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With work scheduled until next year, Wong Cho Nam will unlikely wed this year
Stephen Shiu Jr. says that it is hard to ask his friend's wife Angelina Zhang to be sexy
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Wong Cho Nam and Stephen Shiu Jr. two nights ago promoted their film DELETE MY LOVE (DELETE OI YUN) in Victoria Park. Cho Nam said that he and girlfriend Leanne Li already had Lunar New Year dinner with family and joked that he was already used to relatives rushing him about marriage. He said, "My answer is 'so close yet so far'! I plan to wed in 1 to 3 years, but this year's chances are slim because my work has already been scheduled until next year." He said that girls enjoyed planning a wedding so the preparation would take longer. He did not want to be too causal and upset his girlfriend. "I still haven't proposed yet, I have to have an idea first. I have a lot of ideas to come up with, the proposal idea is not the most urgent."

Stephen Shiu Jr. stated that Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga) was swept into a nude photo scandal and thus was prohibited from promoting the new film HONG KONG UNDERCOVER COP (MAN LUNG DUT GWING). Stephen Shiu Jr. two nights ago said that earlier during the film wrap he already told Cheung Woon Nga about the promotional ban. He was not afraid of being called "petty". "Cheung Woon Nga is only a guest star, with very little screen time. She doesn't need to promote the film nonstop." He reiterated that her sexy image did not match the action comedy, just like he would not ask her to promote animation. If Cheung Woon Nga dressed conservatively would she be able to participate? He said, "Her overall image, online content are sexier, next time when we have a sexy movie we will ask her to promote. Honestly it is somewhat awkward, she is my best friend (Mark Wu Yiu Fai)'s wife. It's very hard to ask your friend's wife to be sexy. Even if she is willing, I still hope it's someone else's work."


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Tony Leung Ka Fai and Kelly Chen Wai Lam participated in the CCTV Lunar New Year evening performance. They sang and danced as they performed HORSEPLAY (DOH MA GEI)'s theme song THE BEST NIGHT (JUI HO DIK YEH MAN). This was Leung Ka Fai's first on stage musical performance in 33 years. He said, "This was my first debut. It was also the first time I worked with Kelly on the stage." Kelly said that this performance took two months to prepare, from rehearsal to costume design nothing was spared. This was already her third CCTV Lunar New Year event. Due to the drama aside from singing and dancing, she was a little nervous.

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Chow Yun Fat takes a photo with Fat Soh and Donnie Yen's family
Chow Yun Fat
Joe Chen
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Today is the Lunar New Year's Day. The Lunar New Year film THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI ji DAI LAU TIN GUNG)'s "dream team" of Chow Yun Fat, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Joe Chen Chiao-En, and others recorded Lunar New Year greeting videos for the audience. The video also added Sing Sing's "Demon King Dance". For days, Chi Tan and Fat Gor traded verbal jabs at promotional events. Chi Tan said, "Everyone is just creating atmosphere. Fat Gor is humorous, I am very happy to be able to work with Fat Gor."

After the film's Hong Kong premiere, Chi Tan, Fat Gor, Sing Sing and others held Lunar New Year dinner. Fat Gor took pictures with Fat Soh and Chi Tan's family. The two families were very harmonious.


Karena Ng, Vincent Kok
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Karena Ng Chin Yu two nights ago attended an audience appreciation event for HELLO BABIES (LUK FUK HEI SI). Some of the film's shows had front rows that were sold already, as the film came under box office inflation suspicion. She said, "I can only do what an actor should, I hope more people would support Hong Kong comedy and for the film to be good box office. I am not sure about anything else." Raymond Lam Fung guest starred in the film, but because he was busy with a series Ng Chin Yu did not know if she would watch the film with him.

Lam Fung revealed that he has already bought a practical Valentine's Day gift to his girlfriend. Ng Chin Yu sweetly said, "I haven't prepared, which puts me under the gun. Luckily I still have several days to think about what to give. Lam Fung is too rich and has everything? Then this is a problem. Would I cook for him? After we are done it's done. I hope the gift I give can be kept." Lam Fung said that he would not pay his girlfriend's family a Lunar New Year visit. He would only call. Ng Chin Yu said, "My parents may not be in Hong Kong, calling elders with New Year greetings are OK too."

Earlier Ng Kwan Yu pointed out that the film had a lot of product placement. Vincent Kok Tak Siu said, "Product placement is real, do you think I want to? If I am as rich as KwanYu then it's fine. I too want to make 89 out of 90 minutes. Even Feng Xiaogang's AFTERSHOCK had life insurance product placement. Everyone would understand."


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Four Hong Kong Lunar New Year films THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI ji DAI LAU TIN GUNG), HELLO BABIES (LUK FUK HEI SI), GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) and FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) yesterday had a direct confrontation. Indeed reprising her GOLDEN CHICKEN role has made Sandra Ng Kwan Yu the "sole chicken success" and given herthe lead. As for 6PM yesterday, GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS had 339 shows and made HK$1,723,634. Opening early, Raymond Wong Pak Ming's HELLO BABIES had 240 shows and made $1,166,153. Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Chow Yun Fat and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's THE MONKEY KING had 242 shows and made 1,491,073; Fat Gor and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's FROM VEGAS TO MACAU had 280 shows and made 1,349,128.

Playing Muzha in THE MONKEY KING, Law Chung Him yesterday attended a promotion. Would he watch it with his rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung Yi? Him Jai said, "I would treat her, a few days off for the New Year are hard to come by. However we might not be able to go to the movies together because in the New Year I have to entertain relatives. (Will you and Yeung Yi pay each other New Year visits?) I don't know, I don't need to. Even if I go I can't handle it. Actually we artists have a group and discuss paying each other New Year visits, but with too many people it is very hard to accommodate." On the Lunar New Year's Eve he and Yeung Yi would attend a shopping center holiday event. He would even sing in public for the first time, which he was nervous about. He said, "She has never heard my singing, but the pressure isn't from her but from the numerous reporters there."


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The Sandra Ng Kwan Yu funded Lunar New Year film GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) called into all the favors. She admitted that many actors performed with taking a cent. Yesterday Edison Chen Koon Hei's costume in the film was unveiled, he only wore a pair of boxers and a Japanese robe, as well as a nostalgic wig. In the photo he seemed to be sucking in his gut, turning his original "playboy" image completely upside down. Making a sacrifice for the film, he said, "Happy New Year! Hurry up and see GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS!"


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For the Lunar New Year, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu originally would have enjoyed a Martini on the beach and watch her daughter swim; however, this year with her Lunar New Year film GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) of course she could not make any mistake. Thus she chose to stay in Hong Kong to promote. On the Lunar New Year's Day, Kwan Yu wrote "Golden Chicken Reports Joy" and posted the word "Fortune" in hopes for the new film to bring good news. She not only wished for monopoly for the chicken and rising box office but also for everyone to have good news after good news and for fortune and joy to both arrive.

This was not Kwan Yu's first time as a film producer. The first time was over a decade with 4 FACES OF EVE (SEI MIN HA WA), because it ended up in trouble she did not dare to put her name on the credit. Kwan Yu said that back then she was too naive as she paid for the entire film production. "When it ran out of money I put in my own. It cost over 8 million, ending up in total loss. (Did you lose all your own money?) Yes, it's all gone! Everyday at home with the checkbook in hand, I couldn't help but cry as I wrote checks to pay back other people. At the time my nickname was 'Check signing Eve'. Later I still had a 800,000 promotional bill to pay, I could only take it out of my own salary!" Kwan Yu was not afraid of the painful lesson as she produced again. With over 10 years of experience, she has seen and learned a lot. She said that she would do anything silly. Thus for GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS she called in favors from Best Actors and superstars Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Dayo Wong Chi Wa, Eason Chan Yik Shun and other guest stars without any salary or overtime, she even had a little money left to treat the workers to dinner. Kwan Yu said, "I only gave them a little lai see. Because of their worth and salary today, however much I gave them would be meaningless."

Did she feel she was lucky with people? Kwan Yu agreed that after years in the business she has built mutual trust. She said, "Cheung Ka Fai and I have never really worked together. Over a decade ago when we made THE TRICKY MASTER (CHIN WONG JI WONG 2000) we had no scene together. Our relationship might have been built on the fact that we both have a daughter and have a lot to talk about; we both like to watch movies and constantly encourage each other. Goo Jai's friendship is built over the last 5 years. Goo Jai is an introvert, a direct man who isn't apt at pleasantry. He just listens to me talk wholeheartedly. (Donnie) Yen Chi Tan is like Goo Jai, he speaks from the heart and doesn't dress anything up" As for Chan Yik Shun, Ng Kwan Yu joked that their relationship was built from years of asking him for concert tickets. She said, "He and I are both Leos, I understand why he would suddenly become emotional and upset. Actually he is very understanding and can read people. With all the pressure from his position in the music industry, becoming emotional suddenly is inevitable."


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Mark Wu
Ava Yu will spend the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong with her parents, while Jacquelin Chong will return home in Malaysia
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Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Ava Yu Kiu and director Mark Wu Yiu Fai two nights ago promoted their film HONG KONG UNDERCOVER COP (MAN LUNG DUT GWING) in Victoria Park. The film company due to Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga)'s nude photo incident that was too far from her film image prohibited her from attending HONG promotions. Wu Yiu Fai said that everyone knew that Cheung Woon Nga did not release the nude photos herself. Because the case was still under investigation, they were not at liberty to discuss much. Thus he would not comment on the film company's opinion. In addition he was in an awkward position as the film's director and Cheung Woon Nga's husband, he was not at liberty to talk. He could only say that actors were passive. As Cheung Woon Nga's husband, he could only comfort his wife. His wife was not too upset either.

Speaking of Anthony Wong Chau Sun's decision to drop out of the PAG presidential race, a member of Chau Sun's cabinet Chong Si Man said that Chau Sun has already answered to them. Chau Sun did not want all the colleagues to have too many misunderstanding. She absolutely would support his decision, happiness was the most important. Even though they were not a part of the PAG, it did not mean that they could not help the PAG. The cabinet was only formed initially and had no actual job. However everyone could still met as friends.

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Sam Hui looks for inspiration at sea
Sons Ryan (front) and Scott (back) will perform with Sam Hui
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After Paula Tsui Siu Fung's February and March concerts, another master class singer Sam Hui Koon Kit will perform three shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum during Easter. Earlier Sam and his sons Ryan and Scott went on location to Hawaii for the poster and promotional film shoot, then he borrowed organizer Lam Kin Ming's private yacht for a meeting with Mr. Lam and to look for inspiration at sea with his sons. The father and sons brought all their musical "gear" to the ship to enjoy some family time while working. Then they had a seafood feast and even jammed out songs, capturing a lot of video for the concert. Sam's older son Ryan was responsible for design like tee shirts and posters while Scott shot the promotional film.


Angelina Zhang's husband Mark Wu directs HONG KONG UNDERCOVER COP but she is banned from its promotion
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Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga) last night suddenly stated online that the film company China 3D Digital has prohibited her from attending any promotion of the film HONG KONG UNDERCOVER COP (MAN LUNG DUT GWING). The film company boss Stephen Shiu Jr. also stated that due to Cheung Woon Nga's earlier nude photo scandal, viewers could easily mistake the film for a sex film. He also did not want the promotional focus to be on this guest star. The statement also said that Cheung Woon Nga often claimed to be DUE WEST: OUR SEX JOURNEY (YUT LO HEUNG SAI)'s lead actress but she only participated in the shoot for one day. He hoped that she would clarify with clients to avoid any misunderstanding and legal responsibility.


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan earlier flew to Taiwan to promote his film with his wife Cissy Wang. They took the chance to meet with his former co-star Michelle Chen, who played host to them at the Italian restaurant that she and Joseph Cheng invested in. Yesterday Cissy Wang and Michelle Chen posted photos from the dinner online. Cissy also praised the food to advertise for the restaurant.

Lord Don yesterday on a radio interview said that as THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG)'s action director and actor, he often had to commute between two studios. His workload of course multiplied. He revealed that the most memorable scene was when Sun Wukong tried to save the poisoned Nine Tailed Fox by transforming and entering her body. He even stated to the director to shoot the scene in one take. Finally he performed by himself for 5 minutes and even imagined the scene.


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Sandra Ng's romance with the over the hill mob boss Nick Cheung has a nostalgic blues flavor
Sandra Ng, Ronald Cheng and Eric Tsang parody THE GRANDMASTER in HELLO BABIES
Chow Yun Fat remains the ageless wonder in FROM VEGAS TO MACAU
THE MONKEY KING has decent Dragon Palace and Heavenly Palace effects
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Among the Year of the Horse celebration, the Chinese film competition was the fiercest. Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung worked together on FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON); Fat Gor, Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI ji DAI LAU TIN GUNG); Sandra Ng Kwan Yu coupled with many hunks in the Hong Kong comedy GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS); and the annual Lunar New Year film from Raymond Wong Pak Ming, who worked with Ng Kwan Yu and Eric Tsang Chi Wai on HELLO BABIES (LUK FUK HEI SI). Which of the four Hong Kong films will be the first Year of the Hong Kong champion?

THE MONKEY KING and HELLO BABIES opened early yesterday. As of 5:59PM with advanced screenings, HELLO BABIES led with 1,114,516 and THE MONKEY KING made 858,945. HELLO led by a nose. After GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS and FROM VEGAS TO MACAU open today, the four Chinese films will officially face off. The 4 film's key actors will promote their films with audience appreciation events. Two nights ago Ng Kwan Yu and director Matthew Chow Hoi Kwong appeared in Mongkok for the GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS audience appreciation. Last night Karena Ng Chin Yu attended the Mongkok audience appreciation for HELLO BABIES.

Two nights ago Ng Kwan Yu received audience compliments that she was very hot in person. Chow Hoi Kwong led a chant of "Goddess" for Kwan Yu. In causal clothing Kwan Yu said that she felt very tired so she did not push up her chest in support. Chow Hoi Kwong said that if the box office reached 38 million, Kwan Yu would put on the 38G fake chest again. Kwan Yu promised, "Good, with good box office I will put on the 38G for all to take pictures and to touch." She joked that her 38G figure was fake but attracted response from around the world. She revealed that boyfriend Peter Chan Ho Sun was also curious about her 38G figure. During the shoot he deliberately visited the Lautau Island location for a preview. Kwan Yu said, "He was very happy, after the shoot when I removed it, he looked left and right like he was watching an animal. He even told me not to take it off."

As for FROM VEGAS TO MACAU, Director Wong Jing arranged for Ting Fung to get on his knees to plead with Fat Gor to make him his disciple. He joked that few in the world would Ting Fung be willing to kneel to, Wong Jing deliberately called Fat Gor "Invincible" in the film. He too wanted to be invincible during the Lunar New Year slot.


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The Pang Ho Cheung directed film ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI) gathered Louis Koo Tin Lok, Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Ng Man Tat and Carlo Ng Ka Lok. Earlier the star shot a production special and Lunar New Year greetings. They arrived at different times. Chin Wa helplessly carried big tangerines and posed with the poster. Chin Wa said that she did not have any New Spring plan as she was already very pleased with being with her family. Leung Wing Kei during the production special shoot ran into Pang Ho Cheung's sudden appearance. They picked up Lunar New Year banners for a funny photo together.


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing loves film. In recent years he has asked himself not to repeat similar subject films in a year. Now he would personally choose his scripts. Sing Sing also would like to try directing. He said, "I never thought about switching to directing, directing to me has always been a dream. I am in no hurry to do it." Sing Sing said that he only hoped to do his best and thus would not mind spending time to achieve this. Actually he has already been preparing for awhile, and even found a young screen writer that he got along with to write the script. When would he make this film? He joked 2046. When he directs, the production may take longer than Wong Kar Wai's.


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Jeana Ho, Wilson Chin, Ava Yu
Wong Bo Bo cannot worry about Johnson Lee's rumors
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The film LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI OI YEH PO 3) after 4 weeks in release made 8 million. Producer Wilson Chin Kwok Wai two nights ago led Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Ava Yu Kiu and "Spring Roll" Wong Bo Bo to attend the celebration. With DaDa Chan Jing's resignation, did Jeana become the good luck charm? Jeana said that the matter was already in the past. She and DaDa were as close as sisters. Although their goals were different, they still head toward theirs all the same. Would finding a boyfriend not make her even happier? She was resistant. "No! No! No! I don't like boyfriends, I enjoy the single life very much. Sometimes I can play with dogs and drink with friends." Jeana also admitted that LAN KWAI FONG series brought her a lot of money making opportunities. Now she is saving money to invest in stocks or for property down payment.

Yu Kiu helplessly said that earlier she was a guest performer at a government event. The details were already confirmed. Yet the event in the end said that she was a category III star due to her LAN KWAI FONG 3 performance and was rejected. Yu Kiu said, "The film is only category IIB, in addition I came to sing and not perform anything else. (Are you unhappy?) I actually felt like I was abandoned, didn't the government say it supports the film industry? However I can't force other people to want me. LAN has given me so much. I am proud of myself for LAN. (Do you feel you were discriminated again?) Of course! However the event didn't pay so there was no discrimination." Next time she would write down Adason Lo (Law Lik Wai)'s girlfriend. She joked, "Now it's the best of course to stick to elder (Julian) Cheung Chi Lam."

Claiming to be single for a long time, Wong Bo Bo's rumored boyfriend Johnson Lee was linked in rumors with Joey Man Yi Man due to work. She said, "OK, good! (You don't mind?) I can't mind too much, every time a different stories with different people comes up, but other people have to come out and meet new friends. (You were caught furniture shopping?) Friends can go out for dinner, when other people say to check out furniture, do I say no? That's not good! We are very good friends."


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Philip Keung, Patrick Tam, Francis Ng, Simon Yam and Mark Cheng share Poon Choi
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The film CHUNG FUNG CHEH (HEAVY ARMORED VEHICLE) starred Francis Ng Chun Yu, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Patrick Tam Yiu Man and Mark Cheng Ho Nam. Earlier they completed their final scene together. The crew prepared the Yuen Long famous Poon Choi, a bowl of chicken, duck, fish and vegetable that symbolized perfection. Yam Tat Wa who normally did not eat greasy food joined in and even used his own cooking utensils when he cooked noodles to share with everyone. Ng Chun Yu brought his high quality tea leaves from home to share. The four shared a common interest, during makeup they often looked at their tablet computer to see if they could find anything new online to buy. Yam Tat Wa and Ng Chun Yu would lead the shopping tour, only Cheng Ho Nam was the most able to hold back. During the spring festival holiday the film would stop production. Yam Tat Wa would spend the New Year in Shanghai with his wife and daughter. The other three would also welcome the New Year with their families overseas.

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[2014.01.29] SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 2014

For Saturday, January 25 2014

  Can : Juk Jap
  Joey Yung Cho Yi

  Can : Yi Nung
  Pakho Chau

  Can : Ta But Dung
  Jason Zhang Jie

  Can : Gui Yun
  Danny One (Wan Lik Ming)

11 WHO
  Can : Shui
  Ken Hung Cheuk Lap

  Can : Jung Dik Ga Dik
  Matilda Tao Ching Ying

  Can : Fun Sau Suet Oi Nei
  Kimberley Chen

  Can : Chet Lor Dik Bei Muk
  Sandy Lam Yik Lin

  Can : Si Guong
  Alfred Hui Ting Hung

  Can : Ngor Wai Nei Gor Cheung
  Wanting Qu

  Can : Nei Joi But Yiu Seung Hei Ngor
  Hebe Tien (Tin Fuk Yun)

  Can : Bo Bo

  Can : Loi Long Jeh Ji Gor
  Cheer Chen Yi Jing

  Can : Mei Jip Loi Din
  Yang Naiwen (Yeung Nai Man)

  Can : Mei Siu Yi Hau
  Jane Zhang Liangying

[2014.01.29] FOR THE WEEK ENDING JANUARY 26 2014

For the week ending January 26 2014
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

  Can : Si Yun Ding Jai
    d. Feng Xiaogang
    Ge You, Bai Baihe, Li Xiaolu, Zheng Kai, Fan Wei, Song Dandan,
      Li Chengru, Miao Pu, Jackie Chan, Wang Baoqiang
  Rating : I
  Length : 117 mins.
  Opening January 23 2014

  Wish planner Yang Chong, lovescape designer Xiao Bai, dreamscape rebuilder Xiao Lu, and the Soul anesthesiologist Ma Qing form the company "Personal Tailor", the business of which is to "fulfill the dreams of others". They specialize in tailoring "dream fulfillment projects" for different clients. No matter how complicated the client's daydream is and how strict the demands are, the "Dream Fulfillment Four" never turn anyone away. They are willing to satisfy any of their client's needs, just like the company slogan: "For others, we make ourselves sick"!

  Can : Chun Oi Ching Yun Mung
    d. Takahiro Miki
    Jun Matsumoto, Juri Ueno
  Rating : I
  Length : 129 mins.
  Opening January 9 2014

  Kosuke due to work runs into his former classmate Mao, who has lost all of her memories before age 13 and sometimes would walk naked down the street. Once made fun of at school, Mao's only defender is Kosuke. Gradually Kosuke and Mao develop a light romance. Yet as Kosuke changed school, their romance ended. Running into each other 10 years later, Mao has already turned into a beautiful and capable woman. They rapidly fall back in love and wed. After marriage their life is perfect, but something strange often happens at home. Then one day, Mao leaves without saying goodbye! Kosuke in order to find his wife decides to visit Mao's parents but discovers her secret...

  Can : HEI OI YEH PO 3
    d. Wilson Chin Kwok Wai
    Whitney Hui Yik Nei, Ava Yu Kiu, Jeana Ho Pui Yu,
      Celia Kwok Wing Yi, Alex Lam Tak Shun, Jason Chan Pak Yu,
      Christine Ng Wing Mei, Charles Ying Cheung Yau, Bob Lam Sing Bun,
      Connie Man Hoi Ling, Calinda Chan Yuen Wai,
      Barbie Liu (Ha Wai Yu), Karen Lam Chi Ka
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 93 mins.
  Opening January 2 2014

  On a weekend evening in 2013, Sara, Jeana and Papa gather at Lan Kwai Fong and march into night spots with swagger.

  With her foreign girl personality, Jolie's companions resemble the United Nations. Frequently changing, she refuses to seriously date. Night spot boss lady and cousin May spoils her and constantly plays matchmaker wit her and night spot manager Jacky. Although he already has a live in girlfriend Jeana, their relationship has already turned into purely roommates. Jacky grows fond of Jolie due to her resemblance to his former girlfriend......

    d. Lee Daniels
    Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack, Jane Fonda

    d. Ding Sheng
    Jackie Chan, Liu Ye, Jing Tian, Huang Bo,
      Zhang Lanxin, Wang Zhifei, Zhang Xiaoning, Guli Nazha
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 110 mins.
  Opening December 24 2013 in Malaysia
  Opening January 16 2014

  At night, in a large bar on a busy street, all of its clients are taken hostage. Among them are a cop Zhong Wen and his daughter Miao Miao, as well as a group of strangers who seem familiar......the hostage taker is the bar boss Wu Jiang, who uses the hostages to demand the release of a criminal with a long prison term. What motivates him to take such a risk? When the criminal arrives to the scene, the police faces an even greater danger and thus stirs up a kidnapping case that has been gathering dust for years......

    d. John Lee Hancock
    Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Colin Farrell

  Can : Ngok Jin
  Lit : Mean War
  AKA : Ma Wing Jing
    d. Wong Ching Po
    Philip Ng Won Lung, Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Jiang Luxia, Michelle Hu
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 95 mins.
  Opening January 9 2014 in Malaysia
  Opening January 16 2014

  In the early 20th century, labourers from all over the country were rushing to the flourishing city of Shanghai. Ma Yongzhen, a youthful man from Shandong, arrive at this prosperous city working as a dock labourer. He moves to Shanghai in the hopes of becoming rich. But ends up using his kung fu skills to survive against the evil Japanese.

    d. Dan Fogelman
    Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline

    d. Ben Stiller
    Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Shirley MacLaine,
      Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Sean Penn

  Can : Gau For Ying Hung
  Lit : Firefighting Heroes
  AKA : Dut Jung Gau Woon Ying Hung
  Lit : Special Rescue Heroes
  AKA : Special Rescue Squad
    d. Derek Kwok Chi Kin
    Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Shawn Yue Man Lok,
      Simon Yam Tat Wa, Hu Jun,
      Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), William Chan Wai Ting,
      Deep Ng Ho Hong, Liu Kai Chi,
      Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Bai Bing,
      Chin Kar Lok, Michael Tong Man Lun, Vinz Sze Cho Nam
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 115 mins.
  Opening January 2 2014
  Official Site :

  The bond of brotherhood is always stronger when you can be pitched into a life and death situation at any time and the only thing that gets you through the inferno is the trust that your brother will have your back. The firefighters of Hong Kong’s Pillar Point division who are expecting a quiet night to see off their retiring chief find their faith in each other stretched to the limits when a small fire at a liquor warehouse threatens to plunge the whole of Hong Kong into darkness if it spreads to a nearby power plant supplying natural gas. Politics, rivalry, and suspicion all come into play when dubious decisions are made, warnings are ignored and colleagues start to fall. Can the Pillar Point brotherhood survive the night, if not the fire, with their trust in each other intact?