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  Can : Gung Gup Bei Gong
    d. Han Jae-rim
    Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Nam-gil, Yim Si-wan,
      Kim So-jin, Park Hae-joon
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 141 mins.
  Opening August 4 2022
  Trailer :

    'Emergency Declaration': If an aircraft faces a potential disaster, and normal flight can no longer be maintained, the pilot calls for an unconditional landing.

    Veteran chief police detective In-ho receives a tip about a man threatening a terrorist attack against a plane. While investigating, he discovers that the suspect has actually boarded flight no. KI501. Despite his phobia of flying, Jae-hyuk decides to go to Hawaii for the sake for his daughter's health. At the airport, he is distracted by a strange man who hangs around, speaking to them in a menacing way. Flight no. KI501 departs Incheon Airport for Hawaii, but soon afterwards a man dies for mysterious reasons. Fear and chaos spread quickly, not only inside the plane, but also on land. Hearing this news, Transport Minister Sook-hee sets up a counterterrorism task force and calls an emergency meeting in order to find a way to land the airplane.


  9 NOPE
    d. Jordan Peele
    Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun,
      Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea


    d. Kado Yuriko
    Japanese Animation
    Rating : I
    Length : 74 mins.
    Opening August 18 2022
    Trailer :

    A baffling series of crimes turns out to be the work of Shiriarty, a villain who seeks to steal a mysterious treasure known as the "O-PARTS". Oshiri Tantei along with his assistant, Brown, enlist the aid of Audrey, an investigator from the international police organization Wanterpol, in an effort to prevent the "O-PARTS" from falling into the wrong hands while Shiriarty strives to plunge the world into darkness.

    The owner of Cafe Lucky Cat, located on the first floor of the Oshiri Tantei office, has a back injury and so he cannot do an interview and so Oshiri Tantei takes over for the day. During the interview, a huge order of food arrives by mistake. In order not to let the ingredients go to waste, Oshiri Tantei works everyone in town to make a super-sized sweet potato.



  Can : Jo Jung Gau Jin Oi Sing Yun
    d. Choi Dong-Hoon
    Ryu Jun-Yeol, Kim Woo-bin, Kim Tae-ri, So Ji-sub,
      Yum Jung-ah, Jo Woo-jin, Kim Eui-sung
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 143 mins.
  Opening August 18 2022
  Trailer :

    In the year 2022, Guard and Thunder live on Earth, managing alien prisoners who have been locked up in humans' brains. One day, a spacecraft appears in the sky over Seoul, and the police detective Moon witnesses a strange sight...

    Meanwhile 630 years earlier during the Goryeo Dynasty, the hapless dosa (Korean tao magician) Muruk and Ean, the so-called "The Girl Who Shoots Thunder", each scramble to outwit each other in pursuit of the mystical Divine Blade, for which a huge reward is being offered. Two sorcerers in search of the Divine Blade's secrets, Madam Black and Mr. Blue, as well as the masked Jajang, also set out on a desperate scramble to obtain the Blade. Meanwhile, a spacecraft emerges from a deep river, emitting light...

    Those who pursue alien prisoners locked in human bodies in the year 2022, and the sorcerers who pursue the legendary Divine Blade in the year 1391...When the door of time opens, everything becomes entangled!


    d. Kazuya Tsurumaki
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 155 mins.
  Opening August 18 2022

    The 4th and final installment of Rebuild of Evangelion. Misato and her anti-NERV group WILLE arrive at Paris, a city now red from core-ization. Crew from AAA Wunder land on a containment tower. They only have 720 seconds to restore the city. When a horde of NERV EVAS appear, Mari’s improved EVA Unit-08 must intercept. Meanwhile, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei (provisional name) wander about Japan.


    d. Yamaguchi Susumu
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : I
  Length : 109 mins.
  Opening August 4 2022
  Trailer :

    One day during summer vacation, a palm-sized alien named Papi appears from a small rocket that Nobita picks up. He is the president of Pirika, a small planet in outer space, and has come to Earth to escape the rebels. Doraemon and his friends are puzzled by Papi's small size, but as they play together using the secret tool "Small Light", they gradually become friends. However, a whale-shaped space battleship comes to earth and attacks Doraemon, Nobita and the others in order to capture Papi. Feeling responsible for getting everyone involved, Papi tries to stand up to the rebels. Doraemon and his friends leave for the planet Pirika to protect their dear friend and his home.


  Can : Yuen Lo Shan Ka La
    d. Amos Why (Wong Ho Yin)
    Kaki Sham, Jennifer Yu Heung Ying, Hanna Chan,
      Rachel Leung Yung Ting, Cecilia So Lai Shan, Crystal Cheung Man Ka
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 95 mins.
  Opening November 14 2021 at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
  Opening December 24 2021 (Preview)
  Opening February 10 2022 (POSTPONED)
  Opening April 27 2022 at the Udine Far East Film Festival
  Opening May 30 2022 (Advanced Screening)
  Opening July 16 2022 at the New York Asian Film Festival
  Opening August 4 2022
  Site :

    A 28-year-old IT geek, Hau, is a mediocre but warm-hearted introvert, and so far, he has only been in love once. Surprisingly, this year he ends up getting romantically involved with five different women. The one thing they have in common is that they all live in far flung parts of Hong Kong. After taking 5 intensive relationship courses within these 365 days, will he find "the-one"?

    Indie writer-director Amos Why (Dot 2 Dot, Napping Kid) literally traveled to the far-flung corners of Hong Kong for this sweet coming-of-age romantic comedy. After years as a prominent sidekick, Kaki Shum finally gets his first crack at playing the lead. A computer- savvy Casanova to boot, with his turn as a 28-year-old I.T. geek who suddenly finds himself the object of affection for five attractive women within the same year. The quintet share virtually no similar traits except one quirky thing: they all live in remote corners of Hong Kong. Seeing our heartthrob's struggles in getting there's half the fun, though: all that travelling allows Why to offer his audience a chance to see and appreciate parts of the city they rarely get to experience.


    d. Goro Taniguchi
    Cantonese Voices: Anson Kong, Marf@COLLAR
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 116 mins.
  Opening August 25 2022
  Trailer :

    Uta — the most beloved singer in the world.

    Her voice, which she sings with while concealing her true identity, has been described as "otherworldly."

    She will appear in public for the first time at a live concert.

    As the venue fills with all kinds of Uta fans — excited pirates, the Navy watching closely, and the Straw Hats led by Luffy who simply came to enjoy her sonorous performance — the voice that the whole world has been waiting for is about to resound.


  Can : Ah Ma Yau Jor Dai Yi Gor
  Lit : Ma Has Someone Else
  AKA : K Fung Bo
  Lit : K Storm
    d. Kearen Pang Sau Wai
    Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Keung To, Jer Lau Ying Ting
  Rating : I
  Length : 127 mins.
  Opening at the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2022
  Opening July 26 2022 at the New York Asian Film Festival
  Opening August 11 2022
  Trailer :

    As MEI-FUNG, housewife and former top artiste manager, unearths a new star in CHING, she also draws jealousy from her teenage son HIN. Can a single mother find a balance between her family and her career? Is her dedication driven by love or responsibility?

    A former talent manager, now a single mother, discovers a new star. She has to overcome her teenage son's jealousy and find the balance between career and family.


  Can : Ming Yut Jin Gei
  Lit : Tomorrow War Journal
  AKA : Mau Tung Jin Jung
  Lit : Spear Shield War
    d. Ng Yuen Fai
    Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Philip Keung Ho Man,
      Carina Lau Ka Ling, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Tse Kwan Ho,
      Tony Wu Tsz Tung, Ng Siu Hin, Wan Guopeng, Kevin Chu Kam Yin
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 112 MINS.
  Opening June 27 2019 (POSTPONED)
  Opening July 2021 (POSTPONED)
  Opening August 15 2022 at the Hong Kong International Film Festival
  Opening August 25 2022
  Teaser :

    In the not-too-distant future, pollution and global warming have left Earth barren, a giant meteorite crashed down and an odd looking vine started to grow from it. While this vine, people called it Pandora, sucked up the smog and began to purify Earth, it also grew at high speed destroying anything in sight. When the genetic map of Pandora was revealed, genetic modification became the last hope for mankind.


Maggie Cheung and Stephen Chow's classic comedic scene in ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL came from Vincent Kok

Vincent Kok is grateful to have help from many benefactors in his career, and feels duty bound to pass on the elders' lessons

Vincent Kok remembers spending time with Leslie Cheung on OKINAWA RENDEZVOUS

Vincent Kok worked with Tony Leung Chiu Wai for the first time on GORGEOUS and praised him for bringing Richie Jen into character

Vincent Kok says MIRROR's Edan Lui has no idol baggage, act without any regard and has a lot of potential

Vincent Kok worked with Sean Lau and producer Johnnie To on his directing debut
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Vincent Kok Tak Chiu has been in the business for 30 years as a director, a screenwriter, an actor and a host. At the time when he was still new, he received lessons and assistance from the elders. He also caught the eyes of many red hot actors, from which he had many stories that few knew bout; so far many new comers saw him as an elder in the business, Kok Tak Siu admitted that he had an extra sense of responsibility. Like when he produced the ViuTV program THE POPCORN SHOW, aside from giving new comers opportunities as his guests he also tirelessly encouraged them. He only wanted to pass on the lessons the elders taught him.

THE POPCORN SHOW already aired two seasons and invited many new comers as guests. Kok Tak Siu joked, "MIRROR, ERROR, COLLAR, and others, I have to meet and get to know each one, which was very time consuming." Which new comers left the deepest impression? He said, "When I make a comedy, I especially appreciate people who can let loose. I already saw several who could play comedy. 193 (Derek Kwok Ka Chun) is a very interesting person; before hand I already knew Edan (Lui Cheuk On) was very open and had no idol baggage. Actually it was true, he's pretty fun." On the program he often encouraged new comers. He said, "When I see that they are worth encouraging then I encourage them. I am not too old, of course I am not young either. However I have accepted many elders' advice and felt that it was my responsibility to pass them to a group of young people. Because of the elders' teachings, I indeed took a lot less detours."

Kok Tak Chiu was grateful that he often had help from benefactors in show business, including the mentor who brought him into the business Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Johnnie To Kei Fung who made him a director for the first time, James Wong Jim who was extremely thoughtful with the younger generation, Wong Jing who gave him the opportunity to intern, and others. Kok Tak Siu after graduating from the university immediately became Ko Chi Sum's disciple, starting from screenwriting. He said, "When I was studying at the university in Vancouver I never thought of working in this business. At the time Director Ko Chi Sum was shoot IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD II (FU GWAI JOI BIK YUN) on location. I went to visit the set. In the end for the entire semester I stayed on the set. Master taught me about screenwriting and writing scripts."

Kok Tak Chiu described To Sir as indeed mean, but not unreasonably mean. "As long as you worked hard and put in an effort, even if you did something wrong To Sir would not be mean. My first time as a director, To Sir almost held my hand and taught me how." He said that the most memorable was receiving several books from elder Uncle Jim, the books were filled with notes that Uncle Jim felt was very suitable for me to use. They were very valuable. He gratefully said, "Uncle Jim taught me a lot of things that I am still using now. If someone asks me, of course I would share them. However as Uncle Jim said, if the timing wasn't right others wouldn't be able to heart you no matter what."

In 1992 as the screenwriter for the film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (GA YAU HEI SI), which Kok Tak Chiu said absolutely was an important experience. Aside from letting him know his value, after facing a group of superstars in the film he was not afraid of working with anyone. He said, "I mainly followed the plot between (Stephen) Chow Sing Chi and (Maggie) Cheung Man Yuk, (Leslie) Cheung Kwok Wing and (Teresa) Mo Shun Kwan learned that we had a lot of fun and very outrageous so they always pulled me aside and asked me what we were doing. Later they realized that most direct way was to buy me food. I would automatically go over and chat and help with ideas for their plot. Later (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu also used this method."

Speaking of Gor Gor, Kok Tak Chiu found his days of working with him on OKINAWA RENDEZVOUS (LUEN JIN CHUNG SING) unforgettable. He told the story about the song ME. "One day I read 'I am what I am, I am a special kind of creation.' I told Gor Gor that those words described him very well. Gor Gor also thought they were very interesting. Awhile later he told me that he said those words to Lam Jik, who wrote this song ME; each time I hear this song I would think of how this song started and make me feel proud."

Kok Tak Chiu and Chow Sing Chi for a period worked together nonstop, he said that the audience would not seen the joy between them. Each time they came up with ideas, they on average would have to come up with 20 -- 19 of which the public would never see but they would always perform it once. While working on FORBIDDEN CITY COP (DAI NOI MUK TAM LING LING FAT), Carina Lau Ka Ling knew that they were rehearsing. Before she even finished with make up she could not help but come to watch what they were doing. Kok Tak Chiu said, "I have watched many Chow Sing Chi performances that no one would see. Working with him was quite the pleasure, I still have yet to see an actor like him." Chow Sing Chi gave people the impression that he was difficult to get along with, Kok Tak Chiu described his relationship with him as both a teacher and a friend. They once saw each other all the time, once we frequently saw each other. they even went on vacation every year together for awhile. He said, "I taught Chow Sing Chi how to ski. I taught in the morning, by the afternoon he already skied better than me because he was very agile."

In 1999 he worked with Best Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai for the first time on the film GORGEOUS (BOR LEI JUNG). Kok Tak Chiu said that being the film's director was the happiest thing in the world. He said, "Although through the company we discussed working together for a long time, but when Wai Jai agreed to perform I really was very happy. He was on time and memorized the script; in one scene Yam Yin Chai (Richie Jen) was drinking, at the time Siu Chai was rather new. Wai Jai was not only able to play his role but also able to make Siu Chai meet my demands. He was very sharp. He was even able to take care those around him." Luckily he worked with Wai Jai again on the film MY LUCKY STAR (HUNG WON CHIU YUN), ran into Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and witnessed him bringing the role of "Duen Hai" to life. He joked, "When I asked Cheng Chung Kei to play a woman, for him it wasn't difficult at all. He grew up overseas, he actually had the rhythm of a black woman; between us we had a lot of chemistry. As soon as I said it, he knew what he had to do. As soon as he played, I knew it would be right."

Looking back at 30 years of exciting silver journey, Kok Tak Chiu said that he was very grateful that many actors gave him opportunities and felt that everyone was talented and enabled him to have a chance to learn from them. He said, "I have never seen successful people being half assed, the reason is definite. Even if you really feel half assed, it's because they very successfully made you feel half assed." He also advised new comers, "I feel that you have to be original, not to resemble anyone at all. Be the one and only, irreplaceable in order to be valuable. If not, you would just be one of many."

The 57 year old Kok Tak Chiu was a film director, a screenwriter, an actor and a host. When he studied at the university in Canada he majored in broadcasting and minored in economics. After graduation he followed director Ko Chi Sum in behind the scenes work like screenwriting. He mainly created comedy films and had many opportunities to work with Chow Sing Chi. He also performed on screen.

Screenplays that Kok Tak Siu participated in included ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL, THE FLIRTING SCHOLAR, LOVE ON DELIVERY, FROM CHINA WITH LOVE, FORBIDDEN CITY COP, GOD OF COOKERY, CJ7 and others. Film that he directed included ONLY FOOLS FALL IN LOVE (OI LO BAI SAU), CAUSE WE ARE SO YOUNG (KAU LUEN KEI), GORGEOUS (BOR LEI JUNG), MARRY A RICH MAN (GA GOR YAU CHIN YUN), AND MY LUCKY STAR (HUNG WON CHIU YUN). Once a Commercial Radio program host, he also worked as a host on television. Starting January this year he hosts the ViuTV program THE POPCORN SHOW and interviewed many on and off screen talent.


WARRIORS OF FUTURE heads toward HK$ 30 million after a week in release

Okawara Kunio praises the WARRIORS OF FUTURE's computer special effect produced intricate armor

Visual Effects Oscar winner Douglas Smith congratulates Louis Koo
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The Louis Koo Tin Lok produced and starred film with Sean Lau Ching Wan and Carina Lau Ka Ling, WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) headed toward HK$ 30 million at the box office after a week in release since its official Hong Kong release on August 25th to yesterday. As the currently largest scale domestic production of science fiction special effect film, it not only received the support of Mainland and Hong Kong viewers but also international praises for the film's quality from the "Father of Gundam", mobile suit designer Okawara Kunio, JURASSIC PARK visual special effect master Mark Dippe and STAR WARS and the 69th Oscar Best Visual Effect award winner for INDEPENDENCE DAY Douglas Smith.

Okawara Kunio said, "I started my machine design career in 1972, so far it has already been 50 years. During that era, because animation was hand drawn I kept searching for a format. It had as few lines as possible, and the designs were simple and easy to understand so that the animation artists would understand the easier. WARRIORS OF FUTURE was able to use 3D and computer special effects to produce such detailed armor. To be able to use this type of special effect production that isn't animation to create such detailed designs, for an animation designer like me I really am very envious of the WARRIORS Of FUTURE production team."

Visual special effect master Mark Dippe said that WARRIORS OF FUTURE was very exciting, the scale, the complexity and the ambitiousness of its visual special effects brought the film to an all new level. In particular the actors and computer special effects created robot battle was awe inspiring.

Douglas Smith also congratulated producer Koo Tin Lok for completing this large scale yet challenging film. He admitted that he knew the production of WARRIORS OF FUTURE took a lot of effort, in addition with many great action scenes containing within.

Receiving praises from three masters of different areas, WARRIORS OF FUTURE's producer Koo Tin Lok said, "Thank you to them and all viewers for their support. I only did what I was supposed to do, ultimately someone has to take the first step and explore even more possibility of the film industry."


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Harriet Yeung is surprised that she is unable to leave her character
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Louisa So Yuk Wa and Jan Lamb Hoi Fung two nights ago attended the film THE SPARRING PARTNER (JING YI WUI LONG)'s premiere. So Yuk Wa revealed that she almost fainted during the examination scene, luckily Jan treated her to banana. She said, "Because I played a lawyer, I had to question people step by step. It required a lot of concentration of a lot of physical abilities. After shooting it once I already exhausted all of my strength, but at the time we shot it twice in a row. When the director wanted me to shoot one more time, I really felt like fainting. So he truly was my savior."

Jan said that the shoot took place at the peak of the pandemic, with the heavy script the production atmosphere was tense. "It was very stressful because everyone was very serious. I don't dare to disturb them." He even said that he only agreed to the role when he heard Ah So would perform and performed like he was there to learn. He also said that most actors came from the Academy of Performing Arts and joked that he was like an outsider.

"When I was invited to perform, I wanted to agree right away but I still replied a little later. Because the team was very attracted, previously I was in the audience but this time I watched them perform live. The director later said that So Yuk Wa would perform and asked whether I would be able to. I said of course I was OK."

Speaking of husband Poon Chan Leung being busy with a play with Dayo Wong Tze Wa, would Ah So become very free? She joked that it was a good thing because he no longer disturbed her. She joked that they no longer had to always see each other and were able to be busy with their own stuff. She even said, "I am now teaching at the Baptist University. School will start soon, so I have to take the time to prepare for the classes."

Co-star Harriet Yeung Sze Man stated that the shoot left her spent, for the first time she felt that she could not leave a character. In addition, actor Cheung Hoi Kei made her first public appearance since the alleged indecent video leak but she did not accept any interview.


The Keung To and Teresa Mo starred MAMA'S AFFAIR has been a critical and commercial hit since its release

Director Kearen Pang and Teresa Mo have been attending audience appreciation events everywhere to thank the viewers for their support

Jer's performance is a bright spot for many
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Keung To's film debut, the Emperor Motion Picture MAMA'S AFFAIR (AH MA YAU JOR DAI YI GOR) since its release has had great word of mouth. Yesterday its box office even broke the HK$ 30 million mark. Best Actress Teresa Mo Shun Kwan in recent months has been giving her all to promote. She was very pleased with the film's good performance and joked that she would have to pig out to celebrate!

The Kung To, Jer and Mo Shun Kwan starred Emperor Motion Picture MAMA'S AFFAIR since its August 11th release to now has always received the support of many viewers. Yesterday its Hong Kong and Macau box office even passed the HK$ 30 million mark! Best Actress Mo Shun Kwan was very excited about the film's great performance and joked, "Thank you to every viewer who came to see the movie, I am very happy. We have to have a dinner to celebrate!"

Producer, director and screenwriter in one, Kearen Pang Sau Wai expressed her sincere appreciation. "I am very happy that this film performed well. I know every ticket is very valuable. I hope the movie would be able to continue to run, with time for even more viewers to be able to go and watch the movie or perhaps to experience this story again. Thank you!"

The film has been in release for 3 week. Director Pang and Mo Shun Kwan went all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories for 3 weeks straight for an audience appreciation event marathon to thank the audience for their enthusiasm and support and share in the audience post viewing experience. Many viewers felt that this time the movie not only had popular idol as its draw but also its story was delicate and touching. Many age groups were able to relate and the movie was even rather inspirational.

Although the two male leads Keung To and Jer for now have been unable to appear in person at the movies to thank the viewers, Keung To early in the film's release already snuck in to see the movie and support his film debut. Conceivably many viewers still hoped for the movie to continue to run and looked forward to the day when two lead actors would be able to meet the audience as soon as possible.

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For the week starting Saturday, August 27 2022 (Week 35)


  Can : Sim Lim
  per se

  Can : Woo Jo Yi
  Kaho Hung

  Can : Cup Kuet Jik Dik Yun Cheung Gor
  Jay Fung Won Fung

  2 OFF/ON

  Can : Sai Gai Yi Tung Mun Ngor Yi Ngor Gor Cheung
  Cath Wong Yin


Louis Koo attends the TABLE FOR SIX premiere as the film's producer
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Dayo Wong is touched by the gifts from the team

Louis Koo has been busy with promoting WARRIORS OF FUTURE but still supports TABLE FOR SIX

The team cuts a moon cake shaped cake to wish for Mid Autumn togetherness

Kay Tse lovingly attends with Louis Cheung

Lin Minchen, Ivana Wong and Stephy Tang all long to work together again on the TABLE FOR SIX sequel
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Dayo Wong Tze Wa, Stephy Tang Lai Yan and Lin Minchen two nights ago attended the film TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM) premiere. One of the investors Louis Koo Tin Lok even made a special appearance. Speaking of the recent good performance from Hong Kong films, Tze Wa hoped that TABLE would be the same. Although he was concerned that the pandemic would affect the box office, he felt that Hong Kong already had a lot of experience. He hoped that this time the pandemic would be under control.

The event first arranged for the actors to present gifts to Tze Wa for his September 5th birthday. Stephy presented her hand drawn artwork, Fish Liew Chi Yu presented red eggs, director Sunny Chan Wing Sun presented the TABLE FOR SIX sequel synopsis. Tze Wa was very excited. One of the investors Koo Tin Lok also called for everyone to support TABLE as a special guest. The host mentioned, "WARRIORS OF FUTURE too". Koo Tin awkwardly said, "Don't mention WARRIORS OF FUTURE."

Currently performing in a play, Tze Wa two days ago was off. How would he celebrate his 62nd birthday? He said, "Rest is already the greatest celebration." He was even happier bout finally being able to enjoy TABLE. Stephy said that she has already seen it three times, but she still looked forward to it. Speaking of the recent Hong Kong films' decent box office showing, Tze Wa was asked if he had any confidence? He said, "Let's wish that their luck would include us. (Are you worried about the pandemic's effect on the box office?) Concern is definite, I feel that this time everyone would be able to control it. Everyone already have a lot of experience. Actually as long as everyone are a little more united and a little more careful, we would know how we should control it." Would he work on the sequel? Tze Wa said that if there would be a sequel he would definitely participate. Stephy and Lin Minchen also looked forward to the sequel. His play has been added to 50 shows, Tze Wa said, "I hope more people would be able to watch good performance. Actually three days earlier I was already done. So today I get to come and watch. I am very happy."

Ah Chung in October would perform a series of concerts. With ticket debts all over he said that he would not add more shows. As the number of positive cases continued to rise, he pointed out that no one would be unconcerned with the box office. He hoped that the government would understand that every business has withstand the pandemic for a long time already. He also pointed out that Hong Kong people have very high pandemic prevention awareness, and he hoped to be able to find a balance with health. Speaking of his ViuTV series release being postponed, he as an actor would respect the production team's decision and wished for recovery for all those injured. He pointed out that other young people would require time to recover. He felt that one day the show would air, and he believed that everyone would have a lot of fun from watching it.

Ivana Wong Yuen Chi two days ago was off from her play. She said that her show was already sold out. Due to the venue schedule she would not be able to add shows. She has thought about a sequel but she also wanted to try something new. She wanted to work with Cheung Kai Chung on a play. Ah Chung said that his wife Kay Tse On Kay had great things to say after watching Ivana's show. He also called Ivana "Sister Chi", pointing out that she was the drama world's Koo Tin Lok. If he would be invited it would be his honor. Ivana hoped that WARRIORS OF FUTURE and TABLE FOR SIX would ask her back for the sequels She hoped to be able to make up for investing in her play.


Winka and ANSONBEAN both have a fondness for the prop guns
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The Hong Kong science fiction film WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) from today to September 14 would hold a film exhibit at the Causeway Bay Fashion Walk with the film's costumes and props on display, including the Number 26 exosuit armor that Louis Koo Tin Lok wore in the film, the biometric ammo box and the H8 bomb as well as the story board and the hand drawn poster visual artist Li Chi Tat created for the film, and the over 60,000 piece Lego 1:1 scale exosuit.

The film theme song TOMORROW OF TOMORROW's performers ANSONBEAN and COLLAR member Winka had a first look at the exhibit. They were very excited to see the costumes and the props that appeared in the film. Winka felt that they were incredible. She never thought that the film company would properly preserve the film's important props, or even have the chance to see the armor and guns that Koo Tin Lok used up close. She joked that she kept taking photos and unwilling to put down the prop gun. ANSONBEAN's favorite was the gene bullet, praising how detailed it was made. It had a realistic weight, and he sensed how heavy it would have been on the actors. He joked that in his hands he immediately got into character and felt like he was a part of the film.

Monday, August 29, 2022



Before the audience appreciation event everyone opened bottles of champagne to celebrate
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Johnnie To books a show to show his support

Louis Koo goes to the cinemas to thank "Mrs. Koos" for their support
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The film WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) after 4 days in release passed the HK$ 20 million mark as of two days ago (the 28th) with HK$ 21,711,526. Two days ago its single day Hong Kong box office even reached HK$ 6 million.

WARRIORS OF FUTURE received the audience support. The film's producer and star Louis Koo Tin Lok two days ago along with director Ng Yuen Fai, actors Philip Keung Ho Man, Ng Siu Hin, and the film theme song TOMORROW OF TOMORROW's performers ANSONBEAN and Winka@COLLAR, visited many cinemas for audience appreciation events, personally thanked viewers who went to see WARRIORS OF FUTURE. Johnnie To Kei Fung even booked a show to support the film. Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Lam Suet and others also personally showed their support. Goo Jai and director Ng Yuen Fai before the audience appreciation event even opened bottles of champagne to celebrate. Goo Jai joked, It's like a concert.  Thank you everyone for your support, here I thank so many Mrs. Koo.  I hope everyone would like this movie, please watch it a few more times."

Goo Jai introduced Big Brother Big Hung Kam Bo as his next film BACK TO THE PAST (CHUM CHUN GEI)'s martial art director. He even gave special thanks to To Kei Fung. "The birth of WARRIORS OF FUTURE more or less was related to To Sir, because of what he said I started my own company. At the time it didn't start as a film company but as a special effects company. One day after we went to dinner after a film festival, he said to me, 'we have to make Hong Kong movies that belong to us, movies that would rely on special effects.'" At the time Goo Jai was stunned after hearing, thinking that filmmaking has never used special effects but To Sir instead said that future movies must have special effects, then started step by step to today. Goo Jai sincerely said, "Thank you To Sir." To Kei Fung added, "I indeed felt that future movies would have a lot of variety, especially in special effect development they would be endless. On the silver screen many things that no one would expect would appear."

Sunday, August 28, 2022


ANSONBEAN and Winka both would like to in an action film
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As Winka still declines interviews, ANSONBEAN is still carrying the banner
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ANSONBEAN and Winka perform the WARRIORS OF FUTURE theme song.  They have teamed up frequently to promote the film
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ANSONBEAN yesterday with COLLAR member Winka attended the film WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI)'s promotional event. They not only performed the movie theme song live, but also played games with fans.

At the rare accident at the Hong Kong Coliseum concert, the injured dancer Ah Mo's girlfriend is the group COLLAR's SoChing. Winka earlier appeared at the film premiere with a low profile. Yesterday she was in great spirits, often waving to fans and presenting "hearts". Winka was asked how she felt about being inviting to perform the film theme song. She said that at first she thought it was a prank and she did not dare to believe it, then she received the demo song and she finally believed it was true. "It is a very rare opportunity, but I am very nervous because I worry that I wouldn't perform well." Winka said that if she would have the chance to participate in a science fiction film, she would like to play a female killer the most. Because normally she liked to laugh too much, she wanted to play a character that was a little cooler.

Because Winka declined media interviews, ANSONBEAN had to shoulder the promotional duties alone. He said that it was regrettable but he understood, and he would promote more online with her. ANSONBEAN said that he chatted with Winka before and after events, feeling that she was in decent spirit. He too knew dancer Ah Mo. Although they were not considered close, he still wish an early recovery for him. ANSONBEAN on the stage revealed that he would like to play the villain. He explained, "I feel as the villain I would have even more action scene, the best would be using all the weapons. Even if I have to have ugly make up, shorten my brows I still would be fine." He could offer his services to the boss when the production would begin, ANSONBEAN said that he would consider it because he truly longed to perform in an action film.


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Cecilia So Lai Shan on the first day of work for the film TALES FROM THE OCCULT (SUT HUNG HUNG GAN) segment DEAD MALL (SEI CHEUNG) had to change clothes in front of everyone and felt embarrassed. Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung demonstrated his expertise in long distance running, as he ran all over the entire shopping center.

Ah Lo and So Lai Shan in the film turned into online personalities, one hired extras to play customers to promote the shopping center, the other revealed that the shopping center was haunted. Late at night when the place was empty, Ah Lo suspected that a ghost was chasing him. "Ghost hunting online personality" So Lai Shan followed with a live stream as they began a chase at the shopping center.

All hot and bothered from running, Ah Lo described the scene like running a marathon. "I ran all over the entire shopping center, half a marathon. We bolted at the shopping center, but my shoes were very slippery. So only the upper half of the body was pretending to be running very fast, but the legs were actually speed walking as I was afraid of slipping." This time not only demonstrated Ah Lo's long distance running expertise but also his oral skills. He played a silver tongued online personality, directing and starring a crowd at the shopping center. As soon as he spoke he delivered several pages of dialogues, even So Lai Shan applauded in amazement.

In the film So Lai Shan changed her past usual nice girl image, wearing a white wig and even changing clothes and make up in front of everyone. She said, "The first scene was when I appeared, I had to remove my hat, mask and clothes in a short time and fold them into my backpack, then take out a camera, turn on the lights and selfie. I saw all the other actors on the set and everyone was staring me to wait for me to perform a series of action then deliver my lines. I really was very nervous, because the shoot schedule was very intense. I was very afraid of missing something and make everyone start over with a bad take, the stress was tremendous. I am very grateful to the editor for the help." After completing the scene successfully she said, "I would never guess that I would take off my clothes in front of so many people on the first day of work, it really was a little embarrassing!"

Friday, August 26, 2022


Louis Koo and Sean Lau promote the film with interviews after interviews
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Louis Koo makes a video to thank the audience for supporting WARRIORS OF FUTURE

Vincent Kok's ViuTV program THE POPCORN SHOW's guests are Louis Koo and Sean Lau
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The HK$ 450 million science fiction film WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) officially opened in Hong Kong two days ago and made HK$ 3,667,655 on its opening day and instantly became the "2022 Chinese film opening day box office champion". As for 2:30 PM two days ago, its box office already reached HK$ 1,848,708. WARRIORS with the past advanced screenings and opening day box office even reached HK$ 5,888,889. As of yesterday 11 AM, the cumulative box office broke HK$ 7.5 million.

WARRIORS OF FUTURE received the audience's practical support at the movies, so producer and star Louis Koo Tin Lok early yesterday morning created a video to thank the viewers for going to the movies and support the film. Goo Jai said, "WARRIORS OF FUTURE opened in Hong Kong already broke the record at 2:30 PM (August 25th) to become the 2022 Chinese film opening day box office champion, thank you very much everyone for supporting WARRIORS OF FUTURE. I hope that you can recommend it to friends, family and go and watch WARRIORS OF FUTURE together. We will fight shoulder to shoulder, thank you everyone for your support."

In addition, Koo Tin Lok and the other lead actor Sean Lau Ching Wan were guests on the ViuTV program THE POPCORN SHOW. About online comments that said because of his past good deeds people would support WARRIORS. He felt that how he was as a person had nothing to do with the film. He hope that no one would mix them together and that viewers would go to enjoy the movie, because the production process was very difficult, cost a lot of money and took a long time. However he still thanked everyone for his review.

Thursday, August 25, 2022


Director Ng Yuen Fai invited comic creator Lei Chi Tat to create the storyboard, which made the production even smoother

With Louis Koo's encourage, three time Hong Kong Film Award Best Visual Effects winner Ng Yuen Fai fulfilled his director's dream

Louis Koo put on 33 pounds of armor everyday and almost exhausted himself from the shoot

WARRIORS OF FUTURE made HK$ 2.6 million as of 5 PM and earned the top Chinese film opening box office this year

The Ng Yuen Fai directed, Louis Koo Tin Lok produced and starred WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) opened yesterday, as of 5 PM the box office was already near HK$ 2.6 million to become the 2022 Chinese film opening box office champion. With the ideal opening box office, Ng Yuen Fai and Koo Tin Lok conceivably would feel encouraged. As for some viewers comparing the film with Hollywood science fiction films, Ng Yuen Fai felt that it was inevitable and said that Hollywood science fiction films had more money and more people. WARRIORS OF FUTURE won with the courage to take the first step. "Domestic special effects have already greatly improved, from being criticized as low quality and unrealistic, to now no one already questioning them."

The HK$ 450 million Hong Kong science fiction production WARRIORS OF FUTURE yesterday opened, in half a day its box office was almost HK$ 2.6 million to become this year's Chinese film opening box office champion. Hong Kong films of the same period also performed decently. The Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and Keung To starred MAMA'S AFFAIR (AH MA YAU JOR DAI YI GOR) after 14 days in release (as for August 24th) made over HK$ 23 million. The Amos Why directed, Kaki Sham and Jennifer Yu Heung Ying starred FAR FAR AWAY (YUEN LO SHAN KA LA) also grew stronger as time went on, with a currently cumulative box office of over HK$ 6.7 million. For a HK$ 2.7 million low budget production, the boss has already broken even.

WARRIORS OF FUTURE's director Ng Yuen Fai was the visual effect director for many films, with THE STORM WARRIORS (FUNG WON II), THE WARLORDS (TAU MING JONG) and RE-CYCLE (GWAI WIK) won the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Visual Effects three times. He has always wanted to direct and make a movie that belonged to him. Then he met Koo Tin Lok, and together they created this science fiction action film. During the process because of a massive amount of computer graphics effects that he excelled at, under Goo Jai's encouragement his director dream was fulfilled.

Although he had HK$ 450 million to spend at will, Ng Yuen Fai said that the pressure was large as well. He was not worried about breaking even, but using almost 600 people at work everyday would create many problems. Everyday he kept resolving problems great and small. At the same time the film involved science fiction elements that rarely appeared in Hong Kong film. How to grasp the level of reaching the ideal was just a big of a challenge. Ng Yuen Fai said, "Actually 'science fiction' is a subject, inside can sci fi action, sci fi suspense, sci fi romance and others. As long as the words sci fi were added, everyone would feel that the matter would become complicated. This was also the reason that kept many directors at bay, feeling that they would die just from contact. The science fiction subject seemed very far from Hong Kong films. How to turn science fiction elements into our elements, as Goo Jai has said, we must take the first step to be able to expand the Hong Kong film's creative space. Thus we had a sense of duty. Actually Hong Kong filmmakers have very strong creativity, only their skill level had a natural ceiling. After passing it they would have infinitive space for imagination."

First time director Ng Yuen Fai felt that the most difficult was how to express what he and Goo Jai discussed for two years and wanted in their hearts, and for the team and the cast to be able to correctly bring to life. In the end in order to make the actors not tow work with green screens just with their imagination, he asked comic creator Li Chi Tat to make the storyboard, then the special effect team produced animation for the actors to study so they would have an idea. Thus the production went very smooth. Li Chi Tat said that this time drawing a science fiction film was rather complicated. The film company wanted to turn the film into animation for release, but just the armor already had many detailed spots. He said that turning it into animation may take even more time than making a movie.

Ng Yuen Fai said that in order to save time built a Central street scene in a very large venue and used many teams to shoot simultaneously. However the actors suffered in 33 pound armors in the scorching heat. After one scene they had to rush to another immediately and were exhausted from the shoot. After each time Goo Jai and Lau Ching Wan wanted to remove their armors for their breaks, but they took a long times. In order to avoid wasting time they could only tough it out and wear it for the whole day.

Ng Yuen Fai in 1996 joined the John Chu Ka Yan founded Centro Digital Pictures and worked on movie special effects until now. He felt that Hong Kong's special effect quality has become much higher, only losing on the lack of personnel and money. He expected the audience would compare WARRIORS OF FUTURE with Hollywood science fiction films, but he still had to take the first step. He said, "The comparison with Hollywood was inevitable, because science fiction films were born in Hollywood. Since childhood, aside from watching Japanese anime we have been watching Hollywood science fiction films. As for how far off Hong Kong special effects are from Hollywood's, I can only say that it isn't as industrialized as Hollywood. Their company has thousands of people, ours only have 100 people. The entire special effect industry has about 500 people. Even together we don't have as many people as one of their company, so the comparison would be very difficult. During conception, Goo Jai asked not to imitate Hollywood films. (Some viewers felt the armor looked like Iron Man?) Actually it doesn't, we thought by logic. Goo Jai and Lau Ching Wan's armors might be future military equipment. (Some viewers felt that the visual was not high definition enough. Was that due to creating the life after death effect, or to cover up the shortcomings?) I am very demanding with visual effects, this is my designs and style."

As for WARRIORS OF FUTURE making over 500 million RMB at the Mainland box office in an average performance, he said that he was not discouraged from it because not everyone would like science fiction film. As long as he gave his all, he gained the experience and then would keep on going forward. Of course he would like the Mainland box office to improve. Goo Jai said that he was made of steel and could not be killed? He joked, "I am at least made of iron, both Goo Jai's and I are people who go against the stream. I expect the journey ahead would be difficult, and some would criticize. The most important would be getting past myself."