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Going to Taiwan last year for HEAVEN ON THE 4TH FLOOR and FRIENDS BY FOOD TRUCK, Anthony Wong Chau Sun earlier returned to Hong Kong for prepare for the middle of this month's run of the play ART. He said that he did not hope this to be the final play he would perform in Hong Kong, but now Hong Kong is very different from the one he used to know -- with a lot of unknowns. Turning 60 next month, Chau Sun said that he did not have as much displeasure and rage inside as he used to. He was very peaceful, very balanced, he really liked the him now. Yet after decades in the business Chau Sun said that he had depression during this period. "I am already finished. I treat myself no longer a part of this circle, not so because this circle is already finished too. At least that format before is finished. Even if any so-called film would exist, it would already be different from the world that I took part in."

Wong Chau Sun in mid August would perform the play ART. Based on French playwright Yasmina Reza's claim to fame ART, the play has been adapted and performed by many before -- including the Dayo Wong Tze Wa starred 2008 play. However Chau Sun was not worried that the audience would compare him to Tze Wa. He felt that the interesting part of the stage was that it did not matter who performed the play and how many times, because each had their own performance methods. He once witnessed two actors performing the same script, delivering the same lines. The reactions could be a difference of complete silence and belly laughs. They were very extreme.

Playing the same role as Tze Wa, Chau Sun never saw that version of ART. However he could imagine how Tze Wa performed, which probably was cooler and more philosophical. The style and rhythm would be completely different from his this time. "My character is more despicable, merciless with his words. (Like yourself?) That's right, but performing to not resemble myself is the technical issue. With some impersonation, imagination, rhythmic and tone changes, in the process of rehearsal with co-stars I slowly search for the character." In ART he would work for the first time with two Performing Arts Academy junior colleagues Chan Suk Y and Chu Pak Hong. Chau Sun said that Chan Suk Yi had rather rich stage experience and a great grasp of comedy. They had a common language and communicating was very easy. They did not need to waste time to get their gears in line. He felt that Chu Pak Hong was also decent, with a very powerful explosiveness.

In the show three good friends had different points of views over a painting and could not stop fighting; Chau Sun said that this feeling was very familiar. During rehearsal he was reminded of his dinner with Francis Ng Chun Yu, Sean Lau Ching Wan, and Dayo Wong Tze Wa. They were often all red from arguing over something trivial, but their relationships were not harmed. No one ever slammed the table and left. Would Tze Wa win every time? Chau Sun denied that and said tht they were very evenly matched. "Tze Wa spoke softly, and was very good with words; Chun Yu wasn't weak either, with his quick with he shot off words like a machine gun and got his in in a very roundabout way; Ching Wan was quiet but struck right on the spot, which made everyone shut up immediately." Chau Sun felt that if they were able to work together it would be rather interesting, but it would be very hard. He joked that everyone had different ideas, so they could not rehearse at all. How could they get to the official run?

Speaking of this time might be for his temporary farewell to the Hong Kong stage, Chau Sun said, "I hope not, but for now I can't see a lot of opportunities of performing in a play again in the future. Aside from the pandemic, there is a variety of unstable elements." The biggest effect the pandemic has had on him was no job? He said, "I haven't had a job for a very long time, many other reasons caused that. (After the performance would you head to Taiwan for work?) Taiwan seems to have a lot of opportunities, but whether actual opportunities are right in front of me, no; only the possibilities may be a little great. Hong Kong has zero possibility, what else I can do? No movie or series is offered to me, now the stage is like this. Now is very different from the Hong Kong I used to know!"

Chau Sun has been in the business for decades and experienced rises and falls. To him is right now the most difficult moment? He said, "I am already finished, I treat myself like I am no longer a part of this circle; not so because this circle is already finished too. At least that format before is finished. Even if any so-called film exists from now on, this is already different from the world I took part in. The whole thing is finished, I can't go back. (Completely no chance?) At least I am telling myself not to dream, and not to blame myself for the career that I have worked hard to build vanishing in a moment. This would only make myself hurt more. (Have you been unhappy?) Certainly. (How did you adjust?) The experience that I have accumulated, the thought I have accumulated. However much I have inside is showing up now. No difficulty is invisible."

Chau Sun used being tested to described this period. "Extremely large test, during testing there might be failures, falls, depression, unhappiness, from which I would give up on myself. (Has you had depression?) Yes, but not too serious. Because it is a long period of change, at first I would comfort myself, tell myself 'it doesn't matter', 'don't think about it', 'let's wait and see', but when there really is completely zero job, what can I do? I would this worry, become depress, then stand up anew. The whole thing is slow. Now I would suddenly be unhappy, depressed, because ahead is still darkness, a dead end." Chau Sun said that he was no longer in his 20s or 30s, with the energy to learn a new skill or immigrate. He will turn 60 soon, what else can he do? Thus wherever there is work he would go, this is a question of survival."

Chau Sun no longer has a longing for the Hong Kong entertainment circle. After such a long time, he kept thinking about certain things -- one of which is where he would miss anything. The entire process has been a huge digestive process. "Of course after all the time and the storms, rises and falls, a lot of halo, a lot of things should be cherished but I didn't cherish them. Among them of course are many stories. I would ask myself why I didn't miss them. Actually I long for the stage, but the stage I really can't make a living from. If the stage can make you live pretty good, survive, I would choose the stage more than film."

Wong Chau Sun will turn 60 in September. Did he get sentimental? He said, "The feeling is very strange, young people see 60 as very old. Now I am turning 60, I don't feel it is; although my body is starting to slowly deteriorate, the quality of my sleep is better than before. My life and diet are stable, I have less desire, I even drink less. Inside are less displeasure and rage than before, very peaceful, very even, I really like myself now. The pace and the way I speak are different. (Is it a good thing?) Actually it's not that I am not upset at things outside, but I can only another way to express it. My attack method before didn't work, it doesn't mean that my method now won't. Since this way doesn't work, then using it again would be pointless."


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Taiwan film IWEIRDO earlier was accused of plagiarizing the Malaysian film MILLION LOVES IN ME. MILLION LOVES IN ME copyright holder, the Hong Kong film company JK Holdings Limited two days ago filed suit with the Superior Court against IWEIRDO's director Liao Ming-Yi, producer Ivy Chen and Hong Kong distribution company Golden Scene for libel over their response to the plagiarism accusations of MILLION LOVES IN ME. The suit claimed that some of the comments were false and had ill intent, making them libelous. The company asked the court to issue an injunction to keep the defendant from making any libelous comment and compensate the film company for its losses.

The libelous comments involved in the suit were expressed in September 9th and November 20th last year, leading to attacks on the plaintiff and switching the public's support for MILLION LOVES IN ME, and the plaintiff JK Holdings Limits' Hong Kong distribution troubles of MILLION LOVES IN ME and other films. The suit also claimed that the defendant's goal was to damage the plaintiff's profit and the film's success, asked the court to issue an injunction against libelous comments from being expressed in any method, and compensation for the damage that the company's business and reputation suffered.


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Artist Wong Yau Nam earlier worked on the Fruit Chan Gor directed new film COFFIN HOME (GWAI TUNG NEI JU). Playing a real estate agent, he mentioned a love scene. "My on screen girlfriend and I were shooting in the bathtub, with bubbles covering (over important areas). However no matter how we shot the underwear was showing. Out of ideas I took everything off. Of course I had to explain to her that I would do that. (Making the sacrifice for art?) Making the sacrifice for Ah Gor. He is my mentor. I also believe in his handling method (editing). However actually the wide shot from above really showed everything!"

This time they made an unusual ghost film, using ghost stories to examine Hong Kong housing issues. Yau Nam admitted that last year due to the pandemic he only made one movie. He believed that buying a home would be difficult in the short run.


Andy Lau's classic A MOMENT OF ROMANCE was Benny Chan's first film

Donnie Yen remembers Benny Chan with music
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Nick Cheung
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In memory of director Benny Chan Muk Sing for all the contributions he made to Hong Kong films, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Wu Jing, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Jordan Chan Siu Chun performed a new version of REAL MAN (JUN DIK HON JI) to express how much they missed Director Chan! In the new version REAL MAN music video classic scenes from Chan Muk Sing films that they worked on appeared.

Musician Chan Siu Kei tailored new lyrics for Chan Muk Sing. Director Chan Muk Sing was warm and humble. In Yen Chi Tan's eyes he was the director who loved to laugh the most, and in Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's heart he was a true gentleman. Although he was mild mannered, Director Chan Muk Sing's passion and determination for film, and his demands on himself was nearly stringent. In his 30 year long film career, he ultimately maintained his burning heart for film and always in pursuit of the extreme and perfection.

Lau Tak Wa, Yen Chi Tan, Wu Jing, Cheung Ka Fai, Chan Siu Chun worked with director Chan Muk Sing for many years and established heavy relationships. In the new version REAL MAN, the first classic scene that appeared was from the Lau Tak Wa starred A MOMENT OF ROMANCE (TIN YEUK YAU CHING). This was also director Chan Muk Sing's film debut. Even though it was 31 years go, it would always remain the romantic film classic fans worshipped. Lau Tak Wa as Wa Dee on a motorcycle with a bloody nose from them to now captured the hearts of many viewers.

In FIST OF JURY Yen Chi Tan played Chen Zhen and had a powerful line that made people's blood boil. Many fans called the series "The best kung fu series!" Wu Jing in INVISIBLE TARGET used every punch and every kick to etch his villain role into the hearts of viewers. In THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK) Cheung Ka Fai left many famous scenes and classic lines that viewers still savored today. In BIG BULLET (CHUNG FUNG DUI ji NO FOR GAI TAU), Chan Siu Chun played a hot blooded and life risking cop. Many scenes along with the excitement and emotions from which those films again flooded back into viewers' hearts.

Chan Muk Sing's final film RAGING FIRE continued his usual hot blooded style. Whether it was the action film subject that Chan Muk Sing excelled the most in, or the character's boldness, the explosive and stimulating large scale scenes, everything maintained his personal style! Actually while shooting RAGING FIRE, Director Chan despite ailing and being less than well still personally inspected every detail. Sometimes he would even personally carry the camera and run around the set himself. When the film entered the post production editing stage, he could neither move nor eat. However he was still talking to everyone about RAGING FIRE.

RAGING FIRE will open on August 19th in Hong Kong. In the Mainland it opened its first shot and topped the box office for four straight days. For now it has accumulated over 300 million RMB. At the same time it received international recognition as it was selected for the Montreal Fantasia Film Festival and the New York Asian Film Festival.

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Donnie Yen laments that the passing of Benny Chan was a great loss for the film industry

Director Benny Chan in 2019 confirmed that he had terminal cancer, passed away in August last year at age 58.  RAGING FIRE was his final film.

Donnie Yen says that Nicholas Tse definitely was in the honor roll for his performance in the film
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan and late director Benny Chan Muk Sing's film RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) opened first in the Mainland and the response has been decent. As Benny's final film, Chi Tan remembered the most the director's friendly smile. He said, "We actually knew each other for over 20 years. As early as THE KUNG FU MASTER (HUNG HEI GUOON) and FIST OF FURY (JING MO MOON) we already knew each other. This time RAGING FIRE was our first film together, unfortunately it was also the last one." Chi Tan also remembered his fight scene with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung. He praised Ting Fung's fighting as rivaling Wu Jing's. He too has established the "Donnie Yen Stuntman Association" and been recruiting martial art talent around the world.

Yen Chi Tan said that when Benny conceived the film story, originally it was a police film in Mexico. Unfortunately due to the budget it was scrapped. Benny could not hide his disappointment and Chi Tan comforted him, saying that with the director's style he could make a movie with Hong Kong as the stage. Thus Benny started to create the story anew and came up with today's RAGING FIRE. Chi Tan said that during the film's post production, he and Benny communicated many times about editing, but one day he received the bad news one day. He said, "Benny one day called me and said he was 'done for'. I was shocked, because he never knew that he had cancer. Only during the shoot he revealed that he would get tired, but he didn't have time to be examined. When it happened the cancer cells have already spread." Chi Tan praised his late friend for being positive despite facing the end of life. He also introduced therapists to help him.

As for memorable scenes in the film, Chi Tan felt that the duel in the finale with Ting Fung was the most difficult. He said, "The Peking Road gun fight in the middle of the film is already very shocking, pushing the emotions higher for the finale is very hard." Chi Tan said that he and Benny working together was like the classics BULLET IN THE and SPL (SAT POR LONG). He moved the classic fight in SPL with Wu Jing into the finale. He said, "I wanted to turn Ting Fung into Wu Jing and remade the SPL concept. Benny's mouth was wide open when he heard. Ting Fung had the same reaction." Chi Tan explained to Ting Fung that he wanted to spar like he did with Wu Jing. If the result was worse than Wu Jing's then it made sense, because he was the WOLF WARRIOR. However if the performance was close or even better than Wu Jing's, Ting Fung would be in the next level. At the time Ting Fung gave his opinions as well, saying that Wu Jing at the time used one blade. He would use two. After shooting 1/3 of the duel, Chi Tan praised Ting Fung's performance for exceeding his demand, absolutely more than passing and even got an excellent score.

Action actors in the film industry have become few and far between. Was Ting Fung qualified to take over as an action actor? Chi Tan had high opinions of Ting Fung, but felt that for now no one needed to give him too much pressure. Since working together on DRAGON TIGER GATE, he saw how much Ting Fung has improved and how mature he has become. To avoid any generation gap between action actors, Chi Tan established a company long ago to continue to discover new comers and pass on Chinese martial arts. He also has been recruiting around the world for the "Donnie Yen Stuntman Association". Has Chi Tan passed on his skills to his children? He said, "When my son was little I forced him to practice kung fu, but he didn't like it. My daughter is very talented musically, as soon as she is on the stage she naturally has a presence." Although Chi Tan would not object to her children getting into the business in the future, they must finish their education first. At the same time he would explain the difficulties of making movies, so his children would choose on their own as adults.

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Ron Ng and Annie Liu have a hand holding scene but it is not romantic at all

Annie Liu has not recovered from her leg injury during the shoot and was limping when she ran
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LADIES' MARKET was one of Liu Kai Chi's final films
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Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) earlier promoted their film LADIES' MARKET (NUI YUN GAI JOI GEIN LIU). In the film they in an escape from the mob had to drag two children along with them. The film shot in Mongkok's Ladies' Market. Sum Yau could not forget how she was injured during the chase scene.

In the film they had many scenes with two child actors. Ron praised them for being very smart. Sum Yau also pointed out that the child actors were smart and full of energy. Sometimes they worked until very late but they were still very spirited, bringing a lot of energy to their characters. Ron also said that with the two child actors they not only had no generation gap but they even became friends. Even though the film has been completed for three years they were still in contact. Ron joked that he did not know why he was able to make friends with children.

Did they have any intimate scene? Ron joked that in the film holding hands was already the most intimate, not to mention that they only held hands because they were on the run. Did he like to play some heavier roles? Ron stated that he liked heavier roles. "I am a little deranged, I like to play heavier, sad and brokedown characters because in real life I very rarely would run into something like the sky caving in." Sum Yau said that she liked more physical movement. She liked both action and dancing because she was able to have a release from them and bring herself into balance. She also liked to play professional roles because she would be able to learn professional knowledge from playing these roles.

In the film they had to face a crisis. Under the pandemic he would they face hardship? Sum Yau said, "Before the pandemic I had a lot that I wanted to do, but I would think about what would happen after I did them. After the pandemic, I would do what I want to do, I wouldn't think anymore. I kept a bird, for now it is the greatest promise in my life because it is a life. I didn't keep it because I was bored, I want to raise it well. Now I have the feeling of being Mama. Sometimes I would think whether the bird was fully fed?" In addition, during the pandemic she had more time to do other things, leading to her interest in drawing and woodworking.

Ron said that during the pandemic he stayed home more to be with her family, to keep from Mommy and the domestic assistant from going to the market and becoming infected. He stated that his state of mind did not change much. The most important was to live in the present, do what you want to do.