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Zhou Dongyu and Derek Tsang
Ashina Kwok
Irene Wan
EXO's captain Suho is the "star amabassador"
Albert Yeung, Gladys Li, director Patrick Kong, Ashina Kwok, Carlos Chan
Kathy Yuen, Ron Ng, Jeana Ho
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The 4th Macau International Film Festival yesterday held its opening ceremony. Korean boy band EXO's captain Suho appeared on the red carpet as the "star ambassador".

Emperor Group chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing yesterday personally led the team to attend the Macau International Film Festival with 3 new films YOU ARE THE ONE (NGOR DIK SHUN POON NAM YAU), THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) and (MAN HAK). Among them YOU ARE THE ONE will be a Lunar New Year with Carlos Chan Ka Lok. He excitedly said that his other film THE RESCUE (GUP GUNG GAU WOON) will also be released during the Lunar New Year. Becoming the Lunar New Year star, he felt like his dreams came true.

"I have always thought that Lunar New Year films should be big productions with the most popular stars, so for years I have looked forward to the chance to participate in them. This time I was able to have two Lunar New Year films, I really felt very, very lucky!" YOU ARE THE ONE will open on the Lunar New Year's Day. He said that during the shoot he did not expect this would be the Lunar New Year film. He purely hoped to work hard to make a movie that would make the Hong Kong audience happy. His current goal was for the film to run from the Lunar New Year's Day to Valentine's Day, to be able to cross two important days.

Playing a couple with Chan Ka Lok in YOU, Li Ching Kwan said, "This year is my first year with the company, I am very honored to walk the red carpet with Boss Yeung. Thank you Boss for giving me such a valuable opportunity." She hoped that the film would be able to bring everyone positive energy.

Ashina Kwok Yik Sum said that it was her first Macau International Film Festival. She had two movies YOU ARE THE ONE and THE FALLEN there, so she chose to wear something that stood out more, happier and prettier. Was she cold? She admitted that she felt very cold, but the cold could burn fat. She also said that Irene Wan Bik Ha also encouraged her to dress more provocatively. Everyone praised her for wearing it well, which greatly increased her confidence.

The Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung directed, Zhou Dongyu starred film BETTER DAYS would participated in the event and they took to the red carpet together. Their previous film SOUL MATE performed well. Zhou Dongyu even won the Golden Horse Best Actress. Working together again, Zhou Dongyu said that the feeling was particularly good. Tsang Kwok Cheung said, "After SOUL MATE, Zhou Dongyu and I became good friends. However working together again was also stressful because we didn't want to repeat ourselves." As for her confidence in winning an award and the chance of Zhou Dongyu winning Best Actress again, Zhou Dongyu said, "This film was already very lucky when it caught attention. I would be happy if it won awards but I would let it up to fate." Tsang Kwok Cheung praised Zhou Dongyu for working harder than before during the shoot. Her performance was great and she already was the Best Actress in his heart, but whether she would be nominated the jury would have to decide. He said, "Award or otherwise depends on luck. I don't want to think too much, in order to avoid having stress."

SOUL MATE's other actress Sandra Ma Sichen's acting was said to have declined greatly. Tsang Kwok Cheung has not seen her new film but he did not believe that she could go backward. She loved acting, worked very hard, and was very demanding of herself. Speaking of his mother Song Lai Wa reportedly being hospitalized, Tsang Kwok Cheung said that mama only went to the hospital for a check up. Her health had no problem bu she needed to pay attention to her habits from now on.

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and the MAN HAK (BLIND SCARE) team attended the opening ceremony. He said that in the past he often played cops, this time would be a new attempt as he would play a doctor. "Earlier I met with Yip Lim Sum (Patrick Kong). We constantly talked about working together, but I didn't expect to come to an agreement in 4 or 5 days and start work immediately. Aside from scenes with Tong Yi (Kathy Yuen) and (Jeana) Ho Pui Yu, co-star Poon Chan Leung is also an actor I really admire." He revealed that lately he has been negotiating new film contracts. Early next year he will work on the web drama FLYING TIGER III. As for Raymond Lam Fung's rumored wedding with girlfriend Zhang Xinyu this month, his friend Ng Cheuk Hei said, "I only found out from the news, he has a lot of guts for not telling me. For now I still don't know when. If I find out I truly would expose him, then I would ditch work to attend the wedding."


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Himmy Wong, Jennifer Yu
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The Steven Ma Chun Wai written, directed, and starred film TILL WE MEET AGAIN (SUN CHIN YEUK SEI HAU) two nights ago held its premiere. Actors Josephine Koo Mei Wa, Jennifer Yu Heung Yi, Himmy Wong Ting Him attended. Playing Ma Jai's mother in the film, Sister Mei Wa praised "son" for his outstanding performance and even picked him to win the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor.

Ma Jai heard that Sister Mei Wa picked him to win Best Actor and excitedly said, "I am already very happy to win in Ma's eyes." Sister Mei Wa stated, "I am sincerely, your Ma wouldn't lie." Ma Jai hoped that her words would come true. Then he could tell both Ma on Earth and Ma in Heaven at the same time, "Ma I did it". He also hoped to win New Director, but Sister Mei Wa felt that would depend on the competition. She also hoped that Ma Jai would win both awards, but awards required luck!

Ma Jai revealed that he has already applied for Hong Kong Film Award nominations for the film. Since it was his first film, whether he would win or not he would still actively participate in next year's Hong Kong Film Award. He would definitely dress up and would spend even more time on Hong Kong productions in the future. Ma Jai and Sister Mei Wa both admitted that the current social climate would definitely affect the box office. Ma Jai said, "I believe viewers who want to see it would naturally see it. This is a pure Hong Kong film, I hope everyone would support the domestic production. (Would you book shows?) No, I already told my family and friends to buy tickets to show their support. I am the happiest that the advanced screenings were all sold out. The response was great. Many viewers left in tears. Many guys were weeping hard." Sister Mei Wa said, "I heard a lot of sounds from people who were looking for tissue."

Yu Heung Yi and Wong Ting Him were asked about Sister Mei Wa's prediction of Steven Ma Chun Wai's Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor nomination. Yu Heung Yi said that she still has not seen the other films but felt that Ma Jai had great chances. In addition Ma Jai had clear thinking as a new director and was very certain about his needs. "I felt I didn't do well enough. He in post production editing helped me a lot, he actually saved me." Wong Ting Him said that because of all the competition it would be hard to say, but he also praised Ma Jai for his good performance and having a great chance to win.

Yu Heung Yi through this film experienced life and death. Recently a secondary school classmate passed away, which made her feel how fragile life was even more. She hoped through this film everyone would understand forgiveness between people and learn to cherish. She was busy with her new ViuTV series with a mostly male cast. After work she and Fish Liew Ch Yu would go drinking with the men. She said, "I feel I am becoming more guy like, when I hear them talking about going to Thailand they say it's not suitable for me to hear."

Speaking of Christmas, the single Yu Heung Yi said that she was lucky. "Because I have to work on Christmas Eve, then I would go to a party with my manager and a big group of friends. I don't need ot spend a lonely Christmas."

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[2019.12.05] FOR THE WEEK ENDING DECEMBER 1 2019

For the week ending Sunday December 1 2019
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    d. Elizabeth Banks
    Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Elizabeth Banks

    d. Gavin Hood
    Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Matt Smith

  Can : Chui Min Choi Kuet
  Lit : Hypnotized Verdict
    d. Paul Sze Pak Lam, Kenneth Lai Siu Kwun, Lau Wing Tai
    Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Zhang Han, Paul Chun Pui,
      Kent Cheng Juk Si, Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling), Eddie Cheung Siu Fai,
      Jiro Lee Sheung Ching, Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik, Cecilia So Lai Shan,
      Jo Kuk Cho Lam, Derek Kwok Ching Hung, Vincen Wong Ho Shun,
      Ai Mi, Dun Chan, Felix Lok Ying Kwan, Renci Yeung Sze Wing
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 93 mins.
  Opening October 25 2019 (Preview)
  Opening November 7 2019

    During the last day of court hearings in a sensational murder trial in Hong Kong, one of the jury members, a famous hypnotherapist, receives a video showing his daughter being kidnapped. The kidnappers are demanding that he hypnotize the jury in order to control the final verdict. How will he choose between justice and family? What will he do to save his daughter?

    It is the last day in the trial of a controversial murder case. Zen, as a jury member, learns that his daughter was kidnapped before the deliberation began. He is forced to find the defendant guilty of murder, otherwise his daughter will die. It seems to be an impossible task for Zen since the majority of the jury believes that the accused is innocent.

    The kidnappers know that Zen used to be a well-known hypnotist and they are certain that Zen can find a way to convince the jury. Also, under no circumstances should the jury be dismissed, otherwise, Zen's daughter will be dead. Zen has no option, and after eight years he uses his rusty skills to hypnotize the jury, which gets him four additional guilty votes out of six. Zen has to perform the hypnoses in an isolated small room secretly under the sight of six other jurors. Still, this is not the most difficult condition Zen has to face, because he is going against the most fundamental and important principle of hypnosis, "The subject should be informed and understood that he/she is going to participate in hypnosis; if not, the chance of a successful hypnosis will be less than 10%."

    An ultimate performance of hypnosis quietly takes place in this small space.

    d. Abel Lanzac
    Francois Civil

    d. Justin Dec
    Elizabeth Lail, Jordan Calloway, Talitha Eliana Bateman

    d. Roland Emmerich
    Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans, Aaron Eckhart,
      Nick Jonas, Mandy Moore, Dennis Quaid, Woody Harrelson

  4 21 BRIDGES
    d. Brian Krik
    Chadwick Boseman, J.K. Simmons, Sienna Miller, Tayler Kitsch,

    d. James Mangold
    Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Caitriona Balfe, Jon Bernthal

    d. Rian Johnson
    Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis,
      Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, LaKeith Stanfield,
      Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, Christopher Plummer

  1 FROZEN 2
    d. Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
    Disney Animation
    English Voices: Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel
    Cantonese: Kandy Wong Shan Yee, Jim Yan Chi Hong


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Earlier announcing that he will no longer make kung fu film, Donnie Yen Chi Tan yesterday attended the IP MAN 4: THE FINALE press conference in Shenzhen with action director Yuen Woo Ping and director Wilson Yip Wai Shun. He said that his first kung fu film DRUNKEN TAI CHI was Yuen Woo Ping directed. This time his final kung fu film IP MAN 4 also had him as its action director.

With the IP MAN series reaching its finale, Yen Chi Tan was asked which co-star was the memorable? He immediately said Mike Tyson. "Because I am a boxing fan, he is a legend in the boxing world. When I learned that I would spar with him, I fought with him like an actor and a fight fan. It was very memorable. In addition the round table fight with (Sammo) Hung Kam Bo in IP MAN 2 was also very memorable, so was the duel with (Max) Zhang Jin."


Louis Koo won My Favorite Male Singer last year 

Charmaine Fong says music fans being able to relate to her work is even more important
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Kay Tse can take a break from award shows this year
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Sammy is disappointed about Ultimate Awards cancellation
Chiang To and Ian are happy about being able to compete with elders

Jason Chan supports Commercial Radio's decision
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After Radio Hong Kong and Metro Hit Radio announcing that they will stop holding actual award shows for their respective awards and change their formats, Commercial Radio suddenly made a change after announcing that it would hold its award show on January 1st at the Convention Center. Yesterday the station announced that the show has been cancelled and the 43 awards will be presented in other formats. Out of the four major Hong Kong music awards, currently only TVB's JADE SOLID GOLD AWARDS will take place as usual. Reportedly the TVB award show will take place on January 18th. Record companies have received TVB's invitations, only TVB has not officially announced the date confirmation or whether it will be pre-recorded like the station anniversary show.

Commercial Radio said that it considered everyone's safety and thus officially announced the announcement of the January 1st award show. Yesterday it issued a special notice. "Commercial Radio has always firmly supported the local music scene and commend hard working musicians. Thank you music fans for your enduring support for the Ultimate Music Awards on January 1st every year."

"Over many months, we have worked hard and studied many different ideas in hopes of ensuring the safety of those inside and outside the venue at the January 1st 2020 award show. We apologize that so far we still have not found the most suitable method and thus we can only cancel the award show that has been originally scheduled to take place at the Convention Center new wing. We will present the 43 Ultimate Awards in other formats."

"Some of 'Music fan voting' have already begun and will continue. The online voting for My Favorite Male, Female Singer and Group awards will take place as usual; the final stage live voting of My Favorite Song will take place online between December 23rd and 27th. The results of the three major awards will be announced on January 1st 2020."

Some online speculated that Commercial Radio's sudden cancellation of the Ultimate award show might be related to the possibility of the song GLORY OT HONG KONG becoming the 2019 My Favorite Song. Commercial Radio in order to avoid being stuck between a rock and a hard place could only cancel the show. Sammy has been a Commercial Radio DJ for over 20 years but faced his first Ultimate Award stoppage. Last night he said that Commercial Radio notified him the night before and he of course was disappointed. "Hong Kong's current situation is different from before, but awards will still be presented. I don't know how yet." As for the reason for the cancellation, Sammy heard that it had to do with insurance. He was not sure if it was true or not. He said that Commercial Radio worked hard to keep it going. He felt that it was unrelated to GLORY TO HONG KONG and Commercial Radio license renewal. He said that in the past Commercial Radio has presented awards to sensitive songs before. As long as someone was willing to vote for them they would win awards. He felt that since the district election went on smoothly, his personal opinion was that government pressure did not exist.

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Jonathan Wong deeply believes Michael Lee's work and spirit will endure

Wu Lok Yin, Nancy Sit, Michael Lai and Sharon Chan get together last in July 

Sharon Chan and Wu Fung tape CANTOPOP AT 50 and get teary eyed with talking about Michael Lai
Nancy Sit is heartbroken over Michael Lai's passing

Michael Lai and Petrina Fung have worked together many time as child stars
Nancy Sit and Michael Lai have dated for two years

Lawrence Cheng visits his sister at the hospital and is surprised to learn about Michael Lai's passing
Michael Lai's marriage with Susanna Kwan was rumored to have ended up to an affair, but they are still friends.
Michael Lai and his first wife Law Kam Ha

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Famous musician Michael Lai Siu Tin was hospitalized in May for pneumonia. After his release he has stopped working to focus on recovery. Earlier his health was rumored to have deteriorated. Yesterday Lai Siu Tin's secretary issued a statement and confirmed that Lai Siu Tin passed away peaceful on December 1st at age 73. According to Lai Siu Tin's wishes no detail about the illness would be revealed. His friends Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Big Al and others on the early morning of the 1st stood guard at Lai Siu Tin's room and sang to him despite their pain. Lai Siu Tin was in charge of the RTV era series songs and on par with TVB's Joseph Koo Ka Fai as both were dubbed the television series theme song music godfathers. He created over 300 songs in his life, cultivated and gave opportunities to many superstars. The passing of this master class musician was regrettable and a loss to the Hong Kong music scene.

Lai Siu Tin's secretary yesterday morning issued the statement on social media to confirm Lai Siu Tin's passing at age 73. "Thank you to friends in the news or the media word for waiting all day. I, Clara Lam, as the secretary of the famous musician Mr. Lai Siu Tin announce that Mr. Lai Siu Tin on the morning of December 1st, 2019 passed away peacefully at 7:55 AM. According to Mr. Lai's wishes no detail about his illness will be revealed as he hoped that it would be handled in a low key manner. In the next few days, I will represent Mr. Lai Siu Tin's family as his secretary and announce the funeral details. Thank you everyone and to the friends in the media for your concern."

Mr. Lai Siu Tin's friends like Sit Ka Yin, Big Al, Philip Chan Yun Kin as early as two days ago rushed to the hospital to see him one last time. Sister Ka Yin revealed that his friends sang for him by Lai Siu Tin's bed. Friends were heartbroken over he passing as everyone thanked him for his years of contribution in music.

With a successful career Lai Siu Tin's romantic life was colorful. Both of his marriages failed supposedly because he was too romantic. Siu Tin also admitted that love was his biggest failure in life. At age 24 he met his first wife Law Kam Ha. Although they had one son, after their divorce he had few contact with his former wife and son. His second wife was Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying. After dating for 8 years they wed in 1982, but the marriage ended after two short years. In an interview he once revealed the reason for his divorce with Kwan Kuk Ying. They were still very young at the time and their personalities were rather subjective. He hurt his wife with some regrettable words. After the divorce Kwan Kuk Ying immigrated to Canada, until 2007 when she worked with Lai Siu Tin on a TVB music program.

Lai Tin Siu's childhood crush on Sit Ka Yin has been an open secret. Sit Ka Yin revealed that they dated for two years but nothing came of it. Back then Sit Ka Yin fell into an abyss in life after her divorce. Although she was invited to star in the long running TVB series KINDRED SPIRIT she thought the pay was too low. Finally with the help of Siu Tin she got a raise and took the job. The "Aunt Ho" character also brought Sit Ka Yin's career to another peak. Lai Siu Tin many times said that he admired Sit Ka Yin for working hard and seriously, living simply. Professionally and personally they had chemistry. Last year at their Hong Kong Coliseum concert, Siu Tin publicly admitted that he pursued Sit Ka Yin after her divorce. Siu Tin's performance in recent years were mostly related to Sit Ka Yin, including the series VIRTUES OF HARMONY II and the music program CANTOPOP AT 50, which was also his final performance.

Lai Siu Tin was born to a musical family. His father Lai Cho Tin was a famous musician who in the 40s and 50s composed music for the Great Wall film company. His mother was the writer Yeung Lei Kwan. His sister Lai Hoi Ning was a famous choreographer and one of the founders of the City Contemporary Dance Company. At age 5, child star Lai Tin Siu made his debut with the film AREN'T THE KIDS LOVELY and made classics like THE GREAT DEVOTION. At age 15 he went to study abroad in England. In the 60s he returned to Hong Kong and became a band leader.

In 1973 he participated in TVB's first song writing invitational contest and was the second runner in, thus beginning his road as a musician. In 1975 he joined RTV and became a gold label team with Nancy Sit Ka Yin on their program KA YIN AND SIU TIN. At the same time he created many classic television series theme songs for RTV with lyricists Lo Kwok Jim, Cheng Kwok Kong James Wong Jim and others, putting him on even par with TVB's Joseph Koo Ka Fai. He also created theme songs for films ROUGE, LONELY FIFTEEN and POLICE STORY during the golden age of Hong Kong music. Siu Tin remained young at heart and was able to work with people of different eras, including lyricists like Poon Wai Yuen, Chan Siu Kei, Cheung Mei Yin, Chu Kit Yi, and Chui Yuen. He wrote over 300 songs and even cultivated a new generation song writer Chiu Tsang Hei.

Lai Siu Tin and Sit Ka Yin made names for themselves after working together. Due to the program he even released a record. In 1982, Lai Siu Tin joined Capital Artists as the music director, planned and founded the New Talent singing contest that discovered many superstars like the late diva Anita Mui Yim Fong, Lui Fong and Alex To Tak Wai. He injected new force into the then thriving music scene. Lai Siu Tin in an interview said that back then Mui Yim Fong was still singing in dance halls. He learned from colleagues that her singing was superb and went to see her show. After hearing her he felt that Mui Yim Fong's voice had a shadow of Paula Tsui Siu Fung and told her to apply for New Talent. Finally Mui Yim Fong won.

Another late superstar Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing also saw Lai Siu Tin as his great benefactor. Back then because of Lai Siu Tin Cheung Kwok Wing's song journey was rewritten. He produced his first solo album WIND CONTINUES TO BLOW, which solidified Cheung Kwok Wing's mark in music.

Lai Siu Tin's work won countless awards for their performers. He at the Hong Kong Film Awards with ROUGE won Best Film Score. He also received the Record Producer with the Most Contribution, the Songwriter with the Most Contribution, Master Class song writer and CASH music achievement award at radio station awards.