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Kenny Wong, Patrick Tam, Aaron Kwok and Gordon Lam Tung in DISCONNECT'D
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Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and director Soi Cheang Pou Soi work together again on the film DISCONNECT'D (DUEN MONG). Sing Sing worked with Megan Lai for the first time and played an IT whiz. The film was shot during the pandemic, the team took every precaution before the production. As for the third wave of the pandemic receding, Sing Sing said, "The return of cinemas is certain good news to film companies and viewers. Everyone can go to the movies. I would also have many new films that I look forward to everyone to be able to watch at the cinema soon."

The new film examined the phenomenon of society's excessive dependence on the internet and spent HK$ 2 million on a high tech office. Sing Sing said, "The film is about online security, this high tech center that is in a tug of war with a business crime organization of course has to be a little more cyber. My favorite part is the entrance of the office is like the gate of a time tunnel. Walking through the time tunnel to work put every actor in character right away."


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Wong Yau Nam and Cecilia So Lai Shan earlier spoke to Hong Kong Open Television and shared their experience from their new film HELL BANK PRESENTS: RUNNING GHOST (MING TUNG NGAN HUNG DUT YEUK: FAN SUN JUNG BA JIN). Because the film included fantasy elements, they both said that during the shoot they were a little frightened. So Lai Shan said, "One set was filled with white candles. When I was waiting for the shoot in that room alone, I would feel the chills!" She felt fortunate to be able to play father and daughter with good actor Ben Yuen Fu Wa, from whom she learned a lot. Yau Nam also praised So Lai Shan for being very attentive. Everyday she would bring a lot of snacks and give them away.


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Megan Lai trained for a month for her stunts in the film
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The Taiwan female artist Megan Lai starred GET THE HELL OUT will open on September 3rd. Currently working with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing on the new film DISCONNECT'D in Hong Kong, she took time to promote the film.

Megan Lai has been working in Hong Kong for almost 3 months, during which the pandemic returned. She admitted that she was a little worried that work would be affected, but she still first took care of herself first so everyone would be a little more at ease. While in Hong Kong, she said that she lost 4 kilograms because she had time to exercise and she cooked everyday.

Megan Lai in GET had many action scenes, the production of which indeed was painful beyond description. "We shot it in September last year at its hottest, trapped in a closed conference room that was in ruins without water or electricity. It was already very crazy. We had blood and sweat all over us in a stuffy place while working on a lot of action scenes." She joked that later the team prepared oxygen tanks for the cast. "Because after the action scenes in a closed room we couldn't go outside to take a breath, they were afraid that we couldn't catch our breath. However I tried to rest as much as I could and not to use the oxygen. Instead I made fun of lead actor He Hao-Chen for needing this stuff more than I did!"

Injuries were inevitable for actors during action scenes, Megan Lai was no exception. For her hardest stunt, Megan Lai had to jump off her co-star kneecap, put him in a head scissor, flip and knock him down. She trained for a month just for this stunt and only two second shot. At first she had no confidence at all, but the director "brainwashed" her and said that she was only one among Chinese female stars who would be able to do. Finally she overcame her mental block and completed the shot. Finally she overcame her mental block and completed the shot, after which she thought it looked very cool.

In addition, I'M LIVIN' IT (MAK LO YUN) finally confirmed that the film will open simultaneously in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan on September 17th. Best Actor Kwok Fu Sng after I'M LIVIN' IT again worked on the Soi Cheang Pou Soi produced, Wong Hing Fan directed internet technology battle of wits crime film. Sing Sing went from the down on his luck finance whiz in I'M LIVIN' IT to the IT whiz in DISCCONECT'D. The new film will include Sing Sing's first time co-star Megan Lai, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching.

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Lisa Tse is already cute in her childhood photo
Lisa Tse makes odd expressions at the camera and shows her real personality
Lisa Tse says that when she was just learning to walk her father was already encouraging her to compete in the Miss Hong Kong pageant.  He is cheering for her backstage during the event.

Carol Cheng (center) leads Lok Ho Ming (left), Mayanne Mak (right) and Patrick Lam as hosts.  During the final five question and answer segment, 5 Maisie Kwong raises her hand first but Carol Cheng calls on Jessica Liu who is not in the final five.  After Lok Ho Ming makes the correction Carol Cheng claims that she is trying to call on Bernice Liu due to Maisie Kwong's resemblance to her.  Maisie Kwong does not answer the question correctly.

Last year's Miss Hong Kong Carmaney Wong opens the show
Celina Harto calmly plays the harp 
Jessica Liu performs aerial yoga
Carol Cheng asks Amber Chan 3 simple general questions but she is so nervous that she gets them all wrong.
Miss Hong Kong Lisa Tse
First Runner Up Celina Harto

Second Runner Up Rosita Kwok
The gossip riddled Jessica Liu disappoints many as she does not make the final five
Maisie Kwong is unable to break the "Miss Friendship" curse
Owen Cheung asks Rosanna Tse if she can choose to work with him or Leonardo DiCaprio, who would she choose?  She kisses up to him and picks him because she likes to watch his series.
Telford Wong almost steps on Amber Chan's dress during their dance
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The 2020 Miss Hong Kong pageant held its finals last night at Television City in Tseung Kwan O. After a round of competition with the top ten candidates, the 25 year old candidate 8 Lisa Tse Ka Yee became the two title champion. She won the crown as well as Miss Photogenic. Her performance for the evening was fully entertaining, beyond cute and won over the hearts of everyone. The first and second runners up were favorite candidate 2 Celina Harto (Chan Ching Yi) and 4 Rosita Kwok Pak Yin, Miss Friendship was 5 Maisie Kwong Mei Suen. The overall results were logical.

Overseas candidate Lisa Tse returned from Scotland for the pageant. She hoped to enter show business through the event, brought everyone positive energy and become someone influential in society. The tattoo candidate 6 "wild flight attendant" Jessica Liu did not make the top five.

Masters of ceremony were Carol Cheng Yui Ling, Mayanne Mak Mei Yan, Lok Ho Ming and Patrick Lam Po Loy. Miss Photogenic judges were Pakho Chau, Nancy Wu Ting Yan, Eliza Sam Lai Heung, Lok Yeuk Yi and Louisa Mak Ming Sze; star judges were JW, Hana Kuk Chi Kiu, Shiga Lin, Joey Thye, Owen Cheung Chun Long, Tony Hung Wing Sing, Hubert Wu Hung Kwan, Sisley Choi Si Bui, Crystal Fung Ying Ying, Hera Chan Hiu Wa, Sammi Cheung Sau Man, Moon Lau Pui Yuet, Regina Ho Yee Ting, Bowie Cheung Bo Yi, Matthew Ho Kwong Pui, Dickson Yu Tak Shing, Joey Law Tin Yu, Mark Ma Kwun Tung, Telford Wong Ting Fung, Chow Ka Lok, Ricco Ng Wai Ho and others.

This year's judging standard for the top five included votes from star judges, Miss Hong Kong judging committee and Big Big Fun, then viewers vote for the top three on Big Fun Fun. Due to the novel coronavirus, this year no jewelry company sponsored the Miss Hong Kong pageant. The crown thus had no sponsor as TVB provided it.

The program opened with former Miss Hong Kong candidates Lau Pui Yuet, Choi Si Bui, Mak Ming Sze, Fung Ying Ying, Chan Hiu Wa and Ho Yee Ting. Last year's Miss Hong Kong Carmaney Wong Ka Man gave the opening performance. Then ten candidates including 1 Amber Chan, 2 Celina Harto, 3 Roxanne Ho, 4 Rosita Kwok, 5 Maisie Kwong, 6 Jessica Liu, 7 Ceci Mak, 8 Lisa Tse, 9 Rosanna Tse and 10 Yancy Wong appeared in evening gowns in the company of Wong Ting Fung, Ng Wai Ho and others and introduced themselves.

The talent portion of the program included water sleeve dance, belly dance, and harp performance, more outstanding was 6 Jessica Liu's aerial yoga, 9 Rosanna Tse played the guzheng, 8 Lisa Tse performed THE BUND theme song. The candidates then changed costumes and danced with 40 dancers.

Guest performer Pakho Chau sang as 10 candidates appeared in wedding gowns. Then he presented the earlier candidate chosen Miss Friendship to 5 Maisie Kwong and revealed Miss Photogenic to be 8 Lisa Tse.

Ten candidates changed in swimsuits for the question and answer portion. The event also showed the candidates' document photos, most had no eyebrows. This year's swimsuit style had no surprise at all. Successfully losing 20 pounds, 5 Maisie Kwong's confidence grew and grew. Candidates then switched to another swimsuit for the top five announcement. Candidates in the top 5 were 2 Celina Harto, 3 Roxanne Ho, 4 Rosita Kwok, and 8 Lisa Tse. Liza Wang Ming Chuen's pre-race pick 6 Jessica Liu went home empty handed as her boyfriend predicted.

The final five candidates wore evening gowns for the question and answer segment and share their experience. 3 Roxanne Ho and 4 Rosita Kwok even broke down during their speech. 8 Lisa Tse humorously said, "Papa from being I could walk already told me to take part in Miss Hong Kong." When Miss Hong Kong was announced, the camera went to Sisley Choi Si Bui in the audience. She rose 8 fingers and indeed she made the right choice. Lisa Ts who brought everyone a lot of joy all night was announced the winner and cheers erupted. Last year's Miss Hong Kong Carmaney Wong presented the crown to her.

Lisa Tse


Louisa Mak is caught looking in the direction of old flame Joseph Lam and Hiromi

Crystal Fung picks Rosita Kwok to win
Pakho Chau tries to get Shiga Lin to spill about Carlos Chan, but she changes the subject.
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Shiga Lin, Pakho Chau
Hera Chan
Crystal Fung
Sisley Choi

Sammi Cheung
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Louisa Mak is a judge for Miss Photogenic but denies tha she is paving the way for her show business return
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Before the 2020 Miss Hong Kong pageant finals, guests posed for photos and spoke to the media. It was also a good opportunity for female artists to fight for the spotlight. Sammi Cheung Sau man's red dress and Hera Chan Hiu Wa attracted the most "eyeballs". Transitioned to office work, Louisa Mak Ming Sze still caught attention in black.

"Miss Photogenic" judge Mak Ming Sze said, "The last time I came back to TVB was last year's Miss Hong Kong pageant. Because I started as Miss Hong Kong, I should do something for Miss Hong Kong. (Did you come back to fulfill your one show a year contract?) I don't talk about that with the company." After her job switch Mak Ming Sze paid less attention to entertainment news, but in order to judge she looked at the candidates' information in detail. She felt that this year's their quality was rather high. A mixed heritage candidate caught her eye and she also thought that Rosita Kwok was statuesque.

Mak Ming Sze's appearance was rumored to be dipping her toes in for a return to on screen development. She denied and said, "No such thing, after the job change I already tried to attend less public events. I hope to focus on work, but Miss Hong Kong indeed changed my life. if needed I would come back and contribute."

Hera Chan Hiu Wa wore something that appeared to be ill fitting. She explained, "Earlier I ate more and blew up. At the fitting I was fatter than now. Luckily the wardrobe department helped with full precaution against wardrobe malfunction." As for her favorite candidate, she felt 6 Jessica Liu had a brilliant smile but did not know she had a tattoo. She believed that it would not affect the result. Her pageant year also had a candidate with tattoo. As for the lack of sponsor for this year's Miss Hong Kong crown, she said that she did not know.

Eliza Sam Lai Heung joked that she finally was able to dress up and go out. However during the pandemic she would be extra careful because of her child at home. She also joked, "Tonight I won't steal the spotlight from the candidates, because I only wore a head band and not a crown." Her favorite candidate was 8 Jessica Liu with her sweet smile, but actually the judging would depend on live performance.

Last year's Miss Hong Kong Carmaney Wong Ka Man admitted that she would miss being Miss Hong Kong. When she watched the candidates at rehearsal she was already very sentimental. She recalled last year at her own rehearsal she already broke down in tears, because after the pageant everyone would be scattered all over. She missed those day very much. Speaking of this year's candidates, she felt 2 Celina Harto was tall, 7 Ceci Mak was was outstanding with her talent; but when she saw 9 Rosanna Tse was injured during rehearsal and had to appear in bandage, she hoped that she would catch up. As for the lack of a crown sponsorship this year, she just found out herself. Some said that her crown might be the final edition, she courteously said, "The crown exists not in its value but the meaning behind it."

Sammi Cheung Sau Man was dressed in red. She said, "Under the pandemic I don't have much chance to dress up. It's a rare chance to wear a dress." Among the candidates, she liked 2 Celina Harto and praised how fit she was, her sweet smile and character. She joked that now the pageant trend has changed, everyone liked Celina Harto's Korean flavor. Her big eyes were already outdated, perhaps they would come back in 10 years.

Crystal Fung Ying Ying's favorite candidates were 2 Celina Harto, and 6 Jessica Liu and she was the fondest of Rosita Kwok because they went to the same university and both studied nutrition. She also said that her junior colleagues were fully prepared and did not need any tip. 9 Rosanna Tse was injured during rehearsal. Ying Ying stated that she would not give any sympathy point because the pageant had to be just. She would watch their live performance and she believed tha everyone would do their best.

Nancy Wu Ting Yan would serve as a "Miss Photogenic" judge. She had an understanding of the candidates' information, and several years ago she served as a judge as well so she had experience in the area already. She learned that certain candidates had tattoos. She said, "I wouldn't take points off for that. The tattoo decision was made before the pageant. I believe it has special meaning for her so it wouldn't affect her score."

Pakho Chau and Shiga Lin spoke to the media together. Pakho joked that he was "ordered" to look at pretty girls, but everyday at home he would watch his daughter. When he saw his daughter's improvement and began to interact, he felt rather gratified. He also said that this year's candidates were very high quality, with good memory and ability to improvise. 2 Celina Harto left him with the deepest impression and his height attracted him. He joked, "On stage I had to stand up straighter to match her." 8 Lisa Tse left Shiga Lin with the deepest impression because of her mixed heritage and her profession as an operation room nurse. When asked about her rumor with Carlos Chan Ka Lok, she explained, "Earlier we were caught together on the street, we just happened to go shopping. It wasn't anything special." She would not respond to whether they were dating. Pakho did not bother to confirm with her either, but he has not seen Shiga Lin and Chan Ka Lok appear together.


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Gigi Leung invites Sammy to be the master of ceremony for her concert
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Gigi Leung Wing Kei's online concert to raise fund for construction workers was aired at 5PM yesterday. To coordinate with the zero carbon theme, all of the workers brought their own water bottle to reduce plastic waste. The concert also took place under an unplug format as it hoped through music to bring attention to construction workers. Leung Wing Kei was the first female singer to perform a charity concert online to cheer for the people of Hong Kong. Gigi also wore white to match the theme and green to match the lawn. She performed 11 songs. When she started, she performed CERTAIN YEAR MID SUMMER with 4 harmony singers.

Gigi said that as the pandemic continued many people's livelihoods have been impacted, especially construction workers under the blazing sun still had to work outdoors and dining was no easy. She hoped through the concert to cheer on everyone and provide some practical assistance. Speaking of women among the workers, Gigi chose to sing G FOR GIRL for them. She also mentioned that she could not doing anything about having to stay at home to fight the pandemic, as she only hoped to reduce the pressure on healthcare personnel. "Staying at home is good too. Before I was busy with work and spent less time at home. Now I can have more time to spend with my family, feeling like I am making up for lost time." Then she ended the almost one hour show with FOR THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE, FIREWORK and TODAY.

Before this concert, Gigi was rather nervous. She said, "Although the time to prepare was very limited, everyone in front of and behind the scenes were very united. In order to prevent the pandemic and protect the participants we first maintained social distance and switched to a taping. Several days before the agreed upon date, a number 9 tropical cyclone warning appeared. We were very grateful though that on the day of the shoot the weather was beautiful. Heaven probably knew that we were doing something very positive and very meaningful, so it gave us very nice weather."

In order to finish this concert within the time limit, Gigi asked her former concert production team to prepare for this concert. Gigi sentimentally said, "The music and the production teams really cherished this chance to work. Under the pandemic the music industry actually has been drastically impacted. Many performances were cancelled. So seeing everyone today, we lamented but we were also very touched. Everyone really cherished this moment to get together."

Gigi said, "For every home we live in, the streets, the gutters, workers built for us with a lot of difficulties and under the blazing sun. Under the pandemic, when they have needs we must lend a helping hand. In particular I learned from the news that during the pandemic they still needed to work outdoors, some even caught the novel coronavirus and life became difficult. I hope through this concert to bring attention to the workers, cheer them on and even provide practical assistance."

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Director Benny Chan Muk Sing passed away from nasopharyngeal carcinoma at age 58. Commercial Radio aired an interview with him from 2013 again as a salute. Chan Muk Sing 30 years ago rose to fame with A MOMENT OF ROMANCE (TIN YEUK YAU CHING). He recalled the experience of working hard as television state production assistant to film director. He thanked two great mentors Shiu Sun and Johnnie To Kei Fu for their help. He was known as the "Handsome Director" but he never appeared on camera. He revealed that Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) and Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting have asked him to guest star, but being on camera was his weakness. He was shy and did not like to face the camera.

Chan Muk Sing in 2005 directed the film DIVERGENCE (SAM CHA HAU), which won Aaron Kwok Fu Sing his first Golden Horse Award Best Actor. He and Sing Sing worked together before on A MOMENT OF ROMANCE 2 (TIN YEUK YAU CHING II). He admitted that DIVERGENCE's role was tailored for Sing Sing. "Working together again after 10 years, I really appreciated that Sing Sing was able to let go of his singer baggage and coordinate with the sloppy and less than handsome image in the film. When Sing Sing received the Golden Horse Award, I was happily jumping on the sofa and screaming 'that's great' at home. I was very happy for him." Later he and Sing Sing worked together again on CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI), which did not perform well. He admitted that he was disappointed. "I was attempting a new subject in Hong Kong film, a special effect film about biochemical crisis. Sometimes I would 'play with fire'! Like the lines in THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK) said, 'Today I am doing the most I can, even if I lose I know I did my best!' It is what is in the bottom of my heart. Many people say any Hong Kong directors who make this subject would be very dumb, but I really wanted to try how much we can do!"

Chan Muk Sing was nominated for Hong Kong Film Award Best Director 5 times but lost each time. He admitted that he was a little disappointed each time, but it was a driving force. Perhaps he truly did not perform as well as others and he would look forward to the next time.

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ue to the pandemic showing signs of subsiding, cinemas after six weeks of suspension yesterday finally resumed operation. Crowds appeared at many cinemas as long lines formed for tickets. The Korean hit film TRAIN TO BUSAN's sequel PENINSULA yesterday already passed the HK$ 1 million mark box office by half a day, breaking the opening day box office record under the social distancing order.

According to the Hong Kong Motion Pictures Industry Association, as of 4PM PENINSULA yesterday already reached HK$ 1,180,859 in half a day of release. PENINSULA opened in Asia on July 15th, and had box office success across the board. With 352,926 viewers it became the highest single day opening box office champion this year. Its Taiwan opening day box office was over NT$ 24 million, surpassing its predecessor TRAIN TO BUSAN. In Singapore it even surpassed another hit Korean film ALONG WITH THE GODS: THE LAST 49 DAYS and set the highest opening day box office for a Korean film.

However the box office's biggest obstacle aside from the pandemic was the rampant online piracy. Earlier theater pirated version already appeared on Mainland sites; on the day of Hong Kong cinema's return, a high definition pirated version was available for free. Unfortunately the Hong Kong box office might be impacted.

As for Hong Kong films, domestic film industry rising stars Terrance Lau Chun Him, Cecilia Choi Sze Wan starred BEYOND THE DREAM (WAN OI) was already a hit before the cinema closings. At the time it already swept up HK$ 8.8 million at the box office. Yesterday when the cinemas re-opened the run continued. As of 4PM its box office was HK$ 195,202, with the cumulative box office before the closing the film has already passed the HK$ 9 million mark. Yesterday the film company posted another BEYOND THE DREAM production video to continue to promote the film.

The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing starred Hong Kong film I'M LIVIN' IT (MAK LO YUN) was slated for a beginning of the year release. Yet due to the pandemic it was postponed. Yesterday the film announced that due to the return of cinema it will be released simultaneously on September 17th in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. The film company continued to release a lot of promotional material, including character portrait posters with various themes that brought out the inner voice of the characters. The first one was a concept poster of Kwok Fu Sing's character. Sing Sing gave a lot of suggestions to the making of this poster and it was his favorite. Sing Sing hoped that everyone would go to the movies to support I'M LIVIN' IT, from which they would be more able to relate this meaning of this poster.

As for the Herman Yau Lai To directed and Andy Lau Tak Wa produced and starred new film SHOCK WAVE 2 (CHAK DAN JUEN GA 2), "Equal Write Union Hong Kong" expressed its displeasure over the trailer and the poster's lack of screenwriter credits. Universe film yesterday responded, "Because the cinemas re-opened, we understood that the audience demand for film releases in the second half of the year. Thus we first released a brief video to remind viewer friends to keep an eye on the release date. Later we will release official poster and trailer, which would have the strong line up of the creative units."


Fruit Chan wraps up production on the same day as Susan Shaw's birthday.  The cast celebrates both.
Rachel Lee and Wong Yau Nam are grateful to be working during the pandemic
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Fruit Chan is grateful for the actors giving him a break on salary
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During the shoot Rachel Lee lost her father and Wong Yau Nam was injured.
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The Hong Kong Film Award winning director Fruit Chan Gor's latest Hong Kong horror fantasy film (yet to be titled) yesterday held a production wrap ceremony. It happened to be Susan Shaw Yam Yam's 70th birthday, so Char Gor along with actors Rachel Lee Lai Chun, Wong Yau Nam, Man Suet Yi and others celebrated with Sister Yam Yam. Wong Yau Nam was injured in an accident during the shoot.

Chan Gor revealed that the film started production when the third wave of the pandemic erupted. At first he hesitated and wondered if he needed to shoot as schedule, but he considered that if the production was halted many would be out of a job. Thus he could only take the full preventive measures on the set. However he shot studio and location scenes as usual. He said, "I didn't separate between studio or location shoot, but I was the most afraid of not knowing the source if something happened."

Chan Gor revealed that Sister Yam Yam's character did not have any line at all. Sister Yam Yam joked, "My acting really is decent." Actually she played a 98 year old lady with dementia. When it acted her children talked about dividing the family fortune without any taboo with her. In the end after she passed away from illness she turned into a haunting spirit.

One of Wong Yau Nam's fingers was bandaged. He revealed, "Two days ago we shot a fight scene, and I accidentally hit a fan. The fan blades cut my finger and I had to go to the hospital right away. The doctor said I almost cut my tendon. Originally it would require stitches, but I was afraid of hindering the production progress. Luckily the bleeding was stopped and I went back to the shoot. The condition is OK now. I would have to wait a few more days before I can get the wound wet." This was Yau Nam's third collaboration with Chan Gor. He said, "At age 15 he picked me off the street to make movies. The first movie qualified for Venice. At the time he took me on vacation to France. The second movie qualified for Cannes and he took me to England. I hope this time the movie would be able to participate in large scale film festivals so we can go to other places."

Lee Lai Chun said that early during the shoot her father passed away. She was emotionally unstable and had to miss two notices. She wanted to say sorry to the director. Her father's affairs have already been handled so she would not say more. After finishing a movie at the end of last year, she still had work during the pandemic. She was very grateful and would properly cherish it.