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[2024.05.01] FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 28 2024

For The week ending April 21 2024


    d. Michihito Fujii
    Kaya Kiyohara, Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan, Hsu Kuang-Han
  Rating : I
  Length : 124 mins.
  Opening April 4 2024

    Jimmy goes back to his parents' house for the first time in a long time and finds a postcard from Ami. Ami, a backpacker from Japan, showed up at the his work place 18 years ago. Jimmy's memories of his first love come back to him, and he sets off on his first solo trip to Japan to face the past and look at the present. As he rides a train listening to the songs they heard together, he heads for her hometown. Will Jimmy be able to reunite with Ami?


    d. Guy Ritchie
    Henry Cavill, Eiza Gonzalez, Alan Ritchson, Alex Pettyfer,
      Hero Fiennes iffin, Babs Olusanmokun,
      Henry Golding, Cary Elwes


    d. Adam Wingard
    Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Dan Stevens


    d. Mike Mitchell, Stephanie Stine
    DreamWorks Animation
    English Voices: Jack Black, Awkwafina, Viola Davis,
      Dustin Hoffman, Bryan Cranston, James Hong, Ian McShane,
      Ke Huy Quan, Ronny Chieng, Lori Tan Chinn, Seth Rogen


  Can : Dan Yuen Yun Cheung Gau
    d. Sasha Chuk Chi Ngan
    Wu Kang-Ren, Sasha Chuk Chi Ngan, Angela Yuen Lai Lam,
      Tse Wing-yan, Natalie Hsu (Hui Yan Yi)
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 114 mins.
  Opening October 23 2023 at the 36th Tokyo International Film Festival
  Opening November 12 2023 at the 20th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
  Opening December 28 2023 (Preview)
  Opening April 11 2024
  Site : https://2023.tiff-jp.net/en/lineup/film/3602ASF01
  Trailer : https://youtu.be/uXqn9tCGx4c

    In 1997, little sisters move to Hong Kong with their mother from Hunan to reunite with their father. However, what awaits them is not paradise, but poverty, identity crisis and a drug addicted father. To survive, they become pleasers. Entering teenage, the sisters start to resist, struggling between the family and their self-identity in development. Then as grown-ups, they realise how their childhood memories keep haunting their current lives. Produced by renowned director Stanley Kwan, Sasha Chuk's first feature tells a story of reconciliation with one's parents and oneself.

    A family chronicle, spanning from 1997, the year of the handover of Hong Kong, to 2017, captures the life of a father and his daughter for 20 years. Produced by Stanley Kwan.


    d. Jang Jae-hyng
    Lee Do-hyun, Kim Go-eun, Choi Min-sik, Yoo Hai-jin
  Length : 132 mins.
  Opening April 11 2024

    In Los Angeles, the renowned shaman Hwa-rim and her protege Bong-gil are commissioned with a hefty sum to meet the enigmatic descendants of a household afflicted by a peculiar illness. Sensing the ominous aura surrounding the ancestral grave, Hwa-rim urges for its relocation. The best geomancer in the business, Sang-duk, and mortician Young-geun, lured by the scent of money, join the team.

    "You all understand...what happens if we mess with the wrong grave."

    The mysterious grave, situated in an unapproachable sacred ground, holds dark secrets. Though Sang-duk senses an ominous presence and initially rejects the proposal, Hwa-rim’s persuasion ultimately initiates the exhumation, leading to a journey where the team must confront both supernatural forces and their own fears.

    Those that must remain buried have surfaced.


    d. Mitsunaka Susumu
    Japanese Animation
    Length : 85 mins.
    Opening April 11 2024
    Trailer : https://youtu.be/2k_36L-IS2E

    The teaser trailer glimpses the initial encounter and subsequent development of friendship between Shoyo Hinata and Kenma Kozume, culminating in a decisive match on the volleyball court. With Shoyo Hinata's famous line: "Let's play a game that can't be repeated", the stage is set for 'The Dumpster Battle"!


  3 WE 12
  Can : 12 Gwai Doh
  Lit : 12 Strange Thieves
    d. Berry Ho Kwok Man
    Lokman Yeung, Anson Lo Hon Ting, Frankie Chan Sui Fai,
      Alton Wong Chi Tak, Stanley Yau Sze Chun, Anson Kong Ip Sang,
      Jer Lau Ying Ting, Ian Chan Cheuk Yin, Jeremy Lee Chun Kit,
      Edan Lui Cheuk On, Keung To, Tiger Yau Ngo Yin,
      Yeung Wai Lun, ERROR, Yoyo Kot Cheuk Yiu
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 97 mins.
  Opening November 2023 (Experience Preview)
  Opening March 28 2024
  Trailer : https://youtu.be/JvVkTYYjQaE

    TIn the world, which is ordinary yet a little bit extraordinary, there is an underground organization called the "The League of Kaito". Their members silently guard the social order and peace.

    Within the organization, there are 12 geniuses, each with their own unique skills. Kaito Ian is good at planning, Kaito KT is a master of hypnosis, Kaito Stanley is skilled in eavesdropping, Kaito A.Lo is most adaptable, Kaito Edan is excellent in abseiling, Kaito Jer can instantly disguise himself, Kaito Tiger knows how to read lips from a distance, Kaito Alton is a world-class hacker, Kaito AK masters animal telepathy, Kaito Lokman is familiar with unlocking techniques, Kaito Frankie has the strongest sixth sense, and Kaito Jeremy has a natural super memory and can read and memorize large amounts of information at a glance. They are the star members of the League of Kaito.

    One day, they received instructions from Boss, to gather at headquarters to complete an important case that will affect the entire world. They not only need to rekindle their team spirit but also face the top enemy of all Kaitou, security manager Johnny, who is trying to stop them, making the mission even more difficult.


    d. David Leitch
    Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt


    d. Mitsuo Fukuda
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 124 mins.
  Opening April 25 2024
  Trailer : https://youtu.be/xLFdFQh8LaI

    In C.E.75, the fighting still continues. There are independence movements, and aggression by Blue Cosmos... In order to calm the situation, a global peace monitoring agency called COMPASS is established, with Lacus as its first president. As members of COMPASS, Kira and his comrades intervene into various regional battles. Then a newly established nation called Foundation proposes a joint operation against a Blue Cosmos stronghold.


For the week starting Saturday, April 27 2024 (Week 17)


  Can : Yin Yam Wing Yu Goo Mun
  CY Chan Chung Chak

  Can : Sam Sun Yau Hung
  Yan Ting Chow

  Can : But Jook Nam Hai Yau Wut Ji Sei
  Jer Lau Ying Ting

  Can : Gat Cheung Yau Yi
  MC Cheung Tin Fu

  1 DIFF.
  Gin Lee Hung Ngai


Louis Koo and Aaron Kwok's duel to the death in the film has become the focus 
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TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING) opens today. Yesterday its mainland advanced screenings have already recorded over 70 million RMB. Director Soi Cheang Pou Soi yesterday stated that he hoped other upcoming Hong Kong film released would all have good box office performance. He also pointed out that each actor was very outstanding and gave special thanks to guest star Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, who brought great impact to the film.

Sing Sing in the film guest starred as the "Killer King" who kills without batting an eye. Kwok Fu Sign was willing to guest star completely because of his admiration for director Cheang Pou Soi. After Cheang Pou Soi analyzed the character setting and the story in detail to Kwok Fu Sing, he finally with his greatest sincerity moved him. For this shoot, Kwok Fu Sing before hand studied the character appearance with the director many times. "Killer King" appeared in the 70s, the costume director suggested for Kwok Fu Sing to grow the then popular thin mustache and appear in a Chinese suit and classic slick back hair. With a killing weapon in hand, his eyes were ferocious and displayed the kill without batting an eye presence. In the battle at the ancient temple of the Heavenly Queen with "Tornado", three strong friends came to a life and death battle. Just this part with Louis Koo Tin Lok alone took 3 days and 3 nights to shoot, as they fought to dark. The result was very awe inspiring as both the cast and the crew were pleased. Sing Sing said that during the shoot he gave his full attention to every move. Because many scenes required him to carry a sharp weapon in his fights, especially the duel to the death with Koo Tin Lok, he had to be extremely careful with wielding the weapon to prevent any accident.

In addition, playing Tiger Kenny Wong Tak Bun also suffered a severe injury on his right eye in the gang war with "Killer King" and  became blind. Thus Brother Tiger hated "Killer King" for the rest of his life. Although "Killer King" did not appear often, he was quite eye catching.


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Rache Leung runs into seagulls that not only look for food but also drop "bombs" on tourists in Venice

Rachel Leung, Lawrence Kan and Jonathan Li attend many seminars
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Fresh out of the oven Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress Rachel Leung Yung Ting earlier along with her IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA) director Lawrence Kan Kwan Chun and the film DUST TO DUST (DAI BAK GOR YIM YI YUN)'s director Jonathan Li Tsz Chun attended the 26th Udine Far East Film Festival for IN BROAD DAYLIGHT's Italian premiere and DUST TO DUST's international premiere. They attended the opening ceremony, the screenings, media interviews and seminars, and spared no effort in promoting Hong Kong film to the European audience. The audience there expressed strong support and endless enthusiasm for the two multiple Hong Kong Film Awards nominated films.

Rachel, who stepped foot on Italy and attended the Far East Film Festival for the first time, felt very honored to be able to attend. IN BROAD DAYLIGHT's music score was recorded in Italy last year, now everyone was able to return here to watch this film at the cinema. She was truly very moved. She knew that viewers because of their love for Hong Kong films would come from all over Europe to participate in the film festival, which made her cherish this opportunity even more.

Although the schedule has been intense, she still took time to run around and explore Udine. She joked that the seagulls there had a lot of character, as they would spray their waste to mess around the tourists. No wonder their group would shatter in a hurry whenever they ran into giant seagulls.

She also visited Venice with Kan Kwan Chun and Siuyea Lo Chun Yip to enjoy a food and scenery tour outside work. On the 4 day trip Rachel had 12 scoops of Gelato.

Sunday, April 28, 2024


Despite being busy with his new film in Hong kong, Wu Kang-Jen still finds time to find good food
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Taiwan Golden Horse Awards Best Actor Wu Kang-Jen recently has frequently appeared in Hong Kong. Busy with the new film series COLD WAR (HONG JIN) he earlier shared his rice box photo on social media. "I had it several days ago and I still remember it, I think......this is probably true love, love Harry, the heavy soy sauce flavor, the crunchy crunchy cripsy rice, the delicious preserved meat, an egg..." Even though Hong Kong has been scorching, Wu Kang-Jen for several days in a row chose claypot rice and seemed to have fallen in love with it. Fans commented, "He truly has become a Hong Konger!" "He has even learned to use trendy Hong Kong slangs!"


Raymond Lam, German Cheung, Tony Wu and Terrance Lau promote their film in the mainland
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The Raymond Lam Fung starred new film TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING) has held advanced screenings in Hong Kong on the past few days and won word of mouth. Industry insiders even made him the favorite to challenge for the Best Actor award next year. With a shot of confidence he ambitiously promoted. Yesterday he and his "Kowloon 4" partners Terrance Lau Chun Him, German Cheung Man Kit and Tony Wu Tsz Tung participated in a mainland event. Lam Fung even dropped his idol image, performed like the Korean female star Jang Won Young and even tried to "touch his chin with his tongue". Lau Chun Him showed some skin to attract eyeballs and immediately became the hot topic online.


Nick Cheung would attend "Hong Kong Night" at the film festival
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Nick Cheung (center) on Hong Kong Night runs into Rachel Leung (left), Lawrence Kan (second left) and Felix Chong (right)
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Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai two days ago arrived in Italy to prepare for the film he directed and starred in, PEG O' MY HEART (SHOOK MUNG)'s participation in the Udine Far East Film Festival world premiere on April 30th. The film also starred Terrance Lau Chun Him and Fala Chen. After KEEPER OF DARKNESS (TOR DEI KUI MOR YUN) he has brought another one of his own films to take part in the film festival. Ka Fai went over half the Earth, after two transfers he finally arrived in Udine.

Ka Fai upon arrival attended the event's "Hong Kong Night" and dined with many Hong Kong filmmakers like Felix Chong Man Keung, Lawrence Kan Kwan Chun, Jonathan Li Tsz Chun, Rachel Leung Yung Ting and others. They were happy to see each of them bringing their own work to meet with overseas viewers and enjoy this film festival journey. At the Hong Kong Night dinner, Ka Fai again met with film festival founders Sabrina and Thomas and thanked them for years of strong support and appreciation of Hong Kong films.

Despite the long journey, Ka Fai was more happy than tired. Udine has left a good impression on him, and he was reminded of when he first stepped foot onto this place that was full of European color with the film THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN). Before leaving he even called the film's director Dante Lam Chiu Yin, they promised to have to work together again and bring their new film to the film festival again.

Saturday, April 27, 2024


Even though he is injured all over, Raymond Lam still wants an encore of another action film

German Cheung, Raymond Lam, Terrance Lau and Tony Wu on the last day of the shoot work on their brotherhood scene and are reluctant to part
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Raymond Lam Fung, Terrance Lau Chun Him, Tony Wu Tsz Tung and German Cheung Man Kit in their new film TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING) played Walled City brothers who were swept up into a storm of troubles and took their fights to the air. Lam Fung said that the story was based on a comic book, so the visual would be a little superficial while the action tried to be realistic with variety. In order to achieve action director Kenji Tanigaki's unique style and fight scenes that hit the flesh with every punch, "4 brothers" earlier accepted a month of special training. Lam Fung revealed that on the first day he already went mad from the training. "Running, jumping, rolling on the ground for a hour before practicing the designed action. The longest the production went was for 20 some hours of fighting. The big scene at the ending took a dozen or more days! On the first day I trained until I got sick, I really threw up!" Fighting from the beginning to the end, he joked that he took the most beating. For the chase scene on Nathan Road he even ran until he threw up. "I was hit by different characters and even had to run like mad. On Nathan Road I ran for real with all my might, like I kept crossing the 100 meter line. Even the stunt team ran until they threw up, almost dead for running two or three times."

Former athlete Wu Tsz Tung had good physical abilities but still needed training. He might be in the best physical condition out of the 4 but he said that the skills for an action film and sports were two different matters. "Throwing a punch in front of the camera seems to be very simple, but for the resulting feel has to have power you need training. This time is real hardcore, and I also have to use a katana so I have to spend time to study how to make it look convincing." He also had an accident when Philip Ng Won Lung kicked his chin. He went to the hospital for 15 stitches. "We were shooting the ending, the adrenaline was very high so I didn't feel the pain from getting hurt. As soon as the cameras stopped everyone rushed over to check one me, then sent me to the hospital. After the release I immediately went back to the set. The director gave me half a day off to rest, which was already great because everyone was rushing in the production."

For his first action film production Lau Chun Him started to learn from zero. "The action is fake, making it real requires a lot of training. After physical abilities I train in punches and kicks; then butterfly knives, which I practice during my break. I didn't even get to rest at all! In the end I injured my legs, as I got burnt by the motorcycle exhaust pipe." Cheung Man Kit said that when the stunt team saw that they have achieved their goals they would add more moves, like they were testing everyone's limits. With his kung fu background Cheung Man Kit was bruised all over from the fight scenes and joked that Kenji was uncovering his potential. "I shot a video and practiced almost 40 moves."

Working on an action film injuries have become frequent, the most severely injured were Lam Fung and Wu Tsz Tung; one internal and the other superficial. Wu Tsz Tung's chin had over a dozen stitches, while Lam Fung's anterior cruciate ligament was torn in half. Speaking of becoming action film successors, Cheung Man Kit had confidence that everyone would be able to do it. Lau Chun Him felt that he would be another new generation of action actors. "It's not that I want to take the baton from Big Brother (Hung Kam Bo). The succession concept has a lot of pressure, and I won't get to repeat it." Wu Tsz Tung believed that the new film would be able to make even more people believe Hong Kong action films could be extended. Lam Fung joked that he has become addicted to the production, and able to throw up for another month for an action film!

"Big Brother Big" Sammo Hung Kam Bo pointed out that action film successors were hard to find. Were they confident about taking over? Cheung Man Kit said yes, feeling that as long as he was willing to give. Not to be afraid of not seeing the future, he would continue to work and believe that one day he would succeed. "In the film I was fortunate enough to have fought Hung Kam Bo. I too a few punches from him with ample results, realistic but I didn't feel the pain. Instead the toughest was carrying Lam Fung and running, he is very heavy!" Lau Chun Him supported Cheung Man Kit, "This concept of succession is very stressful, in the past no matter how well Big Brother Big the credit belonged to himself. We couldn't succeed that, nor could we repeat it; but I believed that German's focus on martial art action would achieve something."

Wu Tsz Tung was happy that the film after preview screenings had decent reaction and brought hope to action films. "Making even more people that action films are still viable."

Would Lam Fung and Lau Chun Him take the action actor route? They both said that would depend on the need. This time they would have to thank director Cheang Pou Soi for giving them the chance to break through themselves. In the future they would still be glad to give it a try. Lam Fung said, "Great, working on Cheang Pou Soi's movie is addictive!"

Wu Tsz Tung revealed that the director has already plotted that next time he would ask them to make a dramatic film. Although making an action film was tough, the 4 agreed that they rather enjoyed it. They felt that both the action and the dramatic scenes were very intricately written. When the production ended they were very reluctant to part. Wu Tsz Tung said, "In one scene the 4 brothers ran into each other by a fishery, it was very touching." Lam Fung also pointed out that the 4 brothers and "Tornado" Koo Tin Lok had another strong brotherhood, the performance of which was also exhausting. "It killed many brain cells!"


Terrance Lau praises Raymond Lam for being tender and attentive, he even receives his favorite chocolate from Lam.
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Raymond Lam Fung, Terrance Lau Chun Him, Tony Wu Tsz Tung and German Cheung Man Kit recently appeared on the ViuTV program SAT NIGHT SHOW to promote their film TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING). Lam Fung revealed that he had a dangerous injury from a fight scene. "One stunt required a S shaped move, later during an exam I learned that actually the anterior cruciate ligament was half broken. Another time on the second floor a stunt person and I fought, but I took a wrong step and fell to the first floor. Luckily I had prop padding so I didn't get hurt." Lau Chun Him revealed that he burnt his calf on a motorcycle exhaust pipe. Wu Tsz Tung accidentally injured his chin from a kick and required 14 stitches. The quartet was asked the next time when they would work together, what subject would they like to work on? Lam Fung joked that he wanted to challenge a four sided romance.

Thursday, April 25, 2024


Jolie Chan likes to drink and has been black out drunk

Kevin Chu Kam Yin has been in action and gun training in preparation for a new film
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Kevin Chu Kam Yin and Jolie Chan Yat Suen yesterday attended the announcement of Asia's first A.I. cellar club. Chu Kam Yin did not dare to admit that he could drink, instead he would tell others he did not know how to drink. Hence he has been forced to drink. He revealed that after he got drunk he would become quite a bother and would talk nonstop. However he has not gotten into any trouble after drinking. Has he made his feelings known to a girl after drinking? He said no. "For something that important you have to be sober, otherwise you are disrespecting her."

Speaking of work, he revealed that in May he would work on a crime action film in Hong Kong. Before hand he had gun and action training, in which he had to learn the basics like kicking and punching. The shoot would begin at the end of May and last until August. Although the weather would be scorching, he said that he liked to work. With work he would be happy.


Louis Koo reveals that Cecilia Choi needs ice for her swollen face after getting hit

Richie Jen appears with Aaron Kwok and receives cheers

Raymond Lam is rather pleased with the positive reviews online
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Richie Jen, Aaron Kwok, Sammo Hung, director Soi Cheang, Louis Koo 

Sammo Hung, his son Timmy Hung (back right), daughter in law Janet Chow (left) and their children 

"4 youths of the Walled City" German Cheung, Tony Wu, Raymond Lam and Terrance Lau

Philip Ng revealed that after spending a long time on fight scenes, he was so tired that his brain lacked oxygen and he fainted for several seconds

In the film Cecilia Choi has to slap Louis Koo with all her might, seeing him having to apply ice she feels deeply guilty.
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Director Soi Cheang Pou Soi, stars Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Richie Jen (Yam Yim Chai), Raymond Lam Fung, Terrance Lau Chun Him, Tony Wu Tsz, German Cheung Man Kit, Philip Ng Won Lung, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Cecilia Choi Sze Wan and others yesterday appeared at the film TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING)'s charity premiere. Playing the killer in the film, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing made a surprise appearance and everyone cheered.

Sing Sing before taking the stage embraced director Cheang Pou Soi and Hung Kam Bo. He introduced his film character Killer King, a buddy of the Koo Tin Lok played Tornado. He also had a good son, who happened to be Lam Fung. Lam Fung waved to him in the audience. Sing Sing joked, "Good boy." He also said that this special performance was completely due to his good friend and director Cheang Pou Soi's invitation. He also asked everyone to support the film and cheer for Hong Kong films.

Cecilia Choi Sze Wan revealed that in the film she had to slap Koo Tin Lok, from which even now she did not dare to face him. Because in the film she had to really slap Goo Jai, so much so that Goo Jai needed to apply ice to his face. She said, "So on the set I kept apologizing to Goo Jai. I also said, 'Mr. Koo, sorry.'" When the host asked her how many takes, she awkwardly said that she did not dare to say. Later when Goo Jai came to the stage, Koo Tin Lok was asked who was the most capable fighter. He joked, "In the entire film the most capable fighter had to be Choi Sze Wan. Because she shot so many takes, she hit all night. She slapped me until I went deaf. She is the most outstanding."

Lam Fung revealed that his character required him to shave his head. He thanked the director and the art director, because after shaving his head his fights became very crisp. For fight scenes he threw up many times and each time would take 10 or 20 takes. In the film everyone has hit him, but it was well worth all the hardship. Wu Tsz Tung injured his chin during the ending shoot and went to the hospital for 14 stitches. The brothers even came up with a nickname for him, "Brother Busted Mouth".

Hung Kam Bo, Goo Jai and Siu Chai spoke the media together. Hung Kam Bo expressed hope that the film would be able to bring back action films, so the stunt people could return to the industry. He hoped to be able to cultivate the new generation. Once stating that he would like to win the "Best Director" award, would he like to direct a movie? He said that if someone would hire him he would direct again. Koo Tin Lok immediately agreed. Hung Kam Bo joked, "Then you have to write up the contract now."

Siu Chai said that he was very happy to receive Goo Jai's invitation to participate in the film, so he was able to support even more new actors. Because he saw how rough but seriously giving their all the new generation actors worked, he also said that at first he thought playing the villain he would only have dramatic scenes and no action scenes. He did not expect to have to fight Lam Fung. Siu Chai in the film had to shave his head. He considered if make up would take five hours before and after, if he shaved his head they would save two hours so everyone could rest more.

Hung Kam Bo admitted that performing in the film was not easy at all, because it was shot during the pandemic. At the time everyone was worried, but once the production began they forgot to worry. The result was also great. Which actor had the most potential to become an action actor? Hung Kam Bo joked that it was him, later he also said Goo Jai. He did not have many scenes with the new actors, but they all took a lot of risks.

Goo Jai was asked about Choi Sze Wan slapping him until his ears were ringing. He said, "That scene took 7 or 8 takes. Later on I no longer had any feeling. I was the most afraid of a swollen face, because the shoot had to keep going I immediately applied ice. I blamed myself for telling Choi Sze Wan on the set to hit as hard as she could. I didn't expect her to throw everything she had into it." Speaking of the film being selected for the Cannes Film Festival Midnight Screening, Koo Tin Lok said that he would try to attend with the other actors.

Lam Fung, Lau Chun Him, Wu Tsz Tung and Cheung Man Kit have become good friends due to this film and formed "Kowloon 4". Lam Fung has received online praises that he could be nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards next year. He said that he has snuck online to look at the comments and was pleased to the audience's overwhelmingly positive reviews, the cast's months of contribution have not gone wasted, and he thanked the director for creating many memorable characters. Was he confident about a nomination? Lam Fung joked, "I have never attended the Hong Kong Film Awards before, thank you everyone for your attention and concern. I too have noticed the online comments. I know almost everyone likes the movies."

Lau Chun Him returned from Taiwan to attend the premiere. He joked that earlier while he was promoting his Taiwan series he was absent from the film promotion and his three onscreen brothers Lam Fung, Wu Tsz Tung and Cheung Man Kit complained. Later he would participate in audience appreciation events.

Philip Ng Won Lung said that he would not hold back in their fight scenes, otherwise they would not be entertaining. He also praised that each actor were very well prepared. Before hand they have all completed a month long training. Lau Chun Him said that in one scene we worked until someone almost fainted. "The scene fought for over 20 hours, from daylight to darkness, from darkness to daylight. As the shoot neared its end, Ng Won Lung leaned on my leg and fainted for several seconds." Ng Won Lung explained that perhaps at the moment they fought for a long time. In addition he had to fight one against four, he was so tired that his brain was oxygen deprived. Lau Chun Him joked that he was a little pleased for knocking him down. Ng Won Lung also praised them for being able to be an action actor. Lam Fung said that he did not fight seriously until this one. He hoped to be able to work on another fight scene again. Lau Chun Him also said that he was interested in action films, now he has begun studying taekwondo.

In addition, Hung Kam Bo's son and daughter in law Timmy Hung Tin Ming and Janet Chow Ka Wai brought their sons to show support. Both grandsons frequently hug Grandpa.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024


With his outstanding acting, Wu Kang-Jen has becoming a rising star in the film industry
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Last year's Golden Horse Awards Best Actor, Taiwan's Wu Kang-Jen earlier with the film FLY ME TO THE MOON (DAN YUEN YUN CHEUNG GAU) at the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Awards also won Best Actor. Although nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor with the same role, he did not win. However in the film he played the role from age 40 something to 60 something with his outstanding acting, which has already left an impression in the audience's hearts.

Wu Kang-Jen earlier with FLY ME TO THE MOON won the Best Actor at the "30th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards". He came to Hong Kong to accept the award in person and promoted the new film with director Sasha Chuk Chi Ngan and producer Stanley Kwan Kam Peng. Wu Kang-Jen won his first Golden Horse Award for Best Actor last year with ABANG ADIK, and this year he was nominated for the "Hong Kong Film Awards" for Best Supporting Actor with FLY. However, he did not think it was a downgrade. He laughed and pointed out that the role of the character was not important in the first place. Mainly the focus was on the roles of his two daughters. He was very happy to participate in the Hong Kong Film Awards because he used to watch it on TV.

Wu Kang-Jen in the film played Papa, who emigrated to Hong Kong from Hunan with his wife and daughters; but his drug addiction tore his family away. He had to play the role from age 40 to 60. At first, he was also worried that he would not able to handle that. "The script is very well written. I haven't seen this kind of drama in a very long time. The story is divided into 3 stages, and each stage has different emotions. My native family is also single parent, so I can better understand the emotions in the story; but this is also my first time playing the role from 40 something to 60 something. I didn't know what to do at first. Everyday I was thinking about how to be a good father. Fortunately, with the help of the director and producer, I kept walking outside during breaks in filming to find my direction."

Chuk Chi Ngan smiled and pointed out that Wu Kang-Jen was very attentive. He would sit in the park and watch the elderly play chess and chat, and observe their demeanor and walking posture. By the end it was difficult for everyone to think that he was a big star. As the film's producer Kwan Kam Peng also revealed, when he first saw Chuk Chi Ngan's script for the first time he already thought it was very outstanding. Every actor in the film also performed very well.


Nick Cheung keeps on praising his wife Esther Ho 

One child is enough for Niki Chow for now, as she has no plan to try for another
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Niki Chow Lai Kei and Michael Tong Man Lung two nights ago at the KITEC attended the film SUSPECT (CHIU YI SUN TAM)'s premiere. Ka Fai in the film played a cop with hyperthymesia, but in reality he often had no memory at all.

Ka Fai was asked if in real life his memory was good? He said that at work it was pretty good. When he made a TVB costume series, he had no problem with a page or two of dialogue; but because shooting at day and night, some scenes had three pages of lines and he had no time to memorize them. He could only rely on his natural talent. He explained, "People would feel why even the lead couldn't memorize them, but we don't even have time to sleep. Of course this isn't an excuse." Ka Fai also sid that outside of work he could very easily forget. Would he leave what mattered in life for his wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho to handle? He joked, "No, she would ask me back. As long as everyone remember then we would, if we couldn't then we couldn't." His wife Kwan Wing Ho has been praised for being frozen in age after her commercial aired. Ka Fai immediately sang her praises. "She is hot. (Even when you look at her at home you still say hot?) Sure, I say she may be old but she is still pretty for her age; when she was young she was pretty too, then when she grew older she was still just as pretty. (You have good eyes?) She is the one who got lucky." With his wife's upkeep skills, would he have any pressure? Would he have to maintain better? Ka Fai took the opportunity to pat himself on the back. "Don't you see me always hiding her at home? I am handsome myself so why would I have any pressure. I have mixed heritage, a Panyu Guangzhou mix."

As for SUSPECT becoming a "internet feature" in the mainland, would he mind? Ka Fai said no. "The position of an actor is to act well, not to make decisions. This time the story and the character elements are very rich. I think few actor would turn it down once getting the script. As an actor I would do my best, as for when would it be released? Where would it be released? I have nothing to do with those." Speaking of people online saying that even he made "internet features", Ka Fai said, "I didn't deliberately make the 'internet feature'. I can't eliminate the possibility that in the future whether I would work on an 'internet feature' or not. If I would run into a tempting character or team I would participate." Chow Lai Kei was rumored to be pregnant again last year. Ka Fai jokingly answered on her behalf. "She gave birth already." Chow Lai Kei clarified that she truly did not have a second child, for now she would not consider having another. She said, "I am already having a rough time with raising my son. I am doing everything myself. Later when he would be promoted to K2, I probably would come back to work and could go to the mainland a little. (Would you rather raise your son or work?) I would rather work. (Has your husband helped with your son?) Our son prefers Mommy more." Ka Fai comforted her by saying that the hardship of raising a child was limited.


As soon as Keung To appears the rain stops, no wonder he is in such a good mood

Many "Keung Candies" happily celebrate Keung To's birthday

Anson Lo has been busy with audience appreciation and "defusing bombs"

Edan and Stanley round out the apper

AK and Ian dance in synch
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After all that has happened in the past few years, Keung To once questions whether fans would be at his birthday party

3,000 Keung Candies attend the "Keung To Ocean Carnival"

Keung Candies brave the rain and declare that they would provide cover from the wind and the rain for Keung To

Birthday boy to be Keung To cuts the cake

The Park has many Keung To themed photo opportunities

Anson Lo responds to every request as he stops for photos

Keung To walks rapidly with his headphones on

All members of MIRROR attend the WE 12 meeting
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Earlier when the guy group MIRROR returned to Hong Kong, "Keung Candies" and the "Disciples" supposedly went into a "MMA" war at the airport while jockeying for positions, making Keung To and Anson Lo to "defuse bombs" despite days of exhausting work. With his birthday on the way Keung To revealed that the conflict was not the firs time and even braved the suspicion of being "pretentious" as he tearfully apologized online. He also made an extremely rare admission that he and good friend Anson Lo's friendship was once damaged. The next day at his 3,000 person birthday party the sky opened up when he appeared and he smiled again.

As the popularity MIRROR's Keung To and Anson Lo climbed, the rivalry between their fans "Keung Candies" and the "Disciples" grew heavier. Earlier at the airport they had physical altercation while fighting over positions and some "Disiciples" claimed to be injured. Due to the severity of the issue, Anson Lo spoke up first and expressed concern for the safety of his "Disciples"; Keung To two nights ago while attending their film WE 12 (12 GWAI TOH)'s audience appreciation event also mentioned the "fan chaos". He said that over the past few days he kept trying to get an understanding of what happened and saw many versions online. However since the incident has already occurred, he could only hope, "Everyone can safely and happily support us, don't have any conflict or altercation." He also said that he had discussions with Anson Lo afterward and both felt troubled. "We don't know what to do, something like this has happened more than just once or twice; but we seem to have no way to resolve it so far." He pleaded with fans, "Everyone no matter supporting us MIRROR or any one of us, I hope from now on each time we meet would be pleasant, safe and peaceful." Finishing the Kowloon cinema audience appreciation events with Jeremy on the same day, Anson Lo at the event was asked to demonstrate the fighting in the film. When he left he also played to the "Disciples".

Two days ago after the 6 hour long audience appreciation events, Keung To who claimed to "have not eaten yet" suddenly went live online. Despite starvation he continued his "bomb defusing project". He again pointed out that he and Anson Lo learned about the incident before leaving the plane and were disappointed. He said, "Ultimately we have been away for so many days, we really miss here. We were coming home in a happy mood, taking a break before working hard for the next stop; but we never thought something like this would happen." He sighed and publicly apologized, "I have some place I haven't done so well in, I hereby apologize to everyone." He got misty eyed and had to take a deep breath to calm down.

At the same time he also made an extremely rare mention of his conflict with Anson Lo, admitting, "Something has affected us, 5 or 6 years after we started we have already experienced so much. We don't really understand each other, but in the end we know that these things happened because everyone are concerned about us and love us. Luckily we are now very good friends." Turning 25 on the 30th, he talked about his wish. "I wish for everyone in the world would have empathy. The world doesn't have right or wrong, only different view points, stances and opinions. We can disagree with others, but when we look from other people's stance we may have more understanding." As the live stream neared its end, he also said that he might be criticized as being "pretentious", but he did not want to be an artist who just lived in his own world, so he would not avoid any outside "voices". Someone asked him during the live stream, "When your Candies hit people, how do you feel?" Some supported Keung To as innocent. "Both groups of people have no sense." Some also blamed the company for improper management.

Yesterday under a yellow storm warning, 3,000 soaked "Keung Candies" gathered at Ocean Park to celebrate Keung To's birthday in advance, but before he appeared the rain suddenly stopped and he was much in a better mood. He kept smiling and waving, but when he spoke he got nervous and stuttered. "After the highs and the lows, earlier I suspected whether you would still be here for the next birthday party." He also said that he was lacking and felt that he owed everyone, but he would remind himself to maintain his original intent when he started. He immediately spread positive energy and said, "I would tell those who still have negative ideas about me, I would perform even better." Later when he performed his new song TOO EXCESSIVELY GOOD he forgot the lyrics, but the "Keung Candies" still accepted it. He used his phone for a selfie with the entire audience. The host suggested that manager Sister Fa could get in the photos, but the audience suddenly became silent. Sister Fa awkwardly turned around and left the stage.

MIRROR last night attended their film WE 12 (12 GWAI TOH) group soul meeting in West Kowloon. Over 100 fans waited at the parking lot. Because Keung To and Anson Lo's fans earlier had conflicts, the relationship between fans of the two sides have been tense. However perhaps they heard "the call of Keung To", everyone's fans were rather harmonious and orderly as nothing unpleasant took place.

Around 5 PM, MIRROR members gradually arrived. Lokman, Alton, Ian, Frankie arrived first, AK and Tiger stopped for photos. As the 7 PM start neared, Anson Lo and Jeremy appeared, Keung To with his headphones on and Jer tightly followed. Anson Lo stopped for photos per requests and looked to be in a decent mood. Edan and Stanley rounded out the line up.

After the meeting ended, the harmonious atmosphere took a turn. As MIRROR members left, when Keung To arrived at the parking lot the "Disciples" who were present in majority went into an uproar. They screamed at Keung to, "Anson Lo, Anson Lo." and seemed to be taunting him. However Keung To ignored them and boarded the vehicle. Later when Anson Lo appeared, many "Disciples" rushed up for photos and caused a little chaos.

Guy group MIRROR recently has been busy with their concert tour and promoting their new song DAY 0 at the same time. After members Tiger, Frankie, Alton, Lokman and others danced on the streets, earlier it was AK and Ian's turn but they only performed backstage. Some online joked that it met with Ian's otaku designation. "Even for street dance he chose back stage." Fans praised this "friend group" dance as very well coordinated and cool, but the video was only a dozen or so seconds long and they have not had enough. Meanwhile the Ian written, arranged and produced new song THANK YOU POSTMAN was released today. He on social media posted his single cover. Some fans thought that the song had quite a feel and looked forward to the story. They even asked if the title also came from Ian.