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Joyce Cheng calls Johnnie To cute, while Anson Lo is beyond nervous due to To Sir's presence.

Johnnie To is expressive in his first commercial
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Joyce Cheng praises Anson Lo's dance ability
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Johnnie To (center) would offer suitable roles to Anson Lo and Joyce Cheng and says Hong Kong film needs new blood.

Joyce Cheng works with Johnnie To for the first time and realizes that To Sir has his cute side

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Johnnie To Kei Fung, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Anson Lo Hon Ting earlier worked on the promotional film for a virtual bank. Yesterday the trio attended the press conference in Tsim Sha Tsui, where the video premiered. Working on his first commercial, To Sir praised Yun Yi and Anson Lo for being more talented and sharper than he was.

To Sir, Yun Yi and Anson Lo shared their production experience on stage. When the host asked To Sir about working with his two co-stars, he humorously said, "Co-star? How do I star opposite them? I didn't feel much, sometimes for those of us who haven't been acting, to them actually I am a rookie. They are much more talented than me. The times keep changing. Actually the young and the old wouldn't be too far apart. I am pretty happy to be able to participate in a young person activity and job."

The self admitted commercial rookie, To Sir was asked how he would grade his performance. He said, "I did whatever the director told me to, because I sat too low I couldn't be seen. It was a pretty good experience, actually being an actor was so comfortable. In my 40 some years in the business I have never been so happy on the set, without any burden and enjoy it like this. Later if people would have me I would keep working."

The Hong Kong Film Critic Society organized 11 day long RINGO LAM FILM RETROSPECTIVE two nights ago came to an end with the director Lam Lan Tung participated SEPTET, one of his final films, as the closing film. The closing ceremony invited the producer and one of the directors of SEPTET, Johnnie To Kei Fung, for an after screening forum. To Sir and Lam Lan Tung have known each other since their youth. They were both elder great director Wong Tin Lam's successful apprentices and worked together on many television series at the television station stage. To Sir at the forum recalled how deeply he felt when he watched SEPTET -- ASTRAY.

To Sir said, "Several of us directors started at TVB. Because we had film, we were able to make something of ourselves in the film industry. Film is well worth remembering. It recorded many Hong Kong stories and directors' efforts. This film was a salute to this inanimate object of film. Later I wanted to invite other directors who have made great contributions to Hong Kong film, like (Sammo) Hung Kam Bo and Lord Eight (Yuen Woo Ping). Ng Yu Sum (John Woo) originally wanted to make one too, but his health was not great and in the end he didn't. Each director made me feel that they had something to say from their hearts. The strongest feeling I got was from Lam Lan Tung's segment. We grew up together, but I never thought that he would make this subject of ASTRAY. Lam Lan Tung's characters and plot were very solid and have strong dramatic effect. He was a Chaozhou Madman, much like his films. Thus I would never imagine that he would make ASTRAY. Only after watching did I realize that he was rooted in Hong Kong. I hope everyone would support Hong Kong film."

This retrospective selected 11 Lam Lan Tung directed films for 14 screenings, including CITY ON FIRE (1987), ACES GO PLACES 4 (1986), PRISON ON FIRE (1987), SCHOOL ON FIRE (1988), FULL CONTACT (1992), FULL ALERT (1997), VICTIM (1999), LOOKING FOR MISTER PERFECT (2003), TRIANGLE (2007), WILD CITY (2015). Many classic films like CITY ON FIRE, SCHOOL ON FIRE, FULL CONTACT were rapidly sold out.

Aside from screenings, the retrospective also held two forums and invited director Soi Cheang Pou Soi and Fennie Yuen Kit Ying to attend. Cheang Pou Soi at the forum shared his experience as Director Lam's assistant director and their mentor and apprentice relationship. Yuen Kit Ying talked about "actors' breakthrough and challenges". Despite having many films on hand, Best Actor Simon Yam Tat Wa also took time to attend the FULL CONTACT after screening forum. He reminisced about Director Lam, whom he respected very much and stressed that the director gave life to his acting.


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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing starred film HOME SWEET HOME two nights ago held its premiere, but because director Leste Chen Cheng-Tao and actors Hsu Weining, Duan Yihong, Rong Zishan were unable to come to Hong Kong due to the pandemic they could only send videos in support. Sing Sing alone propped up the show, but Cheung Tat Ming and Eric Li Tin Cheung came to cheer him on as well.

The film opened first in the Mainland, after three days in release it already made over 150 million yuan RMB. Sing Sing was happy about the good box office performance and thanked all the viewers who supported the film. He said, "I heard the response and most viewers were raving, as an actor I really am very happy to hear that. I hope that the good performance would continue!" The premiere two nights ago was the second time I saw this film. His wife Moka Fang and his family showed their support. His daughters were too little though, they would have to wait until they got older to watch his work. Unable to promote with other actors at the premiere, he could only hold down the fort on his own. Sing Sing admitted that the pandemic changed many work format. Everyone could only delegate the work and promote. The most important was to be able to promote this film so even more viewers would go to the movie.

Speaking of Mothers' Day this Sunday, how would he celebrate with his wife? Sing Sing joked, "Luckily you reminded me, that day I will be able to celebrate with my wife!" He pointed out that lately he has been very busy with his calligraphy practices and preparations for his movies and his year end concerts. He almost forgot about Mothers' Day. Would he buy gifts on behalf of his daughters? He said, "Of course! Simpler would be flowers, which would already be enough to express your feelings. I like flowers too!" As for his year end concerts, he said that he would have to keep them secret for now. However for several years in a row the Christmas and New Year cross year schedule at the Hong Kong Coliseum were unable to take place and became "cursed". Sing Sing responded, "I can only say that I won't be at the HK Coliseum, but I really can't reveal the details yet. Just wait for the event announcement!"

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For the week starting Saturday, May 1 2021 (Week 18)


  Can : Sun Kei Dik Wu Toh Mor Yeuk
  Terence Lam Ka Him

  Can : Mui Gor Shu
  Jason Chan Pak Yu

  Can : Ngor Buk Yu
  Mike Tsang Bei Tak

  Can : Yin Fa Gei
  Joey Yung Cho Yi


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Stephy Tang's hair and the garbage merge into one. She even calls that this "costume garbage hair" pretty.
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Stephy Tang Lai Yan is busy with the new film TWELVE DAYS (12 YUT). She posted a photo of her in perhaps pajamas, holding a water glass and propping up her head on social media. At first glance she appeared to have her hair in big hair clips, but she wrote, "Don't think I am working on a costume period shoot, actually I am only becoming one with the garbage bag behind me. If nothing else I am going back to the shoot!" She joked that this "costume garbage hair" was pretty, and even in her story shared the actual garbage bag and her fans cracked up.


Terrance Lau plays two characters in the Hong Kong Film Archives' 20th Anniversary celebration video
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Terence Lau Chun Him worked on a Hong Kong Film Archives 20th Anniversary celebration promotional short film. In it he recited classic lines from films that the audience savored. He had the chance to enter the Hong Kong Film Archives work space, which deepen his understanding of his film knowledge and he benefit a lot from it.

Ah Him in the short film played two roles, himself and film archivist. He "worked" with many film elders like Ng Chor Fan, Bruce Lee, Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing, Sylvia Chang and others to interpret their Hong Kong classic film lines anew. In a story format he brought out what the Hong Kong Film Archives does to the public.

The 4 minute long short film had scenes after scenes of Hong Kong film classic lines, bringing back everyone's exciting memory of Hong Kong films. The classic lines included IN THE FACE OF DEMOLITION's "All for one, one for all.", DAYS OF BEING WILD's "From now on we are a minute friends, this is a fact. You can't chase after it because it is already in the past." INFERNAL AFFAIRS' "Three years then three years again, three years later there will be another three years!" UNBEATABLE's "If you are in the ring, you can't be scared. If you are scared, you would lose all your life!" Ah Him said, "Many classic lines have been heard numerous times. To interpret these lines  anew to bring out the everyday job of the Hong Kong Film Archives, the director and I both thought it would be a lot of fun!"

Through this production, he had the chance to enter departments at the Hong Kong Film Archives that ordinary people would not be able to enter normally. "The most memorable is the film storage department. The room is enormous, the temperature is very low, and masters are restoring films frame by frame, from film to digital format. I got more understanding of Hong Kong film, which had a lot to do with me. I really wanted to understand where films came from. I felt that looking at the past we could look ahead to the future. I was even more able to know where I was at, what actors of our eras needed." Ah Him even said, "My contact with the Hong Kong Film Archives was a very in depth experience. I saw many very valuable films, books, awards, some jobs that few in the public would be familiar with but very meaningful. If no one deliberately preserves them, actually these visuals would vanish!"


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Francis Ng and Loletta Lee play homeless people and have many scenes together
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The Jun Li Chun Shek directed and written Hong Kong film DRIFTING (SHOOK SHU PIU LAU) will open on June 3rd. Recently its trailer has been released. Francis Ng Chun Yu's explosive performance led to many discussions. Last month its Asia premiere at the Hong Kong International Film Festival also received many good reviews.

The film was based on real life stories about a group of homeless people who resided under a bridge in Sham Shui Po and was neglected and marginalized by society. The film's official poster was released yesterday. The poster had a Hong Kong that was filled with scales in background. The cast gathered in front of a wooden home, each, with their minds occupied, showed different character traits. After being selected for the 2021 Rotterdam International Film Festival's "Big Screen" competition, the film yesterday announced that it was selected for England's Chinese Visual Festival's "Focus Hong Kong" segment. It would be Li Chun Shek's second selection after TRACEY (CHUI SZE).

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Stephy Tang posts a photo from the production start

Edward Ma

Eason Chan and Cecilia Cheung's TWELVE NIGHTS had great word of mouth
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Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Eason Chan Yik Shun's classic film TWELVE NIGHTS (12 YEH) earlier secretly started production on its extension TWELVE DAYS (12 YUT). This time the batons were passed to Stephy Tang Lai Yan and Edward Ma Chi Wai. Director Aubrey Lam Oi Wa praised Stephy's outstanding performance and was not worried about the audience comparing her to Pak Chi. She absolutely held her own.

The film TWELVE NIGHTS opened in 2000 and cost only HK$ 4 million, but director Lam Oi Wa achieved "roast goose flavor with bamboo scrap price". The word of mouth for the film ruled the day at the time, with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Stephen Fung Tak Lun and others as guest stars. Even the them song DARK NIGHT WON'T COME AGAIN (HAK YEH BUT JOI LOI) became Eason's classic song.

Because of the outstanding script, Pak Chi asked Aubrey to write the continuation TWELVE DAYS at the time. Yet for years it was never made into a film, until preparations were confirmed last year and production officially began earlier. Stephy and Ma Chi Wai took the batons as the leads. Aubrey said about the casting, "Both actors are very close to the characters, playing from age 27 to 37. In addition they both really like to act. Earlier everyone talked bout marriage and relationships, it was pretty special. (Would you ask Pak Chi and Eason to guest star?) TWELEVE DAYS and TWELVE NIGHTS are different. It won't have too many guest stars. Otherwise asking Eason and Pak Chi to guest star would be rather interesting!"

Lead actress Stephy inevitably would be compared to Pak Chi from the previous film. Aubrey was not worried and praised Stephy as could not be topped. "After a few days, Stephy has been very outstanding. The set can sense it, so I am not worried. Although the script starts with Pak Chi, the main plot is the spirit of TWELVE NIGHTS. So with different actors, the spirit and the presence wouldn't change."