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Sandra Ng says husband Peter Chan's talent is in directing, she also would not agree with her husband becoming a television executive

Peter Chan

Annie Bridgewater and daughter Natalie Hsu
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The 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival Filmmaker in Focus yesterday was unveiled. Aside from the Filmmaker in Focus Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, guests from everywhere attended. They included Ng Kwan Yu's mother, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Vincent Kok Tak Chiu, Philip Keung Ho Man, Annie Bridgewater and her daughter Natalie Hsu (Hui En Yi), Kam Kwok Leung and Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu.

Ng Kwan Yu just returned from England. She went with her 16 year old daughter for a summer course there, but she returned to Hong Kong first for work. Her husband Peter Chan Ho Sun remained to take care of their daughter. As the Hong Kong International Film Festival Filmmaker in Focus, Kwan Yu said that she was very surprised, overjoyed and emotional when she received the invitation. "I felt time really went by very fast, finally it's my turn! I have been acting since I was a young girl to now a mother and an aunt, 40 years went by in the blink of an eye and I went over 140 movies!" 10 of her films would be on display. Kwan Yu said that it was very hard to choose, but her favorites were GOLDEN CHICKEN (GUM GAI), PORTLAND STREET BLUES (GOO WAT JAI CHING YI PIN ji HUNG HING SUP SAM MUI), ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (SHUI YUET SUN TAU) and ZERO TO HERO (MAMA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI); also on display were many movies stills, like THE INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS (BA WONG FA)'s Annie Bridgewater (Pak On Nei) was invited. Did she inviter her ex Alex (To Tak Wai)? Kwan Yu asked, "Which Alex? I never admitted it, but I really forgot. I would invite him to watch the movie again!"

Having been in film for 40 years, Kwan Yu said that it was the perfect time and opportunity to start over and think about the plan for the second half of her life. She joked that she would keep asking bosses to invest in movies, and would keep asking young fresh meat to make movies. However Kwan Yu pointed out that she was too busy, her husband Peter Chan Ho Sun would occasionally complain. Luckily he and their daughter have been able to communicate, now he has become the "wet nurse" to take care of their daughter. Speaking of the rumor that Chan Ho Sun would replace MakerVille CEO Lo Ting Fai after his resignation over the MIRROR concert accident that caused two dancers to be injured, Kwan Yu said, "Too absurd, there is no basis at all. He has always only made movies!" Would she agree to her husband become a high level executive? Kwan Yu cracked up and said, "No way, he would have to go to work everyday! He makes movies, and he is not a television person!" She also pointed out that she would save her husband to be the general for the movies she would make. He would even discipline her like a parent.

Kwan Yu was still full of dreams about making movies, and even admitted that she would like to win Best Actress once more. She would not care whether it would be the Hong Kong Film Award, as long as it was a Best Actor that the world would recognize and agree with. This was also her motivation for making movies. Earlier at the Hong Kong Film Awards her ZERO TO HERO (MAMA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI) lost to Cya Liu. Would she feel very disappointed? Kwan Yu said, "I would not be very disappointed. The nominees were very strong, and each had their own destiny. I wouldn't be very disappointed, just a little!" Speaking of CHILLI LAUGH STORY (HOP GA LAT)'s current box office of HK$ 30 million, she said that she was very pleased and would be interested in making a sequel.

Has she consoled her film co-star Edan Lui Cheuk On, whose have been off since the MIRROR concert accident? Kwan Yu admitted, "Absolutely, whether from the back or in the front I would continue to support him. We would continue to offer her roles in our movies. (Did he feel lost and need to talk?) He did not need to talk. He is very tough, I didn't say anything lame to him." She also revealed that Edan was studying acting during this period of time. Did she feel MIRROR should resume work? Kwan Yu said that she was only an observer and not at liberty to say anything. "They have a lot of difficulties, no one wanted this tragedy to happen. I hope the injured would soon well soon and everyone would have a perfect ending. I could only support them from here. 12 children have the support of the people of Hong Kong, they are the future Hong Kong talent. With the sudden accident, let them digest a little. Later with suitable jobs I would approach them."


Louis Koo brings the helmet from the film to promote in the Mainland

Louis Koo has been promoting hard, even making rare appearances online 

MOON MAN has a head start and better scheduling than WARRIORS OF FUTURE
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The Louis Koo Tin Lok and Sean Lau Ching Wan starred science fiction film is currently in release in the Mainland, after 9 days in release it has made around 320 million yuan RMB. It would need more of a push to be able to break even. In recent months Goo Jai has been actively promoting in the Mainland, he even joked that anyone who has seen the movie would be his wife.

A science fiction war recently began in the Mainland film industry! The Mainland star Shen Teng starred MOON MAN and the Louis Koo Tin Lok produced and starred WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) have been the focus. Because MOON opened a week earlier, it had the early advantage. After 16 days it made 2.3 billion yuan RMB, thus its scheduling remained high and forced the August 5th release WARRIORS OF FUTURE into a hard battle. With less scheduling than MOON, after 9 days in release the film made 320 million yuan RMB. The film cost over 390 million yuan RMB. According to industry insiders, with Mainland marketing, distribution cost, cinema cost and other numerous expenses the box office would have to reach 3 times the investment in order to break even. Thus WARRIORS truly needed to work very hard!

Rarely in the Mainland in recent years due to the pandemic, Koo Tin Lok did not dare to hesitate. Earlier he attended a Mainland premiere then began a series of promotional events, including live online broadcast. Wherever he went a large group of female fans would surround him! Two nights ago he brought his new film's symbol helmet to attend the Beijing International Film Festival. During his interview he even tossed out a joke to fans who have been following him for the past few days. "All those who have seen WARRIORS OF FUTURE are my wives!"

Aside from Koo Tin Lok, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) also cheered him on on social media. Ng Yin Cho pointed out that Koo Tin Lok was his idol. "We can all see his innovation and persistence in film. To be able to spend a lot of time just to finish a dream truly is very cool! From now on he is my armor god!" Hopefully wave after wave of promotional strategies would make the movie reach even higher box office.

The 12th Beijing International Film Festival yesterday opened in Beijing. Best Actress Kara Wai Ying Hung with her new film SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE (YUT LO TUNG HUNG) attended. At the after screening forum Wai Ying Hung revealed that the film was a new director's work. With the limited budget, she was willing to lower her salary to reduce the new generation of directors. She hoped that Mainland viewers would go to the movies for Hong Kong films.

The film SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE was based on a real story about a visually impaired couple and their daughter. Judy Chu Fung Han directed, Edmond Wong Chi Wun, Ng Kin Hung produced, Wai Ying Hung, Hugo Goh (Ng Toi Yung) and Karena Ng Chin Yu starred along with Janis Chan Bui Yi, Angus Yeung Tin Yue in the film. At the forum, "the family of three" Wai Ying Hung, Ng Toi Yung and Ng Chin Yu appeared together and talked about the movie production.

Ng Toi Yung said that because someone in his family was also visually impaired, he was no stranger to them. During the production he also discovered the visually impaired were optimistic and strong, which was very moving. Three time Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress Wai Ying Hung shared her memories from the production process, saying that playing a visually impaired person was an extraordinary experience. before the shoot she wore glasses that impaired her vision and sensed how hard being visually impaired was. She said in particular that her greatest motivation of making this film was using practical action to support the new generation of directors. She did not mind how much the salary was, as she truly hoped that viewers would go to the movies more she used action to support the new directors' new films. Actor Ng Chin Yu said that she was very lucky to work with elders of substance. In particular the mother and the daughter argument svcene was very memorable, and she gained a lot from it.

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Clarence Chang and Josephine Siao 

Andrew Chan, Kelly Gu and Andrea So (right) cheer on elder Wu Fung
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Clarence Chang was a elder in the news world.  Known as Lord Chang, he passed away in his sleep at age 82

When Clarence Chang received the Academy of Performing Arts honorary doctorate degree, wife Josephine Siao was on hand to share the joy.

Josephine Siao and Clarence Chang celebrated their 40th anniversary two years ago

The entire family was present at their elder daughter's wedding
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Wu Fung rehearses for his Hong Kong Coliseum concert next month

Kelly Gu, Andrew Chan and Andrea So would be concert guests

Gigi Wong reveals that she would be in the play ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES for 4 shows next month

Yu Mo Lin promotes her autobiography, the proceeds of which would be entirely donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation
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Famous film star Josephine Siao Fong Fong's husband, Hong Kong news veteran Clarence Chang Ching-Po passed away two days ago at age 82. Chang Ching-Po and Siao Fong Fong were married for 42 years and were always very loving; Siao Fong Fong could not be in more sorrow from the sudden loss of the pillar of her life.

Siao Fong Fong yesterday confirmed the news of her husband Chang Ching-Po's passing. "News veteran Mr. Chang Ching-Po yesterday around 4 AM passed away in his sleep at age 82." Siao Fong Fong also described Chang Ching-Po as a heavyweight figure in the news world, the pillar of her life. Suddenly losing his support, she was in great sorrow. According to his family Chang Ching-Po was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May. He had two bile duct non invasive operations. Three days before his condition rapidly deteriorated. His wife, daughters, son in law, son in law to be, grandchild were all by his side. Chang Ching-Po passed away peacefully. The funeral will be in low key private affair.

Chang Ching-Po was Siao Fong Fong's second husband. Siao Fong Fong had a short 3 year marriage with Charlie Chin (Chun Cheung Lam), but due to more time apart than together after marriage and Chun Cheung Lam continuously appeared in gossip it ended in a divorce. Fong Fong later ran into a good friend of many years Chang Ching-Po and in 1980 they wed. They had two daughters. In their 42 year marriage, they were a loving couple and often attended public event together. Siao Fong Fong's ear ailment grew more and more severe in recent years, Chang Ching-Po was always by her side as her guide and navigator. They each served the community on their own and made great contributions. In 2010, Chang Ching-Po received the Academy of Performing Arts honorary doctorate degree. His wife Siao Fong Fong congratulated him in person; when Siao Fong Fong in 2015 received the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Fellowship, Chang Ching-Po was on hand to support her.

Known as "Lord Chang", Chang Ching-Po was the founder of the Hong Kong television news standards. He served as in the experienced management level with different media outlets and made great contributions to Hong Kong television broadcasting. He founded the Chinese language television live news broadcast, as well the "main anchor reporting" news format. He also brought in satellite technology to enable Hong Kong to receive news from around the world and Hong Kong media outlets to join the global media world. Chang Ching-Po worked as the chief in editor at the AFP Hong Kong branch, and at many television stations like RTV, TVB, and STAR TV as the news department camera man, reporter, news editor, television news program producer, television news department supervisor, television and broadcasting program chief director. In sporting event coverage, Chang was the global professional broadcasting alliance Olympic committee member, Asian broadcasting union Olympic committee supervisor, World Cup broadcasting operation organization supervisor, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games committee professional member among others.

Started in 1972, Chang Ching-Po at the Hong Kong Baptist University's previous incarnation the Baptist College taught news broadcasting. His first class of students included many current Hong Kong television organization high ranking executives or Hong Kong news industry supervisors. Chang Ching-Po after leaving his media jobs in recent years also taught four media department related bachelor degree courses at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Chang Ching-Po's passing left many in the news world deeply shocked and saddened, as many remembered "Lord Chang" in their posts.

Gigi Wong Suk Yi expressed regret after hearing the news yesterday. She remembered when she was at RTV, she was in the second training class. Early on she was chosen to be a news anchor. At the time Chang Ching-Po was in charge of the news department, for while she was working opposite him and thus they became very familiar. In Wong Suk Yi's impression, Chang Ching-Po was Mr. Nice Guy, well learned and cultured. Only in recent years they rarely saw each other. The last time as many years ago at a birthday banquet.

Among the past Cantonese film era film industry's "Seven Princess", Siao Fong Fong was fourth and was closed with the fifth sister Nancy Sit Ka Yin. About the passing of her "fourth brother in law" Chang Ching-Po, Sit Ka Yin said, "I feel very saddened inside, because Fourth Brother in Law always loved Fong Fong very much. They were very loving." Sister Ka Yin pointed out that she believed Fong Fong would certainly be very heartbroken and sent her condolences. She also knew that Siao would be very busy with the funeral, so she did not dare to bother her and only sent a text to console her. She also left a message asking Siao to inform her when the memorial event would be. However so far she still has not received a reply from Fong Fong. She also understood that she must be very busy right now.

Wu Fung was stunned when asked about the passing of Siao Fong Fong's husband Chang Ching-Po. His eyes turned red as he bitterly chuckled. Then his face darkened as he said, "How can this happen?" He said that he has kept in touch with Siao Fong Fong. Last week they also communicated over the mobile phones but she did not mention it; he then sentimentally sighed and went silent.

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Keung To is currently on break and unable to promote the film

"Ginger Candies" are all over the shopping center

MAMA's director Kearen Pang and star Teresa Mo both praise Keung To's outstanding acting.

Albert Yeung and William Chan host the cinema opening ceremony
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Despite being absent from their film premiere, Keung To and Jer's fans still filled the shopping center in support

When Teresa Mo saw the program for the first time, she could not help but say she really missed her onscreen sons Keung To and Jer

Director Kearen pang leads the cast in the promotion

William Chan shows support for his company at the premiere

Michelle Wai and Simon Yam 
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The MAMA'S AFFAIR team attends an audience appreciation event

Both Michelle Wai and Simon Yam have nothing but praise for Teresa Mo
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The Emperor Cinemas Times Square opening ceremony and the film MAMA'S AFFAIR (AH MA YAU JOR DAI YI GOR)'s premiere took place two nights ago. Emperor Group chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing, vice chair Gilbert Yeung Ching Lung, guests Simon Yam Tat Wa, William Chan Wai Ting, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Catherine Chau Ka Yi and Michelle Wai Sze Nga host the unveiling ceremony. Chan Wai Ting has not returned to Hong Kong in two and a half years. He was very happy to be able to return to Hong Kong for his new film BAU LIT DIM (EXPLOSION POINT) because he missed Mommy very much. As for his love life, he joked that his mother only wanted him to focus on work.

Chan Wai Ting wore a cap to pretend his new film BAU LIT DIM's silver hair look could not be unveiled yet. However 10 years after AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT (GAU FOR YING HUNG), he finally had a chance to return to Hong Kong for a movie. William revealed that due to the pandemic he has not returned to Hong Kong in two and a half years. Speaking of his Mainland salary swelling to tens of millions, he admitted that he felt very honored to return to Hong Kong and work with Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin and Nick Cheung Ka Fai. "So it's not a money issue. I haven't made a movie in Hong Kong in too long. I would have done it for free!" Has he already made a lot in the Mainland? He humbly said that was not the case. In the film he and Cheung Ka Fai had many scenes together. They also had to fight each other. However the director told him long ago to prepare him mentally for it. He even got his gun certification in Beijing for taking the role so he would have more knowledge about guns and be more familiar when holding a gun.

However William said that he still had to pay off his commercial debt. After finishing the film in October he would return to Beijing. Boss Yeung Sau Sing revealed that he was expected to be in two more films. William said that they probably would not start production so soon, but he would like to return to Hong Kong more. "Because I really miss Mommy, earlier she went to visit the set in the Mainland. However she is getting older, I don't want her to be in a quarantine alone!" Has Mommy told him not to just worry about making money? He said, "She told me not to come back!" Has Mommy asked him to bring his girlfriend (model He Sui) to see her? William said, "No, she only wants me to focus on work." He also revealed that he was the youngest in the family, his sisters had a children. Mommy still cared for him like a child. Every night she would wait at home until 3 or 4 AM for him to get off work. She would even present him with a bowl of warm soup. "Although I will be 37 soon and no longer the little baby in her hert, I am still rather moved. Mommy, my sister in law and I were born on the same day and month, so we are especially close."

Yam Tat Wa's film SEPTET (CHUT YUN LOK DUI) is in release. He said that he has worked with all seven directors like Ringo Lam Lan Tung, Johnnie To Kei Fung, Tsui Hark, Ann Hui On Wa and others. He was truly very lucky. This film was a good demonstration, in 10 or 20 years new directors would be able to make movies in this direction. "Actually every industry needs to pass the torch, new directors also need to continue to persist." Brother Wa in the film participated in the late director Lam Lan Tung's story. He admitted that it was especially sentimental and sad. "Ah Tung was a great director. In recent years he didn't want to stay in Hong Kong and went all over, but he actually really missed Hong Kong. Although the world had many places that were prettier than Hong Kong, his heart was still in Hong Kong and he had this nostalgia."

In addition, Wai Sze Nga just returned from visiting New Zealand. She said that she went a 7 day vacation. Other than the flight she actually only had 4 and a half days, but she was fully recharged upon her return. She revealed that she went with female friends, but she felt a little down from seeing how few people were at the airport. New Zealand's temperature was around 13 or 14 degrees Celsius. She had to wear a thick coat but when she looked outside her vehicle girls were only in tank tops. She also said that she did not get lucky on this trip. Wai Sze Nga revealed that she has been busy with moving. She would rent out her own property, and the new home she would rent would be more convenient for her to shoot live streaming videos. She also jokingly told Carlos Chan Ka Lok not to move into the district and become her neighbor, but she guessed that ka Lok would move soon, probably to build a new love nest for when he and Shiga Lin wed.

MAMA's actors Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Law Wing Cheong, Tang Lai Ying, Kaki Sham, Chan Chung Chak, Tsang Lok Tung, Gigi Cheung Man Chi, and Shu Man attended two nights ago. Only the two leads Keung To and Jer Lau Ying Ting due to the MIRROR concert accident were taking time off and did not appear. However over 100 fans still showed their support. Keung To shared the videos that the fan club shot at the event and posted, "Thank you for your hard work."

Playing "Jer Ma" in the film, Best Actress Mo Shun Kwan talked about her relationship with Keung To and Jer. She said, "At first when Keung To caught the director's eyes, at the time I still had no idea who he was. Later He watched his performance during the contest and felt that this person was very attractive, I ended up really liking him. Later I took part in the audition and finally the just as charming Jer."

Reportedly, MAMA'S AFFAIR cost around HK$ 10 million. The government's funding amount was HK$ 4 million. The Hong Kong Film Development Council chief Dr. Wong Ying Wai said, "The government would continue through the Film Development Fund to promote even more subject and more variety in domestic film productions and promote the film industry's long term development."


ONE PIECE fan Anson Kong cannot describe his joy as he provides his voice to the animated film's Hong Kong release

Marf is both excited and nervous about providing her voice for the first time
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Marf says voice work is not difficult as she imagined

Anson Kong already has his own brand character design, which he hopes to extend to a cartoon
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MIRROR's co-captain Anson Kong is a super animation fan, since childhood he has been following the Japanese manga ONE PIECE. When he learned that he was invited to provide his voice for the August 25 release of the animated film ONE PIECE FILM RED's Cantonese version, it felt like a dream.

Experiencing voice work for the first time, AK knew that after 25 years ONE PIECE would release its final chapter this year. He was too happy to be able to provide his voice to Red Haired Shanks. Before hand he watched the Japanese voice actor's original voice performance online again, as he tried to accommodate the character's personality. Because the character's dialogue was rather brief s he mainly used Haki to awe others, the biggest challenge would be changing the tone of his everyday speech to be deeper and more solid. If he forgot for a second the dialogue would be delivered too fast and required minor adjustment. AK felt that luckily he had the guidance of professional voice actors and with frequent practice he was able to finish smoothly. "It wasn't as hard as I imagined, I only spent half a hour to finish the voice work rapidly. I look forward to have another chance to provide the voice for other anime characters." AK had his own super deformed character, which he hoped in the future would be able to be extended to a comic book story and create a comic book cartoon that would represent Hong Kong domestic culture.

COLLAR member Marf Yau Yin Ting also was invited to provide her voice for the first time for the animated film, playing the new character Uta. She admitted that she was not an ONE PIECE but the anime NARUTO fan. Before providing her voice she asked her ONE PIECE fan friends for advice. She said, "The character I would provide the voice for is newly created for the film, with little research material I can only learn about her through the trailer and the dialogue. However I feel the character and I have our similarities, with a sense of justice and really want the world to be very happy."

Providing her voice for the first time, Marf felt that it had certain difficulty, but she was happy to have this challenge. Before dubbing she drank more water and had more money to soothe her voice; the drama teacher also gave her some practices so her pronunciation had obviously improvement. She would keep practicing. Mark said that AK's character Red Haired Shanks was her character's father, but they provided their voices separately. So she could only rely on her imagination. "AK during the contest was my instructor. Although I didn't see him this time, voice wise indirectly it could be considered our first collaboration."


Sunny Chan sees directing and screenwriting as his lifetime professions.  He wants to be like Ann Hui, directing well into the 70s and still directing.

When Sunny Chan was unemployed, his wife supported the family

Sunny Chan started in the business in 2000, when he worked as mentor and director Joe Ma's screenwriter on a monthly salary

The Sunny Chan written and directed MEN ON THE DRAGON nets him both fame and fortune.

Sunny Chan's new film TABLE FOR SIX will open next month for the Mid Autumn Festival

Sunny Chan began as a screenwriter and wrote many films, like the LOVE UNDERCOVER film series and HIDDEN HEROES
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MEN ON THE DRAGON (YIK LAU DAI SUK)'s director Sunny Chan Wing Sun joined the film industry in 2000. Started as a screenwriter he has written many films that people were familiar with, including FEEL 100% II (BAK FUN BAK GUM GOK 2), the LOVE UNDERCOVER (SUN JAT SI MUI) film series, DIVA...AH HEY (Ha Yut Jap...Tin Hau), HIDDEN HEROES (JUI GIK 8 YUET 15) and MONSTER HUNT 2 (JOOK YIU GEI 2). He also touched upon jobs in different areas, writing novels, essays, lyrics, music video directing and program hosting. The past 22 years seemed like smooth sailing, behind it were also bad times. He went through two years with zero income and needed to rely on his wife to support the family. He also "disowned" the film industry and switched jobs, despite all the twists and turns he ultimately returned to hs favorite dream factory to continue to chase his dream. Aside from making his directing debut MEN ON THE DRAGON 4 years ago, he also made next month's release TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM). He admitted that no matter how difficult the journey ahead would be, he would be just like the Man Lim Chung directed film KEEP ROLLING (HO HO PAK DIN YING), insisting to the end. He also advised new directors, screenwriters, while persisting upon their own principles they could not remain in place. They had to learn and work with the times.

After 22 years in the business, director Chan Wing Sun looked back and felt that the Hong Kong film industry ecological change could be divided into three stages. He said, "I graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts. When I got into the business in 2000 some already said that Hong Kong film was dead, but my mentor Director (Joe) Ma Wai Ho still was able to make mid scale productions under HK$ 10 million, like LOVE UNDERCOVER (SUN JAT SI MUI) and DIVA...AH HEY (HA YUT JAP... TIN HA). Then by 2005, co-productions rose. Many experienced directors headed north to make movies and the Hong Kong film industry suddenly became very extreme, leaving only big scale co-production and several million small productions. The market fractured. In the past 8 years, the film industry aged, which enabled new directors to flood in. The dividing line started with Adam Wong Sau Ping's THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI). Originally when new directors made movies with low budgets, they would build word of mouth in Hong Kong. Gradually people remembered new directors like Wong Chun, Oliver Chan Siu Guen, Kearen Pang Sau Wai and others. Everyone would go to the movies because of them. It was the arrival of another era."

Chan Wing Sun among the numerous performing art classmate was the one with the best start. As soon as he started he worked under (Joe) Ma Wai Ho as a screenwriter on a monthly salary. He had a steady income and over 4 or 5 years he wrote a dozen or so movies, but behind the success something else was going on. He said, "Because of marriage I didn't go with Ma Wai Ho north for work. After staying in Hong Kong I was suddenly unemployed for two years, not a single job at all. I knocked on all Hong Kong secondary schools' doors to offer to teach screenwriting, but no one answered. At the time I relied on my wife to support me and I turned into a house husband. Everyday I cooked and waited for my wife to come back. I fell from Heaven into Hell. This stage truly was very hard to take." Feeling that waiting for opportunities was not the way, he offered to help a certain company's animated film with the script writing and found several young people to help. Although he did not make much, several months of work rekindled his determination. He said, "Actually in the end I still relied on myself, after finding my will again, I worked on small productions and made commercials. However for life I still sold myself to work at the Jockeys Club." After over a decade away from the film industry, a friend started a production and asked me to work on the script together. He discovered that his talent was still here, so he gave up his high paying Jockeys' Club job to return to film. By coincidence he directed MEN ON THE DRAGON and switched to teach at the Academy of Performing Arts.

His directing debut MEN ON THE DRAGON accumulated over HK$ 15 million at the box office. Chan Wing Sun never would have guessed such a good performance and revealed that MEN was a script that he wrote in 2004 about how his past self saved his future self. He said, "At the time I was still working for Ma Wai Ho. At the Wan Chai editing studio I saw people on a dragon boat and thought they were very cool. However no one has made this subject before. Ma Wai Ho encouraged me to write this script, originally for him to make. However after selling it for over a decade no one was willing to invest until I wanted to direct. This was the only complete script on my hands and Ma Wai Ho was willing to let me try. So we decided to make it, in accordance to my original intention."

Forecasting the future, Chan Wing Sun would be just like Man Lim Chung's film title KEEP ROLLING. He said, "After watching Man Lim Chung's KEEP ROLLING my heart was set. The film documented Hui On Wa's journey of making movies. Hui On Wa has directed well into her 70s and still remains active in the film industry. I am only 45 now, I can still work for 30 more years. Director is a position that uses brains, as long as you still have passion toward and knowledge of film, you would always find ways to make the movies you want to make. Hui On Wa and Clint Eastwood are good examples. They don't chase trends, they make what they believe in and still receive the appreciation from the audience. Of course their skills have to keep improving and go with the trends."

Chan Wing Sun saw directing and screenwriting as lifelong careers, he still had many more stories he wanted to tell, wanted to make. He said, "In the future no matter what difficulties I would run into, I would persist to the end because I truly like writing too much. Especially after the release of MEN, at certain events some stranger would tell me that after watching that film he quit his job to chase his dream; my movie influenced someone's life, I was very touched. To make and tell a story with heart actually could give the strength someone needed to walk forward, so I have to keep rolling. I feel making movies needs to have social responsibilities, positive value, after watching you would get something. This is my duty." He advised new screenwriters and directors to persist as well, but while persisting their principles they at the same time could not remain in the same place. They had to march forward with the times. He said, "The word persistence has many different definitions, you can actively persist, persist with improving, I firmly persist my position, but I have to keep improving, understand what happens in this world, keep improving my skills and story telling techniques. Only this is real persistence."

Despite touching upon jobs in different areas, Chan Wing Sun mainly still made movies. However he would like to write more lyrics, because when he was young he already really liked to listen to Cantonese pop songs. When he studied Chinese Literature at the Lingnan University, his thesis was "40 years of Cantonese Pop Song lyrics -- a look at the changes in the China Hong Kong relationship."

Chan Wing Sun said, "The late Lam Chun Keung was my idol. With the same subject he could write several songs. Donny Summer's WHEN THE GUITAR WEEPS and (Anthony) Lun Wing Leung's THE PERSON BEHIND THE PIANO were actually the same story; (Eliza) Chan Kit Ling's THAT DAY THAT REAL ME and (George) Lam Chi Cheung's CHASING MEMORIES even had a verse that was similar. He truly was a master. I felt that Cantonese is great. Lam Jik and Wyman Wong had many work that were rather outstanding with their use of homophones and metaphors, like NOT A SINGLE THREAD refers to not being clothed. When used in relationship, I didn't miss you a single thread. Without change a single word the term had double meaning; FLIRTING originally is about relationships but at the same time could be used for cooking. As I slowly studied Cantonese pop songs, I wanted to write songs. However lyrics creator in Hong Kong is very passive. The several songs I wrote were because they were my movies, I hog the jobs of writing. Wong Yuen Chi's new song was also the same way. I hope in the future someone would ask me to write the lyrics!"

Chan Wing Sun admitted that the First Feature Film Initiative and the Film Development Fund have already the industry a lot. Of course if the government would put in more funding to help and provide even more conveniences during productions then it would be even better. The current assistance is only enough to support a certain level of dramatic film, even the slightest special effects would not be enough. In order to connect to the world, we need a little more funding. With MEN ON THE DRAGON for example, if we had the money for special effects, some scenes would have been much grander and more entertaining. Now when the movie reaches overseas, people could tell with one glimpse that it is a small budget production.

With the modern internet age, Chan Wing Sun was not worried that the film world would be lost because of it. The most important was to make subjects that would persuade people to go to the movies. Then the audience would not just watch Netflix. When asked if danger would bring opportunity, he said, "The so-called danger is that everyone is more cautious with productions, and less veteran directors are making Hong Kong films. Fortunately big companies are very supportive of new directors, they have to watch their steps, learn to control the budget. If their ideas get too big they can't finish. They shouldn't exaggerate and neglect the box office, which in the end would only get the boss killed and no one would dare to invest again in the future. So everyone have to be a little more responsible. While they may not be able to make big money, breaking even for the boss would be good still."

As the environment changed, many behind the scene film workers continued to be lost. Chan Wing Sun said that in recent years many new comers have added in and are filling the empty spots in different positions. While they were not without successors, a generation gap has appeared among actors with a shortage of 40 year old actors. He said, "(Andy) Lau Tak Wa, (Seau) Lau Ching Wan, (Francis) Ng Chun Yu, (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai and others have worked from the 1980s to now, after them there were (Louis) Koo Tin Lok, (Daniel Wu) Ng Yin Cho and (Ronald) Cheng Chung Kei. All the 40 year old actors who can be called lead actor number one suddenly are all gone, like (Nicholas) Tse Ting Fung, (Shawn) Yue Man Lok they no longer consider Hong Kong their base and make less movies. Men have to be over 40 to be able to play a certain type of movies, dramatic conflicts and life challenges. Without enough life experience, no one would be able to play those roles. They would neither be convincing nor look the part."

Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Eddie Peng, Gordon Lam and Simon Yam's new film wraps up production
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa produced and starred with Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Simon Yam Tat Wa and Cya Liu in a battle of brains and brawn between friends, cops and robbers action film I DID IT MY WAY (CHIM HUNG), which recently wrapped up production. Wa Jai and Ka Tung worked together again after 10 years. Their original intention toward film never changed. Wa Jai praised Ka Tung's handling of emotional scenes as very outstanding, while Ka Tung joked that after 10 years his salary rose a lot.

Recently Hong Kong has been hot, setting new record high temperature of 36 and 37 degrees Celsius. Wa Jai had to wear sweaters and suit jackets in the heat for the shoot. Co-star Ka Tung also had to wear thick jackets for his action scenes. Because earlier Lau Tak Wa finished all of his scenes at the studio, director Kwan Chi Yiu, action director Chin Kar Lok and Lam Ka Tung all opened bottles of champagne to celebrate with Wa Jai. The director announced that Wa Jai has wrapped up production, thanked him for his hard work and contribution. The entire staff on the set applauded in celebration.

During the champagne opening celebration, Wa Jai had his arm around Ka Tung's shoulder. As he recalled working together again after 10 years, he got even more sentimental. "From FIRESTORM (FUNG BO) to now, everyone can see how great Ka Tung handles his emotions." Ka Tung said that as people matured they should improve. He also humorously said, "From FIRESTORM to now it has already been 10 years. Then to now the changes have truly been drastic, because the salary is higher." Ka Tung admitted that actually he and Wa Jai's spirit and attitude toward film never changed. "Each time after we finished I would ask him, how did you feel about this shot I just did, did I have any room to improve, did I handle it right. I hope to perform even better for the audience, I hope to be even better than the last time." The selling point of this crime film was that it was full of emotional scenes. Wa Jai gave a special recommendation. "Everyone can treat it like a movie about family and friends." Ka Tung added, "With a little romance." Wa Jai pointed out after it would become a hit I DID IT MY WAY absolutely would have a chance for a sequel. Director Kwan then said that there would even be a third film.

In addition, on the day of the production wrap, producer Lau Tak Wa again appeared on the set and toasted the cast and the crew like actors Lam Ka Tung, Peng Yu-Yan, Yam Tat Wa and Cya Liu and director Kwan Chi Yiu and action director Chin Kar Lok with tea in place of wine. Wa Jai gratefully said, "We started around April or May, during this period we experienced many unusual experiences, some happy, some not. However we still made them into happy ones. I hope our characters in the film would become characters everyone want to follow up on, from now on we would make even better ones for everyone to watch." Yam Tat Wa pointed out that the entire team was like a family, the most important was for everyone to be safe at work, and get home safe. Ka Tung described this production process as could not be more fun.

Director Kwan Chi Yiu shared, "With everything we have experienced, the toughest was on the actors. In the scorching heat they still had to wear winter clothes. For actors to focus on acting under this situation absolutely is difficult. Our crew worked hard to fully coordinate in order to achieve our best." Ka Tung joked, "Only I alone wore winter clothes." Wa Jai smiled and corrected Ka Tung, "Was my turtle neck sweater fake?" Action director Chin Kar Lok also chimed in, "I am pleased to work with a group of good Hong Kong elders, we have great producer boss Lau Tak Wa." Peng Yu-Yan also said in Cantonese, "I feel very happy, working with everyone on the movie. I wish good health for everyone. Next time we would make another good movie together. Thank you everyone." After that Wa Jai praised his Cantonese pronunciation as very precise.

The fresh out of the oven Best Actress Cya Liu also shared, "This is the easiest movie I have ever movie, because in the film I wasn't taking a beat." Ka Tung joked, "I am here, the one who beat you is here." Cya responded, "This time in this movie when I see Brother Ka Tung, I am not afraid anymore. Also thank you Brother Wa, who has many scenes with me."