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Sister Do opens her own channel for THE DO SHOW, inviting Chow Yun Fat to be her first guest.

Sister Do gives Fat Gor a hug as soon as they see each other

Fat Gor and Sister Do have worked together countless times, like in the 1980 TVB series THE FAMILY

Fat Gor takes a team on hikes every morning, even Sister Do wants to join the "Fat Gor hiking team"
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Carol Cheng Yui Ling has became a YouTuber and opened her own channel program THE DO SHOW. Her first guest was her classic partner Chow Yun Fat. The program was posted yesterday and in 9 hours had over 20,000 views. Fat Gor and Sister Do talked about their past and shared their life experience. He suddenly expressed his love to Sister Do, despite all her experience she too was under Fat Gor's spell, messed up her original question and had to look at her cheat sheet. Fat Gor also tempted Sister Do to work together again, saying that they grew older they would have different performance methods. He asked her whether she would want to be like Jane Fond and her father Henry Fondo in ON GOLDEN POND? Over the years Sister Do has minded how tough the film productions were and rejected the idea, but when Fat Gor brought up working together she quickly said, "I can! Anytime!"

Fat Gor and Sister Do have worked together countless times, but even for Sister Do inviting Fat Gor for an interview has not been easy. In 2011 she already suggested an interview. She even wanted to join Fat Gor's hiking team in hopes of being able to make him accept an interview, but actually getting into Fat Gor's core was very hard. She would have to slowly run in from the outside. Fat Gor joked that he wanted to save this time for her to be the guest on THE DO SHOW.

With Fat Gor, Sister Do turned into a young girl as he often made her cover her face to laugh. Fat Gor even had a battle of memory with Sister Do. He said with extremely great memory, "Actually we very early ran every morning on Tin Kwong Road. When we made THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (MONG JUNG YUN), you were in all white, I was in all white. After the run we would go to Kau Pui Long Rod for soy milk. Our running has quite a running, as we started in the 1970s." Fat Gor even clearly remembered their character names in their series.

Sister Do asked Fat Gor about his life outside running. He said, "I have a lot going on, mostly I am working on glass lenses. I buy the old ones to take pictures. So at this stage, few would invite me to make a movie. I am very happy to get to run and take pictures!" Fat Gor also felt lucky, as many have written scripts for him. "Now what I want to play are special characters, I don't want too many repeats. Although we are older, we would have different performance methods."

Fat Gor recalled his emotions when he went from television to film. "When I went from television to film, then to Hollywood, back to the mainland, actually it was a state of mind; going along with the flow and following the heart. In 1994 my contract with 'Golden Princess' ended, I felt that I had time to be able to rest. At that time I saw you more than Ma. This woman was incredible. I really liked this girlfriend!" He continued to joked, "However this girlfriend moved on very quickly, falling for that Tze Wa God (Dayo Wong), later she also liked Fama, now she likes the young fresh meat!" Why did he not direct? Fat Gor said that directing is quite a heavy responsibility, he also disliked jobs with order.

Sister Do also revealed Fat Gor's secret while working on THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. "At the time he played Ching Wai, in the wallet was a photo of us. Which kind of method was that?" Chow Yun Fat whispered into her ear, "I missed you everyday, I miss you more than I miss my old lady! I mean in the show, I remember the scene at the Causeway Bay court. I was sentenced to prison, in the vehicle I couldn't stop crying. My girlfriend was doing everything for me, I really was reluctant to part with you!" Sister Do was in such great spirit that she forgot what she wanted to ask next. Luckily she wrote down the questions.

Fat Gor this year has already run a 10K race. Sister Do asked him his plan for next year. Fat Gor said, "Next year I think I would run the half, I hope to run the full at age 80. That's right, I have been running everyday that it almost became a religion, because running has a benefit. I breathe with my abdominal, we are running to slow down the heart rate. I drove Lo Hoi Pang for a year, everyday I went to pick up him in Mei Foo. You wouldn't believe how great he is."

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Sean Lau promotes his new film in the North
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The film THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL (SO DUK 3: YUN JOI TIN NGAI) would open in the mainland soon. Two days ago director Herman Yau Lai To led one of the leads Sean Lau Ching Wan, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung (Si Hing), Kumer So San Yu (Grizzly) in an appearance at the Shenzhen University after screening meeting and interacted with the audience. The film not only received the unanimous rave the audience but Hong Kong film fans also took the opportunity to make their feelings known to Ching Wan; the band Supper Moment also made a surprise appearance and performed the film's end credit song in public for the first time.

One of the biggest focus of THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL was that the film built an almost 500,000 feet Golden Triangle drug village in Hong Kong. After the screening viewers also were amazed by how awesome the drug village's gun fights, fighter plane explosions and other scenes were. Director Yau said that earlier the film went to Thailand, Huizhou Guangdong, Yunnan to build the village, but finally it chose Hong Kong. The village was very important in the film, it was a necessity for many stories to happen. Looking back at the production process, Ching Wan was still in awe. "After so many difficulties, we still built a set in Hong Kong. The feeling is rather wonderful." Grizzly also praised how much the constructed village resembled the actual Thailand. "I would even directly thought that the extras were Thai. I can say that a realistic set can greatly bring you into the character."

When asked about the weapons that appeared in the film, Director Yau revealed that the guns seen in the film were all real. "We have taken the full safety precaution measures. I have been in this business for many years already, so I have more of a grasp on how to safely make a movie." The guns the actors used in the film were as many as 18 types, each lead would at least carry one real gun. Ching Wan enjoyed the experience. "The feeling of using a real gun is truly different, the sound is particularly loud so during the shoot we all were ear plugs." Also appeared at the Shenzhen University was the band Supper Moment. Their publicly performed the film's end credit song HEAVEN HAS NO END (TIN NGAI MO NGAI) and heated up the atmosphere of the entire venue instantaneously. Si Hing also began a fan right away, "I had no pressure from working with Brother Ching Wan, and I have learned many things."

As the first group of mainland viewers to enjoy the film, viewers all shared their experience. A pair of brothers were fans of THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK) film series, this time they came to fulfill THE WHITE STORM's ten year promise. Viewers from the North also praised that Lau Ching Wan's acting in the film completely won him over, playing the evil and vileness of the villain thoroughly. He even worried that after these Hong Kong stars he grew up with would retire he would not be able to see Hong Kong films with acting. Another female viewer also said that her entire family were Lau Ching Wan's fans and told Ching Wan, "If you don't act anymore, what would we watch from then on?" Ching Wan immediately comforted everyone. "Relax, I would do my job as an actor fully as I always have, and fight to bring even more films to everyone." In addition, in the audience a grandma just celebrated her 88th birthday. Ching Wan immediately sang the birthday song, took photos with her and gave her an autograph poster, all of which were very heart warming.

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[2023.06.28] FOR THE WEEK ENDING SUNDAY, JUNE 25 2023

For the week ending Sunday, June 25 2023


    d. Hiroyuki Yano
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : I
  Length : 62 mins.
  Opening June 22 2023

    The scene is set at the Transformation Carnival! It's a fun festival held in Obake Town, a charming and delightful city of ghosts, where anyone can shapeshift into anything! Children thoroughly enjoy this colorful and exciting Transformation Carnival as much as they would an amusement park. However, a ghost boy called Dororin is not good at shapeshifting and is not able to enjoy the carnival. He is left all alone. He clashes with Cream Panda when they first meet, but later on, they strike up a friendship. Together, they venture into the "Forest of Dread" in search of the , which has the world's greatest power of transformation. Baikinman appears there and goes on a rampage, wanting to use the power of the cloak to wreak havoc in the Transformation Carnival. Will Anpanman and his friends be able to protect the merry Transformation Carnival from Baikinman? A great adventure that will make everyone happy is about to begin!


    d. Wes Anderson
    Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks,
      Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton,
      Adrien Brody, Liev Schreiber, Hope Davis, Stephen Park,
      Rupert Friend, Maya Hawke, Steve Carell, Matt Dillon,
      Hong Chau, Willem Dafoe, Margot Robbie,
      Tony Revolori,Jake Ryan, Jeff Goldblum


    Can : Guan Yu Ngor Wor Gwai Bin Sing Ga Yun Dik Na Gein Si
    d. Cheng Wei-hao
    Greg Hsu Kuang-Han, Austin Lin, Gingle Wang,
    Tsai Chen-nan, Tuo Tsung-hua, Ma Nieh-hsien
    Rating : IIB
    Length : 129 mins.
    Opening April 1 2023 at the Hong Kong International Film Festival
    Opening April 27 2023

    During a pursuit, homophobic police officer Ming-Han inadvertently picks a red envelope off the ground and becomes roped into a ghost marriage with a dead man named Mao-Mao. To get rid of his ghostly groom, Ming-Han agrees to help Mao-Mao find the culprit behind his death. Previously best known for scaring audiences with The Tag-Along series, director Cheng Wei-Hao proves himself to be one of the best genre directors in Taiwan cinema with a rambunctious high-concept comedy that has the comic energy of an old-school Hollywood farce.

    Ming-Han is a passionate policeman in a muscular shape. One day, in the process of arresting a criminal with his beautiful colleague - Zi-Qing, Ming-Han accidentally picks up a red envelope, and a group of people suddenly jumps out to call him "son in law". They ask him to get married with their dead child, who is a dead guy! It is impossible for Ming-Han to accept this decision. However, he doesn't expect to be in misfortune since then. What is even more terrifying is that he begins to see his ghost husband Mao-Mao that scares Ming-Han to death. Therefore, Ming-Han visits a great master to get rid of Mao-Mao. The master tells him that he must get married to Mao-Mao and check Mao-Mao's wish lists; otherwise, Mao-Mao will follow him forever. To get rid of Mao-Mao, Ming-Han has no choice but to help him fulfill all his wishes; at the same time, Mao-Mao also acts like Ming-Han’s partner to help him with the investigation of drug smuggling. A fantasy journey full of laughter and tears between a straight man and a gay ghost has begun.


    d. Rob Marshall
    Halle Bailey, Jonah Hauer-King, Melissa McCarthy


    d. Hideaki Anno
    Souske Ikematsu, Minami Hamabe, Tasuku Emoto, Nanase Nishino,
      Kanata Hongo, Shinya Tsukamoto, Toru Tezuka
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 121 mins.
  Opening June 22 2023
  Trailer :

      "The things that change, the things that do not change, and the things that I wouldn't want to change."

      Masked Rider Takeshi Hongo is an augmented human being. He was "upgraded" by SHOCKER, a secret society which claims itself to be all-loving, as well as aiming to pursue happiness for humanity. However, Masked Rider discovered SHOCKER's conspiracy and decided to fight against SHOCKER to ensure human beings stay "human".


    d. Kore-eda Hirokazu
    Ando Sakura, Nagayama Eita, Kurokawa Soya, Hiiragi Hinata,
      Takahata Mitsuki, Akihiro Kakuta, Nakamura Shidou, Tanaka Yuko
    Rating : IIA
    Length : 126 mins.
    Opening June 22 2023
    Trailer :

    When her young son Minato starts to behave strangely, his mother feels that there is something wrong. Discovering that a teacher is responsible, she storms into the school demanding to know what's going on. But as the story unfolds through the eyes of mother, teacher and child, the truth gradually emerges.


    d. Gene Stupnitsky
    Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Barth Feldman


    d. Steven Caple Jr.
    Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback, Luna Lauren Velez


    d. Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin K. Thompson
    Sony Animation
    English Voice: Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld,
      Brian Tyree Henry, Luna Lauren Velez, Jake Johnson,
      Jason Schwartzman, Issa Rae, Karan Soni,
      Daniel Kaluuya, Oscar Issac


    d. Andy Muschietti
    Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton


For the week starting Saturday, June 24 2023 (Week 25)


  Can : On Chuen Kui Lei

  Can : Fa Hoi
  MC Cheung Tin Fu

  Can : Jui Hau Yut Gor Wu Toh Sun
  per se

  Can : Po Po Mo Mei Hung
  Ian Chan Cheuk Yin

  Can : Sun Sook Ji Yu Dik Oi
  Panther Chan Lui


Old friends Carol Cheng and Chow Yun Fat greet each other with a kiss
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Carol Cheng announces her YouTube channel THE DO SHOW and her first guest would be her former colleague Chow Yun Fat.

Chow Yun Fat before the production began arranged a special training for Will Or
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Carol Cheng Yui Ling and Chow Yun Fat in the series THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (MONG JUNG YUN) have been described as a classic couple. Recently Do Do tries her hand on the internet and open her own channel. She posted promotional videos on her social media platform and announced that the first guest of her channel would be Chow Yun Fat. On camera they could not be any friendlier, as soon as they saw each other they hug and kissed. They even passionately exchanged kisses. Chow Yun Fat jokingly said in a country accent, "Do you want to keep watching? She is pretty, she is the prettiest village lady in the whole village. Now she is online, she doesn't know me anymore. She wouldn't come and find me. I wish this program success and more success." In the end he jokingly kissed Do Do on the nose.

Sister Do's channel has not yet released any video but has already had over 7,000 subscribers. Sister Do on her social media story posted a video of her and "Fat Soh" hugging and greeting each other.

In addition, Fat Gor in the film ONE MORE CHANCE (BIT GIU NGOR DOH SUN) production special mentioned that this film was the first in his career to encourage the community and the general public to exercise. He joked that the sports subject was "right up my alley", because everyday he would exercise. For him the running the hill scenes were no problem at all.

On the other hand, it was a huge challenge for Will Or Wai Lam. He played a running genius with autism Lee Yeung. Thus Fat Gor before the production led Will on an over two months hiking and running training. Will said that he learned a lot from Fat Gor. Fat Gor said, "Everyday I would run, actually doing the same thing everyday would be rather dry. Sticking with it actually is very hard. The sport of running has brought me a lot of revelations. In addition sports on a certain level is good for the body, the brains and metabolism."


Tony Leung Chiu Wai picks up the birthday cake and blows a kiss
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Best Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai yesterday celebrated his 61st birthday with his family. Wife Carina Lau Ka Ling shared the birthday photos on social media, in one of which Wai Jai happily picked up the birthday cake and pretended to blow a kiss. Ka Ling managed to capture the moment. In another birthdy boy and Ka Ling were matching "couple" outfit. Ka Ling on the social media platform wished Wai Jai, "Happy Birthday, Mr. Leung Chiu Wai!"

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Aaron Kwok and Sean Lau act in leather jackets in a small plane cockpit, without any air conditioning in the summer heat 

Aaron Kwok not only shoots a deep sea night dive on location, but also additional diving movement scenes on wires
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In the Herman Yau Lai To directed film THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL (SO DUK 3: YUN JOI TIN NGAI), three Best Actor Sean Lau Ching Wan, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Louis Koo Tin Lok experienced car chases, and stunts in the sky and the sea. Playing a drug lord, Lau Ching Wan in one scene flew a small plane and took to the sky with his subordinate Kwok Fu Sing. Then Sing Sing had a diving scene, personally putting on the wire and floating in mid air for the shoot.

Ching Wan and Sing Sing shot the small plane scene in the heat of the summer, when temperature reached 37 degrees Celsius. They both wore leather jackets and performed in the stuffy small plane cockpit without any air conditioning, an absolute challenge to their ability to withstand the heat. Ching Wan in the film was responsible for flying the small plane, the team also arranged for a professional pilot to instruct by the side. Has he considered learning to fly a plane in real life? Ching Wan said, "I have thought about learning to fly a plane, but I haven't made it happen yet. I would wait until after I retire to learn." An avid auto racing and high speed sports fan, Sing Sing also considered learning to play a plane. Sing Sing said, "I of course would like to fly a plane, in auto racing I met a doctor who knew how to fly a helicopter. Ultimately since it was related to speed, at the time I felt it was very attractive. Thus I started playing a remote controlled helicopters, and computer controlled helicopters." Would he take time for flying lessons? Sing Sing said, "During this period I wouldn't, now I would spend more time on creating, and calligraphy."


Kelly Chen is not too interested in roles that are too difficult
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Kelly Chen says her older son Lau Sing has a talent for directing and may permit him to study overseas
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The 7th Hong Kong Kids International Film Festival invited Kelly Chen Wai Lam to be the film festival ambassador and Pomato's Christy Choi Hiu Tung as the "carnival ambassador".

Kelly said that on holidays she would permit her two sons to watch movies. They used to love watching Superman fly, now the older son Lau Sing loves Stephen Chow Sing Chi movies the most. He would be able to watch them in their entirety. Recently television re-reran SHAOLIN SOCCER (SIU LUM JOOK KAU), after which her son grabbed his father and brother to make a commercial of them fighting over pineapple shortcake with kung fu. Has her son suggested for her to make a movie with Chow Sing Chi? Kelly said that her son has not made this request. Recently Chow Sing Chi has been planning to make SHAOLIN WOMEN'S SOCCER (SIU LUM NUI JOOK), would she be interested? Kelly's eyes widened. "Huh? Do I still like to play soccer? I may still be able to play a retired coach." Kelly also revealed that her sons do not enjoy her movies. Once she showed them HORSEPLAY (DOH MA GEI) and THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI), but they still like to watch Chow Sing Chi movies the most. "My son would watch and ask what the foul language meant. I would answer that they are no longer trendy, even if I teach you they would be useless. That's how I deter him." Has her son follow Chow Sing Chi on social media? Kelly said that her son has not yet learned to do that.

Do her two sons have any acting gene? Kelly said, "The older son has a little acting gene, but more talent in directing. So he doesn't know what he would study in the future, studying either film or directing he probably would excel in." Would she permit her son to try making a music video? She said that he could first try making social media videos, but she would not definitely pay him salary. Studying film overseas in the future would separate mother and son? Kelly felt that this would be sooner or later, she was mentally prepared. With summer vacation on the way, she said that this year she would be very busy and not have time to go on vacation with her family. Earlier when she performed in Macau the whole family came along. Later she would again perform in Macau, which she would treat like going on vacation with her family. However she would owe them an actual trip. When she practiced singing at home for the performance, her son would sometimes secretly shoot a video of her. Since Kelly yelled at him he would no longer do it casually. Now he would request songs for her to sing. "It's quite a bother, as soon as they come in I would have to stop. I have no way of continuing."


Chow Yun Fat and Anita Yuen promote their new film

After shooting the audience, Chow Yun Fat takes a selfie with the actors

Claiming to be dizzy from the excitement, Chow Yun Fat runs all over the place and waves to fans

Jessica C. brings their children back to Hong Kong to cheer on Andy On
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Chow Yun Fat, Anita Yuen and Will Or
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Anita Yuen is too nervous when she sees Chow Yun Fat to play the table flipping scene in front of him

Fat Gor feels both awesome and surprised to see the crowd

Chow Yun Fat leads the cast in crossing the finish line to wish for box office success

Mr. and Mrs. Chow Yun Fat gives a toast with love

Chow Yun Fat stares lovingly at Ivana Wong when introducing her character

Michael Ning admits that he and his girlfriend of seven years Cherry Ngan have broken up
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Chow Yun Fat and Anita Yuen Wing Yi recently have been promoting their new film ONE MORE CHANCE (BIT GIU NGOR DOH SUN). Yesterday Fat Gor, Len Len, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Will Or Wai Lam and Andy Tien (On Chi Kit) and executive producer Jasmine Tan (Fat Soh) attended the film's premiere in Kwun Tong and attracted a crowd of onlookers, much to Fat Gor's surprise. On Chi Kit's wife Jessica C. also returned from the U.S. with their children to show their support.

Avid runner Fat Gor led a group of actors in a jog to the appearance. Fat Gor also took a selfie with the live audience and suggested using the phone's AirDrop function to deliver it to all the viewers, but due to network issues the delivery was unsuccessful. Finally he could only post the selfie on social media platform. He also promised everyone that they would run together at the Kowloon Park.

Len Len described working with Fat Gor was a dream come true. "I have wanted this opportunity for 30 years. During the shoot, Fat Gor gave me a lot of suggestions. When he saw that I was so nervous that I didn't dare to perform the table flipping scene, he encouraged me and said, 'Do it, you are a Best Actress'". Ivana Wong Yuen Chi appeared as a special guest. When she arrived Fat Gor held her hand. Fat Gor mentioned that the appearance of Wong Yuen Chi's character led to the ending for "old lady" Len Len. They lovingly stared into each other on the stage.

After the event Fat Gor, Len Len and Or Wai Lam spoke to the media together. Has Fat Gor not attended a large scale premiere event in Hong Kong for many years? Appearing at the event at that shopping center for the first time, Fat Gor joked, "I am very afraid too, with all the people here. I am a country bumpkin out in the big city, I have never seen so many people. I was a little dizzy, but now I am calm again. I am very excited." Speaking of the selfie with the audience, Fat Gor said that he could not be happier and said that the scene was very awesome.

Speaking of his sudden appearance at an audience appreciation event earlier, Fat Gor said that the audience reaction was very positive. Would he attend a few more shows of audience appreciation events? Fat Gor joked, "One day if I am running, I would run to the audience appreciation events too. I told the producer, I normally run at 6 something in the morning. I don't know if everyone would be up so early?" Len Len suggested for Fat Gor try for audience appreciation events at dusk shows. Fat Gor replied, "It doesn't matter to me, with someone unemployed like me I am wasting youth. I can run to several more shows, morning, afternoon, night, late show, even early morning shows. (Would you ask the younger folks to run with you?) What for? They run a little and leave early!" Or Wai Lam said that he also had running to audience appreciation show experience and did not mind running to a few more shows.

If the film would perform well at the box office, what kind of benefit would he give to the audience? Fat Gor joked that he would go to Xinhui and order big fans to fan the spirit into people. Would Len Len run with Fat Gor? She admitted, "I would wait for everyone at the finish. Actually I have run with Fat Gor once or twice, but it truly was too early. Fat Gor told me to wait until the weather got cooler to run the 4 PM shift. Everyone would see me then." Fat Gor pointed out that it would have to be December, which Len Len thought that would be a little too cool. Would she run with a luxury handbag? Fat Gor joked, "Len Len is a great runner, inside the luxury handbag are full of luxury jewelry." As Len Len denied that, Fat Gor joked that Len Len asked her husband to buy them.

In addition, would Fat Gor make a sequel? Fat Gor said that how would a sequel be made with what would happen to Len Len's character? He also joked that if a sequel would be made, whether the title should be NGOR NG HAI HO JING SUN (I AM NOT TOO SPIRITED). Len Len said that she really wanted to Fat Gor to reprised his THE BROTHERS (CHUN CHING) role. Because of his quick wit, she often asked what Fat Gor would eat for his brain.

Michael Ning (Bak Ji) revealed on the stage that his character did not need to run. During the shoot he answered Fat Gor's call to run before work. He admitted that he was iffy physically, once he got dizzy and almost went into shock. He had to immediately stop and rest. After the shoot he trained with Fat Gor for 3 months. "At the time I was fat and clumsy, thank you Fat Gor for taking care of me. When he saw me fall behind he would turn around to find me. While making this film, I was also happy to have met Uncle Chi (Liu Kai Chi). Sometimes on the run he would be the assistant coach and take care of me."

He and his girlfriend of 7 years Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling were rumored to have broken up last year. Bak Ji admitted that they have been apart for awhile, now they are still good friends. Did he feel any regret? Did the break up involve someone else? Bak Ji helplessly said, "I don't have much that I can say. Actually it's been awhile, everyone is very OK."

Saturday, June 24, 2023


Johnnie To and Lo Ting Fai attend the 17th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival local competition award ceremony

Judge Lawrence Lau feels most of 17 entries have quality
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Johnnie To Kei Fung, MakerVille CEO Lo Ting Fai and director Lawrence Lau Kwok Cheung yesterday attended the 17th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival local competition award ceremony. Ho Sze-wai with BEFORE THE BOX GETS EMPTIED (JIK DOH NGOR HONG GEIN BEI ONG) won the Fresh Wave award and Best Cinematography; Bobby Yu Shuk-pui with LYKKE TIL (JOOK KWAN ONG HO) won Best Director; Lam Lo with AL NIENTE (NIU NIU) won Best Screenplay and Audience's Choice Award. Special prizes went to PLEASE HOLD ON (MEI NUNG JIP TUNG), BETWEEN TWO EARS (LEUNG YI) and THE RETICENT WAVE (YEH YEH LOI FONG DIK YEH).

To Kei Fung said, "Having seen young people who have participated in the Fresh Wave Film Festival entering the business one by one and making great changes, I feel that this platform has almost completed its mission. Now the most important is to see how far these directors would reach. In the process I also have seen more opportunities. Today whether you win or not it is unimportant, no prize doesn't mean you are not qualified to direct. The director's journey is very long. With passion and persistence one day you will succeed." Judge Lau Kwok Cheung felt that out of this year's 14 participants, most had quality in terms of technique. He hoped that young people would attempt more different genres and material to show their skills and put more of their visions on the world.


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Connie Chan and Mui Suet Sze receive gifts and flowers from fans

The Yam Kim Fai and Pak Suet Sin starred TRAGEDY OF THE POET KING 4K restored edition will be screened on two charity shows at July 28th and 29th

Pak Suet Sin due to a domestic helper's positive COVID test is absent from the press conference

Stanley Kwan is responsible for the editing of the film's 4K restoration
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The 1968 Hong Kong film classic TRAGEDY OF THE POET KING (LEE HAU JU) after 55 years since its release would return with a "2023 4K restored edition" and would on July 28th and 29th hold charity screenings at the Hong Kong Cultural Center to raise fund for the Yam Kim Fai and Pak Suet Sin Charitable Foundation to provide benefits and medical services for seniors in need. Connie Chan Bo Chu, Mui Suet Sze (Ah Deh) and director Stanley Kwan Kam Peng yesterday attended the Yam Pak Charitable Foundation film TRAGEDY OF THE POET KING (LEE HAU JU) 2023 4K RESTORATION EDITION press conference. Over 100 fans showed their support and presented flowers. The event also played footage from the film, which left Ah Deh very sentimental.

Kwan Kam Peng mentioned that in 1989 he has restored the film and actually before this already had another edition by a director he respected very much, Chor Yuen. He was responsible for further compressing, editing, adding sound repair. He thanked Golden Harvest for the sponsorship for the sound to be able dubbed and mixed anew.

Ah Kwan pointed out that during the all new dubbing, Sister Sin Pak Suet Sin visited the set. He asked for a new recording of a part that Sister Sin performed acapella in honor of the KING's character and Sister Yam Yam Kai Fai. Sister Sin agreed and performed anew. To be able to take over this restoration project, Ah Kwan felt very honored. "When I was little Ma already took me to the theater to watch Yam Pak and Sin Fung Ming opera troupe's Cantonese opera. When I came in contact with KING, I felt that this was not just a Cantonese opera film. Even though it was made years before, it still has quite a film presence. The scene designs were rich as well. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to come in touch with it."

Speaking of Sister Sin's all new acapella performance, Chan Bo Chu said, "She is the master, often she performs very well!" She and Ah Deh has already seen the restored film of KING once, but they were outsiders and did not know how to critique it; having taken part in the film back then, Ah Deh praised the film presence of KING but how difficult the production was. "Back then many colleagues went to make it. My part was very minor, but I knew how tough it was to make. In the boat burning scene in Macau, we had to wait for the wind so the shoot would come out pretty. We spent a lot of time, human and material resources; so today as soon as I came in and heard the song, I was so sentimental that I really wanted to cry. I was already in contact with Master when I was very little, experienced a lot until Sister Yam's passing. I have too many sentiments." Ah Deh also revealed that Sister Sin who has already turned down all events originally wanted to attend yesterday's press conference; but because one of her domestic helpers tested positive for COVID, Sister Sin kept everyone's health and safety in mind and was absent, but she agreed to attend the 28th charity show.

Would KING release video to raise even more funding? Ah Deh said that it would be left up to fate. Everyone did charity work out of the goodness of their hearts. This time she also hoped that everyone would know Master spent a lot of money to make this movie back then, and put a lot of effort into making it. For a Cantonese film, it not only used a big time director but also was shot in a grand scale. Ah Deh recalled that in the film she only played a minor dancer role. She joked, "You can say that I started as a 'dance escort', during the birthday celebration scene I danced. At the time I was a teenager, very new and didn't know anything. I also had bad takes, but I saw Sister Sin in the 'Private Meeting' scene looked really very pretty!"

Speaking of Sister Sin's 95th birthday earlier, Bo Chu and Ah Deh celebrated with her at her home. Bo Chu said that Sister Sin was very happy and even made a silent birthday wish. What gift did she give Sister Sin? Bo Chu said, "Sister Sin has never wanted us to give any present!"

Friday, June 23, 2023


Kaki Sham and Renci Yeung are just the right height for each other
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Kaki Sham, Renci Yeung Si Wing, Hedwig Tam Sin Yin and Locker Lam Ka Hei yesterday attended the crime film SMASHING FRANK (DOH POR FAT LAN HAK)'s production start worship ceremony in Kwun Tong.

In the film Kaki and Yeung Si Wing would play good partners who also like each other. They would even have an entangled relationship, but they are not a couple. Earlier they have already worked together on the film READY OR KNOT (BUT YUT SING FUN). Working with Si Wing again, Kaki was very happy. "As you know, I have certain height. So Si Wing is OK. (During the shoot would you use a wooden box to prop yourself taller?) No need, just right." Aside from Si Wing, Kaki said that he was also very close with Tam Sin Yin and Lam Ka Hei. Since they too have worked together before, the four of them have certain chemistry already. The table read was very smooth. Si Wing revealed that the character would be rebellious and like to do bad things to gain attention.

Yesterday was scorching, but the four leads had to wear long sleeves and thick costumes for the shoot. Kaki Sham said that the director wanted to make an autumn or winter scene, so they had to wear jackets or overalls for the long run. Film productions in Hong Kong constantly had winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter shoots, but he was already used to them. Would the film have any action scene? Kaki pointed out that he would have more running scenes, the action scene would mainly fall on Tam Sin Yin and Lam Ka Hei.


Francis Ng is working on his new film in Ho Man Tin

Off camera director Herman Yau, Francis Ng and Sean Lau communicate nonstop
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Francis Ng Chun Yu and Sean Lau Ching Wan earlier worked on their new film in Ho Man Tin. Working together again after 18 years, Chun Yu's on set presence was rather strong on the day of the shoot. The fresh out of the oven Best Actor Ching Wan coordinated all along as the brothers were full of chemistry! Although Chun Yu has not had any luck with the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor Award, in recent years he has become the "gold magnet king" in the mainland and made almost 100 million RMB in a year.

The fresh out of the oven Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor Lau Ching Wan and Ng Chun Yu work together again on a film after 18 years. Earlier they worked on location in Ho Man Tin for the new film. Although Chun Yu did not have as much screen time as Ching Wan, this scene was obviously Chun Yu's solo. From helping a granny to acting opposite Ching Wan, Chun Yu had to flirt and have plenty of expressions. He was completely in character. Perhaps Ching Wan only had an ordinary dramatic scene, he only silently watched Chun Yu's "performance" and did not need to have too much expression.

Because the shoot took place on an extremely hot day, even the always tough Ching Wan could not help but take off his suit jacket. Chun Yu was still hot even with just a shirt on, so he took off the shirt and only wore a white tank top. Although the heat had him out of breath, Chun Yu was very easy going off camera. He kept chatting with people around him, catching up with buddy Ching Wan and talked nonstop. Ching Wan who rarely spoke on camera usually was melted by Chun Yu. When the cameras stopped rolling they would sit with director Herman Yau Lai To and continued to chat.


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The 60th Golden Horse Awards would take place on November 25th. The Golden Horse executive committee yesterday announced that this year's "Lifetime Achievement Award" would be presented to film industry superstar and Golden Horse Awards Best Actress Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) and Taiwan new cinema representative figure, Golden Horse Awards Best Director and Best Cinematography winner Chen Kun-Hou

Lam Ching Ha said, "Thank you very much to the Golden Horse Awards for presenting me with the Lifetime Achievement Award. See you on the day of the ceremony." Although in recent years she has eased out of the film industry and focused on writing, her every move remained the focus of film fans. With this year being the 50th anniversary of her first movie, this award would be extraordinarily meaningful. Chen Kun-hou said, "I wouldn't presume! I have worked in film for 60 years. I am very grateful to over a thousand colleagues I have worked with, and the elders who have guided me along the way."