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Director Roy Chow Hin Yeung and his screenwriter wife Christine To Chi Long have been married for over 6 years, with a 6 years old daughter. Yesterday they announced good news as To Chi Long gave birth to a 7 pound 7 ounce baby girl, both mother and daughter are safe.

To Chi Long was pregnancy under the pandemnic but still insisted on working on the post production for the film DYNASTY WARRIORS (JUN SAM GOK MO SEUNG) and even completing a new film screenplay. On the same day she stopped her pen, eczema brought out all over her body and she could not sleep. She finally sensed how great the stress was on her. She could only relied on will power to keep going. Luckily under her husband Chow Hin Yeung's attentive care, she was able to recover and successfully have their second child.

Chow Hin Yeung happily shared the joy on social media after becoming a father a second time. He said that from his wife To Chi Long he saw the meaning of the word "perseverance"; he said that his wife's pregnancy was considered high age. Because of her belly she could not sit for long. She would rather stand and write, used straps to carry her belly and tied the straps to the wall as she insisted on finishing her new film's script. He praised To Chi Long had no packaging, no boasting, disliked making extra expressions, and despiced complaining the most.

Chow Hin Yeung prayed for his wife and daughters' health and safety, happiness and joy. When his wife gave birth, he accompanied her the entire way. The nurse said that he was brave.


Carlos Chan is very honored the new film can break out of Hong Kong and draw everyone's attention
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Carlos Chan and Michelle Wai cannot be happier about READY OR KNOT catching overseas film festivals' eyes
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Emperor Motion Picures and One Cool Film worked together for the first time to produce and distribute ten Hong Kong films. The first shot would be the Anselm Chan Mou Yin directed, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Hedwig Tam Sin Yin, Chu Pak Hong, Kaki Sham, Renci Yeung Si Wing starred romantic comedy READY OR KNOT (BUK YUT SING FUN) will open on April 1st for the Easter and Ching Ming Fesival golden slot. Before its release the film received twice the good news: the film caught the eyes of the 2021 Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival, which selected it for its "Comedy Kaleidoscope" segment to become this year's only Hong Kong film selection; then it was selected for this year's Chicago Asian Pop Up Cinema closing film. The attention and the recognition from international film festival were like a shot of confidence for Ka Lok, Michelle, Ah Tam and others.

As READY OR KNOT received two international film festival's recognition and raves, director Chan Mou Yin was greatly encouraged. "I am very happy! It's really not easy for an authentic Hong Kong romance to break out of Hong Kong! I am very grateful! As the first Hong Kong film to start production during the pandemic, it really is particularly meaningful. I have to very sincerely thank every crew member and actors, who risked life and death wih me. Completely because of their effort would READY OR KNOT be here." He gave special thanks to Boss Yeung and Boss Koo for still being willing to start this production during this diffcult period!

Chan Ka Lok agreed with the director. READY OR KNOT is a small budget film, to be able to break out of Hong Kong and draw attention from different places is quite a honor; he also looked forward to viewers of other places after watching would be able to enthusiastically exchange their views on marriage. "Marriage isn't just something in Hong Kong, every place in the entire world has different cultures. When they see Hong Kong's marital culture, how would they feel? Can they relate? How do hey handle marital problems? This is what I long to know!" Since the film examined Hong Kong romance and marriage cultural, Ka Lok naturally hoped even more for recognition from Hong Kong people.

Upon learning READY OR KNOT's selection for two international film festivals, Michelle's first impression was, "Finally I can answer to the director and the entire team. Because everyone really had a rough time working on it, I especially look forward to the foreign audience relating to it. Ultimately the background of growing up, living environment, language are different, I hope they would be able to get some of the film's funny spots." Praises from Chicago's Asian Pop Up Cinema jury for the film obviously showed that the film has already broken through cultural and language barriers. Michelle smiled and said, "Every good review is the reason for the next viewer to go to the movie. It definitely would inject an even greater shot of confidence for the film!"

Chu Pak Hong praised the film for having something for everyone. Tam Sin Yin reminded Hong Kong viewers to see the movie. Kaki Sham was pleased to have foreign audience recognition. Yeung Si Wing was surprised to receive the good news.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Patrick Tam and Richie Jen focus on the shoot

Many look on as Patrick Tam begins the chase

Even though Eddie Cheung is just guest starring he still arrives early on the set to prepare
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As the novel coronavirus pandemic wanes, the Hong Kong film industry is waking up from its "long silence" as recently most films announced their productions. Two nights ago Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Eddie Cheung Siu Fai appeared at Central for an all new crime film. Siu Chai's fans even organized and stood afar in support of their idol. In order to keep any story from being spoiled, the crew often reminded pedestrians no photos.

Ah Tam arrived in a vehicle and darted into an alley to begin a chase with Siu Chai. Perhaps because he wanted to concentrate on his character, Siu Chai was rather quiet all night. Ah Tam who just finished a Mainland series with Raymond Lam Fung was obviously slimmer than before. Turning 52 in the middle of the month he successfully "lost age" and appeared to be in decent shpae. Cheung Siu Fai this time would be a guest star in the film. Always serious, he arrived early to prepare, for make up and costume fitting. He was quite professional.


Gary Tong was found unconscious at home and passed away yesterday

Tai Chi cannot accept the passing of one of their own.  

Joey Yung posts a video with Gary Tong

Gary Tong produced many songs for Mr.

Gary Tong once managed Keeva Mak

Even though his father was an Universal executive, Ronald Cheng does not hold back when something unreasonable happens.
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Vivian Chow says that because she and Gary Tong have the same religious beliefs they would pray together before a show

Tai Chi's Joey Tang says that Gary Tong would not pay too much mind over the Universal incident

Universal Records apologizes for the social media post 
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Famous musician and Tai Chi member Gary Tong Yik Chung two days ago passed away at age 57. Those who have worked with Gary like Joey Yung Cho Yi, Vivian Chow Wai Man, Hins Cheung King Hin, Leo Ku Kui Ke, Keeva Mak Ka Yu, Mr.'s guitarist MJ Tam Kit Ming and Ronny Lai Chak Yan remembered Gary on social media. Yung Cho Yi sentimentally wrote, "Wherever Gary was only had good music and a fun time!"

Currently in the Mainland, Yung Cho Yi worked with Gary many times. Two nights ago she posted a video of her dancing with Gary, who was on the keyboard, to he song DANCING STREET at a concert. "Tonight is a little sad." Joey worked with gary many times over 18 years. "I started working wih Gary on the 2003 HEART FADES, Schumann and LEO at the time thought the first version of song arrangement didn't reach the theme and decided to ask Gary for help. Finally this song was not sent for airplay, but became one of the most important work in my life. It came from Gary's romantic and bold song arrangement. We also wrokred together on numerous concerts big and small, touring different countries. No matter which post Gary was in, he was just as relaxed, easy going, talented and low key. Quietly he provided the best music suggestions to us, absolutely would not give any singer, even musician any hard time or pressure. No matter how tense the condition or the performance was, wherever Gary was only had good music and a fun time. Such a great person, his instinct and passion for music was invaluable. I really can't accept such a sudden passing. Gary I would always remember your good, may you have a safe journey."

Hins Cheung King Hin posted a black and white photo of Gary in the studio. "Gary Gor Gor, thank you for the beautiful music you brought. From learning about you in record credits during my student days to finally having the chance to sing songs that you arranged once I got into the business, even sharing the stage and performing with you, I am grateful to have the chance to meet you in my life. Thank you for always making people feel warm and friendly. thank you for your stubbornness and persistence toward music whether on the stage or in the studio. Thank you! Miss you always!"

Gary was the music director for Vivian Chow Wai Man's concerts. Two nights ago Chow Wai Man posted 3 photos on social media, including work photos from the 30th anniversary Hong Kong concert, 1994 Taiwan concert and two years ago Toronto concert. "Dear Gary, miss you forever!" She remembered Gary in the post, "Gary was a gentle and polite musician. In 1994 when my first solo concert took place in Taiwan, he was my music director. In recent years the 30th anniversary concert in Hong Kong and almost every show on the our, he was my band member, and music director for two shows. He accompanied me on this musical journey, which was especially warm. He gave me a lot of strength to complete every show. In mid February, the encouraging words that he sent me, I would always remember them. Thank you Gary!"

Gary was onvce Keeva Mak Ka Yu's manager. Keeva on social media eulogized her mentor. "Thank you very much for your nurturing and encouragement all along. I would always miss you. See you in Heaven, Gary Gor Gor." Irene Wan Bik Ha posted, "I really don't want to believe this, a super musical talent and a super nice guy, Gary I wish you have a safe journey! We will always miss you!" Leo Ku Kui Ke wrote, "Dear Gary R.I.P."

Mr.'s guitarist MJ Tam Kit Ming worked with Gary countless times and sawa him as his teacher. He posted a black and white photo of Gary resting in the studio on social media. "Maybe I won't be able to accept this in my lifetime, this person I feel is the best person in the entire music scene passed away today. Without Gary in the beginning, Mr.'s music wouldn't achieve the success that we once had." He also wrote, "Gary, I really never said to you, in my heart I always thought of you as my teacher. Thank you very much, thank you for everything you have gone for us, for me. You would always and forever be in my heart. Teacher, have a safe journey!"

Another member of Mr., Ronny Lai Chak Yan also posted many photos with Gary. "You rocked my world! Let's jam again later, we will meet again in the music world."

As artists friends remembered Gary Tong, "Universal Chinese Classic's" social media posted, "Suddenly I really want to listen to Tai Chi! RIP Gary tong" and enclosed a link to make purchase. People online criticized the site for trying to get rich off the dead. Ronald Cheng Chung Kei also posted, "Universal Record do you XXX have any humanity?!"

"Universal Chinese Classic" site saw the public outrage and rushed to remove the post. The entire special page was removed as well, but the internet turned their rage to other Universal Record special pages. Universal Record issued an apology. "Universal Record hereby first apologizes to everyone. We have already solemnly handled this matter, upon learning abou the matter those involved have been severely punished. From now on we would cautiously handle our social media platform content. We express deep regret and sorrrow over Mr. Tong Yik Chung's passing."


Sean Lau has to wear 70 pound of gear everywhere to dispose explosives

Director Herman Yau has his eyes on every scene's arrangement
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SHOCK WAVE 2 (CHAK DAN JUEN GA 2) has already opened in Hong Kong. Best Actor Sean Lau Ching Wan joined the "bomb disposal force" for the first time and played bomb dispoal expert Tung Cheuk Man. A "bomb disposal" scene that was shot on location in Wan Chai drew a large crowd of onlookers.

During the shoot, Ching Wan needed to put on the over 70 pound bomb disposal gear numerous times all over Hong Kong. Once Ching Wan also had to appear on the streets of Wan Chai in the heavy gear in the scorching heat. He wore a thick explosion protection gear to handle a terrorist bomb threat. He also ran into a sniper attack in the middle of it as well.

The shoot used almost 100 cast and crew members, police, anti terrorist vehicles and ambulances, locked down an entire outdoor park and drew many onlookers. Lau Ching Wan also stated that this scene was memorable. "In this scene I not only had to handle a bomb but also ran into sinpers. They started shooting my colleagues. Under the situation where every second counted, I still had to think of ways to save my teammates." Ching Wan even joked that he could not tell whether the swea from the tension on the set or the heat.


The family has set up a time for the public to pay respect to Ng Man Tat
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Ng Man Tat passed away on the 27th. The funeral council representative Tin Kai Man yesterday issued Brother Tat's obituary. Services will begin on March 7th (SundaYy) at the Universal Funeral Parlor in Hung Hom. The ceremony will be Christmas, with the farewell ceremony the next day. The remains will then be transported to Cape Collinson Crematorium for cremation.

Per the family the services will be open between 6 to 7 PM for the public to pay their respect to Brother Tat. From 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM the service and the prayer ceremony, the March 8th farewell ceremony and cremation ceremony will be private. Only friends and family will be invited and no public arrangement will be made. Those planning to attend must follow the pandemic restrictions, wear masks and follow the funeral's pandemic arrangements. The family stated that no person, organization have been granted the right or permitted to, in any format and through any channel accept monetary gifts or hold any memorial event.

Tin Kai Man said that he has not notified Stephe Chow Sing Chi in regards to Ng Man Tat's funeral and did not know whether he would be in Hong Kong then. He also said that everyone would have to consider if Chow Sing Chi's appearance would bring any inconvenience. Thus Chow would be the one to decide whether he would attend or not.


Lokman Yeung, Cherry Ngan and BabyJohn Choi witness each other from being green to mature.
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The BabyJohn Choi Hon Yik, Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling, and Lokman Yeung starred THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI) was released in 2013 to commercial and critical success. Its sequel THE WAY WE KEEP DANCING (KONG MO PAI 3) 8 years later finally surfaced. Three actors went from being green to mature, but the price of growing up may be compromising with reality. They all said that they have been lost, but fortunately they were able to find themselves.

Choi Hon Yik, Ngan Cheuk Ling, and Lokman Yeung worked together again on THE WAY WE KEEP DANCING (KONG MO PAI 3). All three said that the others were more mature than before. When they worked together they had even more chemistry. They all said that from THE WAY WE DANCE to THE WAY WE KEEP DANCING, the entire cast and crew all grew up. However in the process inevitably they would be lost at times. BabyJohn said that last year due to the pandemic, the feeling of lost was very heavy. "The pandemic made the entire social atmosphere very confusing. When everyone thought the situation would be a little better, they then would realize that they would have nothing. The entire industry was very dead. Our group of friends would want to make something ourselves, when we did we realized that it would work. So having a group of friends with the same interests is very important." Ngan Cheuk Ling pointed out that her grasp was very tight on her pursuit of art. Even with many big waves rolling around, she would not be easily washed away. The most importan was to believe in herself. Lokman said, "Lost is a very mysterious condition, you have to experience lost to be able to adjust anew. You need to find your own value within, be certain of yourself before you would be able to go over this wave. However the next wave may be on the way, you have to be able to find yourself at any moment."

Yau Hok Sau in the film played a reporter. In the film he asked Ngan Cheuk Ling a question, "Do you want to be famous or able to walk around freely?" In the film she did not respond. In reality did they feel fame and freedom could not co-exist? They agreed that the times were different, stars and viewers both live in the same place. Who said anyone famous could not freely walk around? BabyJohn said, "I feel in this business a culture is slowly building. Stars and viewers both live in the same place. Everyone can co-exist. When someone asks me if they can get a picture, when I am not at work I would usually agree. Sometimes when I am at a restaurant, if you come over and greet me I would even recommend to you what's good there. So you really don't need to take photos in secret, everyone can exist together naturally."

Ngan Cheuk Ling admitted that at the beginning she was not too used to being recognized or secretly photographed, but now she is already much more relaxed. Sometimes she would have some fun with it. "Actually it depends on whether you are used to it or not. At the beginning I wasn't used to it. Suddenly out of the blue someone appeared to take your photos and chat with you, I would feel whether the other person had any goal or intention. Would I need to play the other person's impression of me? Later I learned to relaxed, actually many viewers are very friendly. We can chat. They are able to say my name because they pay attention to my work." The KING MAKER formed group MIRROR's member Lokman perhaps had even more experience. "I am not used to chatting with strangers, sometimes after a word or two I wouldn't know what to say. However the other people would keep talking and I would feel a little awkward. However being recognized and asked for a photo were OK. Sometimes when I run into viewers who are too passionate I would be frightened. Once I was out with friends, someone loudly called my name and smacked my shoulder. Because he really was passionate, I thought I knew him. Even my friends thought we were very close. When they heard I didn't know him they thought it was very funny."