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Sandra Ng jokes that the tea bag will be good for Louis Koo, as they both are "chok"ed around
Sandra Ng and the cast sell boxers.  
Sandra Ng and others unveil a 2.5 meter tall golden duck

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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu yesterday led the film 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP)'s actors Louis Koo Tin Lok, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik to promote in Causeway Bay. They even had two male models in only boxers to give away lucky bags to pedestrians for an advanced Lunar New Year atmosphere; Goo Jai in the film again worked with his "Goo Goo" from 16 years ago, Carman Lee Yeuk Tung.

Kwan Yu said that on February 13 at the Victoria Park Lunar New Year Fair she will set up a "duck shop" stall to sell lucky bags for charity. She will personally make an appearance and supervise. She said, "This year I spent several hundred thousand for a Victoria Park stall bid. Even if the stall will not be the prettiest one there, it will be the most golden stall! In our lucky bags will be boxer and tea bag, not that type for wearing but for drinking. After drinking this tea you will feel energized. I already saved some for Father (Ha Chun Chau). He needs it as he is in his 80s."

In addition, after 15 years, Goo Jai in the film will work with Lee Yeuk Tung again. How did the THE RETURN OF THE CONDOR HEROES reunion feel? He said, "We haven't seen each other for over a decade, we haven't even run into each other at public events. We only ran into each other once on a plane. I believe many people are looking forward to it. She doesn't look a day older even after 16 years." Kwan Yu said that they were both single. She once jokingly asked Lee Yeuk Tung if they had any spark from working together again. She said that Goo Jai did not look a day older after 16 years either, he was still hiding in the corner by himself. Was she afraid of further rumors and thus did not arrange for Michelle Chen and Goo Jai to have any scene together? Kwan Yu said, "Of course not, but everyone wants to see 'Goo Goo' and 'Gor Yi' more. (Are you afraid that the audience won't like Michelle Chen's chubby cheeks?) Don't say that, she is very pretty. In the film she is my goddess, girlfriend."

As for Si Hing he said that he will help with the Victoria Park supervision. Will he wear only Boxers? He said, "Kwan Yu earlier kept telling us to lose weight, but I didn't have to take off my clothes in the entire film. Let's see if I will have a chance at the New Year Fair. (Will you ask Joey (Yung Cho Yi) to go with you?) No, that's too old fashioned. Having several of us "boyfriends" to watch the shop is enough, we can take shifts." He also denied that Joey only agreed to guest star because of him. He also said that he did not help bring together Joey to be the Miriam Yeung Chin Wa's concert guest. He said, "I am Lau Ho Lung, not the middle man." Joey revealed that she really wanted to find a good home, Si Hing said that for now work has to come first.


Kelvin Kwan and OneTwoFree work together on the music video
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Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and the group OneTwoFree yesterday worked on the music video for the film ONE NIGHT IN TAIPEI (TOI BUT YEH PO TUEN TUEN JUEN) in Taipei. The director even got four hot dancers who made Kelvin look rather awkward and shy during the shoot. He explained, "Because I just got off the plane, I am not really awaken yet." Later he told the truth. "The girls aren't passionate enough." He also revealed that he will stay for three days on this trip. Yesterday after work he went to Will Pan's concert and had a late night snack.

Having been to Taiwan for work many times, Kelvin has never had the chance to walk around. This time he had some rare free time and wanted to try the spicy hot pot casserole. Kelvin said that he was very happy about working with Taiwan singers this time. He hoped to be able to work with A-Mei and Jay Chou in the future. He even saw Chairman Chou as a singing instructor because he almost grew up listening to Chairman Chou's songs. Chairman Chou recently became a husband, Kelvin too hoped that he will soon be able to find true love.


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Veteran actor William Ho Ka Kui earlier passed away. His long lost sister and friend Charlie Cho Cha Lei will handle his affairs. Cho Cha Lei said that after Ho Ka Kui's sister after hearing the news of her brother could not contact him right away and would like to take care of everything for her brother. Ho Ka Kui's wake will take place on February 10th at the Kowloon Funeral Parlor and the funeral will take place on the 11th as the remains will be transported to Cape Collinson Crematorium for cremation.

Because Ka Kui had no children, his ashes will be scattered in a nearby memorial park. Cho Cha Lei said, "I have received the Performing Artist Guild's offer to provide assistance, but because the Ho family wants to remain low key they have turned them down. His sister has taken care of everything." Cho Cha Lei even revealed that he will head toward Ka Kui's Dongguan home to take care of what his friend left behind.


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Lam Po Chuen's voice will remain in everyone's hearts
Ting Yu and Tsang Sing Ming are among the pallbearers
Daughter Chi Kwan's husband carries the photo as she again thanks the media for their concern
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The Hong Kong Ding Dong (Doraemon) and TVB veteran voice actor Lam Po Chuen's funeral took place yesterday at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Widow Mrs. Lam, daughter Lam Chi Kwan, her husband and her godfather Ting Yu wre on hand. Friends Tam Bing Man, TVB representative Tsang Sing Ming and others were Uncle Po Chuen's pallbearers. Many Hong Kong people grew up with Uncle Po Chuen's voice, yesterday at Uncle Po Chuen's funeral around 300 people came to bid him a final farewell at the hall. Some even knelt on the ground to pay their respect.

Friend Tam Bing Man lamented that Uncle Po Chuen's rise to fame after his death as an achievement for voice actors. As for the new voice of Ding Dong, Tam Bing Man said, "The voice of Ding Dong is very hard to dub, it's not that easy but he had a motivation!"

Tsang Sing Ming said, "Currently the company has to see if it will continue to buy the rights. It's too soon to talk about it. The company will fully assist Uncle Po Chuen's family." Mr. Tsang even brought three drawings from children and revealed that they were from Uncle Po Chuen's little fans.

The services began at 10:40AM and the funeral was moved up to 11AM. Uncle Po Chuen's coffin was transported to the Diamond Hill crematorium. His daughter Chi Kwan thanked the media for their concern. When asked about Uncle Po Chuen's grave goods, she said, "There is a Ding Dong doll, I don't know what everyday items Mommy packed. A donation will be made for temple repair. Daddy was a Buddhist and the contribution was very important to him." Chi Kwan said that her father's voice will always remain in everyone's hearts. After the cremation, everyone left around 12:00PM and went to Tsim Sha Tsui East for the hero banquet.


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Artist Chapman To Man Chak last year worked on the Mainland 3D film IMPOSSIBLE with two big Mainland stars Wang Baoqiang and Xiao Shenyang, but the production company through its official Weibo announced that To Man Chak's scenes have been completely removed. "Due to various 'reasons', we truly are left with no choice. To keep everyone from 'guessing', this film announces to the media and the audience that To Man Chak's scenes in the film have been completely removed." It also added that to keep from affecting the overall story, an "all purpose talent" actor has joined the cast in the make up shoot.

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Elena Kong Mei Yi, Belinda Yan Zifei, Ben Cheung Kai Lok yesterday attended a charity event in Ma On Shan. This was the second time Kong Mei Yi attended the event. Yesterday she even brought her dog. Later Kong Mei Yi will promote the film TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) with the cast in many places in the Mainland like Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Kong Mei Yi said that in the film she worked on her England scenes with Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming. Ma Kwok Ming jokingly complained about too few scenes in England, and since Kong Mei Yi has played his step mother before, Ma Ming said that kissing Kong Mei Yi in the film felt like kissing Ma. Kong Mei Yi joked, "I want to counter the complaint. In order to adjust to his 3 day 2 night schedule, a lot of our couple scenes were removed. Originally I had more screen time. As for kissing Ma, as long as he can kiss then he is fine!"

In addition, during the Lunar New Year Kong Mei Yi will travel in Asia. As for lai see, she said as a single person, "Since I have been giving it I will keep giving, I estimate that I will have to give five figures."

Yan Zifei earlier participated in Anthony Wong Chau Sun's acting class. Although the tuition was rather expensive, she felt the class was well worth it. She even met some classmates in the business like Jonathan Wong Chi Hing. She hoped to be able to make movies this year and use what she has learned.


Raymond and Edmond Wong
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming and his son Edmond Wong Chi Wun appeared on a Cable program. Wong Chi Wun swore to become a screen writer like his father. Although his father was very busy, their relationship has not been damaged. They were so close that they could talk about anything. Wong Chi Wun not only was a screen writer but also helped his father with the company businesses. Did Wong Pak Ming see his son as a successor? He admitted that he really wanted his son to inherit his film business. The company name Pegasus was connected to his son. His son was born in the Year of the Horse and people in the film industry had to think like a flying horse in the sky. Chi Wun only smiled and instead said that he was introverted and not suitable for social gathering. At most he would only have dinner and chat with directors and actors.

Speaking of his relationship with his father, Chi Wun described it like a friendship. He really appreciated his father's optimism, as he has never seen him get mad, yell at anyone or have anything bad to say about anyone. He also pointed out that he once felt the pressure of being Wong Pak Ming's son, but he would keep working hard and fight for good performance in order to get his father's approval. In Chi Wun's heart, his father absolutely was a good role model, in particular his unwavering love for his wife. Chi Wun said that the impression was very deep. "Papa's behavior is quite an inspiration for me in terms of marriage, at least I have to be as thoughtful as him. Actually he has a lot of excessive behavior that he has not talked about. For example one time Mama had horrible stomach pain and Papa said that he had to help her with Qi Gong. Actually he only rub his hands together to heat them up then touch her so she would not be in as much pain.


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Edison Chen Koon Hei, Venus Wong Man Yik and director Clement Cheng Si Kit yesterday attended the film A ESPERA's forum. Edison said that he thanked Eric Tsang Chi Wai very much for asking him to make this film. During the process, he worked very hard to prove that he liked making movies and praised Wong Man Yik's performance. At the end of the year, Edison will make another film while running his business at the same time. However he stated that he would not invest in his own films because he was unable to direct and act. He said, "I feel I am too great, I have to have another group of people to control me."

Speaking of his love life, Edison appeared to be somewhat frustrated. He said, "It's fine! (Very exciting?) Not necessarily." He also talked about his breakup with his girlfriend and said that they had too many differences in life. She was in Taiwan and he did not want to commute for work. She also had to learn and he has already tried to give her time. However in the end they were not able to get along. Edison said that they were still friends, but he felt that earlier he has invested too much time on love and did not do anything.

His girlfriend was rumored to have broken up with him because he cheated. Edison said, "You be your own judge, I don't care. This is my personal life. Every relationship would have its difficulties. You write from your angle, which in my world doesn't exist." However he did not whether they would get back together. She said that too many impossible things have happened to him. As for his supposed new flame, Edison clarified that she was just a good friend's girlfriend. They often went out and had dinner. After the rumors he would not be embarrassed either.

Wong Man Yik said that she was very nervous about working with Chen Koon Hei. Was she able to work on this film due to her connection to Chi Wai? She said that she did not, the director was the one who asked her. Wong Man Yik did not resist when reporters called Chi Wai her "father in law". She said that at work she would call Chi Wai Producer. As for when she would truly called him "Father in Law" and will she and Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung wed soon? She sweetly smiled and said that privately she would only call him uncle.


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Lam Po Chuen is accompanied by Ding Dong in his photo
Lam Po Chuen's widow, daughter and son in law take part in the ceremony
Over 1,000 Ding Dong fans pay their respect
Sammo Hung bids farewell to his old friend
Tam Bing Man
Ting Yu traverses between the floral arrangements and remembers his disciple
Hins Cheung sends a floral arrangement in the shape of Ding Dong's bell
Ting Yu
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The Hong Kong voice of Ding Dong (Doraemon) for over 30 years, TVB veteran voice actor Lam Po Chuen's wake was held at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Over 100 people lined up to pay their final respect to Uncle Po Chuen. Uncle Po Chuen's widow and daughter Chi Kwan were on hand and appeared quiet. Chi Kwan said that her father has brought the public a lifetime of joy, so she hoped that no one would tearfully bid him farewell.

TVB veteran voice actor Lam Po Chuen passed away on the 2nd. His family held a Buddhist ceremony for him at the Universal Funeral Parlor. The hall was decorated with white and yellow flowers, and a photo of him smile with Ding Dong. The hall had six television screens with highlight of his life and around 300 seats for the public. Uncle Po Chuen's widow, daughter Lam Chi Kwan, son in law Gary, Mrs. Lam's brother Mak Siu Kei and sister in law Ma Suk Hing were on hand in a somber mood.

The public viewing began at 5PM. Film star Sammo Hung Kam Bo, TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling, voice team colleagues Tam Bing Man, To Yin Gor and others appeared. Over 1,000 people lined up earlier outside to pay their final respect and receive the memorial program. Lok Yi Ling and the artist department, voice department, Sammy, Kitty Yuen (Siu Yi) and the program NEIGHBORHOOD TREASURES all sent floral arrangements. Hins Cheung King Hin even sent a special order giant Ding Dong bell shaped floral arrangement, and voice team colleague Tsang Hin Yuk sent a giant Ding Dong floral arrangement. Currently in France, Hin Jai said, "Always bringing happiness, joy and hope to everyone, his voice is the most memorable one for people of our generation. I sent the floral arrangement myself, custom made for Uncle Po Chuen."

Chi Kwan was very pleased that her father received the send off from so many voice fans. "I am happy that so many voice fans have come, Daddy would have been very happy to see them. The memorial program has our family's message, it is very valuable! (How does Mommy feel?) She has been OK all along. I hope everyone would not be too sad the next few days, don't bid farewell in tears. Daddy was a happy person, for over 30 years he has given joy to everyone. (How are you feeling?) I am OK, thank you everyone for taking care of me!" Chi Kwan in the program remembered her father's attentive care of the family. His widow wrote, "Some friends asked since your husband didn't talk much, how did you communicate? We only had to give each other a glance and we knew what the other was thinking already......we only saw love in our eyes......the love that you have given me was enough for me to live the rest of my life without regard."

Uncle Po Cheun in the 80s was Hung Kam Bo's official voice actor in film. Hung Kam Bo returned from Wuxi just to pay his respect. He sorrowfully said, "We used to see each other all the time, from before I knew anything to being the lead actor, he has been with me. He was gentle and we were old friends." To Yin Gor praised Uncle Po Cheun, "He didn't to fight with other people. He was worth learning from, he interpreted his personality with his voice." Tam Bing Man revealed that the night before Uncle Po Cheun passed away they were still at work. "The next day at work the supervisor told me that Po Chuen passed away and I shuttered, why would he pass away out of the blue!"

Lam Po Chuen's mentor, the 80 year old veteran voice actor Ting Yu yesterday appeared at the service. Just completing his wife's funeral early, he sadly said, "I never imagine that my wife's just finished next door on the 25th, today would be my disciple's." After that Ting Yu broke down.

Ting Yu said in tears, "Many people told me not to come, it would be a jinx and my health has been great. Yet Po Chuen is my disciple, Chi Kwan my god daughter, I don't care! No taboo for me! Thanks to Po Chuen for working with me back then without any fear of hardship. One day we worked for 22 days, no one would believe me when I told them. At the time I told him, 'Don't work so hard!' Po Chuen told me, 'Sifu it's hard on you too, how can I not tough it out?' I would remember every bit of Po Chuen in my heart! Po Chuen was a role model for voice actors. He was after perfection at work. I am known as the Gate of Ghosts, you have to get past me to be OK! Po Chuen once already did a very perfect take but still insisted on another take and another recording, and he really improved it. I loved how serious he was about work!"

5,000 limited edition memorial program, Forever Remember Po Chuen's Voice, was given away at the service. Attached was a sound file CD of Lam Po Chuen's representative work. In the program were eulogies from Lam Po Chuen's wife, daughter, son in law, mentor Ting Yu, and voice team colleagues, several dozen photos from Lam Po Chuen's life and work, taking his child Lam Chi Kwan on a bike ride, photo from his Osaka visit. Chi Kwan even described her father as "You are the Doraemon that has truly existed in my life!"

Ms. Chan who was in the florist business custom made for Lam Po Chuen, Ding Dong, Nobita, Ding Ling shaped floral arrangements. She said, "Each one took about ten days, HK$ 7,000 to 8,000 each. The blue and flesh colored flowers took two days to dye. Uncle Po Chuen's voice would live in the hearts of Hong Kong people forever."

Reportedly to accommodated the master of ceremony, the coffin closing ceremony was moved up to last night. This morning the pallbearers will include Uncle Po Chuen's mentor Ting Yu, TVB representative Tsang Sing Ming and Tam Bing Man.


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The Dominic Ho Ho Man, Candy Yuen Ka Man, Jeana Ho Pui Yu and Hazel Tong Chi Yui starred category III comedy THE GIGOLO (NGAP WONG) opened officially on the 29th and made over HK$ 500,000 on its opening day. The film had less shows than its opening day rival MORTDECAI, but it left its rival in the dust in terms of admission at every show as it became the single day Hong Kong film box office champion.

Dominic two nights ago attended a surprise audience appreciation event with director Au Cheuk Man, Hazel, Ronan Pak Kin Yan and La Ying. When the audience saw the actors screams of "Duck King" arose. The actors gave away film posters and memorabilia. Dominic welcomes all fans and did not turn anyone way for autographs and pictures. Fans gave him good reviews, saying that he was handsome, in great shape and his performance was wild.

The first time lead actor Dominic emotionally said when he saw the sold out show, "Thank you everyone for supporting THE GIGOLO at the movies. It's the first time I attend an audience appreciation event as the lead actor, I hope everyone would like my performance and continue to support the film." Hazel said, "This time I have no bottom line for the film, I hope everyone would like it." Fellow gigolo in the film, Pak Kin Yan also said, "Tonight I not only have to thank the audience but also the director Au Cheuk Man for giving me a chance."


Louis Koo and Teresa Mo feud from the beginning to the end
Gordon Lam and Chrissie Chau are familiar so the kiss scene is not awkward
Ada Liu's figure does not distract Gordon Lam from his performance
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The Louis Koo Tin Lok, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Gordon Lam Ka Tung starred Lunar New Year film AN INSPECTOR CALLS (FAU WA YIN) will open on the Lunar New Year's Day. Koo Tin Lok and Mo Shun Kwan battled wits in the film. Goo Jai was out for justice and Sister Mo was protecting her family as they were at each other's throat. In one scene, Sister Mo almost fought Goo Jai. Goo Jai turned Sister Mo onto the sofa, but Sister Mo did not back up as she even pulled off Goo Jai's hat.

Working with Sister Mo, Goo Jai admitted that it was very pleasant. Because Sister Mo was very professional, the collaboration was very comfortable. He said, "Don't be fooled by her petite size, actually she is pretty strong." Sister Mo said that having made so many Lunar New Year films, AN INSPECTOR CALLS was the one that was the most worthy of the audience to watch. It not only had comedy elements but also a story that made you think.

Lam Ka Tung in the film played a couple with Ada Liu Yan. Working with Liu Yan for the first time, did Ka Tung and Goo Jai not dare to directly look at the buxom Liu Yan? They said, "Huh? What haven't we sen?" Then Ka Tung joked, "Just joking, actually we don't think about that at work. We are professional actors." Ka Tung was lucky this time. Not only was he paired with Liu Yan but also shared a kiss with Chrissie Chau Sau Na, which the director added last minute. However he and Sister Na have worked together before, and it was just a light peck. Goo Jai in the film was not as lucky but he still said it was a lot of fun. This film was fun because the entire event was very strange. They was also able to have a war of words with Sister Mo.


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Louis Koo Tin Lok yesterday attended an event to support the Children Charity Foundation's sweater event. He urged the public to care more about the needs of the poor, but he avoided talking about his own charity work as he was trying to remain "low key".

Speaking of starring in 3 Lunar New Year films and competing with himself, Goo Jai said that it was not planned. "Luckily all 3 films are of different genres, I have confidence in every movie. Everyone will have a Happy New Year."

He denied that he was strong in making money and the box office was beyond an actor's control anyway. He would not get any bonus and he did not believe that the box office would thin out. He only hoped that the audience would have even more different choices at the movies.

Some said that he was productive because he was popular, Goo Jai said that it was not his decision. For the New Year he wished for good health and hinted at reducing production. "I would only work if my health permits, the film has a good script and a good director and the schedule is not too rushed. I want to make time to travel with my family the most. In the New Year I will at least rest for 3 days to be with them because I am the oldest son and grandson." When asked about his love life he changed the subject immediately.


Chrissie Chau, Teresa Mo and Raymond Wong
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The Johnson Lee Si Jit TVB program taped two nights ago with the Lunar New Year film AN INSPECTOR CALLS (FAU WA YIN)'s actors Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, and Raymond Wong Pak Ming. Sister Mo in the film had a silver haired look. Why did she not appear with that look? She said that if anyone wanted to see it they would have to buy a ticket.

Wong Pak Ming said that this Lunar New Year film was different from the past ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (GA YAU HEI SI). This film was based on a English play and would add in a lot of mystery, special effects and elegant elements, but still has its share of comedy. The film production alone cost several tens of millions. Speaking of the Lunar New Year, Sister Mo said that she will travel. Would she participate in audience appreciation events? She said that would depend on the boss. If needed she would try to make time to attend. Chau Sau Na in the film would have many different looks, like a pregnant lady, factory girl, ugly woman and beauty. One of the evening gown was very sexy. Because it was so tight, every time she sat down her chest would feel like it was under her chin. This was Sister Na's first Lunar New Year film. She said that Mo Shun Kwan's past Lunar New Year films were classic and this time she was both excited and nervous about working with her, as she learned a lot about the pace of comedy. She hoped to have a chance to participate again from now on.


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Pakho Chau gets effeminate to generate laughs with Ivana Wong
Shiga Lin, Heidi Lee and Anjaylia Chan
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Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum)'s new film MOOT NUI SUN TAM (NOTHING GIRL GODLY DETECTIVE) yesterday held a press conference. Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Pakho Chau and Jacquelin Chong Si Man appeared in their film costumes. Pakho revealed that this time he played a rich kid who was high maintenance and effeminate, which was quite different from his usual "sloppy" self. The character will have a romance with Yuen Chi.

Playing a detective, Yuen Chi revealed that her character's IQ reached 189 but in reality her IQ might only be 18.9. She said, "Aside from a lot of action scenes, I also had to go undercover in a pseudo model group to investigate a case. Thus I had to wear a mini skirt and practice cute poses. I also had a chance to release a human shaped pillow. (Did you have to push up for a "career line"?) I am pure and natural, no additive, haha!"

In addition, Chong Si Man admitted that her sister Mona Ch'ng Si Wa knew Myolie Wu Hung Yi's new love Phil and often went to his night spot. She said, "The three of us sisters have known Phil for years, congratulations to him and Hung Yi. He is a nice guy, very faithful." As for his "Miss Hong Kong Killer" nickname, Chong Si Man said, "It's normal for a good looking guy to be with a good looking girl, but he was out of one relationship before starting another. He wasn't cheating. (Has he pursuit you?) No, because he likes girls with long hair."


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Chi Lam asks Annie Liu to design his concert DVD cover
Julian Cheung shows off his muscles during his concert
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Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) yesterday attended a skin care product ribbon cutting ceremony. Chi Lam invited Sum Yau to design his concert DVD cover, Sum Yau who studied design agreed.

Would Chi Lam be like Jacquelin Chong Si Man and pose all nude for a daring poster? He said that he did not notice, but first he would have to work out. For now he still lacks confidence. Because he had to keep warm in the winter, he ate a lot. He will work out more before the summer. Earlier at his concerts, he also displayed his abdominal muscles. However he would have to overcome a lot of psychological obstacles to be all nude, thus he admired Chong Si Man very much.

Speaking of Sean Lau Ching Wan, Chow Yun Fat and others baring their rear during film shoots, Chi Lam felt that in a movie psychological obstacles would be easier to overcome with the story as guidance. Back then in the film TO BE NO. 1 (GUM BONG TAI MING) he had a mob initiation ceremony that he only wore underwear for. In the end it was cut, which he regretted. Yet watching it again even now he would sweat a little. Would his wife not permit him to perform in the buff? Chi Lam said that his body belonged to him, his wife also said that if he had something good he should show it to people.

Sum Yau said that she was very happy to be able to participate in Chi Lam's DVD cover design, but if she had to turn over the work in a short period of time she might not be able to. She still had several movies to make. Since she agreed she had to seriously work on it. As for Chi Lam saying that he would not need to pay, she joked, "He can't even get a gift? I will ask him for a lai see. In the new year I want to choose a product to design, but first I have to concentrate on finishing the films on my hand." Would she consider wanting Chi Lam to appear in the buff? Sum Yau excitedly said, "Good idea, it's OK, let me seriously think about it. I would ask him how he would feel about an all nude concept. Even if he wouldn't be all nude he could show his booty. This way I am happier than making money, definitely many people will buy it." On Valentine's Day Sum Yau will be working on a new film in Taiwan. In the film she will play a lovesick woman. Speaking of not only not on a date on Valentine's Day but also having to work on a tragic scene, Sum Yau said that actors were passive and had to follow the story. She did not have anyone would ask her on a Valentine's Day date. Normally she would go to dinner with people, but lately she had to make movies and had no time. Even dinners had to be scheduled. Sum Yau admitted that she had no suitor and admitted to be a failure because she was extremely bashful. In the future she would only publicize a confirmed boyfriend.


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Simon Yam claps along as Sandra Ng and Vicki Zhao dance
Wyman Wong and Ivana Wong dance for laughs and jokes about winning the "Golden Elephant" award
(back left) Ivana Wong, Pakho Chau, Babyjohn Choi, Anthony Wong, Simon Yam, Sandra Ng, Philip Keung, Kelvin Kwan, Carlos Chan, (front left) Wyman Wong, Louis Koo, Vicki Zhao, Lisa Lu, Lo Hoi Pang,Wilfred Lau
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Sandra Ng and Vicki Zhao hit the dance floor
Everyone celebrates Simon Yam's Best Actor award
Vicki Zhao never imagine how big Louis Koo's chest is
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The Sandra Ng Kwan Yu starred and produced Lunar New Year film 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP) trailer was released earlier. In less than 12 hours it had almost 600,000 views. The latest poster has also been unveiled. The film had many star cameos, including Vicki Zhao Wei who has not made a Hong Kong film in years. In the film she will play veteran actress Lisa Lu's younger counterpart. The night of the shoot was the coldest so far in Hong Kong, but it was also rather fiery as she danced with 12 GOLDEN DUCKS Kwan Yu, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Lo Hoi Pang, Pakho Chau, Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Philip Keung Ho Man, Babyjohn, Carlos Chan Ka Lok and others. Zhao Wei also said, "In the past only Kwan Yu was able to, women like us would rarely have such a chance." Kwan Yu humbly said, "No, It's just you are conservative and I am more open." Kwan Yu thanked Zhao Wei for guest starring, which required her to pay Zhao Wei a lot of respect. Zhao Wei humorously said, "Yes, then I announce from now on no one should ask me to guest star. I had too much fun this time."

This was Zhao Wei's first pure Hong Kong Lunar New Year film and she danced with the golden ducks in the film. Yet she did not treat it like work at all, after finishing her role she was reluctant to leave. She stayed to catch up with friends and had an unforgettable evening. Zhao Wei was very curious about Koo Tin Lok's chest and joked that she never knew Goo Jai had quite a wide chest. In order to play this duck group dance scene, the golden ducks learned dancing from a teacher. Wyman Wong Wai Man and Ivana Wong Yuen Chi suddenly discovered a golden elephant on the ground and joked, "My movies win awards before they are even made, we have already won the golden elephant award (sounds like Hong Kong Film Award)!" They even posed with the golden elephant.

Nick Cheung Ka Fai who was in last year's GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) went to visit the set and cheer on friends Kwan Yu, Goo Jai and Chau Sun . When Ka Fai saw the sausage eating scene he could not help but say, "Wow! Your sausage seems pretty attractive!" Everyone laughed. Yam Tat Wa just won the 6th Macau Film Festival Best Actor and rushed back to the production. Kwan Yu prepared champagne for Brother Wa and for everyone to congratulate him with.