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Michael Ning and Edan Lui

Anson Lo wants to try an undercover role
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With the film's box office approaching HK$ 30 million, Edan Lui may have to "pay" his HK$ 40 million "debt" soon
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Edan Lui forms hearts with Michael Ning and So Chun Wai for the audience

Michael Ning, Edan Lui, So Chun Wai, Anson Lo, and Louis Cheung answer questions from viewers
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Emperor Motion Picture THE MOON THIEVES (DOH YUET JEH)'s director Steve Yuen Kim Wai two days ago led actors Louis Cheung Kai Chung, guy group MIRROR's Edan Lui Cheuk On and Anson Lo Hon Ting, Michael Ning (Bak Ji) and Ray So Chun Wai to attend the film's audience appreciation events. Rich in stage performance experience, Ray So Chun Wai participated in audience appreciation for the first time. In the film he played the undercover "Tung Tung" role, which has won many viewers' praises.

So Chun Wai said that he did not have a lot of film experience, during he shoot he was very nervous. He needed the director's reminders on continuity, and he felt that the make up in the film helped a lot. When asked as a stage actor, after his first film has his interest grown? So Chun Wai said, "Making movies is different from plays, I am absolutely interested. I hope in the future I would have the opportunity to make movies again."

Edan pointed out that Bak Ji once said that a play would perform in order, while a film shoot would jump around. Thus when the production began he had to be mentally ready. A viewer asked other actors if they had the confidence to play the role of "Tung Tung"? Cheung Kai Chung pointed out that this character was very hard to play. Because the general public had an existing image of older actors, so it would be very hard to play an extremely challenging character. Edan agreed. "Because you are too familiar with us, when you see us do this stuff you would feel we are very pretentious. So he (So Chun Wai) did really great playing 'Tung Tung'." Anson Lo pointed out that he could give it a try if given the opportunity, but doing better would be very hard because the world only had one "Tung Tung". Cheung Kai Chung joked that if he wanted a challenge, he could play cute.

As the event neared its end, the actors took a group photo with the entire audience. The whole crowd screamed their wish for THE MOON THIEVES' box office to approach HK$ 30 million.

THE MOON THIEVES currently has exceeded HK$ 25 million at the box office and headed toward HK$ 30 million. Everyone in coordination with Edan's promise to show "August 15th" when the box office would reach HK$ 40 million yelled the slogan, "THE MOON THIEVES approaches 30 million box office, continue to snipe 'August 15th'."

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Aaron Kwok admits the ROB N ROLL character is full of new freshness

Aaron Kwok caters to the whims of a little 
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A little fan luckily gets a photo with Aaron Kwok.  She even calls him handsome
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A little fan asks Aaron Kwok why he is so handsome, leaving him feeling bashful

Aaron Kwok leads the team to a ROB N ROLL audience appreciation show
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday along with director Albert Mak Kai Kwong, Deon Cheung Chun Chi, Kathy Wong Chun Yan, and Calvert Fu Ka Tsun went to the movies for their Lunar New Year film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG)'s audience appreciation events. Sing Sing's appearance made the viewers scream. A mother and daughter pair even held up a sign to ask Sing Sing for an autograph. Finally the 7 year old little girl successfully got a picture with Sing Sing. She asked Sing Sing how he got to be so handsome; Sing Sing was caught off guard and admitted that he did not considered himself handsome, only very ordinary.

Busy with his concert tour earlier, Sing Sing finally had time for the film's audience appreciation event. He said that earlier after performing in Guangzhou and Malaysia he became ill. Luckily after the New Year he has already recovered. Next week he would have to perform in Macau. When the film company asked if he had any time for audience appreciation, Sing Sing agreed right away. As a part of the film he too wanted to personally thank the viewers. Speaking of Sing Sing's many golden quotes in the film, Sing Sing revealed people would say to him "thank you" the most. He then would reply "Sorry". He expressed thanks to the director and the screenwriter for their trust. During the shoot he added his own elements and gestures to coordinate with the character. He said, "This time I feel very lucky to be invited to play the robber role. I have never played it before. Although everyone felt that the film was dark comedy and many friends said that I was the 'king of comedy', KING OF COMEDY is Sing Yeh (Stephen Chow Sing Chi). I am the 'king of tragedy'."

With the box office successfully exceeding HK$ 18 million, Sing Sing said that the film company and the investors both hoped to have good box office so at least they would not suffer any loss. In addition ROB was not made with the Hong Kong film production style everyone frequently saw, he hoped that viewers would go to the movies more and support the new generation of Hong Kong films. He as an actor could not control the film release schedule, doing his best as an actor was enough. Speaking of Sing Sing needing time to hone his wrestler look, he hoped to be able to convincing in shape and in spirit. For the character he made the sacrifice of wearing false buckteeth and cauliflower ears. He said, "The buckteeth was a stroke of genius. Because the film wanted an unusual appearance, buckteeth increased the comedic feel. At first I didn't know what wrestler's ears were like, the ears actually had to be all broken."

When asked if his children have seen his performance, Sing Sing said, "Not yet, but at home I let them watch the railer. When they saw me getting shot and falling to the ground they cried. They weren't scared, they were heartbroken because they are emotional." Sing Sing also thanked the still photographer for giving him the giant photo of his character early, so the children were able to recognize the character was actually Papa. He definitely would show the movie to them when they would be older. As for the film having less shows than other movies but still winning a lot of word of mouth, did he expect that? Sing Sing thought for awhile then responded by quoting the film, "Thank you".

Speaking of the scene in which he, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) relieved themselves in the hills, Sing Sing said that would not happen in real life. He has always asked a lot of himself, a "person of tolerance", not to mention that Hong Kong has many public restrooms. As for working with elder John Chiang Dai Wai for the first time, Sing Sing admired him for shooting on location in the cold and still was willing to get wet in the mud for the performance. He showed his junior colleagues his side of professionalism.


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Amy Yip Chi Mei has retired from show business for many years. In recent years she has become active again, as many in the business have caught glimpses of her. The 58 year old was still in great shape. Yip Chi Mei earlier revealed on a Commercial Radio interview that she would return soon. She said that once Philip Chan Yan Kin asked her if she would consider a comeback, she said that she was not interested. Later when more friends in the business asked her whether she would act again, she realized that she still had the acting bug. This year she would plan to return to film, for a character with potential and would not sell sex.

Yip Chi Mei in 1988 entered the film scene. Her first category III film SEX AND ZEN made over HK$ 10 million. Despite being an erotic star she has never performed in the nude. In 1992 she met her chiropractor boyfriend Liu Shek Chiu. Two years ago she retired from show business per her boyfriend's request. He had a family. They lived together for 26 years, until 2018 when Dr. Liu  passed away while on a business trip to Japan from heart disease. Yip Chi Mei said that her boyfriend gave half his asset to his wife in the divorce, even his home. "My boyfriend and I were financially independent, the unit we lived in was under my name." She did not ask for any title then, she did not ask her companion to write a will. After he passed the clinic went to his son. "I don't mind. First we were never married, secondly perhaps he felt he owed his son because of me."

Yip Chi Mei said that her boyfriend knew about his heart problem long ago but refused surgery. Over the years he kept it under control with medication. She said that before her boyfriend left for Japan she seemed to have a premonition. When it happened, her boyfriend's sisters were afraid that she would not be able to take the news. They came to her home in person to tell her. She tried to stay strong but in the end still succumbed to tears. In the interview she broke down when she recalled the past. "No matter how strong a woman is, ultimately we were together for 26 years. Luckily I exercised, which kept me happy and the depression away. Now I am back, all the friends have been great to me. I am at my happiest now."

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Former child star Kim You Jung just has a series finish its run, her popularity remains high

The goddess goes to the crowd to sign autographs

Next to Fish Liew (right) is Hanna Chan, instead of her boyfriend Siuyea Lo
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The last time Kim You Jung came to Hong Kong was 7 years ago
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Fans welcome Kim You Jung with screams

Fish Liew does not mind playing a couple with boyfriend Siuyea Lo
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Korean star Kim You Jung yesterday came to Hong Kong to attend a fashion label pop up store opening. Also on hand were Fish Liew Chi Yu, Hanna Chan, Siuyea Lo Chun Yip and others. Liew Chi Yu and boyfriend Siuyea made a rare appearance together at the event, but they did not take a photo together and had to be interviewed separately.

Nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor with TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES (NIN SIU YUT GEI), Siuyea thanked everyone for their support. He also lamented after 11 years in the business, the feeling was like running into a good friend who grew up with. The other nominees were also good actors he grew up watching. As for his confidence, Siuyea said, "I wouldn't think too much, I haven't determined that I wouldn't win either. The other 4 nominees also performed very well, their character performance and genres were also different. The evaluation would be very difficult." Speaking of girlfriend Liew Chi Yu getting misty while announcing his nomination, Siuyea said, "I saw her getting very sentimental, so I was very touched too. Actually she was the most moved when she was able to announce (Dayo) Wong Tze Wa's nomination, because she has supported Tze Wa for many years. His nomination was particularly meaningful to her." Did he like his girlfriend's chances at winning the Best Supporting Actress award? Siuyea said that each nominee would have equal chances, because they were all experienced actresses.

Wearing new pajamas for the event, Hanna Chan said that she was more nervous with more people around. Luckily she had a jacket. Would she dare to be an underwear model? She said, "I might not be able to accept it, because I am not in great shape." Liew Chi Yu also admitted that she would not be able to handle sexy underwear show because she had no confidence in her own figure. For still photography she could still accept it, but for the live catwalk she was afraid that her stretch marks could be seen. She would also be worried that she would easily trip from walking on heels. Speaking of Liew Chi Yu and her boyfriend attending the same event, she said that she used to gauge if they would work together people would have less fantasy, but now she no longer had such worry. She would not mind playing a couple either. She joked that she and her boyfriend could play father and daughter if they would not play a copule. Ultimately the more new film offers they would receive the better they would be.


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The 17th Asian Film Awards announces the winner of this year's Excellence in Asian Cinema Award which aims to highlight distinguished talents and affirm their achievements and contributions to the Asian film industry and culture. This year, we have two winners from different regions who have achieved remarkable success in their acting careers. They consistently push the boundaries of their performances, showcasing their unique talents and making significant contributions to their respective fields. One of the two awardees this year is Korean actress Lee Young-ae, the screen icon widely known as the "Oxygen Lady" with an illustrious career spanning over three decades.

Lee Young-ae expressed deep honor upon receiving the Excellence in Asian Cinema Award: "I am pleasantly surprised to receive this distinguished award. It is beyond words for me to express my gratitude. But I am certainly delighted to come to Hong Kong and take part in this prestigious event for the Asian film industry. I look forward to more collaborations and engagements with Asian filmmakers across the region to raise international awareness of Korean cinema and culture."

Lee is confirmed to attend the 17th Asian Film Awards Ceremony in person to receive the prestigious award on March 10 at the Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District. Park Kwang Su, Chairperson of Busan International Film Festival, remarked: "Always challenging herself as an actress, Lee Young-ae is the embodiment of professionalism and inspiration to many young actors. We look forward to her breaking new ground in the film and television industry."

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At THE LYRICIST WANNABE premiere, ANSONBEAN sweetly talks about his girlfriend Jaime Cheung
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ANSONBEAN says that he and Jaime Cheung are very compatible and their communication very comfortable

Chung Suet Ying and Eric Kot
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ANSONBEAN (Chan Ngai Sun) earlier openly admitted to be dating girl group Beanies' member Jaime Cheung Tin Wing. Two nights ago he attended the new film THE LYRICIST WANNABE (TIN CHI L)'s premiere, also on hand were Chung Suet Ying, Eric Kot Man Fai and other stars.

ANSONBEAN said that originally he was to participate in the film as a guest star, but after editing he became the lead actor. Although in the film he and female lead Chung Suet Ying had romance, they did not have any intimate scene. He joked that he did not even have the chance to hold hands. "I am not disappointed because the role is bigger than I have expected. I was just a guest star, becoming the male lead later was quite a surprise." ANSONBEAN did not mind that getting only guest star pay for the lead, because the film shot on location at his alma mater. In addition he knew the director and the producer paid for the movie out of their own pockets, so the salary amount did not matter. The most important was to be able to support Hong Kong film. Would ANSONBEAN bring his girlfriend to the see the film? How did they start? He sweetly smiled and said, "We just started, she and I are very compatible, communication wise we are very comfortable. In addition she has been a great positive influence on me. I constantly see her hard at work on her own stuff, so mutual support is very important." Who courted who first? ANSONBEAN said, "We are friends in common so we already knew each other. I would say I pursued her, I took more initiative, but she might say that she pursued me." What attracted him to her? ANSONBEAN said in one breath, "She has an aura, pretty and talented, creative and smart, she is nice to people, and her personality is good too." Has he brought the "perfect girlfriend" home to meet his parents? He said, "Not ye, but the family has already asked me to. We are both busy now, but I would try to make the arrangement soon."

Ah Kot and Chung Suet Ying played father and daughter in the film. Chung Suet Ying was nominated for the Golden Horse Awards Best Actress with the film. Although she did not win, she most recently has been nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress. Ah Kot said that he picked this daughter. "Last year when I heard she was nominated for the Golden Horse Award, my reaction was 'Wow, no way'. Later after I watched the edited version I understood. She was very convincing in the school film. Already 29, she was able to play a not yet fully developed school girl." Chung Suet Ying was asked about her Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress confidence. She said, "I considered myself lucky to have the nomination, the chance to win would be 1/5." She pointed out that Ah Kot's image might be mischievous but on the set he was very serious and did not try to make her laugh. Ah Kot said, "On the set I am very serious. Because her character has big mood swings, I don't want to affect her performance."


Father to be Carlos Chan works with Fish Liew on their new film
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The Emperor Motion Picture JEUNG NGOR JEH YEUNG DIK OI CHING (LOVE LIKE MINE) would be Tam Wai Ching directed, Stanley Kwan Kam Peng and Catherine Kwan (Guoon Tung Yiu) produced, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Alice Lau Nga Lai, Polly Lau Yeuk Bo and Kate Yeung Kei starred. The film has been heating up in production. Earlier Emperor Group chief Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing personally visited the set to cheer on the team and brought treats to the team for a morale and unity boost! Just announced to be parents with Shiga Lin soon, Ka Lok's co-star commended him on becoming more stable, and having in depth understanding of the character.

As the title implied, JEUNG NGOR JEH YEUNG DIK CHING would be a movie about love, but what kind of love would the leads experience? With ample understanding of the script, Chan Ka Lok explained, "The normal love story that everyone understands should be meeting first, becoming fond of each other then developing into love. This film however doesn't experience any of these. Everyone is carrying a heavy burden inside, making this love very mysterious, difficult to decide between whether it exists or not and not the average person can have." Liew Chi Yu agreed, "This relationship is very difficult, you can say that it is love that isn't easy to get!"

In order to get into this unusual love, Ka Lok and Fish both made breakthrough in terms of their character's appearance. Ka Lok explained, "The director feels my appearance is too easy to be recognized and wants to make some changes to create an all new Chan Ka Lok, hoping that I would look more authentic. First I had to get a tan, a buzz cut, grow facial hair, lose weigh, and paint some freckles on my face. When I look at the mirror I too feel this isn't me! However, this look indeed has brought a lot of confidence to the performance as I try to shake off any past traces of myself!" On the other hand, Fish turned into a four eyed girl also with a very authentic and simple look -- drastically different from her usual style. Fish said, "Thanks to the costume design for helping me get into this character. Sometimes on the set the crew couldn't find me, because I am completely immersed into this location." Ka Lok even revealed, "Once we were working at a market, Fish really was able to immerse herself into the market. Even the neighbors couldn't recognize her!"

Ka Lok and Fish have played a couple in the television series TRADING FLOOR, and then continuously shared the set but not the scene on movies like READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2). Years later they finally ran into each other again in JEUNG NGOR JEH YEUNG DIK OI CHING. Ka Lok humbly said, "Years ago when I met Fish, we would chat and have many interactions, but after that we have been busy with our own stuff. Seeing each other again, she has already become the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress, have the recognition of many filmmakers. I am happy for her. I know her serious toward and her pursuit of acting, this time I hope to be able to properly learn from her." Along the same vain, years later Fish also felt that Ka Lok truly has grown up. She said, "Ka Lok has become stable, sometimes what he says would surprise me. He has thought even further than I have. His acting depth, character determination all came from his continuing studies in those areas. For several days at make up, I didn't dare to disturb him. You would feel this person was under a cloud of darkness." Ka Lok said, "I thought I could hide it myself, I never thought that it would still flow out."