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Yesterday Mag Lam Yun Tung began work with "young model" Phoebe Hui Wing and Terence Siufay on the holiday film I LOVE HONG KONG. Mag and Hui Wing appeared in Lolita maid costumes as they played online game women. Siufay played an ad company employee. In the story Mag did not understand how to pose and could not attract photographers. Siufay could not help but show her. Mag at first thought Siufay wanted her to take off her clothes and be sexy, later when she realized that he was teaching her the killer poses and relaxed. In the city she made cute poses. For her first film Mag performed decently and had no bad take. Mag said that she normally would not make young model poses for pictures, even with self pictures. At most she would pose with friends.

Mag thanked the company for giving her a chance to learn. After reading the story she thought it was fresh. Later she will work with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. She said, "Ng Kwan Yu is a great actress. Before working together I felt the pressure, I was very afraid of dragging her down." Because of school, the production had to accommodate to her holiday schedule.

Siufay wore an orange and green costume that was somewhat "effeminate". After arriving on the set he found out that his co-star was Mag.


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Wong Kar Wai's first kung fu film THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) is still in production. The film company has kept cast costumes and content confidential. The first two film posters will be unveiled at Los Angeles' American Film Market on November 1. The costumes of Tony Leung Chiu Wai who played Wing Chun master Ip Man in the film and lead actress Zhang Ziyi appeared for the first time and immediately became the focus of the foreign media.

In it Wai Jai would a white straw hat and long black coat in the night rain. The foreign media were very interested in his look and even described it as the birth of a Chinese Darth Vader. THE GRANDMASTERS' film introduction cover had a Zhang Ziyi in the midst of the eight diagram palm. Her eyes were full of self confidence. Foreign media pointed out that in a white straw hat, Ip Man was completely different from the image of Ip Man that has appeared in films before. Everyone was the most surprised that without any kung fu background Wai Jai actually had unspeakable kung fu power.

Wong Kar Wai fans could not wait to put the poster online and received a lot of responses. Some online even compared Leung Chiu Wai's Ip Man look and Zhang Ziyi's heroine feel with classic American comic book super heroes, saying that the U.S. had Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Catwoman, Ip Man in the poster definitely was China's super hero. Some even suggested making Ip Man's English name into Yeah Man in order to be a part of this group of super heroes.

Since the film started production, everyone has been the most curious about Wai Jai's abilities. After a year of training, Wai Jai's figure could be seen on the poster for the first time. Even foreign media described Wai Jai as radiant. The film's action director Yuen Woo Ping even described Wai Jai's current condition as "the peak". He said that he never worried about his agility because Wai Jai had a high ability to comprehend and absorb quickly. Although he and Donnie Yen Chi Tan played the same character but they each had their own style. He even pointed out that Wai Jai's shape looked better than Chi Tan. The most unexpected was Wai Jai's powerful kicks. He absolutely had a talent for action films.

Wai Jai in the past year suffered a lot too. Responsible for instructing, Wing Chun Grand Master Ip Man's disciple Duncan Leung Siu Hung admired Wai Jai's spirit to overcome hardship. He pointed out that Wai Jai's progress was slower than the average student, half a year more than expected. During the period he stopped training for awhile due to his arm injury. However he recovered and returned to form very quickly. Unlike Yen Chi Tan who had a kung fu background, Wai Jai had an advantage that Yen Chi Tan did not have. He was able to start from zero like a blank piece of paper. Wai Jai gradually and clearly absorbed the spirit of Wing Chun kung fu completely. Every one of Wai Jai's moves now is very naturally convincing, whether punching or with a staff he was able to perform the Wing Chun school feel. He also pointed out that director Wong Kar Wai at first asked Wai Jai to truly spend time to train and made him
understand that slow and steady wins the race.


Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Jiang Luxia
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The Dennis Law Sau Yiu directed new film VAMPIRE WARRIORS (GEUNG SI SUN JIN SI) was not only a vampire film but also had a broke back vampire romance. In the film Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Jiang Luxia played a 100 year old pretty vampire and vampire hunter. Although this romance was not clear cut, but one look and one touch of the face hinted their relationship as extraordinary. In a bed scene, Chau Sau Na had to bite Jiang Luxia on the neck. Finally Chau Sau Na really bit Jiang Luxia's neck and even left teeth marks.

In the story Jiang Luxia asked Chau Sau Na to bite her and turn her into a vampire in order for her to defeat vampire elder Yuen Wah. For realism, Chau Sau Na truly bit. However because she bit too hard, she injured Jiang Luxia's neck and made her scream. Then a small bite mark was found on her neck. Chau Sau Na immediately apologized to Jiang Luxia, but the director was very satisfied with this shot. The crew joked that Jiang Luxia had a "curry chicken" (hickey). At first she did not understand and thought everyone was asking her to eat curry chicken. Later Chau Sau Na explained the meaning to her. Later she joked with Chau Sau Na, "Thank you for treating me to curry chicken."

They also had a bed scene when they exchanged intimate looks. Chau Sau Na pointed out that in the film their relationship was ambiguous, it was also her first same sex romantic scene. She also praised Jiang Luxia as very attentive. Although she looked tough she was very gentle inside. She was even gentler and more feminine than herself. Jiang Luxia joked that in the film she and Chau Sau Na never had any relationship that exceeded friendship but the emotions were complex. She did not resist lesbian friends because she had some. Actually they were no different from ordinary people. Because she always liked short hair she has been mistaken for a lesbian. She said that actually she liked to dress up too. She would not randomly find a boyfriend to dispel homosexual rumors. As for Chau Sau Na trying to achieve fame with her figure, Jiang Luxia said that some in the Mainland knew her. She thought that show business should have different styles. Chau Sau Na was very professional and with her good figure she had no reason to hide it.


Judy Ongg makes Best Actor Wang Qianyuan weak at the knees
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The 23rd Annual Tokyo International Film Festival yesterday held its award and closing ceremony. The Best Actor and Best Actress prizes went to Chinese actors Wang Qianyuan and Fan Bingbing. Taiwan actors Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) and Wilson Chen Bo-Lin's BUDDHA MOUNTAIN won Best Artistic Contribution award.

The Best Actress award went to BUDDHA MOUNTAIN's Fan Bingbing. When director Li Yu accepted the award on behalf of Fan Bingbing she said, before coming to Tokyo she asked Fan Bingbing who could not visit Japan "what to do if you win?" Fan Bingbing said she probably would not, all 15 films in competition were great films. Best Actor went to THE PIANO IN A FACTORY's Wang Qianyuan, who received from the award from Judy Ongg. Wang Qianyuan felt very honored to receive the award from his childhood idol Judy Ongg. He said, the award to him was like a child who got a lollipop. Today's award was a lollipop for adults; he even said that
this was his first film, first film festival and first time on stage, it was also his first award. He felt he was very lucky.

The Li Yu directed BUDDHA MOUNTAIN received the Best Artistic Contribution Award. She said that the award was truly very surprising and very toughing. She had to thank this film's actors Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), Fan Bingbing, Chen Bo-Lin and others. In particular she
had to thank producer Fang Li, without his persistence for the film this film would not be possible.


Kenix Kwok

Irene Wan
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Kenix Kwok Ho Ying at a Mainland real estate event
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Irene Wan Bik Ha said that earlier she made a film that later will participate in film festivals in Pusan and Canada. She will also promote it in Taipei.

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International director Ang Lee yesterday was honored as "Dr. Lee" when his alma mater Taiwan Art University presented him with an honorary doctorate degree. Ang Lee said that the return to his school brought back a lot of emotions. "This is my favorite school, the moment that I cherish the most." Graduating 34 years ago from the school, Ang Lee returned to it in the morning, put on a purple and black robe and accepted the degree.

Ang Lee graduated from the school in 1976 and earned his bachelor degree in New York University. His work included PUSHING HAND, WEDDING BANQUET, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, LUST CAUTION, in 2006 with BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN he won the Oscar for Best Director. In his speech he honestly said that he went to the school because he could not get into an university. He followed, "One day I stood on the school stage, the spotlight was on my face just like today. Off stage it was the same as well, a bunch of dark human shadows. I can sense my passion for drama. So I told my father, I don't want to take the test again." Receiving his alma mater's honorary degree, Ang Lee reminded the younger generation that life is a continuous lesson. He said, "I never feel that I have learned enough. We are always adjusting to the condition in front of us, trying to keep up the place. Failure has been my best teacher." He also stated that education is not a process but a goal in life.


Johnnie To Kei Fung, Jia Zhangke
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The Jia Zhangke directed documentary I WISH I KNEW held a screening two nights ago. He said that because he was a Johnnie To Kei Fung fan he invited him in particular and revealed that they will work together on a wuxia film that he will produce and tentatively titled IN THE QING DYNASTY (JOI CHING CHIU). To Kei Fung also said that he was a Jia Zhangke fan. They have admired each other and waited for 3 years before having chance to work together. Would he ask Chow Yun Fat to take part? He said that the cast has not been set and joked that Fat Gor had to play the Jade Emperor and he would have to wait until Chow returned from the Heavenly Palace. Speaking of Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's comeback, he thought it was a good thing and said that show business truly lacked people, the more comeback the better.

To Kei Fung said that despite preparation before the shoot accidents were difficult to avoid, but reducing accidents was a professional's basic job. Over the years he would communicate clearly
and tried to be safe. Jia Zhangke also felt that productions should take clear safety precautions as actor safety should be the foremost concern.


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Kelly Chen Wai Lam yesterday attended a West Kowloon culture, entertainment and art district DHL hydrogen balloon event. Kelly revealed that when she made AN EMPRESS AND THE WARRIORS (GONG SAN MEI YUN) rode a hydrogen balloon in the Mainland. She said, "At the time we started by the cliff, the place was higher than the hill!" As for whether she would make movies, Kelly said that she was in negotiation. When asked how many days would be acceptable to her, she said, "Three days would be the best, but if it was shot in Hong Kong then it's the best, I can work the entire year!" Did she get stunt doubles in the past? Kelly said, "That depends on the director! Directors now should know what to do and provide doubles. Last time when I injured my arm from falling off a horse I still have the mark! It's already been three years!" Kelly said that directors rarely asked her to make explosion scenes thus she has not worked with big explosions.


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Edison Chen Koon Hei appeared in Beijing for a certain fashion event. Next year he will join the Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) directed INITIAL D 2 (TAU MAN JI D 2). "This movie should start
production next year. My character has a connection with the character in the first film, but you have to ask (Andrew) Lau Wai Keung and Kit Lun about the film overall. They are the director and the producer."


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Chrissie Chau Sau Na two nights ago attended a second hand clothing donation event. Mona Fong Yat Wa's cousin Wong Ka Hei criticized Raymond Lam Fung for not being able to have a firm footing in the film market yet and dragging down THE JADE AND THE PEARL (FEI CHUI MING JU) box office. Chrissie recently worked with him on PERFECT WEDDING (PO PO CHIU GAI YUN). She expressed that earlier when they promoted in Guangdou, fans were crazy. All four cinemas were sold out as there was a thirst for tickets. Everyone had a lot of confidence in the film.

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Chen Zhihan, Cecilia Cheung
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Frankie Chan Fun Kei, Chen Zhihan, Cecilia Cheung, Jackie Chan, Liu Xiaoqing, Cheng Pei Pei

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The Jackie Chan produced, Frankie Chan Fun Kei directed film YEUNG MOON NUI JEUNG (YANG CLAN FEMALE WARRIORS) held a production start press conference on the 28th in Shanghai. Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Cheng Pei Pei, Chen Zihan and others attended. The choice to play Mu Guiying was a controversial topic of the film, and the revelation of Cheung Pak Chi was the brightest spot. This is Pak Chi's first costume film since giving birth.

On the day of the press conference, many actresses perhaps to match their characters chose to make handsome appearances. Cheung Pak Chi became somewhat lower key in black; almost fifty years old Liu Xiaoqing also appeared in a trendy look. Chan Fun Kei revealed that he has prepared the script for ten years. This investment also reached 100 million yuan RMB. The film required many actresses, Chan Fun Kei revealed that Jackie Chan hoped that he would give new comers opportunities.

The role of Mu Guiying from the start was rumored to be Fan Bingbing, Vicki Zhao Wei, Li Bingbing, to finally landed with Cheung Pak Chi. Producer Jackie Chan presented a seal to direct Chan Fun Kei and joked that he once was interested in playing the female role of She Taijun. Cheung Pak Chi said that this portrayal of the most well known heroine in Chinese history would be completely different for any of her previous characters. She looked forward to it very much and thus at home she has been strengthening her arm training.

A graduate of the Beijing Film Academy, Chen Zihan has focused on television series lately. As soon as she stepped on stage she humbly said that she was a film industry new comer and bowed in appreciation to director Chan Fun Kei for giving her this chance. Every female warrior would have her own trick. Chen Zihan revealed "Sister Eight" was someone who excelled in the use of explosives, relying more on her own intellect to kill enemies.


Johnson Lee, Spring Roll

Felix Wong Yat Wa, Lai Yiu Cheung
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Johnson Lee Si Jit, Spring Roll
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Johnson Lee Si Jit yesterday attended an autograph session for his independent film CITIZEN KING DVD. His friends and SOME DAY (TIN TIN TIN CHING) cast mates Lai Yiu Cheung, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Lee Si Kei and others came to support. Even rumored girlfriend "Spring Roll" Wong Bo Bo and her mother came in support.

Si Jit said that the film was made in 2008 and the DVD release has performed well, in ninth place in a chair store. Thus he honestly said that he will make a second film next year about a foreign female star. The last investment was 100,000, this time the budget will be 4 to 5 million. Si Jit said that he definitely will not invest himself because he will have investors.


Maria Cordero and husband
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Maria Cordero,
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TLT Lottotain purchased 51% of Maria Cordero's Fountain City for HK$34.5 million. Yesterday a contract signing and a celebration were held. Many industry insiders attended, including Deborah Li (Dik Bor Lai) and her husband Moustache Kong, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun), Lin Li, Catherine Hung Yun and others. Fat Ma said that Fountain City had many businesses, including food program channel, management company and television and film productions. Its first shot will be a youth musical.

Wong Pak Ming recently invited Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi to work on his Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI). He pointed out that the film will start production next year. Pak Chi was in great shape. About Pak Chi's supposed 15 million salary, Wong Pak Ming said that he did not want to publicize actor prices. It was reasonable and well worth the price. He said that early in the year he thought Sandra Ng Kwan Yu was pregnant, he pointed out that two years ago when he asked her to make a movie, he ruined her motherhood plan. Thus this time he did not dare to ask again. Reportedly Derek Yee Tung Sing was at odds with Wong Pak Ming over the first film of Pak Chi's comeback. Wong Pak Ming said that he had no idea, but from another angle, when Pak Chi accepted his film the pressure was not as large as the film had more than one or two stars. Last year his Lunar New Year film clashed with Eric Tsang Chi Wai's and Tsang Chi Wai won. Wong Pak Ming joked that let him have his glory. He joked, "I already said that Chi Wa was jealous. When I made a holiday film, he followed suit. Every year he is fighting for the bowl, but it doesn't matter though. We make money together, whoever wins or loses doesn't matter. He has the support of such a big television station he definitely will win."


Aarif Rahman, Sun Delin

Jennifer Tse, Zhang Yishan
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Jennifer Tse Ting Ting yesterday guest modeled at a hair show with famous hairstylist Kim Robinson. Tse Ting Ting took place in the film BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER (LEI SIU LUNG). She honestly said that at first she was very nervous and had a lot of stress. Often she looked for opportunities to practice her steps. She ate very little normally. This time with the nonstop dance rehearsals she got dizzy. Luckily the result was convincing.

Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) as Bruce Lee not only had to study Wing Chun and kung fu for two months but also had to practice the Cha Cha, so Bruce Lee fans around the world would not scold him. The team hired dance instructor Wong Yui to teach dance. Lee Chi Ting and Tse Ting Ting had no dance background. Luckily they picked it up very quickly. Bruce Lee's brother Robert Lee Chun Fai recalled Bruce Lee had more than one woman who would like to dance with him, but in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding Bruce Lee decided not to choose any woman to be a dance companion. He chose his brother Lee Chun Fai.


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Kate Tsui Tsz Shan yesterday attended a Xbox 360 new dance game event. Reportedly Mona Fong Yat Wa wrote Shaw executive Wong Ka Hei, who said at the new Shaw film PERFECT WEDDING (PO PO CHIU GAI YUN) event that Raymond Lam Fung had no film market and thus the film THE JADE AND THE PEARL (FEI CHUI MING JU) only made 3.15 million. Tsz Shan who worked with Lam Fung in PERFECT disagreed. She said that Lam Fung's acting is improving and as far as she knew PERFECT was performing decently at the box office.

However, even the director Barbara Wong Chun Chun earlier criticized television artists for having no film sense when making movies. Tsz Shan honestly said that she and Wong Chun Chun have discussed the subject and believed that the media misunderstood her meaning. She said, "Chun Chun has confidence in us, otherwise why would she ask us to make the movies? Hopefully I will have a chance to work with her again. (Was your confidence shaken?) No, I will accept all criticism and make myself perform better in the future."


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The Zhang Yimou directed UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE's leads Dou Xiao and Zhou Dongyu performed an innocent love and touched tens of thousands of viewers; who knew behind the romance Dou Xiao suffered level ten pain? During the shoot for the more intimate scene, the shy Zhou Dongyu would definitely keep her fingers ready to properly greet Dou Xiao so Dou Xiao dared not try anything.

In the chill they deeply embraced in a big coat, which was very romantic. Dou Xiao said, "This was our first more intimate scene. I followed the director's instruction and had to tightly hold Dongyu; but perhaps she was too shy or something, Dongyu often extended her fingers to poke me and keep me away. That really hurt!" Because in the scene Dou Xiao held Zhou Dongyu in a big coat, Zhang Yimou could not see what was happening underneath and kept telling them to embrace tigher. Yet the tighter they embraced, Dou Xiao hurt more. He even had to make a
loving face. "It wasn't easy to complete this scene. I immediately opened up my shirt to see, my chest had two red marks!" Dou Xiao said.

Having never been in love, Zhou Dongyu felt sorry over this. "Actually I wasn't deliberate, I am just a very shy person. I don't know why the fingers were extended."


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Zhang Ziyi two nights ago attended a cosmetic promotion in Beijing. Recently she has been busy with the film MULAN, studying archery and horse riding. This was her first archery lesson and she had professional athletes as trainers. However because she was thin, she lacked strength and had to train more. Reportedly the lead actor will be Wang Leehom, she honestly said that she did not know but looked forward to working with Wang Leehom. At the same time she also has been busy with THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI). Zhang Ziyi said that she still has not shot the scene with Zhao Benshen yet.

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Feng Xiaoming, Chen Daoming

Hostess Coco Chiang Yi asked Chen Daoming for golf tips but was turned down

Eric Tsang Chi Wai
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Feng Xiaogang, Chen Daoming, Christian Slater
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THe 2010 Mission Hill World Professional Celebrity Invitational Tournament will take place in Haihou, yesterday a press conference was held. Two nights ago Shaw's Wong Ka Hei revealed that Aunt Six Mona Fong Yat Wa did not like the I LOVE HONG KONG script, Chi Wai said, "I think he really had too much to drink." He pointed out that Aunt Six thought the script was not crazy enough, not funny enough, while he wanted to have a little Hong Kong nostalgia and humanity. Now they have been in negotiation and discussion.


Miriam Yeung and Peter Lam Kin Ngok presented 300,000 for student development
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa performs at the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Raymond Lam Fung two nights ago attended the film PERFECT WEDDING (PO PO CHIU GAI YUN) celebration. The film's production supervisor Wong Ka Hei revealed under the influence of alcohol that Eric Tsang Chi Wai who originally was working on I LOVE HONG KONG for Shaw will no longer make this film. He explained that because boss Mona Fong Yat Wa thought the story that only revolved with Hong Kong housing project was truly too limited. Chi Wai conducted an analysis afterward and decided against making it. Wong Ka Hei pointed out that Chi Wai felt if the film was made and became a hit, it was an insult to the boss. If it performed poorly, the entire production team had no value to exist. Thus Chi Wai said that the smartest way was not to make it. Wong Ka Hei said that he has also written a letter to Chi Wai to explain to him that if he gave up the production, everyone would suffer even greater losses. Since the cinemas have already been scheduled, if the film was not made then the investment would be lost. He also pointed out that the boss' words could be treated as encouragement for everyone. Chi Wai responded to him and said that he was very pleased to see the letter. He even joked that he would frame the letter, now Chi Wai has decided to continue to make this film. As for PERFECT WEDDING's decent performance, he was very pleased. He also pointed out that his only failure so far was the earlier THE JADE AND THE PEARL (FEI CHUI MING JU) as he miscalculated Lam Fung's film draw.


Theresa Fu Wing

Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau)
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The Agan directed first Asian 3D fantasy film DON QUIXOTE held its premiere two nights ago. Director Agan attended the premiere and shared the production experience. Actress Karena Lam Ka Yun's junior colleagues Theresa Fu Wing and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) also attended and assisted with the film promotion. Other guests included Cissy Wang, Wang Yuanyuan and others. Fu Wing who sang DON's theme song INVINCIBLE (MO DIK) due to her recovering vocal cord yesterday half "lip synch" her performance. On stage he asked the crew to raise the volume of the music. Fu Wing pointed out that her vocal cord has not recovered. The doctor pointed out that she for now could not sing and had to rest for two or three months before complete recovery. Fu Wing said, "Lately I can't sleep constantly. Because I can't record, the pressure is enormous. I can't sing when I perform on the stage. The company told me to 'lip synch', I don't know to pretend to sing so I can only 'half lip synch'." Fu Wing said that earlier she completed her beach volleyball film. She hoped to be able to work on many different characters. As for elder Lam Ka Yun who just gave birth, Fu Wing said, "Ka Yun should rest more, luckily we have Sum Yau in support."

Lau Sum Yau said that lately she put on more pounds and is working on losing weight. She is also preparing for the marathon in February or March. Sum Yau said that lately she has been very busy. She said about Ka Yun becoming a mother, "I too have fantasized about being Mommy, but I never thought about when to get married and have children because the order can't be rearranged. Although I don't have to get married first, I have to have a boyfriend first." As for Lam Ka Yun bravely giving up work for her baby, Sum Yau said, "I don't feel that's daring, maybe at this moment family and baby to Ka Yun are very important."

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Chrissie Chau Sau Na in the new film VAMPIRE WARRIORS (GEUNG SI SUN JIN SI) had many action scenes, including one in which she hung upside down in mid air. She slept upside down in the film. Due to gravity her figure was busting out of her sexy low cut costume and even changed shapes. For this scene, veins were popping out of her head and blood was rushing toward it.

Chau Sau Na in the film had frequent wire work. For this scene she hung upside down from the ceiling for 5 to 6 hours. She said, "This scene took more than 10 times, the blood was rushing to my head and my eyes wanted to pop out. I was dizzy and nauseous, my face was all red." Her top stood out even more in this scene. She said, "Due to gravity, the crew said it was amazing. I myself felt like I grew a cup size." Actually she was not only busting out, but hanging upside down even changed the shape of her chest. She said, "Did it transform? I don't know, but I
can prove that I am the real deal."

Monday, October 25, 2010


Huang Yi, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Karen Mok Man Wai
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The Louis Koo Tin Lok, Karen Mok Man Wai and Huang Yi starred THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED (YUT LO YAU NEI) will be released on New Year's Day. Two days ago they attended a press conference in Shanghai. Mok Man Wai's concert theme song music video was aired. ROAD has been scheduled to face directly during the holidays Ge You's films LET THE BULLETS FLY, ORPHAN OF ZHAO and IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2. The film company was very confident in ROAD. Despite three Ge Yous, they had no fear.

Koo Tin Lok just had a leg operation and expressed that it was already fine. In ROAD he played a driver who accidentally killed Huang Yi's husband, he then took care of Huang Yi's life as atonement. He said that he put a lot of emotions into his performance.


Kate Tsui

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Kate Tsui Tsz Shan
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Kate Tsui Tsz Shan and Soler yesterday attended the 14th Annual Tour of South China Sea Hong Kong Stage press conference. Soler is preparing to work on the new film BLACK AND WHITE, in which they play villains and have some action performance. Will they ask for stunt doubles? Soler said, "The director instead wants us to personally perform the stunts. We have had two months of martial art training, the highly difficult stunts are pretty painful. Hopefully no accident will take place."