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After finishing Form 5 Fung Ho Yeung is determined to quit school and chase his show business dream

Fung Ho Yeung in ZERO TO HERO played the adolescent So Wa Wai, even Sandra Ng praised his performance.

Fung Ho Yeung has been on a ViuTV program
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The 17 year old Fung Ho Yeung in the film ZERO TO HERO (MAMA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI) played the Paralympic gold medalist So Wa Wai's adolescence and received good reviews. Recently he decided to quit school and work fully toward on-camera development. Yeung Yeung borrowed SQUID GAME's Player 001 motto "Giving your all to do something you want to makes you the winner" and expressed his determination to quit school. His role model would be Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai. He said, "I really admire him for being able to master any role. I too hope to achieve success in show business."

Yeung Yeung admitted that due to Asperger's syndrome in childhood, he felt lost at school. In early secondary school he even began to have wild thoughts and felt discouraged about his future. "I constantly thought about life, whether I had to follow the rules exactly: study to get into an university, work, get married and have kids, retire, experience birth, aging, illness and death then it's over?" He was fortunate to have the attentive care from my family. In Form 5 he was arranged to study acting. Later in secondary school he began to work on children's program, television series and film, slowly inspiring him to set his next life goal.

Yeung Yeung before this summer vacation completed Form 5. Due to the success of ZERO TO HERO his self confidence grew, so he decided to quit school, actively study performing arts and pursue his dream. Yeung Yeung said, "I made this movie at age 14, in August this year it was finally released and landed on the first spot in Hong Kong on Netflix after 3 days. My character in the film was very hard to play, I didn't have much experience either. I was very lucky that viewers really liked my performance and didn't give it any poor review."

Yeung Yeung after quitting school had a discussion with his parents. Right now he isn't sitting idly by, instead everyday has been filled with training courses. He said, "Now I am co-ed, working as a teaching assistant in hobby classes and receptionist to gain work experience; I am learning Putonghua, English and Korean, I also have ice skating, horse riding and kung fu lessons. Later I would like to study singing and dancing. Ultimately competition is big in show business, I have to learn more to elevate my own skills." He revealed that he has never dated before, and did not have any romantic problem. He hoped to build a firm foundation before considering applying for the Academy of Performing Arts. "I worked with (Louis) Cheung Kai Chung on the movie, I learned he graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. He is very nice, often sharing with me his acting technique and advice."


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When Ann Mui (left) passed away in 2000, Anita Mui promised her sister to take care of the children.  However she lost touch with them, a regret that she carried to the end.

Currently in Vancouver, Poon Man Ho plans to visit Mother Mui soon

ANITA director Longman Leung and Radio Hong Kong's Che Suk Mui
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Radio Hong Kong program host Che Suk Mui recently invited the film ANITA's director Longman Leung to be her guest as he personally answer questions from Anita Mui Yim Fong's fans after his film production. Sister Suk Mui even successfully interviewed Mui Yim Fong's older nephew Poon Man Ho overseas.

The Hong Kong Film Award Best Screenplay and Best Director winner Longman Leung was a Mui Yim Fong fan himself, also because of film company boss Bill Kong Chi Keung made the film ANITA. After the film was released, Mui Yim Fong fans had three questions for Director Leung. Why did he "white wash" the Japanese singer (in the film)? Longman Leung said, "I believe that he (that Japanese singer) was Sister Mui's first love. In a girl's eyes, first love wouldn't be bad, or some things she (Sister Mui) did not want to know, or even be chronicled......thank you (film company) boss for taking the responsibility to notify the Japanese singer. In the film his full name was not used out of respect for him."

As for why Sister Mui would argue with her sister when her sister got married? Director Leung said, "Because at that era when her sister got married it meant that she lost a family member that she grew up with and could rely on. I believed she (Sister Mui) personally wouldn't be willing to express that type of reluctant emotions to everyone."

Finally, Sister Mui already announced that she would no longer accept any further award long go. She probably would not be upset over the "Most Popular Female Singer" award. Director Leung said, "We only designed an opportunity for Sister Mui to tell that she did not transition to charity work due to the later generation catching up. She could live with her conscience over why she started."

In addition, after losing contact with his aunt Mui Yim Fong for 21 years, Ann Mui Oi Fong's older son Poon Man Ho earlier on social media said that he already watched ANITA at the movies and shared his feelings on a post. Sister Suk Mui successfully interviewed Ho Man in Canada over a long distanced call.

Poon Man Ho said, "Actually I have been living her since the 6th grade! When I found out about this movie, I had to watch it. It must tell a lot about Mommy and Auntie. Daddy, little brother also watched my impression, Mommy was a very fitting Mommy. She put a lot of effort into raising me and little brother. She was a very positive and optimistic person, no matter what difficulty she ran into she would face it with a smile -- just like in the movie. Auntie was a very direct, very successful, very strong person. She really liked to tell jokes to cheer up those around her, and put others first at every moment. When I was little I was a little afraid of her, because her voice was very powerful and dignified. I don't remember what she has yelled at me, but I really was a little afraid of her. I knew she was a big star. She was someone who would never give up. In the film she said, 'As long as you have confidence, nothing in the world would be difficult!' This was exactly what she told us with her life."

Sister Suk Mui asked, "Did you know that Auntie was always looking for you?"

Poon Man Ho said, "I only found out the time we were in Hong Kong, we didn't know she was looking for us. If we did, Daddy definitely would have brought me and little brother back to see her. So when I found out she had the intention to find us, and it was her final wish, I was really heartbroken. Now that I am grown, I can help her with fulfilling that wish. In other words she was able to find us! Actually for the past two or three years, only from my contacts with Aunties' fans did I find out about this movie. Only then did I find out about this, they were the ones who told me......"

Poon Man Ho talked about his life, "I am 28, I have a girlfriend but am not married yet. I am working in IT. Little brother is great too, he is working on a film post production IT job. Daddy is great, in great health, very healthy. I too want to come back to Hong Kong. If I could, I would come back in half a year. The last time I came back was in 2017. This time I would visit Grandma. She is 98, I really want to come back and see her." He also said that he would watch ANITA four times, once every few days, until its run would end, because each time he would have a different experience.

Sister Suk Mui asked, "Did you want to promise anything to Mommy and Auntie?"

Poon Man Ho said, "I have to properly grow up, and treat myself and people around me like they did......Auntie said that she wished one night, when everyone went to gaze at the stars after dinner they would remember her, a friend who once brought us a little joy. They would remember her name was Mui Yim Fong. I would always remember them, forever and ever be proud of them!" Man Ho also added, "Actually my little brother and I really wanted to thank Auntie for the educational funding Auntie left us, so we were able to successfully finish our education and now have a pretty good job."

Sister Suk Mui said, it was very rare for a young person to be able to remember where they came from.

The late music diva Anita Mu Yim Fong's brother Mui Kai Ming earlier filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court, citing Edko Films' movie ANITA infringed upon the Mui Yim Fong trademark he owned, requested the court to prohibit the film company's continuing trademark infringement and seek compensations for the damages it caused.

Mui Yim Fong's mother Tam Mei Kam (Mother Mui) in a recent interview however turned the barrel on his son, scolding him for being "money obsessed" as she had no idea about his lawsuit against the film company. This incident was only her son's idea and he has not discussed it with her at all. She even disagreed with how her son handled the matter, but she could not stop him. Mother Mui revealed that recently she and her son has been somewhat at odds. Mother Mui yesterday again drew the line with her. "I Mui Tam Mei Kam over my son Mui Kai Ming's recent lawsuit with the court to seek compensation from Edko Films Co. Ltd. for trademark infringement declare that I have never personally participated in this matter, and would not participate in any future related matter and discussion, hence issuing this statement."

Being called "money obsessed" by Mother Mui, Mui Kai Ming responded lightly with "What's the problem?" He said that he and Mama had no problem. They still lived together, saw each other everyday, only Mother Mui went to the hospital for two weeks due to illness from aging.


Brigitte Lin catches up with old friends and remembers Dean Shek
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Retired from film for many years, Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) earlier posted a photo from her dinner with Sylvia Chang and "Cinema City" members Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Karl Maka, Teddy Robin Kwan, and Shi Nansun, saying that they have not seen each other in a long time. This time they got together to remember their late friend Dean Shek Tin, so she saved a seat for him. They even served food and wine to him. When they left they also bid the empty seat farewell. Brigitte Lin remembered in the mid 70s when she came to make movies in Hong Kong, after work Shek Tin bought fish balls for her and made her feel like she was back at school. In the end she again bid him farewell, "Farewell, Shek Tin, may your soul be able to find a suitable home."


193 is very envious that Anson Lo got to play the lead
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Anson Lo Hon Ting's first film SHOWBIZ SPY has had rave reviews since its release. Yesterday he posted a video to share his production experience.

The film had many fight scenes and some highly difficult stunts like the cartwheel and the kip up. Cult Leader's several minute long martial art action scenes in the film actually required continuing practices. In the video he showed his bruised arms, but he insisted on finishing the shoot like a professional would. The Disciples in order to support their idol said in the messages that they have already seen the film and some even watched it five times or more. In the video when Sister Fa asked the martial art coach if Cult Leader had any potential to become a kung fu star, he praised Cult Leader for his intelligence. "For his first time he already got a very high  score." For the kip up scene he was able to do it in just one take.

193 (Kwok Ka Chun) said that he was very envious that Cult Leader was able to play the lead. He even asked Cult Leader to pinky swear, "Promise me, I would be your male lead in your music video and you would be the female lead." Cult Leader rolled his eye out of the sheer nonsense.

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As the 18th anniversary of Anita Mui's passing approached, countless fans still remember her.

Mui Kai Ming earlier in the year revealed that he was making preparations for the Anita Mui International Museum

ANITA starred Louise Wong and Louis Koo
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Anita Mui's brother Mui Kai Ming filed suit two days ago against the maker of the film ANITA over trademark infringement, compensation, interest, etc.

The Edko film ANITA starred Louise Wong as Anita Mui

ANITA has made over HK$ 47 million thusfar

The late music queen Anita Mui
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The late music queen Anita Mui Yim Fong's biographical film ANITA opened in mid November in Hong Kong. Mui Yim Fong's brother Mui Kai Ming two days ago filed suit with the Superior Court, citing Edko Films violated the "Mui Yim Fong" trademark that belonged to him. Mui Kai Ming in the suit claimed that as early as in 2004 he has already registered the general trademark of Mui Yim Fong and Anita Mui. The film company produced film and its related products used his registered trademark without his permission, allegedly violated the trademark and misguided the public -- leading to his loss. Thus he requested the court to issue an injunction against Edko Films and anyone related from continuing its violation of his trademark, turn over all trademark violation products and compensate for his losses. Edko Films responded that its legal team has been handling the matter, and the film production was conducted under legal basis.

The Edko Films produced film ANITA was Longman Leung directed, Louise Wong Dan Nei, Terrance Lau Chun Him, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Louis Koo Tin Lok starred, its story was based on the late Hong Kong diva Mui Yim Fong's real experience. ANITA opened last month to good box office and word of mouth, as its box office even headed toward HK$ 50 million. However Mui Yim Fong's brother Mui Kai Ming two days ago filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court, citing that Edko Films has violated his rights. Mui Kai Ming claimed that he owned the trademark of "Mui Yim Fong", and the film ANITA used the trademark without permission. Hence he filed the suit to seek damages from Edko Films and request the court to grant an injunction.

The plaintiff was Mui Kai Ming and the defendant was Edko Films. According to the suit, the plaintiff owned the "Anita Mui memorial Co. Ltd." for conducting a variety of activities to remember Anita. The plaintiff claimed that he already owned the general trademark registration of "Mui Yim Fong" and "Anita Mui" since November 24 2004, and on November 31 2018 handed in the application for defensive trademark to expand the coverage of the trademark. Its categories also included video and sound equipment, office supplies, fashion, film nd various commercial activities. The plaintiff felt, due to how famous Mui Yim Fong was, the related defensive trademark should be under legal protection at any time.

The plaintiff claimed, before the passing of Mui Yim Fong on December 30 2003 she was extremely famous. Her name as a brand and its related trademark also had a lot of commercial value. The defendant while producing the film ANITA was never granted any permission to use its registered trademark during the process for its content and promotional products, would mislead the general public and incorrectly understand the film to be closely related to the plaintiff. Thus the suit has been filed with the Superior Court to apply for a cease and desist order to prohibit the film production company and anyone related from continuing to violate the trademark, and the mandatory surrender of all trademark infringing items and compensation to the plaintiff.

Edko Films responded to Mui Kai Ming's lawsuit. "From the planning to the production to now, our legal team has been handling all related legal issues and under legal basis conducted the production of the film ANITA. This matter is already in the hands of our legal team and at this time we have no comment."

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Julian Cheung has a gun pointed at his head

Jessica Hester Hsuan says being on the set is just like being at the Space Theatre
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The Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced, David Lam Tak Luk directed, Louis Koo Tin Lok starred anti corruption storm film series quintet would come to an end with G STORM after Z STORM, S STORM, L STORM and P STORM. The film has been slated for a New Year's Eve release. From the production video, the film company spared no expense in building a 1 to 1 scale Space Theatre set, highway car chase. Director Lam Tak Lun even stated that the excitement for the final chapter will be elevated, weapons and bullets would be more in the previous four films combined.

The anti corruption storm film series has brought classics with every film. In the final chapter G STORM the top Independent Commission Against Corruption investigation supervisor Koo Tin Lok said that this case would be more complicated than all the past ones, the script would have more action than before, the scene designs would be even more. He hoped to be able to show the most entertainment anti corruption storm in the final chapter. The team aside from shooting at actual locations like the Cultural Center, the Space Museum, for a Space Museum's Space Theatre explosion scene built a 1 o 1 scale Space Theatre set. Playing a judge in the film, Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) had nothing but praise for how convincing the set was. She felt a lot happened at the Space Theatre, from the chase to the gun fight. In the middle of it she felt more nervous and tense.

On the other hand the Julian Cheung Chi Lam led G4 teamed up to protect Suen Huen. In a car chase and gun fight where criminals ambushed Suen Huen, the team successfully applied for the highway to be shut down for several days for the shoot, rent over 30 cars to complete this chase scene. Chilam described this car chase as a very big deal. Although he did not need to drive in the chase, he had many fire fight scenes. The visual design was rather interesting.

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Jace Chan is surprised to be in the "Favorite Female Singer" top 5

Shirley Sham
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Artists Jace Chan Hoi Wing, Mike Tsang Pei Tak, Shirley Sham Yan Yee and athlete So Wa Wai yesterday attended an athletic brand event. The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) film that Sham Yan Yee took part in will soon open. She played a third party "Kei Kei", but this time she had many emotional scenes unlike the usual "seductress". She caught the director's eye apparently when he saw her hosting the television program revue. He thought that she was great at memorizing the script. Her character in the film had two paper long dialogue, thus her talent in this area drew him to her. Sham Yan Yee hoped that she would be able to continue her silver screen journey, thus now she has been attending acting classes. Next year she would also have a chance to perform in a family theme series.