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Actress Angelababy (Yeung Wing) in the film FIRST TIME in order to play a dance scene well took lessons with a dance instructor.  For the shoot she without any rest practiced for eight hours straight.  Lead actor Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) praised her determination.  Baby said, "I never thought that dance scene would be more difficult than action scenes, to me it indeed was a huge challenge.  I had to keep spinning on the stage, when I got dizzy from the constant turns I just fell on the floor.  My legs were all red and swollen.  I have to thank Chiu Yau Ting though.  Even though he didn't have any dance scene he kept cheering me on from the side."  Aside from the tough dance scene, Baby was so involved in her crying scene that her eyes were swollen and infected.  They kept tearing up.  The director immediately stopped the shoot and sent Baby for a hospital examination.  Finally the doctor said that her corneas were injured.  She had to properly rest and stop shooting.  Baby could only obey and made room in her schedule for additional shoots.

Baby revealed that on Sunday she and Chiu Yau Ting will promote for FIRST TIME in Hong Kong with three events.  Baby said, "In one of the events, Chiu Yau Ting and I would be in close contact with the audience in Mongkok.  We hope to personally show viewers appreciation for their support.  (Will your music video star, brother Keven, appear?)  No.  After the music video was released many praised him for having a star look, but this time he was just guest starring and messing around.  Currently school comes first for him, I don't want to disturb his life."

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