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Donnie Yen laments that the passing of Benny Chan was a great loss for the film industry

Director Benny Chan in 2019 confirmed that he had terminal cancer, passed away in August last year at age 58.  RAGING FIRE was his final film.

Donnie Yen says that Nicholas Tse definitely was in the honor roll for his performance in the film
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan and late director Benny Chan Muk Sing's film RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) opened first in the Mainland and the response has been decent. As Benny's final film, Chi Tan remembered the most the director's friendly smile. He said, "We actually knew each other for over 20 years. As early as THE KUNG FU MASTER (HUNG HEI GUOON) and FIST OF FURY (JING MO MOON) we already knew each other. This time RAGING FIRE was our first film together, unfortunately it was also the last one." Chi Tan also remembered his fight scene with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung. He praised Ting Fung's fighting as rivaling Wu Jing's. He too has established the "Donnie Yen Stuntman Association" and been recruiting martial art talent around the world.

Yen Chi Tan said that when Benny conceived the film story, originally it was a police film in Mexico. Unfortunately due to the budget it was scrapped. Benny could not hide his disappointment and Chi Tan comforted him, saying that with the director's style he could make a movie with Hong Kong as the stage. Thus Benny started to create the story anew and came up with today's RAGING FIRE. Chi Tan said that during the film's post production, he and Benny communicated many times about editing, but one day he received the bad news one day. He said, "Benny one day called me and said he was 'done for'. I was shocked, because he never knew that he had cancer. Only during the shoot he revealed that he would get tired, but he didn't have time to be examined. When it happened the cancer cells have already spread." Chi Tan praised his late friend for being positive despite facing the end of life. He also introduced therapists to help him.

As for memorable scenes in the film, Chi Tan felt that the duel in the finale with Ting Fung was the most difficult. He said, "The Peking Road gun fight in the middle of the film is already very shocking, pushing the emotions higher for the finale is very hard." Chi Tan said that he and Benny working together was like the classics BULLET IN THE and SPL (SAT POR LONG). He moved the classic fight in SPL with Wu Jing into the finale. He said, "I wanted to turn Ting Fung into Wu Jing and remade the SPL concept. Benny's mouth was wide open when he heard. Ting Fung had the same reaction." Chi Tan explained to Ting Fung that he wanted to spar like he did with Wu Jing. If the result was worse than Wu Jing's then it made sense, because he was the WOLF WARRIOR. However if the performance was close or even better than Wu Jing's, Ting Fung would be in the next level. At the time Ting Fung gave his opinions as well, saying that Wu Jing at the time used one blade. He would use two. After shooting 1/3 of the duel, Chi Tan praised Ting Fung's performance for exceeding his demand, absolutely more than passing and even got an excellent score.

Action actors in the film industry have become few and far between. Was Ting Fung qualified to take over as an action actor? Chi Tan had high opinions of Ting Fung, but felt that for now no one needed to give him too much pressure. Since working together on DRAGON TIGER GATE, he saw how much Ting Fung has improved and how mature he has become. To avoid any generation gap between action actors, Chi Tan established a company long ago to continue to discover new comers and pass on Chinese martial arts. He also has been recruiting around the world for the "Donnie Yen Stuntman Association". Has Chi Tan passed on his skills to his children? He said, "When my son was little I forced him to practice kung fu, but he didn't like it. My daughter is very talented musically, as soon as she is on the stage she naturally has a presence." Although Chi Tan would not object to her children getting into the business in the future, they must finish their education first. At the same time he would explain the difficulties of making movies, so his children would choose on their own as adults.

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Ron Ng and Annie Liu have a hand holding scene but it is not romantic at all

Annie Liu has not recovered from her leg injury during the shoot and was limping when she ran
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LADIES' MARKET was one of Liu Kai Chi's final films
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Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) earlier promoted their film LADIES' MARKET (NUI YUN GAI JOI GEIN LIU). In the film they in an escape from the mob had to drag two children along with them. The film shot in Mongkok's Ladies' Market. Sum Yau could not forget how she was injured during the chase scene.

In the film they had many scenes with two child actors. Ron praised them for being very smart. Sum Yau also pointed out that the child actors were smart and full of energy. Sometimes they worked until very late but they were still very spirited, bringing a lot of energy to their characters. Ron also said that with the two child actors they not only had no generation gap but they even became friends. Even though the film has been completed for three years they were still in contact. Ron joked that he did not know why he was able to make friends with children.

Did they have any intimate scene? Ron joked that in the film holding hands was already the most intimate, not to mention that they only held hands because they were on the run. Did he like to play some heavier roles? Ron stated that he liked heavier roles. "I am a little deranged, I like to play heavier, sad and brokedown characters because in real life I very rarely would run into something like the sky caving in." Sum Yau said that she liked more physical movement. She liked both action and dancing because she was able to have a release from them and bring herself into balance. She also liked to play professional roles because she would be able to learn professional knowledge from playing these roles.

In the film they had to face a crisis. Under the pandemic he would they face hardship? Sum Yau said, "Before the pandemic I had a lot that I wanted to do, but I would think about what would happen after I did them. After the pandemic, I would do what I want to do, I wouldn't think anymore. I kept a bird, for now it is the greatest promise in my life because it is a life. I didn't keep it because I was bored, I want to raise it well. Now I have the feeling of being Mama. Sometimes I would think whether the bird was fully fed?" In addition, during the pandemic she had more time to do other things, leading to her interest in drawing and woodworking.

Ron said that during the pandemic he stayed home more to be with her family, to keep from Mommy and the domestic assistant from going to the market and becoming infected. He stated that his state of mind did not change much. The most important was to live in the present, do what you want to do.


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Endy Chow takes a selfie with the crowd at his Ocean Park concert

Endy Chow wins the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Best Actor with ONE SECOND CHAMPION.  He would like to see a sequel.
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Endy Chow Kwok Yin last night held a BETTER LIVE concert at a theme park, performing again after two years. He described that after his leg injury two years ago, he had a minor surgery and physical therapy and rested for a year. He was starting anew and thus named the concert Better Live. He hoped that the pandemic would pass soon. Was he disappointed that his originally scheduled end of 2020 Hong Kong Coliseum concert was cancelled? He said that looking back it might have been a good thing, perhaps Heaven felt that he was not ready. Now he still continue to apply for the Hong Kong Coliseum, but it probably would not happen this year.  

As for becoming Best Actor with the film ONE SECOND CHAMPION (YUT MIU KUEN WONG), Endy said that he came from music and felt that film awards were very distant from him. Such a grand prize in particular caught him a little off guard. So far after winning he still felt like he had no idea about what happened. He was still learning in film, from now on he would not give up on music. He will continue to study film. Later he will also release new songs and promote for his new film.

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Aaron Kwok appears in Causeway Bay in good spirits

Aaron Kwok goes undercover in the film

Louis Koo is ready to start working at anytime
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Sean Lau Ching Wan and Louis Koo Tin Lok earlier gathered in Xishangbanna, Yunnan for the new Universe film THE WHITE STORM 3 (SO DUK 3). Originally the film's main location was to be in Thailand. Earlier the film company also sent a large crew there for pre-production work and set construction. Unfortunately as the pandemic worsened there, the film company after considering a variety of reasons finally decided to abandon all the pre-production work that was done there to return to work in Hong Kong. It rapidly found a 500,000 foot location in New Territories, made in the Mainland props and large scale set decorations for the construction of an entire village and shipped them to Hong Kong. There it "constructed" a large sized Thai village. Such a construction made the film company lose almost HK$ 10 million!

As the Mainland shoot has already been completed, Sing Sing, Ching Wan and Koo Tin Lok have already returned to Hong Kong. Koo Tin Lok two days ago even appeared at an event, while Sing Sing and Ching Wan stayed home and rested. However on the rare occasion of returning to Hong Kong, Sing Sing two days ago went back to the company to handle work matter. Playing undercover in the new film, he in order to get into character became extremely depressed. On social media he posted his dark eyes and weary condition numerous times, even with an extreme hot cup in his hand he still was numb. He also posted that he was not afraid of hardship for playing the role well. He only wanted to work hard and do his best.

Although Sing Sing would enter into a self forgetting state once at work, good actors often would have ways to reduce stress. Two days ago when he went out, he was full of energy. Good and fit, after a 3 hour meeting at the Causeway Bay company he showed no sign of exhaustion. When reporters approached for photos, his assistant anxiously covered him up. Sing Sing saw and joked, "No need to be so tense." Then he walked to his car. When he saw reporters almost fell from walking while taking photos, he even heartwarmingly said, "Be careful!" Before getting into his vehicle, he was asked whether he knew the film company lost HK$ 10 million from the location change? He said, "You would have to ask the film company."

Reporters asked film company boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming about losing almost HK$10 million from the location change from Thailand to Hong Kong. He said, "We have changed to construct a large scale Thai village for the shoot. As for how much was lost let's not talk about it more. It is a big number though."


Louis Koo leads Elva Ni, Gigi Yim and others at an event

Chantel Yiu,Gigi Yim, Yumi Chung

One Cool Film distribution denies using athletes to promote ZERO TO HERO
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Chloe So
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Chantel Yiu, Gigi Yim and Yumi Chung are practicing hard for their STARS ACADEMY live concert in August

Stephanie Ho's husband Fred Cheng will perform in the U.S. in September and they will head there a month in advance for their honeymoon

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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Stephanie Ho Ngan Sze, Chloe So Ho Yi and 15 STARS ACADEMY contestants yesterday attended an event. Team Hong Kong fencing representative Cheung Ka Long won a historic Olympic gold medal for Hong Kong, swimmer Soibhan Haughey (Ho Sze Pui) after the silver medal for he 200 meter free style yesterday won another silver medal at the Women's 100 meter free style to become the first Hong Kong athlete to win Olympic medals. This year Team Hong Kong performed outstandingly. Although Goo Jai was busy with work, he still watched the Olympics to support Team hong Kong and was pleasantly surprised by Team Hong Kong's good performance!

At yesterday's event an electronic pet dog was on display. Goo Jai said that he has seen it online before. Yesterday was the first time that he saw it in person. He was also interested in using it for a movie, but believed that it would have to be designed anew before he would be able to.

Goo Jai earlier worked on THE WHITE STORM 3 (SO DUK 3) on location in Xishangbanna with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Sean Lau Ching Wan. Lately the production continued in Hong Kong. Although the climate has been humid, he said that he was still able to handle it. It was still better than working in period costume in the summer. He could only drink as much water as he could to avoid heat stroke. Although he had to work, he still took time to watch the Olympics. He said, "I would support Team Hong Kong. This year has been a pleasant surprise. Medaling has made me very happy!" However his favorite was women's volleyball, diving and freestyle gymnastics.

Recently different internet media outlets mentioned that "In 1996, Lee Lai Shan won gold at the Atlanta Olympics. At the Paralymics of the same year, Hong Kong Paralympics athlete So Wa Wai also won gold at the Men's 4x100 meter relay race. Unfortunately the treatment they received were drastically different." Some online felt that this article was disrespectful to Olympic athletes and claimed that the marketing people for the movie about So Wa Wai issued the article in order to promote.

Goo Jai had no comment about his investment One Cool Film Distribution (the film ZERO TO HERO (MAMA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI)'s distributor) being accused of promoting with Olympic athletes.

One Cool Film Distribution made a special statement. "All of our marketing people have never directly or indirectly provided the information to the media for the aforementioned article. We also would not compare athletes who have worked just as hard for the glory of Hong Kong to promote. We hope everyone would put their focus and attention to supporting all Hong Kong athletes. Thank you!"

Goo Jai yesterday was at the same event as STARS ACADEMY contestants. He said that earlier he occasionally watched their contests. Have any of them caught his eyes for a movie? Goo Jai said that he would talk about that later.

Yesterday at the event 15 STARS ACADEMY contestants met Koo Tin Lok for the first time. Would they like to make a movie? Chantel Yiu Cheuk Fei said, "That would also be a good opportunity. Singing actually also require acting. Working on more movies in the future would be able to motivate the singing!" Yumi Chung Yau Mei agreed, "Aside from singing I can work on series and movies, being an actor would also be a great attempt!"

Speaking of the film TIME (SAT CHOOK GOR WONG FUN), Stephanie Ho Ngan Sze played the younger version of Petrina Fung Bo Bo and received raves. She happily said that earlier people already said that she looked like Sister Bobo. She was also very happy about everyone's compliments now that the film has been released. Producer Gordon Lam Ka Tung said that there would be a chance a prequel would be made. She said, "If it's true it would be great, this was my first movie and I had a great experience!"


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung in RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) were on opposite sides of good and evil. They also dueled in music outside the film as well.

Ting Fung created the RAGING FIRE theme song STAND OFF, which was released yesterday. During the creative process, Ting Fung often consulted Chi Tan and even invited him to play the piano in the music video. Although known as the "Strongest in the Universe", Chi Tan joked that Ting Fung asking him to perform in the music video was a "risky" decision. However he still agreed in the end and even practiced more before hand. He humbly said that he did not want to be "too embarrassing". Ting Fung said that he was very envious of guys who could play the piano, and praised Chi Tan that being highly skilled in martial arts and still knew how to play the piano as something that was very cool. He said that he had to find the best Chi Tan to perform, so the team found a HK$ 2 million concert piano. Ting Fung then brought his electronic guitar that was only one of 29 in the world from his collection, so they created the most elegant musical duel in the music video.


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Irene Wan celebrates her birthday at a Central restaurant

Irene Wan's husband brings flowers and a kiss for his wife
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Irene Wan Bik Ha yesterday held her 55th birthday party. Her husband Ho Cho Kwong made an appearance, presented flower and a kiss to her to celebrate. Emperor Entertainment CEO Hui Pui Si also attended in person. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing gave her brand name luggage for her gift. Irene's birthday wish was for dreams to come true, for everyone to be happy and healthy, and for the pandemic to subside soon. however Irene declined to reveal if she had any dream. She only said that it was related to her personal work plan, because her film office's third film NGOR MOON DIK SUP BAK SHUI was her biggest dream. In the film Irene was the executive producer, producer and star as the adult version of "Elaine". Irene revealed, "The film has already been in preparation for 3 years. Based on a real life story, the cast and the crew can be considered the perfect team. The cast includes (Moses) Chan Ho as my boyfriend, Ti Lung and Candy Man Suet Yi as parents, and Lam Ting as the lead 'Elaine' younger version. Other actors include (Loletta) Lee Lai Chun, (Renci) Yeung Si Wing and others." Working in the sweltering summer, Irene said that she was already used to it. The film office in the future will continue to contribute to Hong Kong film and hope to win glory for Hong Kong. As for profit she has not thought much about it, she only wanted to make a sincere film.

Irene's previous film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) was selected for many Asian film festivals and brought her the first Best Actress award. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, many viewers were unable to enjoy it at the movies. Irene revealed that the film would have a chance to be released again this year. Was she confident about winning another award with her new film NGOR? Irene said, "This subject is very touching, it will have a chance. It will open early next year, I want to wait until after the pandemic to release it."

Currently working on NGOR, she joked that perhaps the team knew about her birthday and arranged for a day off. Her husband and son Xavier already gave her their gifts, but she has not have the time to open them yet. She said, "Whatever they give doesn't matter, seeing them already makes me very happy. Thank you to my family the most for giving me their support and freedom. Today I would celebrate with a group of friends. Earlier I was busy with work and didn't have time to see everyone. With the birthday party we would be able to catch up." Earlier Irene shot a wedding gown scene and the team presented her with a cake to celebrate in advance with the cast.

Ti Lung and Man Suet Yi in the film played "Elaine's" parents. Both agreed that the last time they worked together was already over 40 years ago in a movie. However because they have known each other for years they would get together sometimes. Thus during the shoot they had plenty of chemistry.

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Back left: Kelly Yao, Brigitte Lin, Chen Chen and Grace Chang
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Great Beauty Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) earlier with Chen Chen, Kelly Yao Wei and veteran media person Wong Man Ling celebrated Grace Chang (Got Lan)'s 88th birthday. Known for her "acting, singing, and dancing", Grace Chang starred in many famous Chinese musical films like MAMBO GIRL, SPRING SONG, and A WILD WILD ROSE.

Wong Man Ling shared a photo from the party on social media. Earlier revealing that she lost 26 pounds from active exercising, Lam Ching Ha was dressed in red and looked great. Grace Chang also appeared to be well, holding Lam Ching Ha's hand during the photo. Lam Ching Ha kept praising, "Aunt Grace Chang is the prettiest." Chen Chen celebrated her birthday on the 17th. Everyone prepared birthday peaches and cakes to celebrate with her and Grace Chang.


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Nicholas Tse gets his fill of fighting and acting

Jeana Ho remembers Benny Chan's smile at the production wrap banquet
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The late director Benny Chan Muk Sing's film RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) two nights ago held a Beijing premiere. Currently working on JOHN WICK 4 in Germany, Donnie Yen Chi Tan was unable to appear in person but still took time to thank the audience for its support online. Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Qin Lan, Ray Lui Leung Wai, Jeana Ho Pui Yu all neatly lined up. As director Chan Muk Sing's close colleague, Jackie Chan led 8 famous directors to stand on the stage for RAGING FIRE as a salute to the action film master class director of a generation Chan Muk Sing.

Director Chan had friends far and wide. At the RAGING FIRE Beijing premiere a rare sight appeared. Big Brother Jackie Chan led Dante Lam Chiu Yin, Raymond Lee Wai Man, Wong Jing, Lau Ho Leung, Li Shaohong, Yu Baimei, Zhang Luan, Song Haolin to salute Director Chan on the stage. Jackie Chan said, "As everyone would know, Muk Sing and I worked together on many films. Even if I didn't work with him, I would attend his every premiere. Today might be the only one that he isn't here for. So I represent him and take the stage!" Before Director Chan passed away, Big Brother Jackie Chan was still planning ROB B HOOD 2, NEW POLICE STORY 2 and DRUNKEN MASTER 3. Unfortunately before the movies were made, Director Chan passed away first. Big Brother sorrowfully said, "I knew about his entire (illness) process, including arranging for a hospital for him until that day when he it left a very deep mark. I really miss his smile and him as a person very, very much. On the set he wouldn't throw a tantrum, but the entire team would be afraid. He was a good man, a good husband, a good director and a good brother!"

Lam Chiu Yin revealed that he and Director Chan had history. "When he made his first movie, I was his assistant producer. Now I am making action film too. He of course was one of the action directors I liked. I constantly watched his movies to study, to steal ideas. I just finished watching RAGING FIRE. To be able to make action with this type of energy in Hong Kong, I feel he truly was a very amazing director. Seeing ample Hong Kong action power, I was very moved!" Wong Jing also worked with Director Chan on his first film A MOMENT OF ROMANCE (TIN YEUK YAU CHING). He already was planning with late director Ringo Lam Lan Tung. Wong Jing said, "If Director Chan was given a little more time to make several more movies like RAGING FIRE then it would have been great. Hong Kong film would also have an extra share of strength!" Director Lau Ho Leung as a junior remembered Director Chan. "Like everyone I was a Director Chan Muk Sing fan. I am very grateful to him for leaving so many films for us younger generations to keep learning from!"

Yen Chi Tan thanked the audience for its support online and was grateful that he was able to work with director Chan Muk Sing on this rare collaboration. "I madly love film, I also like to make movies with some people who madly love film and are of the same mind. Director Chan Muk Sing was this type of person. He not only in Hong Kong but also in the entire Chinese film community was one of the directors with the most contributions. I hope everyone who love movies would properly cherish Director Chan's final film!"

Ting Fung at age 19 already worked with director Chan Muk Sing on GEN X COPS (DUT GAING SUN YUN LUI). Since then Ting Fung has been determined to develop in action. "I didn't start as a stunt man, didn't accept any official training. However I am willing to use my life, my guts as wagers. The director and I experienced many very memorable life and death moments, like rolling down the Convention Center and throwing me out of the 41th floor. I remember I was tossed a dozen or so times!" Director Chan's passing naturally made Ting Fung very sentimental. "Losing him is like losing the right hand! He to me was a Hong Kong action film specialist. Of course the entire film industry has many very outstanding action directors, but none are in his field!"

Qin Lan came to Hong Kong to make a movie for the first time and already she was working with director Chan Muk Sing. She also played a couple with Yen Chi Tan. She admitted that RAGING FIRE was a production experience that she would never forget in her lifetime, especially that explosion scene. "This was my first explosion scene, luckily I had Big Brother Chi Tan. He was very experienced, told me how to run. Although it wasn't the first time I played a pregnant woman, but at the time Hong Kong was a little hot. My fake belly was a little heavy too. I thank Big Brother Chi Tan and the director for taking great care of me. The director at that time was already sick, but during the shoot he never gave us any impression that he was sick at all. Looking back now, I would always feel incredibly shocked and touched. He was actually able to persist under that condition and make his final movie!"

Looking back at the 80's, Lui Leung Wai already worked with director Chan Muk Sing on television. When Director Chan invited Brother Lui to guest star in RAGING FIRE, he gladly agreed and fought for ten full days in an abandoned shopping center. He was very professional.


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Based on the real life struggle of the Paralympic Games athlete So Wa Wai, the film ZERO TO HERO (MA MA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI) was produced by and starred Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. She was used to making commercial films. She admitted that at first boss Louis Koo Tin Lok introduced new director Jimmy Wan Chi Man to her, but she understood that investing in sports films, musical films and the likes would have certain risk. With the belief that "life needs hope", and with Koo Tin Lok telling her, "I put up the money you put up the effort", in the end they overcame all the hardship to finish the film.

Kwan Yu pointed out that before the production began she and the director prepared for several months, especially when the budget was only HK$ 30 million. The film had many running and special effect scenes, but could not neglect the mother and son relationship. Thus the calculation had to be accurate and precise. Did boss Koo Tin Lok pound her chest? Kwan Yu said, "Koo Tin Lok only told me to do what I could. I understood that we couldn't make the movies without any limit. It would become a bottomless pit!" Kwan Yu stated that she already took a 2/3 pay cut for her acting salary. The producer fee was also included within. "Ultimately this was something I wanted to do, it meant something so I didn't mind. Mr. Koo and I have worked together for years. For his founding film GOLDEN CHICKEN S (GUM GAI SSS) we were already working together. I had a lot of trust in me. He said, 'If you say it's OK it is'. So anything that went over the budget was taken from my salary!"

Kwan Yu said that before the film went into production she first received the agreement from So Wa Wai's Mama "So Ma" for the rights, then went to get an understanding from So Wa Wai for research. "I talked many times with So Ma, and I very greatly touched to learn about how tough a time So Ma had in raising Wai Jai. So Man did not mind even sharing private stuff, but I said that we weren't shooting private things. We hoped to take the feeling to turn it into the character. In addition I wouldn't be impersonating her, I thought with the experience I would naturally resemble her!"

Did So Ma have any opinion of casting this time? Kwan Yu said no. Although So Ma has not yet watched the film, she visited the set during the shoot. When she saw to 1 to 1 scale set of her former residence, she was reminded of how she raised her son. Kwan Yu planned to hold a special screening for her. "So Ma said that she was afraid she would cry then, I said you definitely would cry. Actually if someone made a movie about Ng Kwan Yu, I would cry too. Next time I would find someone to shoot me first, but I might as well wait until I would be 90!"

Kwan Yu admitted that earlier she had Lunar New Year films and commercial films well in hand. This time producing an inspirational film truly was a huge challenge, thus she put a lot of effort and time into the script. From the half a year of editing to before the production began every department needed to table read the script. Aside from So Wa Wai's real life story, the film also had some fictional parts. Among them were touching but tearjerking scenes. Kwan Yu said, "I cried from the beginning to the end, from the first scene when I carried my son to the hospital I was crying. The director said that if you couldn't cry, he would drop two drops of fake emotions (eye drops) or slap me hard. However actually if the scene wasn't written well it would be meaningless!" The most memorable for her was the argument scene with her son. "I almost had heart problems from making it. It took two or three full nights. Because lights off was at 11PM at the rented campground, every night I wanted to shoot a little better but ended up having to turn off the lights!" However she praised the adult version So Wa Wai actor Leung Chung Hang as very professional. "Maybe because of his stage background, once before the cameras rolled he hug me hard and said, "I miss my Ma". Then we took our marks. After the shoot our emotions still couldn't be stopped. Then I asked whether this was the technique that the Performing Art Academy required, to dig at where you hurt!" Leung Chung Hang admitted that his mother already passed. Ultimately playing a character required to have a part of him inside, so he had to put the realest side on display! Kwan Yu said that actually all three actors who played So Wa Wai in different stages were very outstanding and actually went beyond expectation.

Leung Chung Hang said that while exploring the role of the adult So Wa Wai, before the performance he met with him to run and play video games. However he did not "poke" him to talk about the past, because he already knew everything in his autobiography. Instead he wanted to know about his life and everyday movements and gestures. "Because this time wasn't a real documentary, it added created stories that were able to fill any hole. However the greatest difficulty was to imitate how he talked, because everyone would have to pay a lot of attention in order to be able to hear Wai Jai talk. Acting however couldn't be like this, yet I couldn't lose the soul of Wai Jai's speech. Thus the director, the younger version's Fung Ho Yeung and I all worked hard on practicing it." Before his performance he also hired a coach to help him train, ate four full meals a day and egg white. However after a nightly run he would burn everything off. Who was faster between him and So Wa Wai? Leung Chung Hang said, "Of course I couldn't beat him, he is a gold medalist!"


Assistant director Ko Chi Bun thanks Gordon Lam for giving him the opportunity to direct TIME and officially become a director.

Gordon Lam remembers the details of his relationship with godmother Ha Ping and has even more in depth knowledge about seniors who live alone.

Petrina Fung and Patrick Tse work together again after 60 years, which is able to bring back memories for older viewers and hopefully introduce them to new ones anew.

Patrick Tse and Petrina Fung were already working together during the black and white Cantonese film era
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TIME (SAT CHOOK GOR WONG FUN)'s director Ricky Ko Chi Bun and producer Gordon Lam Ka Tung hoped that the film would bring attention and care for seniors from the government and the general public. Lam Ka Tung revealed as early as working as a child worker at a cafe at age 12, he already sensed that seniors were being neglected -- which made them feel they have lost their value of existence. He never considered making the senior problem into a film, until he started working on television and saw many elder actors being disrespected and left to their own devices. During his days with godmother Ha Ping, he strongly experienced the variety of problems that seniors who lived alone faced. Thus in 2014 he already had the idea that was brewing until 2020, when he began production TIME within his abilities. Ka Tung said, "The government not only needs to have more assistance for seniors, everyone should also care about seniors around them more. Just a greeting like 'Did you eat', 'What have you been doing?', 'Do you feel all right?' is already enough."

Ko Chi Bun has been in the business for 22 years. Started as a TVB assistant director, he then made the jump to film and worked as assistant director on Herman Yau Lai To directed films. Late to the director's chair, Ko Chi Bun said that it was a problem of luck. He said, "Among assistant directors, many have more experience than me, more skilled and qualified to direct. However nowadays making a movie in Hong Kong really isn't easy. Who would trust a new director? I was very lucky to have run into Ka Tung, who gave me an opportunity."

He revealed that he and Ka Tung have already known each other since TVB. When Ka Tung guest starred in THE WHITE STORM 2 (SO DUK 2), he asked whether Ka Tung had any script that they could work together on. Ko Chi Bun said, "At the time I said I had one. When we met, before looking at my script he wanted me to look at the TIME script. I finished it on the spot and said that I was interested in directing it. In recent years many directors have made social subject films. TIME is one too, but it uses a dark humor method to express it. I personally feel that film is entertainment, while bringing out a message it also has to entertain viewers. A balance needs to be reached between them. If it is just about social topic, you can just watch SUNDAY REPORT and Hong KONG CONNECTION."

Ka Tung loved to cultivate new directors, liked their fire and new ideas. He said, "I would be outdated too. They have new ideas, which cannot be better. The film industry really needs new blood. Ko Chi Bun and I have known each other for years. We haven't seen each other in awhile, but I know that he has been with Director Yau for so long that he has handled movies both big and small. Basically he has absolutely no problem with control on the set. I believe TIME would stump him, and he wants to try to direct. The most important is he has fire. Over a decade go, I asked a new director to make a movie. He said, "Come find me when you are done." I thought if it was done I wouldn't need to find you. You would only be executing."

Ko Chi Bun's directing debut was instantly selected to compete for the Udine Far East Film Festival New Director Award. Would he like to win? He said that he never thought about it, not even about a nomination. His heart was set on making a movie for the Hong Kong audience. Thus when Ka Tung informed him of the selection, his mind went blank. He did not dare to believe it, but he was very happy to be recognized by an overseas film festival. Ko Chi Bun said, "When I went to film festivals before and watched big and new directors' films from around the world, I never thought that my movie would also have a chance to be released on the international stage. I am very happy."

Ka Tung revealed that TIME had the script before deciding on casting. After reading the script, he and the director both felt that for the over the hill killer Tin Lap Chau and partner Choi Fung, Patrick Tse Yin and Petrina Fung Bo Bo were the only choices. He said, "After looking at the entire show business, Sei Gor is the one who is able to master the mysterious over the hill killer Tin Lap Chau. Because Sei Gor constantly wore sunglasses, the audience felt very distant from him -- which was perfect for the character's mysteriousness. Of course we had to think of how to bring him back to the ground and make him even more relatable."

Ka Tung said that Sister Bobo in recently rarely had any performance. The last time was already LA LEGENDARY ROSE NOIRE (92 HAK MUI GWAI DUI HAK MUI GWAI) 29 years ago. He said, "Years later, Sister Bobo also grew and probably had a different type of experience. She and Sei Gor haven't worked together for 60 years, when they do sparks may fly again. This was where I started to convince them to perform."

Ka Tung felt that this team of Sei Gor and Sister Bobo for the group of old viewers was absolutely memories of their youth, but for the new generation of viewers they were new actors. He once asked some young people, "Do you know who Sei Gor is?" Their answer was "Sure, (Nicholas) Tse Ting Fung's Papa." They had no idea how famous and popular Sei Gor was in his time.


Gladys Li, Chin Kar Lok, Ekin Cheng, Albert Yeung and Catherine Chau
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The Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Catherine Chau Ka Yi, Chin Kar Lok, Gladys Li Ching Kwan and others starred Emperor Motion Picture SUM SIU SIM BEI KAU (LATE NIGHT DODGEBALL) yesterday held a production start ceremony. Emperor boss Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing paid a special visit and brought a birthday cake to celebrate Chau Ka Yi's birthday last week. Young actresses kissed the birthday girl. Yeung Sau Sing even called Chau Ka Yi "Emperor Top Sister", which embarrassed her so much that she hoped the media would not write about it. Ekin and Kar Lok in the film would work with many young actresses. They both joked that they would have a generation gap. Ekin even admitted that he could not keep up with how the trendy lingo is used now.

Cheng Yi Kin and Chin Kar Lok worked together again after THE GOLDEN JOB (WONG GUM HING DAI). They said that in the film they played coaches. They would have no rivalry, only positive competition. Speaking of choosing the alternative sport of dodgeball as the subject, Ekin joked, "I too only found out about it from video games. Before work we asked the Hong Kong women's team to teach us. Their throws were very powerful." Ekin said that the film wanted to bring out the message that life would always have problems, no one should dodge them in response. In real life, Ekin said that he definitely has run into things that he wanted to dodge, but because it was resolved very quickly he already forgot what it was.

Working with many young actresses in the film, Ekin and Kar Lok both joked that they would have generation gap. Kar Lok said, "We would have a generation gap but it wouldn't be a death sentence. We would be able to adapt very quickly. On the first day of work they were scared when they saw us, but after getting familiar we got along very well. We used to play with the elder actors too." Ekin joked that he could not caught up to the usage of the trendy lingo, even the food changed. "We were treated to milk tea and custard tarts, now they like cheese cake and bubble tea." Spekaing of Team Hong Kong's success at the Tokyo Olympics, Ekin who currently has property investment in Japan said that due to the pndemic he has not been to Japan for a very long time. He cancelled his original plan to attend the games. "I don't like to go to places with a lot of people. Originally I wanted to see what new technology Japan would have during the Olympics, but I didn't get to go. I could only pay attention to the games between takes."

Turning 42, Chau Ka Yi hoped to absorb even more youthful energy. Has she planned any major event in life? Ka Yi joked, "The funeral? I am not dating now, if I say I have no suitor I would sound very weak. Maybe I am about the feeling when dating, at this age I don't think about it too much. Maybe when I turn 60 I would be in more of a panic." The Yeung Sau Sing dubbed "Emperor Top Sister" said that she did not dare to accept the title and scare other poeple. She hoped that the media would spare her and not to write about it. Team Hong Kong again performed well at the Olympics. Chau Ka Yi felt that it proved young people now are very powerful, Hong Kong will certainly be in luck in the future.

Li Ching Kwan and other young actresses saw Ekin as a god, joking that she was already ahead with just one glimpse of Ekin. On breaks she would say Ekin's hits to cheer him up.