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Hong Kong films THE BOUNTY (YUEN HUNG) and VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) have been selected to take part in the Udine Far East Film Festival.  Originally the star of both films Chapman To Man Jat planned to personally attend the film festival, but last week he was diagnosed with the rare Miller Fisher Syndrome and had to announce a halt to all his work in order to recover at home on the eve of his departure.  THE BOUNTY's producer Paco Wong immediately asked guest star Alex Man Chi Leung to return to Hong Kong and head to the Udine Film Festival and promote the new film's world premiere.  VULGARIA director Pang Ho Cheung went with new screen writer Lok Yi Sum to share their new film experience with reporters at the film festival.

For his first Udine Film Festival attendance, Man Chi Leung came to support his film THE BOUNTY.  On stage he first greeted the audience with simple Italian.  After introducing himself he said that his nickname sounded the same as the Chinese mahjong tile suit "Man Ji".  He then humorously used English to talk about how he became a part of THE BOUNTY.  He said that at first he thought this film was a Hollywood style
production so he agreed right away and returned from Holland to Hong Kong for the shoot.  When he arrived in Hong Kong director Fung Chi Chiang told him the story and Man Ji thought, "Oh...I am sorry..." but he understood and joked, "It's not the problem of the BOUNTY, it's the problem of money..."  The audience cracked up.  Man Ji also said that To Man Jat had to stay in Hong Kong due to illness, so he was fortunate enough to promote the new film in Italy.  He hoped Ah Jat would recover after a few more weeks and return to work.  Then he would be freed again.  Finally Man Ji again said thank you in Italian, Putonghua and Cantonese to everyone.

Man Ji was humorous on the stage.  He even joked that this trip to Italy with Paco, the director and the executive producer already made up for "the problem of money".  Pang Ho Cheung headed to Italy to promote VULGARIA and met with the audience in the 40s Sicilian costume.  VULGARIA premiere Saturday night at midnight there.  Before the premiere, Director Pang even rode a bicycle in Italy for fun and took time to support THE
BOUNTY's world premiere.


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Chrissie Chau Sau Na along with two junior colleagues Annie G. and Hailey yesterday worked on a watch ad in Chai Wan.  Chau Sau Na said that she and her boyfriend Avis have not seen each other in a long time because he was working on a movie in Sanya.  They have not seen each other in about a month.  Have them taken time to date?  Chau Sau Na said that they both were busy but they maintained contact.  Chau Sau Na stressed that their relationship has not lighten and explained that her boyfriend was a little nervous about his first movie.  He hoped to be able to concentrate more.

In addition, speaking of Avis's kiss scene with pseudo model Mia in their new film LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2) was she worried about acting turning real?  She said, "No, for it to be real they have to take action first.  I too will work with Lan Cheng Long.  (Reportedly Mia will perform in the nude?)  I don't know, I am interested in seeing that.  Ask Avis to ask her, since they constantly see each other."  Her boyfriend claimed that he would use her pillow to rehearse.  Chau Sau Na said that he had co-stars too, but her co-star was not in Hong Kong and she could not rehearse even if she wanted to.  Reporters said that she could make a boyfriend pillow.  Chau Sau Na turned down the idea right away.  Theresa Fu Wing who was linked to Avis has already found a new target.  Chau Sau Na said, "It was a long time ago (the rumor).  I didn't see the report, if it's true then congratulations to her!"


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80s and 90s action actress Elaine Lui Siu Ling's mother (Chan Yuk Kun) passed away on the 21st at the age of 83.  Her funeral will take place on the 9th in Hung Hom.  Lui Siu Ling rarely appeared in the public in recent years because the scripts and the offers she received were not suitable.  With her aging mother becoming ill more frequently she stayed home more to keep her company.  She also fell in love with calligraphy.  Recently her mother's condition deteriorated and she and her family have always been by her side.  Fortunately her mother peacefully passed away.  She said that she joined the film industry thanks to her mother's repeated encouragement and support.  Now that her mother has left her inevitably she felt sad and down.

Whenever she remembered her mother, she would look at her photo with her late mother in detail.  One of which was from a media interview two years ago.  Her mother went to the Avenue of the Stars with her and they even took pictures together.  Recently many family and friends called to offer their condolences to her and her family, which they appreciated very much.  After taking care of her mother's affairs she would return to work.


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Jill Vidal (Wai Si), Timothy Cheng Tse Sing, David Lo Dai Wai, Sharon Chan Man Chi and Sammy starred A DREAM TEAM (FAN SUN KEI BING) two nights ago held its premiere.  Leanne Li Yanan, Grace Wong Kwan Hing, Fiona Leung Ngai Ling and Hiromi (Yui Mei) came in support.  Because Chan Man Chi and Sammy were at work, they did not appear until after the premiere.

Jacqueline Law Wai Guen reportedly was hospitalized again due to illness.  Man Chi who went to the same church as she did was asked about her condition.  She said, "Lately I have been busy with a series and haven't had time to go to church.  Last year I saw Sister Guen for the first time at church and thought she was very friendly.  At the time she was very healthy.  Sister Guen was moved to tears when she sang hymns, I was moved too.  I grabbed her hand and wished Sister Guen good health.  Sister Guen told me that she hoped to see her at church every time."  Man Chi said that although she did not know about her condition now, she knew that Sister Guen was optimistic and positive.  She believed that nothing would stump her.  Cheng Tse Sing's wife Lau Sin Yi was Sister Guen's good friend.  He said that he did not know about Sister Guen's condition and only knew that his wife was in text message contact with Sister Guen everyday.  He said, "If Sister Guen was not well she wouldn't send any text.  (Her condition) should not be as serious as rumored."  Has Sister Guen been released from the hospital?  Cheng Tse Sing said that he did not know.  Lo Dai Wai said that he was familiar with Sister Guen's family.  He said that he has not contacted her but praised Sister Guen to be a reborn warrior.  He believed that she would optimistically face it.

In addition, Wai Si said that she will promote the film in the U.S. with the cast for two to three weeks.  She would have a chance to visit her boyfriend Tim who was studying film in Los Angeles and would prepare his favorite lemon tea as a gift.  Wai Si said that he will graduate in a year then they hope to wed.  She said that her boyfriend's mother will come to Hong Kong in July and their parents will discuss the the marriage.

Would she wed before her twin sister Janice Vidal (Wai Lan)?  Wai Si said, "Yes, my poor sister, they broke up.  She may very soon find one.  I want us to get married together."  Would she introduce a boyfriend to her sister?  She said that she did not know what type her sister liked.

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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Mandy Lieu, Lin Li, and Tracey Ip Chui Chui yesterday attended a horse racing event.  Goo Jai two days ago attended the Johnnie To Kei Fung directed new film DUK JIN (DRUG WAR)'s press conference in Beijing.  The film was shot in Tianjin.  Reportedly To Kei Fung was not used to the Mainland's long work hours.  Goo Jai said the weather was the main problem, food wise everything was great.  Sun Honglei in the film played a cop.  Reportedly Sun Honglei said that a cop would not hit people and refused to shoot a scene in which he hit Goo Jai.  To Kei Fung proceeded to yell on the set.  Goo Jai said that he did not hear about that and did not see Ah To yell at Sun Honglei on the set.  However, he admitted that Sun Honglei has made movies about Mainland police and had more understanding in this area.  Sometimes he would ask him for advice.  Was Sun Honglei's performance professional?  Goo Jai said that every one was very professional.

After the event he will fly back to the Mainland to continue the shoot.  "We shot from the winter to the summer, from pain in the ear and limbs from standing for half a hour only to now soaking through.  We even made many big scenes, including a crash with over 10 cars.  (Did you aggravate your old injury?)  No, my leg will not recover for several more years.  After the shoot I will get a check up again.  It should be fine."


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Jun Kung Shek Leung last year with the film MERRY GO ROUND theme song HERE TO STAY won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Original Song.  This year he again with the film HI FIDELITY (CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN) theme song won the Best Original Song.  He also wrote the song, Sandy Lam Yik Lin performed, and Calvin Poon Yuen Leung wrote the lyric.  Earlier Jun worked on his new song music video, the director of which was MERRY GO ROUND's Yanyan Mak Yuen Yan.  Jun was very happy that they worked together again.  That day they celebrated Jun's award with champagne.  Jun said that winning an award two years in a row felt like a dream.  He said that when he held the award he truly felt very honored and excited.  Would he raise his price after winning an award?  He said that he was lucky to win the award twice.  He would not write songs for awards.  This time he wrote many songs for Lam Yik Lin's Beijing producer to choose.  Finally three were chosen.  He said that he would not consider price first.

After winning a Hong Kong Film Award Jun received a text message from Lam Yik Lin and they congratulated each other.  Yik Lin has never won this award before.  He thought Yik Lin was an alternative artist.  He also praised Yik Lin.  "Her voice is known to be beautiful.  She is a beautiful person, attentive and considerate.  She is very classical and elegant."  As for their rumor, Jun only said that Yik Lin is a beautiful woman.  Earlier when Yik Lin went on tour he could not go due to schedule conflicts.  Yik Lin asked him later whether he did not like her songs.  Jun said, "Yik Lin's songs are evergreen, once on tour some fans would cry after hearing her song.  I was affected too."


Linah Matsuoka

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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Julian Cheung Chi Lam, director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum), Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi), Linah Matsuoka two nights ago attended the film trailer premiere of their film NATURAL BORN LOVERS (TIN SUN OI CHING KONG).

Chi Lam in the film played a dessert chef, everyone played a cake decoration game with the audience.  Sum Yau was very afraid of white liquid and Chi Lam immediately picked up a cake filled with cream to play a prank on her, Sum Yau could not run out fast enough.  After the game, the winner could reprise the poster pose with Sum Yau and Chi Lam.  However the bashful Sum Yau was somewhat embarrassed.  Chi Lam on the other hand graciously held the female viewer's hand.

In the trailer, Sum Yau and Chi Lam had a passionate kiss scene.  Chi Lam revealed that was a tip of an iceberg.  They had even more passionate scene.  When asked how passionate, Sum Yau only revealed that she had her share of bed scenes.  Chi Lam said, "This time we shot many times.  (Wasn't that good for you?)  It's just acting.  However, the director very curiously asked us if we needed to brush our teeth and cultivate emotions.  I said couples in general don't brush their teeth before kissing!"  Sum Yau said that she was a little nervous when they tested their marks because the set had many workers.  Did Chi Lam prohibit his son from watching his kiss scene?  Chi Lam believed that his son would understand.  If he really kissed, he would explain that it was necessary for work.

In addition, Sum Yau was very afraid of white liquid.  She said that when she was little milk made her nauseous.  She would not even drink milk.  Chi Lam said that Sum Yau was professional because in one scene he had to feed her cake.  At the time he saw Sum Yau feeling sick as she ate but she still insisted on completing the shoot.  Chi Lam also said, "I understand that everyone has some obstacles, I have claustrophobia.  I can't lie in a coffin or a crowded elevator.  I admire people who can conquer their obstacles."


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Yesterday Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Nobel Prize for Literature winner Sir V.S. Naipaul attended a Carrera sponsored Liberatum Literature and Art exhibit to discuss new media's influence on film.

Yin Cho will produce his good friend Stephen Fung Tak Lun's new film HUNG SING GAI (CONTROL CITY SCHEME).  He also revealed that if their film TAI CHI 0 would be a commercial and critical hit, it would become a trilogy.  When asked if he would try to make a movie with iPhone or a camera, he said it would depend on the genre.  He also thought that such a format would be more realistic and documentary like, but it would not be suitable for a big film.

He revealed that he wrote a story but someone told him the content was too sensitive and would not receive Mainland approval for release, so he set it aside for now.  "The subject is about euthanasia.  (Would you accept euthanasia?)  If I am hopeless and only have half a year to live, why suffer?  However I may not be able to do it."

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Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) turned 49 two days ago.  Actress Lin Peng posted his family photo with wife Nina Li Chi and their daughters.


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Lo Hoi Pang yesterday appeared on a Metro Radio interview.  Brother Pang with LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM) won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor.  Did he get a raise after the award?  He asked reporters, "Do you feel I should get a raise?  People give it when they like to."  Brother Pang said that now he is working on two movies and is very busy.  Would he consider making a television series?  He said that television work was very tough, making a movie was better as he would not have to toil too much.  He admitted that he would like to retire so he would not make another television series.

As for this year's Hong Kong Film Award results being questioned as fixed, Brother Pang said that he did not know he would win that day.  He was working on a movie in the Mainland and someone pulled him out to attend the Hong Kong Film Award.  He said, "If it was fixed I would have taken time off a long time ago to accept the award.  (Many people feel bad for Lau Ching Wan!)  I believe in the voters, not everyone would support (Andy) Lau Tak Wa!"  Did he feel bad for Ching Wan?  He said, "It's not about bad or not, he's just unlucky."

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Fiona Sit visits her "husband" Chapman To but seems more like a snack party instead
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With the recently fluctuating weather in Hong Kong, many caught the flu.  Chapman To Man Jat was no exception.  After almost a month, Ah Jat earlier suddenly saw double and lost response on his limbs.  He even lost his balance.  After a detailed examination, the doctor discovered that he had the rare Miller Fish Syndrome.  In severe case the patient may suffer complete paralysis, breathing difficult and even death.

Ah Jat yesterday said, "Because I live in a house, right now I would be very careful going up and down the stairway.  Becuse this illness is very rare in Hong Kong, the doctor sent my blood to the U.S. for testing to see how severe it is.  The recovery time should be from two weeks to half a year."  Ah Jat who still saw double and numbness in his limbs still optimistically stated, "Although in severe cases this illness can be fatal, rarely does it reach this situation!"

Due to Ah Jat's rare illness, he had to stop many jobs including leaving for the Udine Far East Film Festival two nights ago.  Ah Jat said, "This year I have two movies THE BOUNTY (YUEN HUNG) and VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) selected for the Udine Film Festival.  I really wanted to go, but now I can't!"  His manager Mani Fok Man Hei admitted that she was scared when she heard about Ah Jat's condition.  Aside from being very worried she also immediately made changes to his schedule and turned away all jobs for the next two months.

Ah Jat admitted that losing seven figures in salary was not too important.  Instead he thought the most troublesome was affecting the casting of the new film SUPER MANAGER (CHIU CUP GAING LEI YUN).  He said, "Originally in May I will go to Beijing Dance Academy to find new actors, now I can't go it really is quite a headache."


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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Karena Ng Chin Yu and Raymond Wong Pak Ming yesterday attended their new film NAM YUN YU YI FOK (MEN ARE LIKE CLOTHING) press conference in Beijing.  Although Cheng Chung Kei and Sister Mo have not officially started working together, their clothing obviously matched as they both wore jackets.

Aside from Chung Kei and Wong Pak Ming, Raymond Lam Fung will also join the cast.  Director Vincent Kok Tak Siu said that he already tailored a special profession for Cheng Chung Kei's character for his ever changing acting to be on display even more fully.  As "clothing" in the film, actors Wong Pak Ming, Cheng Chung Kei and Lam Fung would get dumped.  The actresses would be male underwear designers and express their understanding of men.


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Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam in her new film FAIRY TALE KILLER (JUI HUNG) played an autistic girl.  She grew her hair long enough to reach the ground for the story.  "The hair was very hair, when I stood up my hair kept pulling at my scalp and it was very uncomfortable.  When I walked I needed help from others to pull up my hair so I didn't step on it."

Without any dialogue in the film, Kong Yeuk Lam mainly relied on expression and body language to act.  She said that during the shoot she was moody and lacked any sense of security.  In one scene Kong Yeuk Lam was tied up as she madly screamed.  Even after the director yelled cut she still could not calm down.


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Lau Ching Wan, Joey Man Yi Man, director Danny Pang Fat earlier promoted their horror film FAIRY TALE KILLER (JUI HUNG).  The ghost film expert Pang Ho directed FAIRY TALE KILLER abandoned the ghost subject and used instead a fairy tale story to package a murder horror story.

Pang Ho admitted that this time the subject did not involve ghost, of course its inspection was easier.  However this time Pang Ho ran into another problem; he said that the film's original Chinese title SHOK MING TUNG WA (FATAL FAIRY TALE) due to the overly sensitive and border line choice of words received criticism online and from intellectuals who thought children's fairy tale should not be twisted to avoid negative effect on children.

He said, "Many people said that this would destroy the fairy tale world illusion, people are still scolding online.  Anyway, it has been a challenge."  Pang Fat admitted that at first he did not think of this issue, but after consideration he accepted the opinions and finally changed its Chinese title to JUI HUNG.

Lau Ching Wan in the film played a detective and a couple with Man Yi Man.  They had an autistic son as they formed a less than harmonious family.  Ching Wan said that in the film the director arranged for them to constantly argue.  The character did not like his family and disliked his son, which made him unable to work with others at work.  He was an unfit father and husband.

Pang Fat said that when he first wrote this script he very naturally thought of Ching Wan for this role.  Ching Wan was an actor who he really wanted to work with.  Pang Fat said, "The story is more special, no one would think that a fairy tale would be more horrifying than the Bible.  Cinderella and little lamb would kill the wolf."

Man Yi Man worked with Ching Wan in the film.  She said that Ching Wan has always been her idol.  When she first started in the business she posed for wedding shop photos with Ching Wan, which she has held on to even today.  Did Man Yi Man and Ching Wan have any intimate scene?  She said no, in the film they argued the most.

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Tam Yuk Ying has been a TVB children's program host for 30 years today.  From 430 SPACE SHUTTLE, FLASH FAX, KIDS CLICK to the currently running AFTER SCHOOL, countless children have grown up with Tam Yuk Ying.  TVB yesterday held a special celebration for her and invited the hosts from the first generation to now including Margie Tsang Wa Sin, Luisa Lai Chi San, Meini Cheung Mei Nei, LuLu Kai (Koi Sai Bo), Ellesmere Choi Chi Kin and Patrick Tam Kin Won.  The first generation host Cheung Kwok Keung appeared when she cut the cake and embraced her, which brought tears to her eyes.  Although other partners like Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Dior Cheng Yi Kin and Athena Chu Yan did not attend, the event cut together a video over the years for review.

After 30 years at TVB, Tam Yuk Ying switched to children's program after only a year as an artist and has host for 30 years.  Among many who have worked with her, she said that Sing Yeh, Wai Jai and Ekin are all famous now so the media would constantly ask her about them.  Yet Tang Kin Won left her with the deepest memory because at first his acting truly was too "gross".  However he very quickly improved a lot.  Many partners pointed out that she was very serious at work so they rumored that she was very mean.  She said,  "You really have to ask them, actually I speak too fast.  When somebody does something wrong I would immediately say it."  She admitted that she did not particularly like children and thus would not hold them like other partners.  Sing Yeh back then constantly had fun at the expense of children, was he the one who disliked children the most?  She said, "It's not like he didn't like children, he only treated them like children."

After hosting children's program for 30 years, did she get rich from all the shows?  She said that earlier she indeed worked a lot of overtime, but she did not get rich.  She only had enough money to live on her own.  Has she thought about how many more years she would host?  She said, "30 years ago I never thought about working for 30 years, I haven't thought about the future either.  Ultimately work is a lot of fun now.  (Would you like to act?)  The company once asked me to switch departments, but I like early to bed, early to rise and leave work on time."  Actually she has worked on series before, even worked until early morning when the temperature dropped to a single digit.  Without any boat to outlying islands she had to hide in the bathroom to avoid the cold, which made her afraid of working over night.  As for her love life, she admitted that it was very full.  At her age she did not think about marriage or children.

Tsang Wa Sin and Leung Chiu Wai host 430 SPACE SHUTTLE together, but she joined later than Wai Jai.  She said that she remembered wearing the astronaut suit for the program the most.  She also constantly played pranks on Lung Bing Kei with Sing Yeh, even pointing that Sing Yeh would only play pranks on certain people.  Back then because she was mean enough Sing Yeh never dared to mess with her.  Wa Sin also said that she admired Tam Yuk Ying very much and thought that she could apply to be in the Guinness's Book of World Record.  Tang Kin Won joked that back then she thought Tam Yuk Ying was very pretty, but after Chu Yun joined he moved on.  Speaking of Tam Yuk Ying was rumored to be very mean, he supported her as very positive.  She only wanted to spur everyone on and never really yelled at anyone.


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Someone reportedly caught Joey Wang Cho Yi near Fisherman's Wharf in Vancouver with a man and posted the pictures online.


Gao Yuanyuan

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Gillian Chung Yun Tung, Gao Yuanyuan, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Alec Su (So Yau Peng) last night attended the film DESIGN OF DEATH (SAT SUN) premiere in Beijing.  a 20 to 30 meter long red carpet was provided for guests but due to the uneven road surface many female stars in heels were very cautious.  Ah Gil wore six inch heels with a long handbag entered with Yu Shaoqun and the director and signed autographs.  Suddenly the director stopped and Ah Gil lost her shoe in order to avoid him.  Luckily the director and Yu Shaoqun immediately grabbed her shoe for her.

Gao Yuanyuan who was linked to Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) in rumors became the Mainland media focus but she almost tripped on the red carpet.


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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) yesterday revealed that she has already completed work on her film NATURAL BORN LOVERS (TIN SUN OI CHING KONG).  Later its trailer will be released and she has been scared.  "I haven't made a movie in Hong Kong for awhile.  This time live sound recording is used, I hope the audience understand and won't have to read subtitles.  I get back up where I fall down, I hope this time my Cantonese will be better than before.  I want to be a Hong Kong woman."

Sum Yau said, "Later I would promote FLOATING CITY (FAU SING) with (Aaron) Kwok Fu Sing, I still have several movies in negotiation."


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Rose Chan was mistaken to be transgender in Thailand
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Rose Chan Ka Wun, William Chan Wai Ting, Sherman Chung Shu Man, Mag Lam Yun Tung yesterday modeled for Jipi Japa shoes.  Chan Wai Ting's left cheek was bruised because two days ago when he worked on the film TRIAD (JAT JIK) he was bruised in a gang fight.  He was afraid that he would be unable to attend the event, thus after work he applied ice and boiled egg on the wound.  Chan Wai Ting said that two days ago Deep Ng Ho Hong "nailed his family jewels".  "In this scene he kicked me in the stomach.  I would padding but he accidentally hit me in the 'jewels'.  I was in so much pain that I jumped up then knelt on the ground.  The director actually said that this expression was good."