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King Kong recently in the Wilson Chin Kwok Wai directed film TOI BUT YEH PO TUEN (TAIPEI NIGHT TOUR) played a gay mob boss. Earlier he shot a lap dance scenes. In the film King Kong did not like women dancing for him. In the end he asked a group of men to strip down to underwear and pole dance for him.

Chin Kwok Wai said that King Kong changed his genre for his girlfriend Yuri Chan. "Earlier a sex video spread like crazy online, how could the lead actor be King Kong? After he met Yui Yui he became very tamed. He even changed his genre for his girlfriend. When I asked him to make TOI, he was only willing after he learned that his character was gay. Then he did not have any contact with women. He truly was watching himself. He said that now two women were keeping a close eye on them, Yui Yui and (Elaine) Lok Yi Ling."


Julian Cheung
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan earlier attended the press conference for IP MAN 3, which will start production early next year. The film investment would reach 200 million yuan RMB. Chi Tan admitted that he had no pressure from playing Ip Man for the third time. He was confident that the box office would be able to surpass its two predecessors.

In addition, two days ago a shopping center's roof collapsed and sprang a leak as it turned into the "House of Dancing Water". Some online thought of Chi Tan and Simon Yam Tat Wa's new film THE ICEMAN 3D (BING FUNG HUP CHUNG SUN ji MOON) and jokingly asked if it was the film company's promotional method. Julian Cheung Chi Lam will perform the film's Cantonese theme song, while Jam Hsiao (Siu King Tung) will perform the Mandarin version.


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The 2014 first large scale crime film THAT DEMON WITHIN (MOR GAING) will open next month. In one major scene the mentally disturbed Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) was in pursuit of Andy Tien (On Chi Kit). Because they lost control on their vehicles they rammed into a gas station and exploded. Emperor Motion Pictures spent HK$3.5 million to construct a gas station to be destroyed during the shoot.

In the film THAT DEMON WITHIN the mentally disturbed Ng Yin Cho suspected a fellow cop On Chi Kit to be a traitor, thus began chasing him. Finally the vehicle lost control and crashed into a gas station to cause a big explosion.

For the scene the film company invested 7 million, 3.5 million was used to build an extremely realistic gas station.

Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin said that it was very hard to borrow a gas station for an explosion scene. "We spent a month to build the gas station, the gas pipes, signs, food, cash registers were all real. The beverage bottles alone numbered in 160 boxes." The gas station was so real that some drivers thought a real gas station was on fire.

Because the car crash had to trigger an explosion and almost destroy the entire gas station, signs fell, the roof caved in and glasses shattered. The director joked that after the shoot, the crew did not need to clean up because Ng Yin Cho and On Chi Kit destroyed everything.

Ng Yin Cho revealed that this scene was his final scene. He had to trigger all the emotions that he suppressed and accumulated since the production began, but as the same time had to keep the demon down as he tried to save On Chi Kit. Because of the explosion and subsequent fire, this scene at most could only have two takes. Emotionally he had to express polarizing performance, to Ng Yin Cho it was an extremely huge challenge. In the end he of course could complete it successfully.

On Chi Kit had to suffer a lot of physical pain. The fire was raging and next to On Chi Kit were many dangerous items like glass shrapnel, embers, and miscellaneous items. Although they took the full safety precautions the shoot was still dangerous. In the scene Ng Yin Cho dragged him out of the car window. After the shoot he realized that his back was all bruised. Yet to complete the shoot he tolerated it. On Chi Kit had to sleep on his front the next few nights.


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Kitman Mak often toured with Leslie Cheung
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Today is the 11th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. Fans would hold a "Reliving those good old days -- Leslie in Concert" event at the Academic Community Hall. At night highlight from the 1986, 88, and 89 Cheung Kwok Wing concerts would be shown. Tang Oi Lam would narrate. 1989 Cheung Kwok Wing concert guest Kitman Mak would perform with Gor Gor tonight.

Cheung Kwok Wing revealed that before his rise to fame, Kitman Mak took the initiative to greet him. He was reminded of "Sister Six" who raised him. Kitman Mak said, "Cheung Kwok Wing was a confidant. When I heard the news of his passing back then, I collapsed."

Kitman Mak remembered Cheung Kwok Wing in a white tank top and performed Cantonese opera during rehearsal. He also took her to the casino and helped her win over HK$100,000.

The Huang Xiaoming and Fan Bingbing starred WHITE HAIRED WITCH OF THE LUNAR KINGDOM (BAK FAT MOR NUI JUEN ji MING YUET TIN GOK) will open in May. The film company spent six figures to purchase Cheung Kwok Wing's original theme song RED CHEEKS WHITE HAIR rights to remember him. Both leads felt that they seemed to have Cheung Kwok Wing's blessing. Huang Xiaoming continued, "Cheung Kwok Wing is a forever idol, I have no intention of cloning or surpassing this classic. However I am very happy to play a character that he played."

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Huang Xiaoming recently has been busy with the John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed new film THE CROSSING (TAI PING LUN). The film also starred Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo), Zhang Ziyi, Song Hye-Kyo, Masami Nagasawa. Xiaoming and Song Hye-Kyo had many scenes together. Song Hye-Song has been practicing her Putonghua in order to set off sparks with Xiaoming.

Xiaoming at the end of 2012 fell from 3 meters during wire work on his film WHITE HAIRED WTICH OF THE LUNAR KINGDOM (BAK FAT MOR NUI JUEN ji MING YUET TIN GOK) and shattering two left toes. In the end he had to have a surgery to put in six metal pins into his left foot. Although the accident left him shaken from dangerous stunts, he did not watch himself while working on THE CROSSING. Despite the team's suggestions for a double in the film's dangerous explosion scenes, Xiaoming chose to personally perform them. After the explosion his expression remained unchanged. His manager said, "Although he had an accident before, he wanted the shoot to be more professional so he did the stunts himself."


"I spent my birthday with my husband, enjoying the Hong Kong scenery on the tram."
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Last week the Hong Kong International Film Festival opened, media from all over Asia gathered.

The Pang Ho Cheung directed ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI) was the opening film, we actors also worked hard to promote the film. That day I attended four events and was very busy. First was the afternoon press conference, then the Wanchai Convention Center film festival opening ceremony and the first premiere meeting; then to Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Center for the second premiere. After the movie I went to a restaurant for the celebration and the media, here I thank the event for presenting a cake to celebrate my birthday in advance.

Although the schedule for the day was very tough, it was worth everything. In particular after working hard on a film, the anticipation to watch the film on the silver screen was like the frustration and the anticipation of opening a new toy that you bought but could not open yet! On this day, finally we saw the finished product. The media was very interested as well. The premiere was filled with friends. Wave after wave of scenes that made people applaud left me very touched. Ultimately this was the director's hard work over 7 years, I was truly happy for him.

On the silver screen before the end credits rolled, I was emotional partly because of the film's theme of letting go touching me, partly because I was proud of being able to give everyone a Hong Kong themed film in the place that I grew up in despite making few Hong Kong films in recent years. Through this opportunity I again want to thank Pang Ho Cheung for his trust, he handed part of the responsibility of a script that he has toiled over for years to me; the director said that 5 years ago he already wanted to make this film, but he felt that he and the script were not ready. Last year he felt it was time to officially begin production; he described these things required waiting. I too was thinking, if he asked me 5 years ago, I knew that at the time I was not at my best either to play this character Kwok Yan Yan. This character might not be in my hands either. Luckily ABERDEEN and I crossed path at this suitable moment and left a beautiful video record.

In order to grasp the freshness of the film the media had from just watching the film, a few days after the world premiere we went through hellish media interviews, the tidal waves of scheduling left people almost exhausted. By chance the next day was my birthday, luckily the promotional company understood and accurately returned me to my husband on time before the work day ended. I was able to take a ride on a surprise tram party with my husband and friends. Thank you Hubby for everything that you have done for me, so I (along with 20 friends on the tram) was able to have the first tram party in my life. It was like I went onto the model streets in ABERDEEN, traversing through streets of Hong Kong old districts like Sheung Wan, Wan Chi and North Point and enjoying the beautiful Hong Kong night view with friends.

This week I have too much that I want to share, too much that are memorable and too much that are sentimental. My birthday was also the day when my friend of many years Mr. Cheung Yiu Wing suddenly passed away. I remember how he brought me to step foot on the Hong Kong Coliseum stage for my first concert; I remember how he took care of everything off stage, keeping me company from full dress rehearsal to 3AM; I remember for every concert he would ask with more excitement than me, "Gigi, are you happy?" I remember his generosity, optimism and selflessness! Father of concerts, we forever respect you and forever miss you!

My past week had both joy and sorrow, such was life. From Pang Ho Cheung's attitude toward, from Sergio's selflessness to bring joy to others, from Mr. Cheung's fall of a giant who fulfilled people's dreams, I saw the passion of life. Thank you all!



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Joey Yung starred in the 2012 DIVA, which was well responded to
Chapman To was once like a brother to Andy Lau, but later they rarely work together
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Joey Yung Cho Yi and Chapman To Man Chak two nights ago were both guests at Ronald Ng Lok Sing's concert. Joey performed again after healing her voice, while Ah Jat and Ng Lok Sing both were Diocesan Boy's School alumni so he went on stage to create atmosphere. He chose to sing Yung Cho Yi's AVOIDING YOU and said, "This song is dedicated to Joey because earlier our boss (Albert) Yeung Sau Sing made a movie and said that he would make her Best Actress. However she didn't win but I won Best Actor. She just realized that I tricked her, I chose this song in hopes that she wouldn't run into a jerk like me every again in her lifetime."

Ah Jat indeed successfully had the audience holding their sides from laughing, but enraged Joey to open fire online yesterday. "Democracy Hero To Man Chak, I have always done my part. When people gave me opportunities I would grasp it hard. When I made DIVA it was never for Best Actress, but as an adult, when will you learn not to stir up trouble, not step on others to prop yourself high. I have helped me and I thank you, but you with your way with words has not only hurt others more than once for fun. I really can tolerate it anymore, no matter how you learn to package your image, you are the only person I despise in show business. Tigers can't just their stripes, even Buddha can have rage." Joey who has always laughed off any rumor and storm this time truly was enraged. A joke in the eyes of others touched a nerve with her.

Reportedly boss Yeung Sau Sing was also very tense about Joey's rage and asked their manager Mani Fok Man Hei to comfort Joey. Ah Jat rapidly apologized online. "Last night at my high school classmate Ng Lok Sing's concert, I in order to strengthen the atmosphere without careful consideration told a joke that I shouldn't have told. Now I in the most sincere manner apologize to Ms. Yung Cho Yi. In my life I have never said anything that I have regretted. This was the only exception because I cherish this friendship very much. Thank you for giving me the title of 'Democracy Hero', from now on I would continue to speak up about social injustice. As for other nonsensical jokes, after this incident I would tell less. I am not asking for your forgiveness, I just hope that everything is fine with you! Sorry!"

Later Ah Jat again posted, "As a comedy actor, of course being funny in the most important! However, sometimes for effect I would hurt someone and not know it. Actually that's not good. Not to mention, if I really hope to be an artist who is able to uphold justice and serve the people, I should watch more words more carefully to ensure my own credibility. With this incident, I should properly examine myself. This not only insulted friends but also my own post. From now on I should be more careful."

Manager Mani Fok Man Hei believed that it was a misunderstanding, the Ah Jat that she knew would not build his own happiness on others' pain. Yet she admitted that her heart ached for the easy going Joey who got hurt. As a manager she could only hope to resolve the knots in their hearts.

Joey's mood did not seem to improve. Last night at the second concert Ah Jat did not want to affect the concert and was absent. Joey arrived and did not accept any interview. She only waved to the media and fans before going in to prepare. Actually two nights ago Joey was in a good mood before Ah Jat took the stage. Her performance remained stable after her vocal cord damage. She even said to fans that she was finally healed after 3 months of rest and thanked everyone for their support.

To Man Jat often insulted people, as many artists like Andy Lau Tak Wa, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and others in the business once had disputes with him. He and Lau Tak Wa were friendly before. When Ah Jat wed Krystal Tin Yui Nei, Lau Tak Wa and Ng Kwan Yu were their best man and maid of honor. Lau Tak Wa even rented a mansion to him at a friendly rate. Later because Lau Tak Wa declined to invest on the ISABELLA sequel, Ah Jat turned on Lau Tak Wa and even the mansion; he also insulted Ng Kwan Yu before, but in recent years Ah Jat has become much more reserved and their relationship was repaired.

Ah Sa earlier revealed that when she was with Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, To Man Jat called her a bitch over the phone, which enraged her to the point that he was invisible to her. Once they were on the same flight, Ah Jat apologized to her and she forgave him.

Ah Jat and Wong Chau Sun have already had a grudge. Earlier because of Chief Executive C.Y. Leung's daughter online war of words, Wong Chau Sun took a jab at To Man Chak that he had no friend and that they would never work together again. Tin Yui Nei joined the fray to protect her husband.


The Grasshoppers met Leslie Cheung at their mentor Anita Mui's concert
So Chi Wai and Choy Yat Chi cannot hide their excitement over free lunch from Leslie Cheung
Choy Yat Kit reprises Leslie Cheung's memorable karaoke performance
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With April 1st approaching, April Fool's Day no longer stirs up much of a response. For the past 10 years April 1st would bring up "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. This April 1st would be the 11th anniversary of Gor Gor's passing. As this day grew closer, his classic films often appeared on television and songs on the radio.

Many artists' memories of Gor Gor have always been shared and over the past 10 years have often been relived. Earlier on the bus Roadshow's Grasshoppers special Our GRASSHOPPERS happened to air the episode titled FOREVER GOR GOR. They shared the first time they met Gor Gor, out of the blue going to his home for a meal and singing karaoke with him; with their vivid descriptions the show was very attractive. On the 11th anniversary of Gor Gor's passing, the younger generation's memories of their days with this superstar brought back countless reminiscence.

The Grasshoppers met Gor Gor at their mentor Anita Mui Yim Fong's 1986 concert. Gor Gor was her guest. They grabbed Gor Gor for a photo backstage. Choy Yat Chi revealed that once with So Chi Wai barged their way into Gor Gor's Repulse Bay home, because Gor Gor once generously said that they could visit his home when they had time. They went sunbathing in Repulse Bay and passed by Gor Gor's home. They daringly pressed a door bell. A maid opened the door, the Gor Gor appeared in slippers, a white tank top, shorts and a bath robe as he descended from the 2nd floor.

Gor Gor asked why they would visit? They said that they went sunbathing in Repulse Bay and paid him a visit on the way. They did not expect Gor Gor to say that they could sunbath on his roof, where he normally did and no one could see. Later Gor Gor asked if they ate. Ah Chi and So Chi Wai said that they did not have lunch, so Gor Gor asked them to dine together. They still could not hide their excitement over 20 years later for Gor Gor's free lunch.

Ah Chi also said that later at a Hong Kong Coliseum performance, when they chatted with Gor Gor backstage he reminded him that he should have his own song. Ah Chi said that he did not know how to write a song, and Gor Gor immediately hummed a melody. He said that for a singer the most important for song writing was feeling, once recorded that was it. Because of the encouragement he wrote more songs. He also recorded with many singers, Gor Gor was the only one who did not need to look at the lyrics in the studio because he already committed it to his memory.

Choy Yat Kit also shared his karaoke days with Gor Gor. He remembered Gor Gor sang WHY NOT BORN A WOMAN. Normally when they sang karaoke they would stand in front of the monitor and watch it as they sang. Gor Gor however propped his leg up for a pose and sang, which stunned them as they felt like they were at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Ah Kit even demonstrated Gor Gor's pose that day, to him it was extremely unforgettable.

OUR GRASSHOPPERS had 15 episodes, each ran around 5 to 6 minutes. The program began with the Grasshoppers' childhood and had some valuable memories like at the Grasshoppers' Kowloon City home, when many superstars like Mui Yim Fong and Roman Tam (Law Man) visited. They would paint their faces and go crazy; memories did not have to be sad.


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Tomorrow (April 1) will be the 11th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. In the past 10 years, "Gor fans" in rain or in storm folded origami cranes for their idols to send well wishes to the faraway Cheung Kwok Wing. This year is no exception. A group of Japanese fans folded 912 origami cranes, each one with what they wanted to say to Gor Gor as they told Gor Gor "Love You Forever"!

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Chapman To Man Chak and adult video actresses Maiko Yuuki, Anri Okita, Yui Tatsumi and others earlier were guests on the program Film Montage. Ah Jat excitedly said that in NAKED AMBITION 3D (3D HO CHING) working with many adult video actresses opened his eyes. "Their bodies don't seem to belong to them but to the audience." Ah Jat said that Hong Kong had many restrictions on film production. "I am the most afraid of co-stars accusing you of salted pork knuckle and salted pork tongue (taking advantage). Before the shoot you had to come to an agreement with your co-stars and follow through during the shoot. There is a lot to keep in mind. Yet with adult video actresses, I would say later I would touch their chest they instead would feel it was very strange. (Would the audience only focus on the nude scenes?) Their focus is right, To Man Chak's movies have always been so superficial and pointless, full of entertainment value but not much special message to deliver. Being funny is the most important for a comedy!"


Ronald Ng
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Cheung Yiu Wing produced over 1500 concerts in his life
Joey Yung
Andy Hui
Ho Lai Chuen host the ceremony
Edmond Leung, Miriam Yeung
Chapman To, Jordan Chan
First wife Law Kwai Chu
Cheung Yiu Wing's daughter Cheung Lai Fong and second wife Chan Yuet Kwai
Cheung Wing Hong is applying for the hearse to stop by the Hong Kong Coliseum backstage parking lot on the day of the funeral
Second son Cheung Wing Keung
Third son Cheung Wing Sun
Fourth son Cheung Wing Tat
Cheung Wing Hong's wife Fonny misses her father in law
Ronald Ng's concert leaves Cheung Yiu Wing's favorite seat under the control room for him and arranges for his first wife and son to be seated next to him
Kelly Chen remembers Uncle Yiu Wing with FAVORITE CONCERT and gets choked up
Kelly Chen's son Shrimp Dumpling Kid with her manager Claudie Chung
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"Father of Concerts" Cheung Yiu Wing earlier passed away from heart disease at the age of 82. His industry friends were shocked and saddened. Cheung Yiu Wing's Yiu Wing Entertainment continued operation and participated in producing the Ronald Ng Lok Sing concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum last night. Cheung Yiu Wing's wife, children and a group of performers including Joey Yung Cho Yi, Twins, Andy Hui Chi On as well as working partners before the show held a simple yet elegant memorial cremony backstage at the Hong Kong Coliseum for Cheung Yiu Wing. They held a moment of silence, presented white chrysanthemum and his favorite soft drink. The mood was somber. A seat was held for Cheung Yiu Wing at the venue. The Hong Kong Coliseum was almost Cheung Yiu Wing's second home. His family is applying for roadside ceremony for the hearse to arrive at the Hong Kong Coliseum backstage parking lot on the day of the funeral.

The memorial ceremony took place around 5:30PM, Cheung Yiu Wing's family included his first wife Law Kwai Chu, second wife Chan Yuet Kwai, son Cheung Wing Hong, Cheung Wing Keung, Chueng Wing Sun and Cheung Wing Tat, daughter Cheung Lai Fong, daughter in law Fonny and others arrived early to organize. Singers Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Twins, Hui Chi On, Edmond Leung Hong Man, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Chapman To Man Chak, Yung Cho Yi and other arrived as well.

His first wife greeted and shook hands with everyone. Ho Lai Cheun host the ceremony. "Uncle Yiu Wing was an elder we respected very much. Several days ago he passed away peacefully at home. He was the father of concerts. I hope through this opportunity to eulogize Uncle Yiu Wing." The entire venue had a moment of silence. Then Cheung Yiu Wing's biggest son Cheung Wing Hong presented white chrysanthemum first. Singers, friends and family took turn presenting flowers and the soft drink that Cheung Yiu Wing had to have everyday. His daughter Cheung Lai Fong broke down out of heartbreak. Ho Lai Chuen said that Cheung Yiu Wing was not happy without cola in his life.

Cheung Wing Hong and his wife Fonny said that later they will have a press release to announce th funeral committee and the pallbearer list. Reportedly they were applying for the hearse to drive into the Hong Kong Coliseum backstage parking lot on the day of Cheung Yiu Wing's funeral, for their father to have a final stop on his journey of life and return to his beloved Hong Kong Coliseum. Fonny admitted that they were waiting to hear back from the Hong Kong Coliseum. She said, "(Sam) Hui Koon Kit's concert would take place that day, the organizer had no problem with the arrangement of the hearse driving in the Hong Kong Coliseum. Right now we are waiting to hear back from the Hong Kong Coliseum. The Hong Kong Coliseum was Cheung Yiu Wing's second home, which never changed in rain or in storm over the years. His family has already calmed down. Mother in law is very strong. Although we are reluctant to part with him, when we remember that he went without any pain it was his and our blessing. (Did Uncle Cheung Yiu Wing had any unfulfilled wish? Like producing anyone's concert?) He wanted to help everyone, but he passed too soon. He didn't learn any wish."

Yung Cho Yi was late. She first spoke with Mrs. Cheung then presented flowers. She said that she asked if Mrs. Cheung would watch the concert. Mrs. Cheung said that she definitely would because her husband would too. She even said that Cheung Yiu Wing liked the Hong Kong Coliseum more than home, a spot was saved for him in the venue. Joey also praised Uncle Cheung Yiu Wing for his professionalism. At work he was very involved and worthy of everyone's respect.

A concert of Ng Lok Sing's work opened at the Hong Kong Coliseum last night. The event reserved Cheung Yiu Wing's favorite seat under the control room for him and even placed his favorite cola there. His first wife Law Kwai Chu and son Cheung Wing Hong sat next to his seat. When the show opened, Patrick Lui Yau Fai and Joey Tang Kin Ming performed FRIEND as a salute. They said, "With everyone's applause we want to thank the 'Father of Concerts' Mr. Cheung Yiu Wing. He really liked the cheer, so we chose to dedicate this song to him." The entire audience applauded as photos of Uncle Yiu Wing with singers were shown on the screen. When they finished, Cheung Wing Hong bowed to them in appreciation.

Ng Lok Sing appeared with blond hair and red shirt, as well as a conductor's baton. Kelly Chen Wai Lam performed FAVORITE CONCERT first and dedicated it to Uncle Yiu Wing. She was choked up as she spoke. "Cheung Yiu Wing produced many favorite concerts for Hong Kong people, I believe everyone here want to say thank you to him." Her son Shrimp Dumpling Kid was also on hand with her manager Claudie Chung Chun and her maid. Whn she performed her second song LAVENDER, the stage was lowered early but she continued to perform with only half of her on the stage.