude performance.  Later they all became famous.  (You aren't worried about appearing on gay sites?)  Maybe I can explore a new market, but I for now haven't thought about exploring the nude market."  As for King Kong, Tin Wa said that it was purely a point of view and angle issue.  "He looks normal to me, I don't know if the one who calls King Kong small is Black?"

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