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Kay Tse in the film forms a band to chase her music dream
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Kay Tse shows off her keyboard playing skills and forms a band with Rondi Chan, Teddy Robin Kwan and Anna hisbbuR
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The Mo Lai Yan Chi directed, Kay Tse On Kay starred film BAND FOUR (4 PAK 4 GA JOOK) would open on October 19th. Its first trailer and poster were released two days ago.

In the film Kay played Cat, a single mother in pursuit of her music dream. She and the other 3 members of her family each have their struggles and problems in life. The 4 due to music understand themselves anew and reform this broken family.  In order to strengthen the realism of running all over to make a living, she deliberately made her hands rough, dyed her hair blonde and challenged smoking scenes.

Rarely performing on the big screen, she daringly changed her mild mannered image and challenged a rock girl look. Producer and actor Teddy Robin Kwan 8 years ago already had the idea for the film and already invited Kay at the time. She said, "Hong Kong really had very few movies about music, even fewer that contain a family story in them. Both are very attractive to me."

In the film Kay not only sang but also showed off her piano playing skills and formed a band with her onscreen father Teddy Robin Kwan, Anna hisbbuR and Rondi Chan Lok Ting to perform. She shared her almost 20 years in business experience with director, hoping that the audience would be able to see the difficulties of being a music maker in Hong Kong. 

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Gillian Chung

Chrissie Chau takes a gang beating
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Chrissie Chau teams up with Karena Ng
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The Gillian Chung Yun Tung and Chrissie Chau Sau Na starred film PRISON FLOWERS (NUI JI GAM YUK) would open on September 7th. The film's subject would be women in prison and contain a lot of fight scenes. In the film Chau Sau Na was a new prisoner who insulted gang leader Ah Gil, after which Ah Gil and her followers gave her numerous beatings. In one scene Ah Gil pulled her hair and held her down onto a bed to threaten her. During the rehearsal Ah Gil was very in character as she smacked the bed with her hand loudly, scaring Chau Sau Na into asking Ah Gil, "Doesn't your hand hurt?" Ah Gil boldly said, "No, it's just plastic!" During the rehearsal Ah Gil even propped up her leg to bring the boss presence to life.

Another fight scene in the showers also should not be missed, as the ladies fought until they were all on the ground in a very brutal fashion. Chrissie with Karena Ng Chin Yu, Anika Xia Yan, Ashina Kwok Yik Sum teamed up to seek revenge from Toby Chan Ting Yan. Chin Yu and Kwok Yik Sum punched and kicked Toby to the floor. Chin Yu even smacked Toby with a toilet brush. During the rehearsal Toby was very professional and lay on the ground without any complain. PRISON FLOWERS not only had the actress of substance Sister Ka Lai (Carrie Ng) but also invited Rain Li Choi Wa who has not made a Hong Kong film in a very long time to guest star. She played an infamous prison boss "Butcher Wan". Jeannie Chan Ying in order to distant herself from her mother decided to the "Butcher" camp for the final showdown.


Edward Chen, Mandy Tam and Leung Chung Hang would be in a love triangle in the film and have their share of intimate scenes

Director Patrick Kong jokes that he is not making a love action film, so the most important things for the intimate scenes are aesthetics and comfort.
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The film BUT SI NEI BUT OI NEI (IT'S NOT YOU DON'T LOVE YOU) yesterday held a production start worship ceremony. Director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum), actors Mandy Tam Man Huen, Edward Chen, Leung Chung Hang, Hazel Lam Hei Tung, Eric Tsui Ho Cheong, Locker Lam Ka Hei, Henick Chou Hon Ning and Joey Thye (Dai Cho Yee) participated.

In the film Mandy, Edward Chen and Leung Chung Hang are in a love triangle and they have shot some intimate scenes. Which one was more extreme? Edward Chen automatically raised his hand, but said that it was only a little extreme. During the shoot he did not feel any awkwardness. Earlier Mandy publicly praised him for being very charming. He also returned the favor and called Mandy a pretty girl, and thanked her and Leung Chung Hang for taking good care of him. Mandy said that she was Edward Chen's on set translator, while Leung Chung Hang even revealed that he taught him dirty words. Edward Chen awkwardly laughed and said in Cantonese, "I don't know any dirty words." Then he introduced himself.

Director Yip Lim Sum this time asked Mandy to play "Ah Bo". He pointed out that Mandy would be the youngest one. When he asked Stephy Tang Lai Yun to play "Ah Bo" the first time she was also 22. Earlier he saw Mandy in music videos and commercials, then from the audition he felt that she had a new generation girl's realism, with character but also very direct and tough. Thus she was the only choice; as for Taiwan's Edward Chen, he thought that he was handsome and a little shy. The feeling was pretty interesting. The love triangle in the film would have intimate scenes. Yip Lim Sum joked that he would be making a romantic film, not a love action film. He would also ask for comfort and aesthetics visually.


The always clean Anson Lo goes all out for his new film, laying on the ground in the wild for the new film without any complaint
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Anson Lo Hon Ting's second film IT REMAINS (YEUNG WON) already broken HK$ 1 million at the box office on its opening day, and became the fastest Hong Kong film to pass the mark this summer. As of two days ago it has already accumulated almost HK$ 3 million, a decent performance. Earlier Anson along with John Chiang Dai Wai, Tommy Chu Pak Hong and Summer Chan Chi Huen promoted the film together. Anson not only challenged his first solid and reserved performance, the always clean him even went all out and lay on the ground for the shoot.

IT REMAINS mainly shot on location in the wild, Chu Pak Hong and Anson said that they had many scenes in which they lay on the ground. In addition they had to shoot late at night. Chu Pak Hong joked that he was afraid of getting dirty and afraid of ghost. The always clean Anson admitted that he spent a little time to get used to it, but once he got into work condition he completely went all out. He mentioned that in one scene after John Gor knocked him out, he was being dragged home. "Originally inside the costume were several pieces of cardboard, but the result wasn't too good. So we just went with one piece. In the end only when I was being dragged I realized that it was actually pretty painful. Luckily it was done in one take." Anson this time in the film had many emotional scenes. He was the most grateful to Chu Pak Hong, saying that when he was not in a scene he would share acting experience. He was able to learn many skills that would always be useful.

John Gor in recent years has rarely made movies. Working with a group of young actors this time, he said that he has learned a lot from them. Chu Pak Hong also said that sometimes the shoot went into early morning, John would play and chat with everyone. He did not put on any air, which made me loosen up a lot.

Speaking of the action scenes in the film, John Gor stated that he was a hero so fight scenes would not stump him. Anson and Chu Pak Hong both had fight scenes with John Gor. Chu Pak Hong said that before fighting John Gor they rehearsed several times so they would not have any mishap. In the end accident still happened as he really kicked him. John joked, "Actually I told him to kick for real, only under safe conditions would we be able to fight for real. For example Anson in one scene hit my shoulder with a stick that was wrapped in plastic. On the set I said it was fine, I didn't get the real taste until I got home. However these were all unintentional mishaps, because I knew he was already in character." He said that as long as Anson would still work in show business, in the future they definitely would have even more different opportunities that would be waiting for him to try and challenge.

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For the week ending Sunday, August 27 2023


    d. Giddens Ko
    Kai Ko Chen-Tung, Chun Feng, Vivian Sung
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 120 min.
  Opening August 24 2023

    On an ordinary raining day, an unordinary incident happened to Feng and Tai

    Thanks to Feng, Tai barely escaped alive and took over the mafia boss position. Along with his two buddies – Leggy and Fish, they tried to find the ex-boss's murderer; at the same time, Tai tried to pay back to his savior – Feng. Meanwhile, Tai smelled a rat among his gang.

    Despite being young, Feng had no fear when made face to face to the gangsters. That interested Tai and in order to repay her, he mandated all the gang members to have their hair done by Feng. All of a sudden, Feng transformed from an unexperienced junior shampoo girl to the most popular hairstylist in the shop.

    Out of the blue, Feng shaved off Tai's eyebrow.

    She did all that just to stop Tai from getting into the fight that night. Tai suddenly got butterflies in his stomach.


    d. Takumi Doyama
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : I
  Length : 108 mins.
  Opening August 3 2023
  Trailer :

    This time, the Doraemon and Nobita's adventure takes them to the skies when Doraemon's new airship gadget brings them to Paradapia, the titular Sky Utopia, a world in the clouds where different lands exists alongside one another. They meet a perfect robot called Sonya and become friends with him. However, there is a secret about Paradapia...


  Can : Siu Sut Dik Ta
    d. Cui Rui, Liu Xiang
    Zhu Yilong, Ni Ni, Janice Man Wing Shan, Du Jiang
    Kim Sun-young, Park Ji-Hu, Park Bo Young, Kim Do-yoon,
      Park Seo Jun, Lee Byung-hun
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 122 mins.
  Opening August 24 2023

    He Fei's wife Li Muzi mysteriously disappears during their wedding anniversary trip. After a desperate searching, Li Muzi reappears. But He Fei insists that the strange woman shows up now is not his wife although she can prove her identity in every single way. As Chen Mai, a top lawyer gets involved in this bizarre case, more mysteries start to emerge...The world has been reduced to rubble by a massive earthquake. While no one knows for sure how far the ruins stretch, or what the cause of the earthquake may be, in the heart of Seoul there is only one apartment building left standing. It is called Hwang Gung Apartments. As time passes, outsiders start coming in to Hwang Gung Apartments trying to escape the extreme cold. Before long, the apartment residents are unable to cope with the increasing numbers. Feeling a threat to their very survival, the residents enact a special measure.


    d. Angel Manuel Soto
    Xolo Mariduena, Bruna Marquezine, Becky G,
      Damian Alcazar, George Lopez, Adriana Barraza

    d. Hitoshi Ohne
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 94 mins.
  Opening August 10 2023
  Trailer :

    40-years ago, there was a prophecy claiming that in the year of "20" and "23", two emitting lights would come to the Earth from outer space. And the dark light with strong power will bring out a huge disaster. In the summer of 2023, as predicted, two mysterious lights approach Japan and descend on Kasukabe. The white light hits Shin-chan, which makes him get a superpower. Meanwhile, a man called Mitsuru Hiriya, has been bathed in dark light and has acquired psychic powers begins to run amok.

    A man who wants the destruction of the world, Hiriya VS A happy-go-lucky kindergarten child, Shinnosuke. A superpower battle is going to begin!


    d. Gerta Gerwig
    Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera,
      Kate McKinnon, Michael Cera, Ariana Greenblatt,


    d. Neill Blomkamp
    David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, Archie Madekwe


  Can : Yeung Won
  Lit : Brewing Spirit
    d. Charlie Wong Wing Fung
    Anson Lo Hon Ting, Summer Chan Chi Huen,
      Tommy Chu Pak Hong, Ng Siu Hin,
      Tree Kwok Chui Yi, John Chiang Dai Wai,
      Angela Yuen Lai Lam, Lam Yiu Sing
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 100 mins.
  Opening August 24 2023

    A group of friends, Finn, Luke, Liam and Cora, heads to a little-known island for a getaway camping trip.

    Upon arrival, the friends are startled to find the island devoid of residents aside from a father and his daughter. When strange paranormal encounters begin to occur, it becomes evident that a supernatural force is at work...

    With the group trapped on this mysterious island shrouded in darkness, will they be able to escape alive?


  Can : Um Sat Fung Bo
  Lit : Assassination Storm
  AKA : Sei Mong Tung Ji Dan: Um Hak Jeh
    d. Herman Yau Lai To
    Louis Koo Tin Lok, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Francis Ng Chun Yu,
      Myolie Wu Hung Yi, Chrissie Chau Sau Na,
      Ray Lui Leung Wai, Philip Keung Ho Man,
      Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Timmy Hung Tin Ming,
      Pakho Chau, Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik
      6 Wing (Lok Wing), Justin Cheung Kin Sing,
  Rating : IIB mins.
  Length : 100 mins.
    Opening December 2019 (POSTPONED)
    Opening December 9 2021 (POSTPONED)
    Opening March 31 2022 (POSTPONED)
    Opening July 28 2022 (POSTPONED)
    Opening August 18 2023
    Trailer :

    A killer called "E" has been leaving a death notification card after killing scumbags who evaded the law. Police reacted by forming a task force with the elite personnels from each field to capture the vigilante. But in reality, what each department did was dumping their best but most eccentric members to the task force.

    There is the high IQ but low EQ criminalist Luo Fei, the ill-mannered profiler Mu Jian Yun, the inflexible captain Han Hao, the cowardly crime lab specialist Yin Jian, the gothic loving forensic pathologist Liang Yin, the hacker Zeng Ri Hua, and the volatile combat specialist Xiong Yuan. With each murder, the task force uncovers the crimes the victims had committed, at the same time, gets closer to finding the mysterious vigilante.


    d. Christopher Nolan
    Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr.,
      Matt Damon, Florence Pugh,


For the week starting Saturday, August 26 2023 (Week 34)


  Can : Wui Yi Jung Gik Jeh
  Dark Wong Ming Tak

  4 READ
  Can : Juen Tau Fook

  Can : Oi Ching Lan Yi Hui Hor Ngor Moon Wui Doh Dong Chor (1717)
  Leung Chiu Fung

  Can : Gwai Ngor Ji Gum Jo Ho Yun
  Terence Lam Ka Him



Sisley Choi is only a guest star but still appears at the premiere 

Bosco Wong, Joel Chan and Michael Tse
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Alice Chan
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Sisley Choi hopes to be in Stephen Chow's new film

Alice Chan says the rumors of Rebecca Zhu's pregnancy are false
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Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Joel Chan Shan Chung, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Alice Chan Wai, Sisley Choi Si Bui, Rosita Kwok Pak Yin and others along with producer Elaine Lok Yi Ling two nights ago attended the film ENDLESS BATTLE (MO GAN YUT JIN)'s charity premiere; James Ng Yip Kwan and Hubert Wu Hung Kwan performed the film theme song to open the event. Host Anderson Junior (On Tak Juen) had a few mishaps. When he introduced the three male leads to the stage he missed Shan Chung. After Shan Chung appeared on stage he jokingly introduced himself to On Tak Juen; then On Tak Juen mistakenly called the film INFERNAL AFFAIRS (MO GAN DOH) and cracked up the crowd.

Wong Chung Chak and Shan Chung reunited on film again after a few years. This time in the film they played enemies. Bosco revealed that Shan Chung was the villain of the film, and no one was spared. Shan Chung said that it was a lot of fun, because he has not played a villain in a long time. He admitted that character was "as bad as it gets." The two further revealed that in the film they had many fights, emotional scenes and scenes in which they were "gauging each other". Shan Chung pointed out that earlier he injured his pinky finger because of this film. He also joked, "For action films injuries are inevitable. Fortunately for that scene I fought with Bosco's double. If I fought Bosco, he probably would have broken a rib, haha." Speaking of box office, Bosco pointed out that the film's mainland online hit rate has been great. He praised this film for having Hong Kong film flavor, like unique streets and cops and robbers elements.

Si Bui was a guest star in the film and had an important role. She said, "I played a doctor and had scenes with all three lead actors. Without this character of mine nothing would get done." Si Bui also hoped to have opportunities to make even more movies, and was also interested in the stage. She said that if her singing would improve she would even want to try a musical. Earlier she recommended herself to Stephen Chow Sing Chi for his new film. Any progress? She said that she was very happy that he replied. As for anything further she asked reporters to ask Sing Yeh for her. She admitted, "I leave it up to fate, but of course I hope to have the opportunity."

Chan Wai revealed that she would be a villain in the film. The most memorable scene was a close distance explosion shoot. Even though computer graphics generated explosion effects was used, it was quite a challenge to her reflexes.


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Ben Yuen and Ng Siu Hin play father and son in STAND UP COMEDY and get along on and off camera.
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The One Cool Film and Emperor Motion Pictures release STAND UP STORY (SUET SIU JI YUN) starred Ben Yuen Fu Wa and Ng Siu Hin. STAND before its release has already received the 17th season Asian Pop Up Cinema's award in Chicago, as Ng Siu Hin and Yuen Fu Wa respectively received its Bright Star Award and Pinnacle Career Achievement Award. The film would make its world premiere at the film festival on September 16th. The two would attend the event and accept the awards.

Yuen Fu Wa said, "Thank you to the team, without everyone's persistence this film would not be able to overcome all the hardship during the pandemic and be completed." He also wanted to thank every actor who took part in the film, especially his on screen son Ng Siu Hin. "He is a smart actor, and even an actor who is very willing to contribute. Early in our preparation, he was already prepared to be a family with me, so during the official shoot building the father and son relationship was very easy." He also thanked director Au Cheuk Man. Whether discussing the screenplay or on the set the director would prove his trust with action and patiently listened to his suggestions, giving him a lot of space and degree of freedom to interpret this role.

Ng Siu Hin said that he was very grateful to thee film festival for this award. He said, "Being able to receive an award, of course I am happy and grateful. The honor belongs to Ben Gor (Yuen Fu Wa). He has always been very willing to teach me a lot. We have worked hard together on the movie, no matter what I wanted to do he would be supportive and conceive ideas. Thank you very much Ben Gor. Almost with every actor who has played my father in a movie, my father would like a photo with them. This movie happens to be about father and son, which has left the deepest experience, impression and joy with me. I hope this father and my father would get a photo together soon. Earlier I saw Ben Gor in an interview mentioned that I constantly played pranks on him, but he is always playing pranks on me too. He is always wearing a white tank top and saying that he looks a lot like Korean star Rain, I want to through this opportunity to tell Ben Gor, 'Not even a little!'"

The Broadway Cinematheque on September 7th would hold a STAND UP STORY stand up comedy special screening. This would be the center's first film and comedy cross over event. The audience would be treated to Hin Jai, local comedians Vivek Mahbubani and Tim Chan's live performance. Hin Jai said, "Stand up comedy is harder than a comedy film performance in that you have to make the audience feel that you are conversing with them, and also make them laugh. This time I would only have a few days to prepare. I would give my all to loosen up the audience and laugh a little, then they would enjoy my film STAND UP COMEDY."

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Carlos Chan and Bonnie Xian are happy to reunite

Carlos Chan, Bonnie Xian and Angus Yeung have a lot to talk about
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Carlos Chan, Bonnie Xian and Angus Yeung attend the ECHOES OF THE THUNDER premiere
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The Emperor Motion Picture ECHOES OF THE THUNDER (CHOOK JIN) two nights ago held its premiere. Stars Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Angus Yeung Tin Yue and Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai) attended. Chan Ka Lok said that the film wrapped up production around 5 years ago, mainly the post production computer graphics effects production required a very long time. Thus the release was arranged for now. Ka Lok said that in the film he and Tin Yue played race car drivers and had their share of car chases. However he himself has been a very safe driver. He would like to get a motorcycle license the most, unfortunately he took the test four or five times and failed. He even had to take his driver's test twice to pass. As for the racing scenes, he admitted that they were very stressful. He was afraid to crash while shooting the race. Tin Yue also said that he needed to drive a luxury sports car from the peak to race, the psychological pressure was also enormous.

Sin Sik Lai said that she was more mild mannered and rarely watched auto racing. Since finishing ECHOES OF THE THUNDER, she and Ka Lok have not seen each other in 5 years. Everyone were very happy to reunite. Ka Lok pointed out that before they were in the same company, but he forgot to invite her to his wedding. Would he invite her for his future baby's hundred day banquet? He said, "That's very far away, if there would be a hundred day banquet I would invite her then!"

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First runner up Lynn Wang, Miss Hong Kong Hilary Chong and second runner up Lovelle Wang

Crystal Fung's junior Hilary Chong wins the crown with her calm and composed performance

Carmaney Wong

Crystal Fung warns people of online scams as she is not qualified to teach online investment courses

Joey Leung is rumored to be seeing Charlene Choi's ex in secret for some time but declines to speak as she is in a hurry to be in the studio

Cindy Chan is smart enough to praise the judges and her elders

Hanna Wu 

Mayanne Mak may have been suffering sudden skin irritation

Hosts Joel Chan, Moses Chan, Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu joke that they would keep their distance from the candidates
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Joey Leung (right) declines media interviews but speaks to the red carpet host about her term coming to an end
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Hilary Chong remains the favorite despite all the negative news

AI host Evelyn Chan conducts a question and answer segment with the candidates

Hilary Chong (righ) converses with the AI created version of her 50 years from now, a segment that some online have called eerie

Lynn Wang is the first runner up and Miss Photogenic

Lovelle Wang is the second runner up

Favorite Juliana Kwok does not land in the top three but hopes to join show business

Mayanne Mak says that her red mark on her chest is from the lack of air conditioning at the studio and her laughing too hard.

Hosts Joel Chan, Moses Chan, Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu make frequent mistakes and gets tongue tied

Judge Cally Kwong's jewelry catches people's eyes
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Carmaney Wong is getting to know wealthy heir Jordan 

Crystal Fung and Tiffany Lau

Last year's Miss Friendship Sharon Ying, first runner up Cecca Xu, Miss Hong Kong Denice Lam and second runner up Joey Leung
courtesy of

The 2023 Miss Hong Kong Pageant took place last night at the Tseung Kwan O Television City. TVB tightly followed the technological trends and immersed artificial intelligence into the beauty pageant with the first AI Miss Hong Kong host in history. AI was also to create the candidates' ideal selves, so they would be able to converse with their AI senior versions of themselves. During the question and answer segment, also through AI technology the topics were personalized to increase the challenge for the candidates to compete over brains as well as beauty. Finally candidate 15 Hilary Chong with her calm and composed performance won the crown as the favorite, candidate 4 Lynn Wang was the first runner up and Miss Photogenic, and the second runner up was candidate 17 Lovelle Wang. Miss Friendship was candidate 8 Jenny Jiang.

This year's Miss Hong Kong pageant hosts were its first AI host Evelyn Chan Yuen Ngan along with TVB's top stars Moses Chan Ho, Ruco Chan Jin Pang, Joel Chan Shan Chung and Edwin Siu Jing Nam. Mayanne Mak Mei Yan and C Kwan were the swimwear question and answer segment guests. Guest performers included Mike Tsang Pei Tat, James Ng Yip Kwan, Oscar Tao, and candidates from STARS ACADEMY and MIDLIFE SHINE AND SING seasons 1 and 2.