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For the week ending Sunday February 28 2021
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    d. Takahiko Kyogoku
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 104 mins.
  Opening December 17 2020 (POSTPONED)
  Opening February 18 2021 (Preview)
  Trailer : https://youtu.be/LakjxJehTI4

    Floating Kingdom "Rakugaki Kingdom" is powered by graffiti. However, it is facing energy shortage because fewer and fewer people draw on Earth. To save the Kingdom, Minister of Defense summons army to Kasukabe and force children to draw. At the same time, Shin-chan receives a "Miracle Crayon", which can bring graffiti to life. Thus, he tries to fight back with his drawings to save Kasukabe. But dark clouds gather during the fight and threatening graffiti's life since they will melt in water! Can they save Kasukabe and Rakugaki Kingdom?

  Can : Toh Yook Hing Dai
    d. Mak Ho Bong
    Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Louis Cheung Kai Chung,
      Adam Pak Tin Nam, Justin Cheung Kin Sing,
      Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Hanna Chan,
      Tyson Chak, Wong Chi Ho, Christine Ng Wing Mei
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 90 mins.
  Opening December 3 2020 (POSTPONED)
  Opening February 18 2021 (Preview)
  Opening February 25 2021
  Trailer : https://youtu.be/P1U5siLhVKM

    Chan Ho Ching has been a petty criminal all his life and actually somewhat enjoys his life in prison. On a day like any other, he learns that his mother is severely ill, and he's the only one who can save his mother's life by donating his kidney. He begs warden Tang to let him out on parole so that he can help his mother, but warden Tang is not willing to take that risk, as he?s aiming for a promotion. Ho Ching is desperate to save his mother, and decides to join forces with new inmate Mak to plan a prison break. In order for the plan to work, they have to befriend the most powerful man in the prison, Big Roller. Big Roller had a previous aggrievance with Mak, but in order to attend his daughter's wedding, he agrees to join forces with them.

    Three prisoners who did not know each other at first, plan a prison break together. Mak uses his architectural knowledge to plan an escape using the building structural plans; Ho Ching uses his pick-pocketing skills to obtain whatever tools they need; and Big Roller uses his influence within the prison in order to cover up their escape route.

    In the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is their planned date of escape, they must not let the warden discover their tracks, but they also have to go against Scar, another powerful prisoner who is set to jeopardize their plan.
  Can : Siu Suk Dik Ching Yun Jik
    d. Chen Yu Hsun
    Liu Kuan-ting, Patty Lee, Duncan Chou
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 119 mins.
  Opening December 10 2020 (Preview) (POSTPONED)
  Opening January 21 2021 (POSTPONED)
  Opening February 25 2021
  Trailer : https://youtu.be/dNPVoJpL-MU

    Hsiao-chi is a young woman who always rushes and gets things done quickly. However, she has made no progress in her love life and remains single in her late twenties. Every day, Hsiao-chi repeats the same work at the counter in the post office. Amongst all sorts of customers who Hsiao-chi has to deal with is a bus driver called Tai; Tai is as slow as a sloth and comes to Hsiao-chi in the post office to send a letter by ordinary delivery every day. Longing for a romance, Hsiao-chi cannot believe that handsome Wenson chats her up and asks her out. As Valentine's Day is approaching, Hsiao-chi looks so much forward to going on a date she has dreamt of, but to her astonishment, Valentine's Day has disappeared when she wakes up from sleep!

    d. Dante Lam Chiu Yin
    Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Ian Wang Yanlin, Xin Zhilei, Lan Yingying,
      Wang Yutian, Xu Yang, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Li Mincheng,
      Zhang Guoqiang, Guo Xiaodong, Wei Daxun, Joy Liu Yichun
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 139 mins.
  Opening February 6 2020 (Postponed)
  Opening December 18 2020 in Mainland China
  Opening February 25 2021
  Site : https://www.emp.hk/en/production/recent-hits/the-rescue

    The film focuses on an emergency rescue operation and his pilot girlfriend, whose team find courage and camaraderie in adversity.

    As the first Chinese film about rescue at sea, "The Rescue" is a touching story based on the China Rescue & Salvage (CRS). The alarm went off at the base. An emergency occurred on an offshore drilling platform that caused it to capsize and go under. The Emergency Response Unit raced against the clock in a chopper rescue mission amidst dangerous explosions and a raging fire. The captain of the Unit Gao Qian must work seamlessly with his chopper pilot Zhao Cheng to rescue survivors using the most maverick and dangerous tactics.

    d. Chen Sicheng
    Wang Baoqiang, Liu Haoran, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Tony Jaa,
      Masami Nagasawa, Shota Sometami, Tadanobu Asano,
      Honami Suzuki, Tomokazu Miura, Roy Chiu, Janine Chang Chun-Ning,
      Shawn Xiao Yang, Wendy Zhang Zifeng, Shang Yuxian
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 136 mins.
  Opening January 24 2020 (Preview)
  Opening February 6 2020 (Postponed)
  Opening February 25 2021
  Trailer : https://youtu.be/Qk8uKYYkaQ8

    Chinatown detectives Tang Ren and Qin Feng head to Tokyo to join Japanese investigator Noda Hiroshi on a high-profile case involving the murder of a powerful businessman...and the prime suspect is the president of the lethal Black Dragon Gang. But they're not the only ones taking on the challenge, as detectives from "CRIMASTER World Detective Rankings" also converge in Tokyo to help catch the killer.

    d. Haruo Sotozaki
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 117 mins.
  Opening November 12 2020
  Trailer : https://youtu.be/jzgc98gIwlw

    Falling forever into an endless dream...

    Tanjiro and the group have completed their rehabilitation training at the Butterfly Mansion, and they arrive to their next mission on the Mugen Train, where over 40 people have disappeared in a very short period of time.

    Tanjiro and Nezuko, along with Zenitsu and Inosuke, join one of the most powerful swordsmen within the Demon Slayer Corps, Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, to face the demon aboard the Mugen Train on track to despair.

    d. Paul W.S. Anderson
    Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman

    d. Patty Jenkins
    Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal

  Can : Kong Mo Pai 3
    d. Adam Wong Sau Ping
    Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling, Babyjohn Choi Hon Yik, Yeung Lok Man,
      Lydia Lau King Man, Heyo Fok, Leander Lau Ho Lan, Afuc
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 129 mins.
  Opening November 22 2020 at the Golden Horse Film Fesival
  Opening February 18 2021

    The Kowloon Industrial District is home to many of Hong Kong's artists, including rapper Heyo, YouTuber Alan, rising star Hana, and dancer. However, the government is preparing the area for gentrification. The group from 'The Way We Dance' were invited to participate in a publicity stunt to transform the district into a 'Dance Street'. Alan points out that this is an opportunity to garner support from the public. Meanwhile, Heyo’s master Afuc is planning a revolution...

  2 SOUL
    d. Peter Docter, Kemp Powers
    Disney Pixar Animation
    English Voices: Jaime Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham Norton
    Cantonese Voices: Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi

    d. Herman Yau Lai To
    Andy Lau Tak Wa, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Ni Ni,
      Tse Kwan Ho, Philip Keung Ho Man, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Marc Ma Yu-Ke
      Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Timothy Cheng Chi Sing, Timmy Hung Tin Ming,
      Ben Yuen Fu Wa, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Ling Man Lung,
      Raymond Chiu Wing Hung, Babyjohn Choi Hon Yik,
      Cheung Chun Kit, Zhang Yang
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 117 mins.
  Opening December 24 2020 (POSTPONED)
  Opening February 18 2021
  Trailer : https://youtu.be/jB-zFg8IcG0

    When a bomb went off unexpectedly during a police operation to disarm it, Poon Shing-Fung, a bomb disposal officer, got caught in the blast and thus lost one of his legs. Poon decided to leave the police service. Three years later, the police suspect Poon, who was found in a coma at the spot of a terrorist bombing attack, of being involved in several bombing attacks in the past two years. Poon can hardly remember his past and even his own identity due to Post Traumatic Amnesia. He plans to escape to find out the truth.

    Meanwhile, knowing the terrorist organization's schemes of destroying Hong Kong landmarks, Poon, as the key person between the police and the terrorist organization, would possibly save or destroy lives of the innocent civilians in the city...


For the week starting Saturday, February 27 2021 (Week 9)


  Can : Ngor Buk Seung Bit Lei

  Can : Na Gor Ming Yut
  Jason Chan Pak Yu

  3 LOST
  Can : Sor Yau Wai Suk Dik Dong Sai
  Vincy Chan (Wing Yi)

  Can : Chiu Long Yi
  Hins Cheung King Hin

  Can : Yau Shui Joi Sun Bin


Ian Chan says that he only sold the car to Hera Chan.  He was not the man in the car.

Keung To has already won the Ultimate My Favorite Singer award, now he wants to win with the group

The 1st Chill Club award's theme is "Music Scene for the People, Music First"

Eman Lam says after the event she will begin preparing for her concert behind closed doors

Gin Lee and AGA belong to the same label and are occasionally rumored to be fighting for the top spot

This time Joyce Cheng can say back to Alfred Hui, "Just be yourself."
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Alfred Hui looks forward to returning to TVB

Gin Lee
courtesy of on.cc
Will TVB let Grace Wong attend the Chill Club Awards?

Kam Kwong Shing

Joyce Cheng jokes that Alfred Hui is wearing a dress because he knows she would wear a dress

Gin Lee and AGA are both confident about winning

The ViuTV award will be decided by one vote per person in Hong Kong.  MIRROR would not have an advantage because they are one of the station's own.

Eman Lam welcomes friends to get more tickets because there are room for more shows

Serrini jokingly wishes someone would sponsor office chairs so the audience can spin as they watch

Each ERROR member shows a black and white photo of Poki on their phone as a show of solidarity.  193's is one with Poki and Bak Leung Gum.
courtesy of mingpao.com

ViuTV's first Chill Club Chart 20/21 award show will take place on April 18th at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center's Star Hall. Yesterday 11 award categories' nominations were announced at the press conference. Attending singer and group included Alfred Hui Ting Hung, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Gin Lee, AGA, Vincy Chan (Wing Yi), MIRROR and ERROR. ViuTV turned on the green light for other station TVB. Aside from TVB artist Grace Wong Kwan Hing being nominated for female singer of the year and creative singer, the event even stated that they would welcome the Voice's songs as it felt that being helpful to the Hong Kong entertainment scene would be the most important.

Yesterday ViuTV executive Kam Kwong Shing said that the first music award show's theme was "Music for the Pepole, Music First", hoping to have a live audience but would rely on the pandemic progress. Currently they kept adding additional budget. Would TVB breaking the ice with the big three record companies "thin" their desire to participate in ViuTV awards? Kam Kwong Shing replied, "No, to each its own. Everyone would have different standards, being able to help the entertainment scene is the most important." Speaking of TVB artist Grace Wong Kwan Hing's nomination for female singer of the year and creative singer, Kam Kwong Shing said that the event would not mind inviting her to participate in the award show. It would also welcome the Voice Entertainment sending singers, just like MIRROR and ERROR being invited to TVB programs. When asked whether their own "children" would have an easier time with awards, he said, "Why would that be? One vote per person, we wouldn't play favorites with our own people!"

At the press conference, Emperor sent Vincy Chan as the only singer representative. When asked if the company disrespecting ViuTV? Wing Yi said, "I represent the company too, I am a sincere representative, don't think too much about it!" Wing Yi admitted that she also hoped to be able to win song awards because awards are encouragement. In addition her new song also had good response. Of course she would like to keep the momentum going and win more awards.

Breaking into the business with the TVB program THE VOICE, Alfred Hui Ting Hung earlier was absent from the Eric Tsang Chi Wai organized "Big Three Ice Breaking" press conference. He explained, "Actually they invited me, but I had to fix someone's teeth. The schedule was tight so I couldn't go." Hui Ting Hung would not eliminate the possibility of appearing on TVB again. He looked forward to seeing the crew again, because as long as any platform performed well or had the intention to, he would support it. Joyce Cheng Yun Yi also felt that in the past year she saw many platforms and hoped that they would perform even better for music. With even more platforms to put everyone in touch of music, as a singer she definitely would be happy and "say yes".

Universal Record representative Gin Lee and AGA were confident about winning the female singer award. AGA was very happy to participate in the first ViuTV music award. "Suddenly

MIRROR was nominated for many awards. They said that they would like to win group awards more than individual awards, because they would be happier winning together. With TVB and the major record companies breaking ice, would they like to appear on TVB music programs? MIRROR said that before the contracts would be signed they already really wanted to, as they would like to hear "back to studio 1" the most.

ERROR was missing one member. The trio on their phones showed a black and white photo of Poki Ng, who was entangled in negative news like a triangle relationship and how he treated people. They stated that ERROR would remain a quartet. The trio denied that Po Kei left the group, he was only taking time off for now to start over later.


Ho Lai Chuen is officially the CEO of the Voice Entertainment
courtesy of singtao.com

This year Eric Tsang Chi was named the TVB assistant general manager and administrative council special consultant. After taking over the TVB music business, he called veteran Ho Lai Chuen to return and deal with the "big three" record companies Universal, Warner and Sony Music. The 11 year stalemate over royalty and internet use rights was resolved, TVB and the "Big three" broke the ice and settled and he returned home with success. Already rumored earlier, Ho Lai Chuen would join the Voice Entertainment. Yesterday TVB made the internal announcement to its employees, Ho Lai Chuen would officially become the "Voice Entertainment Group" CEO in place of the already departed Herman Ho Jit To.

At the "Music Must Go On" press conference last month, Chi Wai introduced Ho Lai Chuen as a "music new comer". Returning to TVB, Ho Lai Chuen joked that the feeling was like going back to past award shows with the support of many singers. He stressed that his first mission was to bring all music back!

Ho Lai Chuen is an experienced television personnel. In 1976 he joined TVB and started as entry level screenwriter. In 1994 he already rose to production director, responsible for all variety and sports program production. The Hong Kong Hand Over ceremony, Beijing Olympics live broadcast and other large scale programs were all Ho Lai Chuen led program productions. He was the gold label for quality production guarantee in the industry. In 2011, after Ho Lai Chuen left TVB, he worked at Now broadband television and ATV digital media.

Although Ho Lai Chuen did not start in music, he had great connections in the music scene -- one of the reasons that caught Tsang Chi Wai's eyes. While at TVB, Ho Lai Chuen was in charge of music programs like JADE SOLID GOLD and THE VOICE. In 2015, Ho Lai Chuen founded the production company CL Showbiz Limited and prepared concerts for superstars like Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun). Ho Lai Chuens' production company took part in recent years in the planning of many Hong Kong singers' Mainland tours, at the same time he also hoped to bring some Mainland substance singers to the Hong Kong Coliseum stage and promote the entertainment cultural exchange between the two places. Last year, Ho Lai Chuen was the Hong Kong Live Performance and Production Industry Association chief and even invited Eason Chan Yik Shun to perform an online concert for free.


Tin Kai Man confirms that no memorial event will be held for Ng Man Tat
courtesy of singtao.com
courtesy of mingpao.com

Ng Man Tat passed away from liver cancer last Saturday at age 70. Services will take place on March 7th at the Universal Funeral Parlor in Hung Hom and the ceremony will be Christian. The funeral will take place the next day, after which the cremation will take place a the Cape Collinson Crematorium. The originally planned memorial event was cancelled in the end. Brother Tat's friend who was helping the family with the funeral, Tin Kai Man said that with the funeral, another memorial would not be too meaningful. Under the pandemic they did not want guests to take more risks, and the family would not be reminded of their pain again. Would Brother Tat's funeral be open to the public? He said, "Yes, the details will be announced later." Although he memorial was cancelled, the Hong Kong Film Award Association on social media shared a video of Brother Tat and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu as guest presenters at the 11th Hong Kong Film Awards. "On February 27 2021 (Saturday), the Hong Kong film industry lost an actor who brought a lot of joy to Hong Kong -- Mr. Ng Man Tat. Brother Tat was in film for years, his acting superb. He even with A MOMENT OF ROMANCE won the 10th Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor. His acting has been recognized by the industry. Brother Tat at the 11th Hong Kong Film Awards teamed with his best female co-star Ng Kwan Yu to present the Best Art Director award. Let's experience the joy that Brother Tat brought everyone once again."


Gary Tong was a famous music producer as well as Tai Chi's keyboardist
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Gary Tong was found unconscious at his home.  The EMT upon arrival confirmed his death.

Gary Tong's Tai Chi bandmates Patrick Lui is heartbroken while Joey Tang still cannot accept the news

former TVB artist Jones Lee is Gary Tong's cousin

Tai Chi will never be whole again
courtesy of mingpao.com

Tai Chi's keyboard player and famous musician Gary Tong Yik Chung yesterday was found unconscious at home and passed away at age 57 possibly from heart disease. Tai Chi member Joey Tang Kin Ming confirmed the news of Gary's passing. "I just got the news of Gary's passing. It was very sudden, I am still trying to the actual details. I think Gary wouldn't want us to be too heartbroken, because he was an optimistic person. If I have further news I would inform everyone." Tai Chi's lead vocalist Patrick Lui Yau Fai already turned off his phone. Reportedly Patrick could not be more upset upon learning Gary's passing.

Gary Tong in 1986 joined Tai Chi as the keyboardist, produced records and worked as a music director for many artists. In the past he worked many times with the late music superstar "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing. At the end last year he, record producer Alvin Leung wing Chun and C.Y. Kong teamed up on the Cheung Kwok Wing record REVISIT.

Tai Chi originally planned to perform two 35th anniversary concerts in West Kowloon Cultural District in December last year, but due to the pandemic the performance was scrapped. With Gary's sudden passing, the "complete" Tai Chi's performance would be impossible.

Remus Choy Yat Kit remembered, "I can't believe Gary Tong is gone! Have a safe journey! RIP! Thank you for helping me with my song arrangement!" Pal Sinn Lap Man also remembered, "You brought us everything, I would never forget, your laughter, your tolerance, you gluttony?! thank you Gary for appearing in my life, have a safe journey! R.I.P.!"


Ng Lai Chu (left) says that Yu Mo Lin (right) is having a tough time
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83 year old Yu Mo Lin due to a rarely seen blood infection and pulmonary fibrosis was hospitalized. Earlier her condition improved, she was transferred to the Kowloon Hospital for recovery. Lately due to difficulty with breathing and sleeping, she was transferred back to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Her friend Ng Lai Chu called Yu Mo for an update and said that Yu Mo did not sound as strong as before, her voice was hoarse and congested. She said, "Yu Mo earlier was at a nursing home, due to poor sleep and difficulty with breathing she was transferred back to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. However the nurses at the QE are very busy. She had no idea who was the doctor either. Her back itched and kept her from sleep. I told her that she has to find the nurse and get the medicine for the itch to be able to sleep." She revealed that Yu Mo in the phone kept saying that she was struggling.

Monday, March 1, 2021


Alex Fong Lik Sun also suffocated in the isolation box
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The poor ventilation in the isolation box makes breathing difficult for Francis Ng 
courtesy of mingpao.com

As the novel coronavirus pandemic raged, ten film companies teamed up to make a movie ALL U NEED IS LOVE (JUNG SI YAU OI JOI GAK LEI) in hopes of assisting basic level film workers. Artists answered in droves, hoping that everyone would get to work. The first trailer finally was released and the film has been tentatively scheduled for April. JUNG SI YAU OI JOI GAK LEI's cast included Michael Hui Koon Man, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Candy Yu On On, Lok Wing, Cecilia So Lai Shan, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Chin Kar Lok, Helena Law Lan, Jackie Chan, Ben Yuen Fu Wa, Cheung Tat Ming, Sam Lee Chan Sam, Mary Han Ma Lei, Kent Cheng Juk Si, Philip Keung Ho Man, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Ken Wong Hoi Wai, Samuel Pang King Chi, Yuen Qiu, Jacky Cai Jie, Ken Low Wai Kwong, Alex Lam Tak Shun, Pinky Cheung Man Chi, Hillary, Lau Yui, Aaron Chow Chi Kwan, Dough Boy, Ng Siu Hin, Gladys Li Ching Kwan, Max Cheung Tat Lun, Ng Wing Sze, Steven Fung Min Hang, June Lam and others.

JUNG SI YAU OI JOI GAK LEI opened with several star confirmed cases, including Ng Chu Yu, Lam Ka Tung and Alex Fong Lik Sun. In order to coordinate with the scary pandemic atmosphere, the prop team made several super large isolation boxes. Although the set was full of atmosphere, due to sound recording no fan or air conditioning was allowed during the shoot. Several actors were trapped inside the isolation boxes with little air flow. Former athlete Siu Fong said, "I almost couldn't breathe!" However under the director's guidance this scene was completed very quickly.

The film also had many goddess guests, including Lau Sum Yau, Chau Sau Na, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei and Larine Tang Yueping. Lau Sum Yau said, "I am very happy to be able to work with my idol (Tony) Leung Ka Fai again, the first time was already BEAUTIFUL COOKING. The pandemic made me cherish those in front of me even more." Aside from big stars, Vincent Kok Tak Siu's grand niece, Jo Kok Cho Lam's daughter Lau Yui would also perform.


Friends and former colleagues remember Ng Man Tat

Eric Tsang sheds tears for Ng Man Tat
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Lam Tsz Chung, Tin Kai Man

courtesy of on.cc

After hearing the news of Ng Man Tat's passing, Eric Tsang scrambles for a TVB special.  He invites friends to share their memories and gets choked up and teary eyed during his turn

Tin Kai Man has permission from Ng Man Tat's family to handle the funeral

Brother Tat's training class classmates shared their experience

Louis Koo
courtesy of mingpao.com

Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Wong Jing, Michael Kwan Lai Kit, Alex To Tak Wai, Tin Kai man and others two nights ago participated in the special program INCOMPARABLE ACTOR: REMEMBERING NG MAN TAT, shared their experience with Brother Tat. The program also aired many of Brother Tat's exciting and classic television and film performance.

Earlier witnessing Brother Tat's passing at the hospital, Tin Kai Man regretted that he did not visit Brother Tat when he was still conscious. When he saw Brother Tat he could not respond. He kept his eyes closed until the moment he passed when he opened his eyes. Perhaps he wanted to give everyone a reaction, then he passed. Tin Kai Man said that they have not begun planning for Brother Tat's affairs because Brother Tat's family was rather heartbroken. They should properly rest first. "Actually the family originally didn't want any memorial, but I said that in this industry we have to. Finally I have the family's permission for me to do it." Tin Kai Man also revealed that Brother Tat's mother was already in her 90s. She did not know he was ill until Brother Tat passed away because Brother Tat did not want to worry his mother. Brother Tat's mother was very heartbroken. They very quickly took here away from the hospital as they did not want to upset her any further.

Brother Tat had three relationships, his 3 companions Mak Lei Lei, Lo Siu Chi and Hou Shan gave him 5 children. The outside impression was that Brother Tat in order to raise three families put his life on the line to make movies, television and commercials and overexhausted his body. Tin Kai Man wished for no more further negative reports outside. He even said that the Ng children inheritance dispute rumor was fake news. He said that Brother Tat after a serious illness in 2014 already made his will. Financially he was fine and his children are not fighting over the inheritance.

Lam Tsz Chung regretted that he was unable to see Brother Tat one last time. Originally he planned to work with Brother Tat on the next film, regrettably he would no longer have the chance to. In addition he would have to go to work in the Mainland next week. He might not be able to attend Brother Tat's memorial.

Eric Tsang Chi Wai appeared near the end of the program and shared his experience with Brother Tat. Brother Tat in his youth was lost once, loving to drink and gamble. Finally he owed debts everywhere and had to borrow money from everyone around him. Colleagues and friends did not dare to ask him to work, because they were afraid that they would have lend him money. Although a friend kept helping him, later even this friend would no longer help him. Brother Tat felt that life has come to an end and thought about stepping into the Shing Mun Reservoir in hopes of living anew and being a good actor in the next life. However he thought that in the next life he might not be human in the next life. Since he was a human now, he might as well live anew. Finally Brother Tat went home and slept all day and all night. He then went back to TVB and pleaded with screenwriters, producers to give him a chance. They would see a different Ng Man tat. Since then he no longer needed to bring a script with him because he already memorized his lines. He even memorized other characters' lines. Chi Wai got choked up and said, "Brother Tat went from someone everyone was afraid to see, to become an actor everyone respected. Everyone respected him as a person and for his acting."

Director Wong Jing worked with Brother Tat as early as the ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT era. In the 90s they also worked on a dozen or so films. He described NG as friendly but stubborn. He was the most outstanding "support" actor. "Any lead actors would get more points when they run into Brother tat. He would 100% make the lead the most entertaining, but he himself would also perform very well."

Brother Tat's training class classmate Law Koon Lan remembered when he helped her at a Christmas party. "I accidentally dropped me on my clothes, Brother Tat was quite a gentleman as he handed me a clean handkerchief. I thought he was very friendly. After cleaning up he took the dirty handkerchief and put it back into his pant pocket. I was very moved." Law Koon Lan said that over a decade ago she and Brother Tat played a couple. They talked about acting concepts and she thought Brother Tat's experience became his discipline. He gave people a very gentle and kind presence. Ng Lai Chu and Brother Tat started to work together on ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT. He was also her training class elder. She remembered that Brother Tat often played drinking games with Ha Yu, Tam Bing Man, Yu Tsz Ming and others in the "Wooden Men Alley". He taught her that the game required a presence. "I admired that the most that despite playing, in studio he would never mess up. People used to say that new comers would be bullied, but I was very lucky. Brother Tat even taught me a lot and would take the initiative to go over the script with me."

Michael Kwan Lai Kit said that the first time he worked with Brother Tat was on the classic series POLICE CADET. Whether in reality or in show business, Brother Tat watched him grow up. "The Brother Tat played instructor became the standard. Later many people followed this style of his. At the time (Sean Lau) Ching Wan, Wai Jai (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), Lui Fong and I were very mischievous. He would yell at us but he would teach us as well. In acting exchanges he was very serious, which made everyone get into character very easily. I learned a lot from him." Kwai Lai Kit also said that Brother Tat taught him how to shed tears while acting. When he left the academy in POLICE CADET, Brother Tat completely moved him to tears. It was the first time he shed tears on screen.

In addition, Louis Koo Tin Lok worked with Brother Tat on the films ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI) and OVERHEARD 3 (SIT TING FUNG WON 3). Yesterday he remembered Brother Tat on social media and said that he would always remember Brother Tat's exciting performance.

Director Lee Lik Chi who worked with Brother Tat for many years wrote on social media that Brother Tat must know that the people have never left him!

According to Oriental Daily, Christian services will begin for Ng Man Tat on March 7th at the Universal Funeral Parlor in Hung Hom. The funeral will take place next day and cremation will take place at the Cape Collinson Crematorium. His friend Tin Kai Man revealed that the funeral details were just decided and the memorial will be cancelled.

Sunday, February 28, 2021


Director Sunny Lau leads Matthew Chow, Eric Kot, and other strong men in a not so usual Lunar New Year film
courtesy of singtao.com

Speaking of Lunar New Year films, they are in general happy and full of joyful cheer in welcoming the New Year. Yet this year one not so usual Lunar New Year film appeared. The Sunny Lau Yung directed film SUGAR STREET STUDIO (TONG GAI JAI PIN CHONG) is a ghost film! Its star Eric Kot Man Fai jokingly said that he would prepare fire basins for the audience to leap over when they leave, wishing everyone good luck and fortune.

The Lau Yung directed Lunar New Year ghost film SUGAR STREET STUDIO starred Kot Man Fai, Chan Kwok Bing, Matthew Chow Hoi Kwong, Lam Yiu Sing, Wong Yik Ho, Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching, Kaki Sham, Hanna Chan, Chloe So Ho Yi and Susan Shaw Yam Yam. Hong Kong Lunar New Year films have been all fun and joy, with a happy ending and the cast would wish everyone a Happy New Year in the end. Perhaps you would feel that watching a ghost film during the New Year would be somewhat taboo, but Lau Yung hoped that the audience would have choices. Kot Man Fai also thought of a great idea, jokingly said that he could prepare fire basins for the audience to leap over when they leave for luck.

Director Lau Yung have worked with all 5 men and have certain chemistry. He could say that each character was tailor made. However Kot Man Fai had words, feeling that how could a little lamb like him would be worldly enough to play a mob boss. Lau Yung mentioned that on the first day of work he deliberately prepared a "delicacy" for Ah Kot. Ah Kot said, "That's right, dance hall scene, I was completely full, I am still stuffed now. It was a lot of fun, for them!"

Chow Hoi Kwong's character lies, cheats and steals but is not a bad guy. He said that his personality was the complete opposite so the performance was rather tough. He mentioned that one scene truly scared him -- getting the purple nurple from Ah Kot for any mistake he made. He said, "This is what Ah Kot likes to do that most. For decades he has given the purple nurple to many." why did Ah Kot have this interest? Ah Kot said, "His are big! That's not my problem!"

Lau Yung joked that Chan Kwok Bong was his mascot, because every time they worked together they would receive the audience's praise. He said, "When I was creating I was already thinking Brother Bong would play the role, he would have to handle more complicated scenes so I definitely had to ask for his help." In addition, Lau Yung mentioned having worked with Lam Yiu Sing and Wong Yik Ho before and really admired their rhythm. Thus he again invited them to participate.

In addition, speaking of breaking taboo and releasing a ghost film during the Lunar New Year. Lau Yung felt that the Lunar New Year slot was only the best release week in his eyes, but now there should not be any traditional restriction. With changes that turned Hong Kong upside down in recent years, the pandemic also made changes in life. He believed that viewers would also make changes in their choices. Would he be worried that cinemas would still have to close due to the pandemic? He said, "If it can't be released then it will be released in March. One day it will be released. Instead we should ask, how do everyone keep going in the future? This is even more difficult."