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Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Shawn Yue Man Lok

Janice Man

Charlene Choi Chuek Yin
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Shawn Yue

Anjaylia, Evelyn

Charlene Choi
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Charlene Choi
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Shum Ka Wai's trendy fashion label Izzue two nights ago held its spring and summer fashion show at Central. Charlene Choi Chuek Yin, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Janice Man, Hilary Tsui Ho Ying, Niki Chow Lai Kei, "young models" Anjaylia and Evelyn and others attended. Reportedly Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and Ah Sa before breaking up caught a Mainland series' eye for a couple role. She said, "Really? I haven't heard about this! (The company didn't tell you?) Probably not, actually we have to look at the script first." Ah Sa said, "I will have to go to the desert to shoot THE EMERALD AND THE PEARL (FEI CHUI MING JU), then I will have to work on a new film with Ting Fung (Nicholas Tse) and Big S (Barbie Hsu). For now my schedule has been booked until the end of the year!" Will she work with Ronald again? She said, "I can try it if I have time! (How much will it take?) The company will decide that, I don't know. I only like acting."

Yue Man Lok's new film LOVE IN A PUFF (CHI MING YU CHUN GIU) reached 6 million at the box office. Earlier Lok Jai said that if it reached 8 million he would take his co-workers on a holiday. Two nights ago he honestly said that he was somewhat afraid. "It would be the best if it only made 7.99 million and not 8.01 million." His new film beat new films from Heavenly Kings Andy Lau Tak Wa and Leon Lai Ming. Lok Jai said, "I read that in the paper, but a film's success includes so many factors. It is more than just the actors and the directors. It's just a bet. The script is OK then it works." Speaking of the ideal performance after joining a new company, did he feel lucky? He said, "At least I am not 'jinxed'. Pang Fat once said that the opening would be 150,000, at the time we thought the box office should be around 1 million. My friends all said that would be considered a miracle."


Daneil Lam Siu Ming, Ekin Cheng, Elanne Kong Yuek Lam

Elanne Kong
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Michelle Wai (Si Nga), Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, Daneil Lam, Deep Ng Ho Hong, Mani Lok Man Hei
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Dior Cheng Yi Kin, the Pang Brothers, Elanne Kong Yuek Lam, and Universe new comer Elva Ni (Ngai Sun Hei) yesterday attended the opening of Daneil Lam Siu Ming's beauty salon. Other guests included Lam Ka Tung, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, Deep Ng Ho Hong, A Lin, Dada and others. Due to earlier rumors with her boss Lam Siu Ming, Kong Yuek Lam was somewhat reluctant yesterday to pose for pictures with him.

Ekin in the film ONCE A GANGSTER (FEI SA FUNG JUNG SHUEN) was in prison for 20 years. He and Wise Guy turned chef Jordan Chan Siu Chun did not want to become the "boss". In one scene Cheng Yi Kin wanted to enroll in Hong Kong University to study economics, but his mother Candy Yu On On who wanted him to be the boss stopped him. On On went to HKU to start a fight with Ekin. Ekin in order to protect HKU instructors applied a "metal chair" defense and finally was able to defeat 20 people alone. Ekin said that when he played YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI) he was certainly typecast, but this time the director wanted him to be more humorous. Even the "fight" had to be funny.


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The film WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN earlier held a press conference in Beijing for its trailer. Director Li Weiran led leads Sun Honglei, Lin Chiling, Gan Wei, Cao Bingkun, and others appeared to officially promote the film's June release. The film aimed to be the summer's top comedy hit. As the bold statement of "a new beginning for Chinese film" last time, Sun Honglei expressed that although the film has not yet been released, this goal was the director and the entire creative team's creative attitude -- WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN swears to bring Chinese film back to its age of innocence.

Earlier Sung Honglei and his family reportedly became WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN's first viewers and stated "if I have to describe the film quality with one comment, it is another new beginning for Chinese film". He explained, in recent years China's comedy has been in an awkward state of you cloning me and me cloning you. Creatively it lacks energy. Although SHAMA TOWN has not been released yet, the director and its creative team all adhered to this creative attitude, 'Bring Chinese film back to the age of innocence.' After watching WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN, I am very confident that the audience will like this film too. In addition it will bring a new energy to Chinese film." Sun Honglei said.

Lin Chiling looked very different from her look in the film. When asked who was the top beauty in SHAMA TOWN, director Li Weiran said, "Real and healthy are the beauties that are the most important to me." The leads laughed, "The director has to face his conscience!" The director and Sun Honglei both expressed that they became friends due to the film. After completing it they often met for dinner and mahjong. When the media concentrated all the questions on the leads, Sun Honglei led all the questions back to the director. The film company has confirmed the film's release date to be the end of June. Sun Honglei will then attend a 12 stop national promotional tour, which will break Zhang Ziyi's 9 stop SOPHIE'S REVENGE national tour.


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan two nights ago attended IP MAN 2 press conference in Taiwan and spoke with fellow parent of two, host Tao Ching Ying about his wife and family. He said, "Women are for spoiling and taking care of. Because she is my lifelong companion, of course I have to whole heartedly be good to her."

Yen Chi Tan even graciously revealed that as long as his wife needed she would go to the drug store and buy feminine products for her. "Although I felt very awkward at the drug store, but I still have to do it!" Tao not only praised, "You are truly a good man!" but also had an inspiration, "The drug company can consider hiring Ip Man to be the feminine product spokesmodel and turn him into 'Yuet Man' (monthly question)." Yen Chi Tan revealed that in order to get more into the character, the screen writer added some of his life and interesting stories in IP MAN 2. "For example after work I would want to go home, and my humor, so the audience can see my private side." Thus before his fight with Sammo Hung Kam Bo he said, "Is the victory or having dinner with his family more important?"

At yesterday's press conference, the organizer arranged for a 2 year old fan to present flowers. The fan saw her idol and became shy. He said that his 2 year old son was the opposite. "He has never seen my work and I never taught him kung fu, but he came up with his own style and looked the part. I believe some thing can truly be inherited." As for his daughter, he said, "With I have a chance I would hold her more, when she grows up only her boyfriend gets to hold her." Yen Chi Tan even made a hand print for a charity auction. In addition Wu Chun who has worked with 14 BLADES (GUM YI WAI) on Yen Chi Tan sent a fruit basket to his hotel to wish IP MAN 2 a victory over IRON MAN 2.


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Dior Cheng Yi Kin yesterday held a press conference for his June Macau concert. The event arranged for Venetian singers and three children who appeared in Ekin's classic costumes. The child who was dressed like YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI)'s Ho Nam fell, Ekin immediately consoled him. The event attracted several dozen media outlets including TVB pay station. As a four major record company singer and TVB artist Ekin received a TVB ban lift.

Ekin honestly said that his identity was special. After communicating he received TVB coverage. Will he accept ATV and Cable interview in Cantonese? He said, "Maybe not singing because I have to respect my contract. As for film promotions I will speak Cantonese."

Ekin next year will perform a Hong Kong Coliseum concert. Later he will perform in Japan. The North American stops are in negotiation. As for concert guests, he declined to reveal who they will be but expressed that Jordan Chan Siu Chun will be working and will not be able to be his concert guest. His girlfriend Yoyo Mung Ka Wai will not either.

In addition, the Felix Chong Man Keung directed dark humor mob film ONCE A GANGSTER (FEI SA FUNG JUNG SHUEN) stars Wise Guys Cheng Yi Kin and Chan Siu Chun, but this time they are walking Wise but playing for laughs instead.

Ekin said, "The first YOUNG AND DANGEROUS was 14 years ago, wow....Siu Chun and I have become Wise Men! Why would we bother to fight to be the boss? Thus this movie is about us not wanting to compete to be the boss. The story is pretty interesting. When I took the role I didn't know about Chan Siu Chun's part. The director deliberately kept it from the two of us. Once at a script negotiation when I saw Chan Siu Chun it was quite a pleasant surprise!"

Candy Yu On On this time played Cheng Yi Kin's mother. She said, "When I took this film I didn't know my son would be Cheng Yi Kin. Because I only had a daughter, I always thought I don't know how to play a mother with a son. Earlier I turned down two films, but this character was too challenging. I played a mother with a drug habit, which to me was very challenging!"

Cheng Yi Kin joked, "I remember the first day at work, Sister On On said to me very seriously and pleaded for me to shave. Because she had to play my mother, I had to look younger and not to make her look older. I immediately rushed to shave!" Siu Chun praised Sister On On as a super hot Mommy. "The last time I worked with Sister On On, she was very hot in a bikini. This time I didn't expect her to go so far as the Wise Ma. I felt I had another rival in the Wise world!"


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The Huang Xiaoming, Edison Chen Koon Hei, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) starred film SNIPER (SUN CHEUNG SAU) was not released in the Mainland, but after box office success in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, it has been imported in France, Japan and other places. On the 17th it was officially released in Japan. At the same time Huang Xiaoming's television series SHANGHAI BUND after beginning a "Chinese fever" in 2008 has been aired again in Japan.

Turning his attention to the big screen in recent years, Huang Xiaoming had quite a full harvest. In THE MESSAGE he made an elegant turn around as the Japanese military order Takeda. The just released IP MAN 2 also received rave reviews. FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 will be on the way this summer. THE ORPHAN OF ZHAO is in production for a New Year release. Ge You and Huang Xiaoming thus have become two of the top ten male stars with the most box office draw in Asia.

Huang Xiaoming's 2007 Hong Kong film SNIPER in the end was not released in the Mainland. It was released during Easter 2009 in Hong Kong and won both raves and box office. Due to Huang Xiaoming's influence in Asia, Japan made a large scale import of his work and set up a special site to recommend it. SNIPER thus has become a big hit in Japan.

Huang Xiaoming and Donnie Yen Chi Tan's IP MAN 2 was scheduled for a release on the 29th. At the advanced screening on the 27th, every show was sold out. As the University student film festival opening film, viewers commented that "Yen Chi Tan was responsible for IP MAN, Huang Xiaoming was responsible for 2" either due to Huang Xiaoming's new character "Wong Leung" in IP MAN 2 or his success in bringing this green character to live. Viewers called the film a "wonderful mix of kung fu and comedy". Huang Xiaoming was responsible for the comedy. His anger and enthusiasm in the second part of the film led to numerous applause in the cinemas.

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Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)

Carrie Lam Lei

Raymond Wong Pak Ming (center) with his children
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Donnie Yen and Financial Secretary John Tsang knew each other long ago
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Kent Cheng Juk Si, Louis Fan Siu Wong and others starred, Wilson Yip Wai Shun directed film IP MAN 2 two nights ago held its premiere. Raymond Wong Pak Ming and his son Edmond Wong Chi Wun, the film consultant Ip Chun and others attended. Other guests included TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling, artists Christine Kuo Wan Wai, Sharon Chan Man Chi, model Balia Chan Pui Ka and her husband, Theresa Fu Wing, Law Chung Him and Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah. In response to the Artists 414 Fund Raising Campaign, Mandarin film company boss Cheng Keung Fai announced that the April 28 advanced screening box office proceeds will be donated to the victims.

Yen Chi Tan's wife also attended. Chi Tan expressed because it was so late, his children had school the next day and did not come. He expressed absolute confidence in this film as its box office should be higher than the first. He said, "Usually the first film's box office is better than the second, this time should be the exception." Speaking of rumors that Huang Xiaoming due to cut scenes did not attend the Hong Kong premiere, Chi Tan said, "I was just with him two nights ago, he is working on Chen Kaige's new film. Earlier in Shanghai and Beijing he promoted heavily, absolutely without any scene cut rumors. Yesterday he and I just attended a press conference, he was very excited." Did he know if Huang Xiaoming did not want to come to Hong Kong due to rumored girlfriend Angelababy? Chi Tan said that he had no idea who he would look for as he did not ask about his personal life. He said, "He always looks for me when he comes to Hong Kong, are you saying to say that we are gay? Single people relationships are very normal." Did he feel that Xiaoming look like he was in love? He said, "He has always been famous and popular with girls, this is not surprising at all." Chi Tan expressed that he knew two nights ago Wong Pak Ming held a birthday party. He already prepared a gift as every year he would celebrate with him.

Wong Pak Ming expressed that he has seen the film twice in the Mainland and broke down both times. He said actually he did not celebrate his birthday often. Because he invited many friends to the premiere, his children arranged for him to celebrate with friends after the premiere. It was not his actual birthday. He expressed that his birthday wish was to make more good movies and have good health, good future for his children. Did he want any grandchildren? He said that his daughter will wed in September. He also denied that Xiaoming was absent from the Hong Kong premiere due to the scene cut. He was the Mainland's most popular young actor, with many movies and ad campaigns on hand. His absence was understandable. Will a third film be made? He expressed that it had to stop for awhile.

Hung Doi Lam two nights ago arrived in flats. She expressed that she would like others to see her height so even more people would make her film offers. Was she accommodating Chi Tan? She said no, Chi Tan was very broad minded. Has her rumored boyfriend Aaron Kwok Fu Sing complain about her height? She said no. Will she ask Sing Sing to see the movie? She said, "Not today, today is the charity show. I think I will ask after the release." Will she ask Sing Sing to get a ticket himself? She said not necessarily. Would she like to give Sing Sing a ticket? She said, "I have to see whether I have any, but we probably won't see it together." Hung Doi Lam honestly said that she would ask Sing Sing for advice because his acting was great and he was a Best Actor. She could accept his advice and learn more.

The film company two nights ago held a premiere party, Chi Tan and his wife attended as well as Hung Doi Lam, Wang Yuanyuan, Kristy Yang Kung Yu and Theresa Fu Sing attended.


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The second annual Xian university student film festival took place last night in Xian's Xibei University. As this film festival's vice chair Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) attended the opening ceremony with the opening film, the 9 time Golden Horse Award nominated film LIKE DREAM (YU MUNG).

After the opening ceremony, Ng Yin Cho and LIKE DREAM's director Clara Law Chuek Yiu, producer Fong Ling Ching attended the film press conference and expressed hope that the university students will be able to support Chinese films. The film festival not only extended the first film festival's university student digital video competition but also added a screening of award winners from the competition, the excellent Chinese film screening, the excellent foreign film screening, the film critic contest, the voice work contest, film poster collection school display and university student comic book and animation short film contest. In order to discover even more university students who are passionate about film production, the film festival added a jury award, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and other prizes.

The film festival will take place in Xian's schools. The first and second round of the contest will end at the end of June, then the public judging, online voting and other judging segments will take place. At the closing ceremony in September all prizes will be presented.

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The Artists 414 Fund Raising Campaign took place between 6 and 11 PM last night at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Gordon Chan Ka Seung and others around 2PM led several dozen on and off screen people in a worship ceremony back stage. Before cutting the roast pig, everyone first held a moment of silence for the Qinghai earthquake victims and saluted the late Hong Kong rescue hero Wong Fok Wing's photo.

Chan Ka Seung first thanked the singers for coming to the rehearsal early on. Big stars like Eason Chan Yik Shun, Andy Lau Tak Wa and Sun Nan were even at the event's disposal so he thanked them very much. Due to too many performing groups, a conservative estimate of over 85 segments, performance time was in shortage and certain media performance had to be cut short and merged into group performance. Thus TVB, ATV, and Cable contract artists might share the stage. Chan Ka Seung expressed that a performance extension would not only be a Hong Kong Coliseum issue but also security issue, because at 11PM the audience had to be let out.

The event began admission at 4PM. Although a minimum donation of 100 was required, many generously donated 500 and 1,000. Each person received electric candle stand and wristbands. Due to the venue's 6,000 seat limit, some arrived at the Hong Kong Coliseum as early as 10AM to line up. A Mr. Cheng revealed that he donated 200 and came in support due to Wong Fok Wing's sacrifice. He felt people of Hong Kong were very lucky. However due to rain last night, in the end only 40% of the audience came. The day's meal boxes and water as well as the worship ceremony's roast pigs were all sponsored.

Last night Alan Tam Wing Lun not only performed with the Wynners but also served as a runner and a donation call operator as he followed the event arrangements. In order to support the Wynners and Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To)'s duet with his daughter Chung Yi, their friends donated 900,000, including Cally Kwong Mei Lai who donated 100,000. Alan earlier participated in the fund raiser in Qinghai and praised the locals as very passionate. On one night they raised 1 billion yuan. CCTV raised even more. however he thought fund raising was not a competition and should not be measured with money. This show business fund raising campaign represented of the hearts of the Hong Kong people. He expressed that he had no plan to visit the disaster area yet, but was ready to follow orders at any time. This year was also the Sichuan earthquake second anniversary and last week he will begin recording a song. Reportedly they were in the VIP room. Alan denied and said, "Of course not! I just sat in the alley and ate noodle and bun!"


Donnie Yen Chi Tan (second left) and Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam, fourth left)
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) appeared on Cable Entertainment News station. Lynn honestly said that she would choose a husband who would be mature and provide a sense of security. When asked whether Aaron Kwok Fu Sing was suitable to be a husband or a boyfriend, she smiled but did not reply.

In IP MAN 2, Chi Tan and action director Sammo Hung Kam Bo performed a duel on the table. Chi Tan expressed that during the production they had to watch themselves and maintain balance to keep Big Brother from falling. As for his on screen disciple Huang Xiaoming, Chi Tan praised his professional performance. He recalled a fight scene with Xiaoming, after several takes he realized that his arm was already bruised. Yet for better results, Big Brother asked them to keep fighting. Finally Xiamong fought until his face turned pale and on the brink of collapse before asking for a 5 minute break. Yet he continued to fight right after the break. His persistence was worth commending.

Playing the gentle wife and mother in the film, Lynn praised Chi Tan for loving his wife like Ip Man in the film. The host asked Lynn to choose the better husband and boyfriend from Chi Tan and Huang Xiaoming. Lynn picked Chi Tan as the husband right away. She said, "Because as a husband the most important are maturity and sense of security." Xiaoming had "peach blossom" in his smile so he was better as a boyfriend. One of the host Au Wing Kuen suddenly took out a Kwok Fu Sing photo and asked Lynn whether Sing Sing was more suitable to be a boyfriend or a husband? She only smiled but did not answer. Chi Tan answered for her, "He is a mix of us two, when he smiles he has peach blossom, he is manly and stable." He also added, "If I was Lynn, I definitely would learn billiard." Lynn immediately turned red out of embarrassment.


Simon Yam Tat Wa and Hung Chung Yam urged everyone to ride bicycles to sponsor school children's education
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Fresh out of the oven Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor Simon Yam Tat Wa yesterday attended a fund raising campaign press conference. The event will take place in August. He appeared in a bicycle rider look but expressed that he had to work in August so he will not be able to go with the bicycle team to the Mainland. Thus he asked everyone to support the bicycle and education assistance walk event.

Brother Wa expressed that at night he would attend the Hong Kong Coliseum fund raising campaign and could not attend the IP MAN 2 premiere. Reportedly Huang Xiaoming was upset that his scene was cut and refused to promote in Hong Kong. He expressed that he did not know about that. He only guest starred for two days. During the shoot he did not see Huang Xiaoming. He said that Wilson Yip Wai Shun was a good director. When he asked no matter the size of the role he would try to participate. He said, "I feel I don't need to pay too much mind, only then can Hong Kong film industry improve further." Whether a scene was cut or not it was unimportant. Disaster relief for Qinghai was the most important.


Jacky Cheung Hok Yau angrily expressed that how much an artist donated did not matter

Lam Ka Tung opened with "So happy" and stunned Jacky Cheung and Sammy, then he continued, "that everyone is together to support Yushu..."

Simon Yam Tat Wa, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu

Michael Tse Tin Wa and Kevin Cheng Ka Wing had to share a chair

Kay Tse On Kay

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Charmaine Sheh Si Man

Alex Fong Lik Sun posted to his microblog from backstage

Amigo Chu Kin Bong performed with TVB artists like Myolie Wu Hung Yi, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Bernice Liu Bik Yi and others

Jackie Chan and a Tibetan trio

The event arranged for Post 80 singers like Elanne Kong Yuek Lam, Freeze, Rain Li Choi Wa, Yumi Wan Chun Hei, Wylie Chiu Shek Chi and others to perform but post 70s Candy Lo Hau Yam and Barry Yip Man Fai were in the group as well.
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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei
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Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Sun Nan, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Jackie Chan, Carol Cheng Yui Ling and others performed HAND TO HEART (SAU NIN SUM)

The Wynners, Mr., and Rubberband performed LOVE

Coco Lee Man, Kay Tse On Kay, Shirley Kwan Suk Yi

Harlem Yu Ching Hing, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Sun Nan and Hacken Lee Hak Kun performed DESCENDANT OF THE DRAGON (LUEN DIK CHUEN YUN)

Big S and Little S (second and third left) came to Hong Kong to support the event

Leon Lai Ming and "Manning Little Sister" Wong Won Kei

Chief Secretary of Administration Henry Tang Ying-yen (front second right) and Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R's Li Gang (front third right) thanked the show business for the event

The Home Affair secretary Tsang Tak-Sing (front center) led officials and 400 artists in a moment of silence

Kelly Chen Wai Lam and Jacky Cheung Hok Yau performed WISH PEOPLE ENDURE (DAN YUEN YUN CHEUNG GAU)

Eason Chan Yik Shun, David Tao Jit

Sir Run Run Shaw donated 10 million, which Eric Tsang Chi Wai accepted from TVB executive Leung Lai Peng

Vivian Chow Wai Man, Leo Ku Kui Ke

Former TVB ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT cast Tsang Wa Sin, Ha Yu, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu asked for donation
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Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Charmaine Sheh Si Man

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The Artists 414 Fund Raising Campaign took place last night at the Hong Kong Coliseum with over 300 artists from three lands on both sides of the strait raising fund for the victims of the April 14 Qinghai earthquake victims. HK$35.06 million were raised, including Sir Run Run Shaw (Siu Yat Fu)'s 10 million donation, Peter Lam Kin Ngok's 2 million, Liza Wang Ming Chuen's 800,000 donation on behalf of the Yam Pak charity fund and Pak Wo, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Twins and Emperor charity fund's 1 million donation.

Aside from fund raising, many singers and artists made rare collaborations on stage, like the Grasshoppers and Big Four, Leo Ku Kui Ke and Vivian Chow Wai Man, Eason Chan Yik Shun and David Tao Jit, Lowell Lo Koon Ting and Luo Dayou, Seven Little Fortunes, Ariel Lin (Lam Yi Sun) and Janice Vidal (Wai Lan), Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and others. Near the end of the program, Chief Secretary for Administration Henry Tang Ying-yen and Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R assistant chief Li Gang thanked the show business and the general public of Hong Kong.

The event was an eight major electronic media collaboration. The program began at 6PM with over 300 artists first performing the event theme song HAND TO HEART (SAU NIN SUM). Then a children choir performed THIS IS LOVE (JI SI OI) and "Home of Artists" Samantha Lam Chi Mei, Sheung Tin Ngor and others sang THE SAME DREAM (TUNG YUT GOR MUNG SEUNG). Artist Training Alumni Association and a group of new singers took turn to perform. At 7PM live television broadcast began as the 300 artists again came on stage along with Home Affair secretary Tsang Tak-sing, Commerce and Economic Development secretary Rita Lau Ng Wai-lan, and Home Affairs Director Pamela Tan held a moment of silence for the Qinghai earthquake victims. Famous pianist Liu Shikun performed the Yellow River Concerto while disaster area footage was aired. Sun Nan and Andy Lau Tak Wa first spoke. Wa Jai again urged everyone to extend a helping hand and hoped that the victims could sense everyone was Hand To Heart with them. Then he again led the artists in another performance of HAND TO HAND.

Lau Tak Wa's new film SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI) has completely wrapped up production, but earlier due to a Shaolin fire scene that he could not reschedule he could not return to Hong Kong to participate in the recording. However he found a studio in Beijing and recorded the song himself to be added later. Wa Jai as the China Welfare Fund for the Disabled vice president earlier met with the organization in Beijing to discuss how to help the victims. He also revealed that the organization made donations. Due to his World Expo promotional work he could not visit the disaster area, but if an organization had a way he would be willing to go. He would like to go later though and not flock there now with everyone else. As for the World Expo theme song being accused of plagiarism, Wa Jai said that it has not been confirmed but the event response was well done. For example it immediately compared the song with the Japanese song in question and obtained copyright from the female singer. The event showed a knowledge of intellectual property and was willing to take responsibility.

Leon Lai Ming said with "Manning Little Sister" Wong Won Kei that whenever a natural disaster took place, the Chinese people would be very united. However he suggested for the Central government to set up large scale support structures and earthquake warnings at schools and buildings, as warning was better than treatment. He also said that each time participation in such events was out of good will. He hoped that everyone would show the same compassion so others would know the strength of the Chinese people and the success of their homeland. Lam Kin Nogk not only donated the production budget but also donated an additional 2 million last night. He humbly said, "I donated the least, but donations were made from the heart so they don't have to be compared. The most important is doing a part. (Do you feel your were elbowed in the chest?) No, it's voluntary. Getting elbowed would hurt, but this time it doesn't." He sponsored the post Sichuan fund raising campaign celebration and got into a disturbance with Eric Tsang Chi Wai. Was he worried about history repeating itself? He said, "Last time because Chi Wai was drunk, now I am already suffering from aging. I don't remember what happened yesterday."

Sun Nan was responsible for calling Mainland artists to record the theme song, which he expressed was not difficult at all. He just made phone calls, and in two days he gathered 50 artists to record together. He praised every artists for their compassion and overwhelming responses. However due to scheduling issues, only he and a girl from Yushu was able to come to Hong Kong for the event. He also praised Wong Fok Wing's story to be very touching. Jacky Cheung Hok Yau pointed out that Wong Fok Wing did something that exceeded what he needed to do, something that not an ordinary person could do. Even he did not know whether he would have the courage, thus he felt that he was a role model who was well worthy of respect. His act showed the beauty of human nature. Sun Nan also honestly said that he donated 300,000 RMB. As for Mainland media discovering Zhang Ziyi's donation was different from what she said, Hok Yau appeared to be somewhat upset. "They can find out how much was donated, nothing gets by the media." He felt that comparing donation amount was meaningless, as soon as comparisons were made the matter changed in nature. Some felt that artist donations often became the focus and made people feel unnatural. Thus he tried to avoid that as much as possible. Harlem Yu Ching Hing said that donation came from the heart and should not be lied about. Hacken Lee Hak Kun also felt that comparison was bad and unfair to artists. When everyone go out for tea would anyone ask how much did you donate?

Jackie Chan led three Tibetan girls to thank Hong Kong for its support. They even performed a Tibetan tribal song of appreciation. Big Brother already booked a flight to deliver resources to the disaster area the day after the earthquake and thanked the national air force to opening a special runway. Big Brother said that an orphan's entire family of nine passed away except him, but he did not shed a drop of tear. When Big Brother encouraged him to be strong, he immediately nodded. Big Brother honestly said that the victim's unwavering spirit touched him very much. Big and Little S talked about the level 6.6 earthquake that took place yesterday morning in Taiwan and Big S was still shaken. She expressed that at the time their family was together. She and Mommy held hands and knelt by the refrigerator. That sense of fear made her experience what the victims felt. She hoped to represent the people of Taiwan in sending warmth to the victims.

Zhang Guoli, Feng Xiaogang, Wang Baoqiang, Wang Zhonglei, Zhang Jingchu and others came to support this event. Feng Xiaogang expressed that since Eastern China flood to South Asia tsunami to Great Sichuan Earthquake, Hong Kong show business has shown the strength of unity and displayed its care and love for the nation and its compatriots. Thus they as a part of the Mainland show business of course had to come in support. Zhang Guoli said that seeing how the Hong Kong show business was able to act so quickly in such a short time, they along with Chen Daoming made a lifelong agreement that as long as one of them felt it was worth supporting the rest would support it. he also said that natural disaster could not be changed, but the strength and unity of the Chinese people could overcome anything. Director Feng paid attention to the disaster area news daily. Reportedly rescue was ongoing at the disaster area. A group of Mainland directors after the earthquake met to discuss how to raise fund to help the victims. Currently they are planning an earthquake related film. As for coming to participate in the Hong Kong event, Zhang Jingchu honestly said at first she did not know what she would have to do but she sensed Hong Kong people's enthusiasm and unity; Director Feng said backstage he said many directors making tea as volunteers enthusiastically. He even praised Wong Fok Wing as amazing. Zhang Jingchu learned that Wong Fok Wing's family was not wealthy but he still went to volunteer, which touched her a lot.

Due to the numerous participants, the arrangement appeared to be chaotic at times. When the host introduced the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, it had no music accompaniment. Kay Tse On Kay originally was to perform solo, but returned backstage. Finally Coco Lee Man performed solo while Tse On Kay performed with Lee Man and Shirley Kwan Suk Yi on WELL WISHES (JOOK FOOK). The event explained that because Tse On Kay's recording broke her solo performance was cancelled. Last night Charlene Choi Chuek Yin also shared the stage with Ronald Cheng Chung Kei for the first time after their divorce. Did she see him? She changed the subject and wished that everyone with money could donate money and with abilities could donate that. Last night the event had 2,000 volunteers and 320 artists, 400 along with other performance groups.

At the end of the program, Wa Jai along with Chi Wai, Alan and Chan Ka Seung came to meet the press. Raising 30 million and more than 512 Care Campaign's 20 million, Chi Wai was very satisfied but would not compare to last time. This time the campaign had no donation goal either. Wa Jai said that so far the text message and online donations still have not stopped. As for the 40% admission rate last night, Chi Wai expressed that they announced in advance that it would not be floating admission. Viewers did not know how many seats were available so they avoided wasting a trip. For now they would not arrange for any artist to go to the disaster area unless the artists acted on their own. Chi Wai also said that he did not know about the Taiwan earthquake yesterday and fund raising would depend on the condition. Speaking of the rescue hero Wong Fok Wing, Wa Jai felt that he represented the spirit of Hong Kong. Chan Ka Seung expressed that the Wong family did not feel he was a hero, he only did what everyone should do.