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After playing Ip Man and Chen Zhen, Donnie Yen Chi Tan will again play another historical figure -- "martial art saint" Guan Yu. The film THE LOST BLADESMAN (GUAN WON CHEUNG) yesterday held its global press conference in Beijing. Some of the cast were announced. Aside from Yen Chi Tan as Guan Yu, Alex Fong Chung Shun will play Liu Bei. Another key figure Cao Cao has been kept until wraps.

Director Felix Chong Man Keung and Alan Mak Siu Fai yesterday led the actors to the press conference. They included Yen Chi Tan, Sun Li, Wang Xuebing, Shao Bing, Wang Bo Chieh, Fong Chung Shun, Zhao Ke, Calvin Li Zonghan, Dong Yong and others. The media were concerned whether Yen Chi Tan resembled Guan Yu. The production pointed out that this production was an interpretation of history and not a character biography. As for how Chi Tan would interpret forcing five passes and slaying six captains as well as Three Kingdoms era action, he pointed out that everyone would know after the film release.

However, Chi Tan expressed that at first he suspected whether he understood the history and feared that he could not play Guan Yu, a character who has contributed so much to history, and that he would ruin the audience's impression of Guan Yu. Thus before making this film he set two requirements for the director. He asked that the director must have never made a costume film so the concept would be new. The second requirement was a top director who was able to assist him in completing the creation of the Guan Yu image. Chi Tan also had a lot of homework to do. Not only research but also chats with the directors to deepen their knowledge, understanding, inquiry and input. He had to feel that he was Guan Yu. Chi Tan expressed that he threw himself into the production as he was at work everyday. Instead when he made IP MAN, he went home everyday.

Mak Siu Fai and Chong Man Keung expressed that this story centered around "Guang Yunchang after falling deep into the Cao camp forced five passed and slew six captains to return to Liu Bei". They would display the Guan Yu in their hearts to the audience. Despite being the "martial art saint", Guan Yu's position far surpassed this title. Because Chinese around the world worshipped Guan Yu, in their hearts Guan Yunchang was already a "god". What would be different between the film's Guan Yunchang and the traditional Lord Guan image? The directors expressed with certainty that in the film Lord Guan would not appear in a green hat. This film was loyal to history and not based on ROMANCE OF THREE KINGDOMS. In ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS Guan Yu was nine feet tall, but that was not the Guan Yu in history. Would Guan Yu appear as "red faced Lord Guan"? They pointed out many people's impressions came from ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS, which also had "red face, white face, black face, yellow face". Each color represented a certain meaning. Red faced Lord Gun represented loyalty. They would not handle the film in this manner.

Sun Li had a part in the film but kept quiet about it. She expressed that this was her second collaboration with Chi Tan. She felt that she was very fortunate to be able to work with Chi Tan, who took great care of everyone. She revealed that in THE LOST BLADESMAN she and Chi Tan would have a misunderstanding. She hated him and sometimes would look down upon him. In addition, the special guest from Guan Yu's hometown, Xian provincial party committee promotional department chief Hu Suping yesterday presented two Guan Yu bronze statues to the production. Reportedly national treasure level bronze statue casting master made the


Wen Zhang, Kwai Lun-Mei
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Kwai Lun-Mei starred in OCEAN HEAVEN. The always emotional actress took the chance of the film's official release to muster up her courage and watch it at the movies. Although she has read the script before, her eyes still were swollen from crying. She said, "The film is truly touching!"

Earlier the cast including Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Kwai Lun-Mei, Wen Zhang, Zhu Yuanyuan and director Xue Xiaolu worked on a series of promotional stills. Kwai Lun-Mei went to enjoy the film with friends and realized two scenes were cut. "One scene was rather memorable to me. Wen Zhang and I interacted with some gold fishes. Wen Zhang often played with gold fishes. Sometimes I would touch his hand and he would laugh quite shyly. At that time I felt particular close to him."

Although after her pole dance scene was cut Kwai Lun-Mei could not become "gold fish girl", Siu Mei did not mind at all. She felt that the duty of an actress was respecting the film itself. As long as they coordinated with the overall style, how the scenes turned out did not matter.

[2010.07.01] YUAN LI SHOWS OFF

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Mainland actress Yuan Li earlier walked the red carpet with junior colleague Wang Mian at the TRIPLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG JI WONG) Beijing premiere. According to Yuan Li, currently she is working with Andy Lau Tak Wa, Gong Li and others on the film WHAT WOMEN WANT. This will also be her first film after joining Polybona artist management.


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FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 (TONG BAK FU DIM CHAU HEUNG 2) will be released on July 8. In it Zhang Jingchu stood out with "painted skin" and stole the show from various comedy experts. In the trailer, Zhang Jingchu as Qiuxiang not only had demon eyes but also hung in mid air like a ghost. She even ripped off her face and showed her original form to Lam Tsz Chung to get back at him for harassing her. The film not only added suspense elements but also put a lot of thought into its action. Huang Xiaoming used a variety of brushes to transform into Wolverine in a battle against Louis Fan Siu Wong who studied the Sunflower Treasure Book until his clothes ripped from the transformation. In addition the film also had Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai)'s "Transformer Golden Vat", Nat Chan Pak Cheung's "manual windmill feet", Shaolin Temple's eighteen bronze men, Hunan bounty hunter Vulture's eagle claw. In particular Huang Xiaoming and Fan Siu Wong's fight was the most fun, like a costume version of X-MEN X PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!


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The new Taiwan director Cheng Hsiao-Che written and directed, Ming Dow, Eddie Peng Yuyan, Mainland new comer Fan Xinyu starred MORE THAN CLOSE will open simultaneously on August 13 in Taiwan and the Mainland.

In the film, Fan Xinyu played boxer Ming Dow's loyal fan who not only knew his daily life like the back of her hand but also set off passionate sparks while helping him find his memory as they performed an emotional kiss scenes. About the kiss scene, Ming Dow joked that he obviously was more experienced than Fan Xinyu. As for who was a better fighter between him and Peng Yuyan, Ming Down very directly said, "In the film of course I am more amazing, I can't say in reality." Peng Yuyan in the film played a boxer who kept losing and even had to fight Ming Dow. This was also Pang Yuyan's first big screen display of his eight pack abs. His fit figure would definitely be a feast for his fans' eyes. As for his character, Peng Yuyan said, "Keep on fighting despite of losses should be the courage that young people should have, never give up, never admit defeat. This is what we all need."


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Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei yesterday attended the BREAK UP CLUB (FUN SAU SHUET OI NEI) viewer meeting. After 15 days in release (as of June 28) the box office has already reached HK$8.3 million, which they were satisfied with. Cho Ming said that elders called to congratulate him and the box office should reach 10 million. When asked he would celebrate, he said, "13 million will be the best. If it will reach 15 million then I am going bungee jumping." Fiona with her fear of heights said, "14.9 million will be fine. Actually BREAK is a small Hong Kong film, over 10 million I will already be very happy." Were they afraid that working together again would bore the audience? Fiona said, "Actually the last time I worked with Cho Ming was in 2004. We haven't even sung together on stage. Maybe the rumors made everyone feel that we were always working together." Fiona revealed that the director's persecution during the shoot. Because she and Cho Ming could not achieve the couple's feel, the director once considered halting production.

Cho Ming even revealed that the film later will be released in Taiwan and the Mainland. He will go on the promotional tour while Sit Hoi Kei probably will not be able to due to a film production.

Reportedly Taiwan star Dylan Kuo (Kwok Bun Chiu) after secretly meeting Sit Hoi Kei in Hong Kong had a "hickey" on his neck. Sit Hoi Kei laughed, "When I met him, he already had a hickey. That hickey actually was a birth mark that was originally brown. The magazine made it look red. Since it was my first collaboration with me, it was very embarrassing. In his close up shots, this birth mark could be clearly seen."

Was she very close with Kwok Bun Chiu, Cho Ming added, "Of course." Sit Hoi Kei's eyes widened and said, "Let's see if I will help you the next time you have a rumor, in particular rumors in Taiwan." Cho Ming immediately shut up. Sit Hoi Kei also said, "Earlier I went to Taiwan to make a record, I was a stranger in a strange land and didn't have any friend. Luckily he took care of me. This time when he comes to Hong Kong I will do my part as a host, daringly taking him to eat and go out."

Did Cho Ming console Sit Hoi Kei after her privacy at home was exposed? Sit Hoi Kei cut in, "He has never consoled me." Cho Ming said, I am consoling you now! I never console you because you are very strong, very tough, and very stubborn." Cho Ming did not see the photos but learned about them from friends. "Seeing other's misfortune I feel very fortunate." He also joked, "I may install reflexive windows at my home, or fill it with film posters and cardboard cut outs; but I will be more careful from now on and hire a few snipers to keep an eye out."

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Due to the artist nude photo scandal, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's ad was pulled. Two years later, she yesterday appeared in Shanghai and attended an event. She revealed that in February she will work with Tony Leung Chiu Wai on Derek Yee Tung Sing's new film.
Pak Chi said, "11 years ago I worked with Wai Jai on TOKYO RAIDER (DUNG GUNG GUNG LUEK). He was very cool but quite a gentleman. I was very lucky to be able to work with him again." Pak Chi has been working hard on losing weight for the comeback. She honestly said that the process has been tough. Everyday she has been swimming and running, she could not have rice or noodle, or anything too greasy or too sweet.

Stephen Chow Sing Chi reportedly offered 10 million for Pak Chi and her son Lucas to perform in KING OF COMEDY 2. Pak Ci expressed that no one contacted her, but she felt that Lucas is a natural born performer. "If reporters' cameras aren't on him, he instead would cry." Did her mother in law Deborah Li (Dik Bor Lai) object to Lucas joining show business at such a young age? Pak Chi said, "Mother in law hasn't objected, she respects me and Ting Fung very much." She honestly said that she has been working hard to find balance between her sons so they would feel that she had no favorites.


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Alex Fong Lik Sun and Gillian Chung Yun Tung two days ago promoted the Emperor film FANTASTIC WATER BABES (CHOOK SHUI FU YUNG) in Wuhan. Ah Gil honestly said that in the film Siu Fong's lifelong promise touched her, in reality because she grew up in a single parent home she never believed that such love existed. However director Jeff Lau Chun Wai made her believe because he loved his wife and daughter, which made her feel the love of a lifetime.

Although FANTASTIC was a comedy, Siu Fong constantly had to work extremely hard constantly. Even when he was in the vacation mecca Cheung Chau, Siu Fong did not feel half a bit of joy. In one scene Siu Fong had to be stuffed into a 1 meter by 1/2 meter suitcase, for the fit Siu Fong it was almost a "mission impossible"!

In order to turn the impossible into the possible, Siu Fong deliberately lost weight as he was eight pounds lighter. On the day of the shoot, Siu Fong required assistance from five co-workers to stuff into the suitcase. Because Siu Fong was tied up, his movement was even hindered. After the suitcase was closed, Siu Fong honestly said that he felt scared. After a few minutes he even had difficulty with breathing and only wanted to come out as soon as possible. Fortunately the shoot was finally completed. Afterward Siu Fong had a backache and his limbs had bruises. In order to do his part as an actor, even more difficulty would have been worth it.

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Gillian Chung Yun recently has been promoted the film FANTASTIC WATER BABES (CHOOK SHUI FU YUNG)'s release in the Mainland. Ah Gil, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Stephen Fung Tak Lun and the director appeared on a Hunan Satellite program. She participated in the program taping with a 23 minute performance in which she danced and drew, but it was completely cut from the broadcast two nights ago. Ah Gil's Mainland fans after watching the entire program felt that Ah Gil never appeared on the program. Even scenes in which Siu Fong and Fung Tak Lun mentioned Ah Gil's name were cut. The incident has upset Ah Gil's fans.

Hunan Satellite responded that the cut was not due to pressure from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television or a ban on Ah Gil. The reasons of the cut were unconfirmed but they might be related to content, perhaps whether she spoke well or the program's time limit.

Ah Gil expressed that she has worked very hard as an actor to coordinate with the film promotion but everything else was beyond her control. Ah Gil continued to promote in Wuhan. She said, "The past is already the past, everyone look ahead! I give you positive energy! Love you!"


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Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) and Wen Zhang's father and son relationship in OCEAN HEAVEN has led to an enormous response from the public. Local show business has been just as supportive, as Hong Kong Best Actors and Actresses like Lau Ching Wan, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Paw Hee Ching have all seen the film. All agreed that the film was sincere and touching and greatly complimented Lee Nin Kit's first "abandoning martial art for drama" acting performance.

Lau Ching Wan felt that now many commercial films drive the local film market, which lacks some sincere movie of people and culture. Yam Tat Wa agreed that the film was very real and had a lot of life. Yam Tat Wa also admired Lee Nin Kit's performance. "Although in ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (SHUI YUET SUN TAU) I also played a father, if ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW and OCEAN HEAVEN were released at the same time, the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor might likely have gone to Lee Nin Kit."

Paw Hee Ching was teary eyed after watching the film. She has known Lee Nin Kit for years and always felt that he was very frank good actor. She still could tell that he has put in a lot of hard work into his performance despite making many commercial martial art films in the past. Ng Kwan Yu was just as touched completely due to Lee Nin Kit's delicate and touching acting. "I thought it was very amazing because I have never seen such as solid Lee Nin Kit. The hardest part was this was a very touching movie, but his performance was absolutely not melodramatic!"


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Fiona Sit Hoi Kei earlier appeared on an ATV program and talked about her excitement over her new film's box office and how she got along with co-star Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming).

Sit Hoi Kei revealed that when she first knew Cho Ming he disliked her. She said before when they worked together on 2 YOUNG (JO SHOOK), Fong Cho Ming suggested to director Derek Yee Tung Sing not to cast her. Later as they began more familiar, Sit Hoi Kei asked Cho Ming why he disliked her. His answer was when they first felt he thought Sit Hoi Kei was rude. Fong Cho Ming mentioned when they first arrived at the scene, a friend introduced them. Sit Hoi Kei after shaking hands with him just left, thus Fong Cho Ming thought Sit Hoi Kei was rude. Sit Hoi Kei felt that was very funny and felt that leaving after shaking hands was very normal. She even joked, "Haha! Should I have embraced him as soon as I met him?" As for rumors with Fong Cho Ming, Sit Hoi Kei loudly repeated, "Fake! Fake!"

BREAK UP CLUB (FUN SAU SHUET OI NEI) is about a couple Sit Hoi Kei and Fong Cho Ming who after breaking up still deeply loves each other. Thus they would say I love you to the other. Sit Hoi Kei expressed, if in reality she still loved him she too would be willing to say I love you.  She even quoted, "You should live your everyday like your last day." Sit Hoi Kei said that she hated regret the most. If tomorrow will be the end of the world, even if she will not be able to grow old with the person she loved, at least she let him know that she loved him.


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The Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Zhou Libo and others starred FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 (TONG BAK FU DIM CHAU HEUNG 2) will open on July 9. Yesterday at its Beijing press conference, Huang Xiaoming not only "expressed his love" on one knee with a pan to the Zhang Jingchu version "Qiuxiang" but also led the other three geniuses in a "grilled chicken wing dance".

At the premiere, the organizer arranged a game when each genius had to make their feelings known to Qiuxiang. The first was Zhou Libo who wanted to win the beauty's heart by defaming Tang Bohu; Chan Pak Cheung not only used his shoddy Putonghua to praised "Qiuxiang" as a heavenly maiden on earth and even sang a Spanish song HISTORIA DE UN AMOR; Yam Yin Chai turned his claim to fame THE GIRL ACROSS THE STREET LOOKS BACK to QIUXIANG ACROSS THE STREET LOOKS BACK. When he recommended himself he also boasted the other three "brothers". Huang Xiaoming only walked toward Zhang Jingchu with the impression that it would be a melodramatic expression, but Huang Xiaoming went down on one knew with a pan in his hand and compared Zhang Jingchu to the "Red" in his heart as he hoped that she would be able to accept him as the "Gray" who lets the old lady hit him all she wanted. The surprising little humor cheered everyone up. Later they sang REUNION in a loving and coordinated fashion.

FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 was described as a "prequel". Speaking of the character of Tang Bohu, Huang Xiaoming honestly said that he would not imitate Stephen Chow Sing Chi's style. "My life motto is not to walk the road that people have walked before, but I have to treat the goals of those before as my own." He hoped that his Tang Bohu would bring surprises to viewers. Huang Xiaoming described Zhang Jingchu as surprising. "This Qiuxiang is very sassy!" Later he explained the term "sassy", "I mean this Qiuxiang is even more sparkling and charming." Huang Xiaoming even revealed that among the Four Great Geniuses Yam Yin Chai and Chan Pak Cheung both had nude scenes. "I feel FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 is even more suitable for female viewers because it has many male nude scenes."

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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Albert Yeung Sau Sing, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Ng Yu

Louis Koo, Yeung Yeuk Si, Daniel Wu
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Louis Koo, Daniel Wu
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Lam Suet, Louis Koo, Yeung Yeuk Si, Daniel Wu, Chapman To Man Jat
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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Chapman To Man Jat and Lam Suet yesterday attended the TRIPLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG JI WONG) promotional activity. Goo Jai and Ah Jat both told dirty jokes to have fun at the expense of Ng Yin Cho's lesser Cantonese abilities. The event presented "golden guns" to Goo Jai and Daniel. Ah Jat joked that this gun was to wish the just married Daniel "the golden gun never falls". As for Goo Jai who has not been rumored to be have a girlfriend in a long time, he joked that his "golden gun" could only be put on display but he would properly collect it.

TRIPLE TAP's actors yesterday attended an event at a Causeway Bay shopping center. Although rain kept falling, many still looked on. On stage everyone talked about their production experience. When Ng Yin Cho mentioned that while making this film everyday he practiced drawing his gun at home. He said, "Every night I would pull it out, before bed I would pull it out. My wife Lisa S. thought I was annoying." Goo Jai chuckled and asked Daniel, "What are you pulling out every night that makes your wife say you are annoying?" Perhaps Daniel's Cantonese was not fluent enough, he did not know how to respond as he only chuckled.

Later the event presented "golden guns" to Goo Jai and Daniel. Ah Jat said to Daniel, "You just got married, we present you with this 'golden gun' to wish you 'the golden gun never falls'. Aren't you happy?" Daniel awkwardly laughed, "Yes!" Later Goo Jai said that many times Daniel did not understand what he and Ah Jat was saying, which could entertain everyone. Speaking of "the golden gun never falling", how would Goo Jai handle his "golden gun"? He joked, "It will be on display! I will properly collect it." Would his "golden gun" end up having "golden rust"? He laughed but did not answer, then said, "I thank the event for giving me a 'golden gun'!"

Ng Yin Cho expressed that he understood what was "golden gun never falls" and said that Goo Jai and Ah Jat liked to make fun of him. Speaking of practicing the draw at home, he expressed that at the time he truly was mad as he practiced several hundred times daily. Even his bulldog would immediately bark as soon as anything gun shaped. In addition, he and his wife's wedding party will take place on July 28.


Liu Ye, Shu Qi

Liu Ye, Shu Qi, Andrew Lau Wai Keung
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The Andrew Lau Wai Keung directed, Shu Qi, Liu Ye and Tian Liang starred romance BEAUTIFUL LIFE (MEI LAI YUN SUN) yesterday held a set visit in Beijing. Shu Qi appeared in her pregnant look as this pretty pregnant woman in the heat showed homes to clients as a real estate agent. Although her on screen husband Liu Ye was not in the scene, his heart ached just from looking. He even said that this was Shu Qiu's most realistic and most lifelike performance. Shu Qi expressed after reading the script she did not know how to play this character. After communicating with the director several times, she realized that she wanted to play the "female version Lau Wai Keung".

Lau Wai Keung pointed out that two years ago when he made LOOK FOR A STAR (YAU LUNG HEI FUNG), the story of Hong Kong woman Denise Ho Wan Si who fell for Mainland maintenance man Zhang Hanyu was a great inspiration to him. Then he spent two years to personally write the script about a love story between a gold digging Hong Kong woman and a Beijing cop. Lau Wai Keung pointed out that Tian Liang told him about a motto of Fu Mingxia, "Life is like a high platform dive, all the flips and twists you do is so you can land into fortune's embrace." This was very uniform with the BEAUTIFUL LIFE theme. In the film Shu Qi, Liu Ye and Tian Liang were all "diving in love". Shu Qi pointed out when Lau Wai Keung talked about the script, she was so touched that she was teary eyed.

As for the pregnant woman look, Shu Qi expressed that the no make up performance was also her idea. She also played such a character for the first time, a girl who was very unreasonable, opinionated, hysterical and exploded as soon as she had any problem. People hated her from the start. In the film she would even hit Liu Ye, throw tantrums and break things. Liu Ye even had to step on her foot and made her fall backward, thus her elbow suffered bruises. She joked that it was just like making an action film.

Liu Ye and Lau Wai Keung worked together for the first time. In the beginning he had some "misunderstanding" of Director Lau because he had a very hard time connecting the INFERNAL AFFAIRS (MO GAN DOH) and YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI) director with a romance until before the shoot he saw the Lau Wai Keung directed DAISY when he realized the romantic color on Lau Wai Keung. Lau Wai Keung two to three months before the shoot constantly invited Liu Ye to his workshop as a guest, drink red wine and chatted to thoroughly put Liu Ye at ease. He also described his on screen relationship with Shu Qi as "touching".


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The Benny Chan Muk Sing directed film CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI) will be released in August in Hong Kong. Lead actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Shu Qi reunited after STORM RIDERS (FUNG WON HUNG BA TIN HA). Excelling in action police films, Chan Muk Sing in the film arranged for a series of explosive action scenes as well as a lot of special effects. Chan Muk Sing expressed that he has always wanted to make a science fiction hero film like SPIDER-MAN, a subject that has never appeared in Chinese film before.

In the film Kwok Fu Sing played a small time circus performer who while performing in Malaysia went to a deep hill treasure hunt in Malaysia with Collin Chou Siu Lung and others. Because they breathed in poison gas that the Japanese military left during World War II, their bodies began to change. As they escaped back to Hong Kong, Sing Sing was thrown in the sea to feed sharks. In order to shoot realistically how Kwok Fu Sing sank to the bottom of the sea, Chan Muk Sing said to Kwok Fu Sing, "I really don't have any other idea, you have to personally perform the scene." Sing Sing agreed without even thinking about it. "At the time I didn't think too much. I have always coordinated with the director's requests. After working with Director Chan over so many years, we have already established a mutual trust."

That day they shot in rather shallow water but nearby was a sewage pipe. Sing Sing said that he was thrown into the sewage pool just like that. Sing Sing recalled, "It was truly too smelly! After I got home I washed with liquid disinfectant soap several times but still felt I smelled. It was hard to take." In another scene he was drifting at sea, professional divers were on hand to assist. Sing Sing said that it was shark season. Despite professional divers' watch, he was very concerned about sharks. Finally he worked on this scene for several hours from the day to the dusk. His skin also due to a long time in the water suffered a reaction. After the shoot he had to go to a hospital to be treated.


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Maggie Lee Man Kwan, Kama Law Hoi San

Chapman To Man Jat, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Wong Cho Nam
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Chapman To Man Jat, Wong Cho Nam, Kama Law Hoi San, Maggie Lee Man Kwan, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and others two nights ago attended the film LA COMEDIE HUMAINE (YUN GAN HEI KET) premiere. The always funny Ah Jat joked that he had a revealing scene and was asked whether his rear or Tony Leung Ka Fai's was prettier. He joked, "His is like a frog's, very muscular. Mine is like a bubble butt, fully inflated. When I made the scene, my old lady (Krystal Tin Yui Nei) came to visit the set; during the shoot I didn't want to use tape and only covered the important area." When asked whether he could cover the entire important area with one hand, Tin Yui Nei rushed to answer, "He needs both hands!"

Kwan Yu who came in support revealed that she took three months off to be with her daughter. "I want to leave her but it's very hard. I always have to tell her I am going out to buy something and taking the chance to escape. Tonight I have to come to the movies, I don't dare to tell her I am going out to buy something. I only tell my daughter to look over there and immediately duck out." As for Ah Jat jokingly referring to himself as "bubble butt", Kwan Yu joked, "He is a flesh bomb, fish ball!" Joey Yung Cho Yi who originally planned to attend was absent last minute due to recording.


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Jessica C. yesterday attended an environmental protection bag event. Next month Jessica will enter the film industry and work with Chrissie Chau Sau Na on a movie about beach volleyball. She pointed out that she has not played since she was 12; however, she felt that exercise was very important and was able to maintain her bikini figure.

Jessica expressed that working in Hong Kong made her dreams come true, like modeling now and acting. She however would like to learn Cantonese the most because in the new film she would have to speak Cantonese, which she has already begun to work. She honestly said that when she first came to Hong Kong she thought Cantonese was incredible. Now she finally had the chance to learn.


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The New York Asian Film Festival's Star of Asia, Hong Kong film star Simon Yam Tat Wa expressed that the Mainland cinema ticket prices were too high and film distributors should consider lowering them to attract even more viewers to go to the movies. This would not only effectively fight piracy but also motivate the entire film market and the economic development around cinemas.

Yam Tat Wa pointed out that a movie in Beijing, Shanghai or other cities costs 70 to 80 yuan RMB. In Hong Kong a movie costs HK$50 to 60 in Hong Kong. In New York a movie costs around US$12. In comparison, obviously the movie ticket prices in Beijing and Shanghai were the most expensive. New York Asian Film Festival Star of Asia Yam Tat Wa when discussing the film piracy phenomenon pointed out that the prices had to do with film distributors' excessive greed. "Actually film bosses make too much money." Thus not only official market development has been limited but also piracy market has been helped. "In the past distributors wanted too much money, so pirates appeared. Now film DVD prices declined and piracy should be reduced accordingly."

Yam Tat Wa expressed, everyone knew to enjoy the fun of the movies you still had to go to the movies. Yet in Mainland China, high prices have kept many viewers at bay and forced them to watch online. "Mainland prices are too high! Actually each place should set cinema ticket and film DVD prices according to local income rate. They can't use developed nation standards in the West to set Chinese market prices." Yam Tat Wa suggested for distributors to lower Mainland cinema ticket prices according to local income standard to attract even more people. "This can not only expand the film market but also motivate the economic development around cinemas." Yam Tat Wa said that currently he would like to play a farm villager the most. "I really want to challenge the farm villager role because since childhood I have known their importance." The avid photographer even expressed that he was preparing a personal exhibition in New York.


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"With a shortage of money, people, and scripts, I am truly worried about the future of Hong Kong action films. However no hope doesn't mean hopeless. I hope IP MAN can drive Hong Kong action film development." Hong Kong kung fu film elder Sammo Hung Kam Bo said while talking about Hong Kong kung fu film future in New York.

The New York Asian Film Festival Star of Asia Lifetime Achievement Award winner Hung Kam Bo met with New York chinese reporters at the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government economic and trade office in New York. Speaking of the success of the IP Man film series and Jackie Chan's new film THE KARATE KID's U.S. box office, Hung Kam Bo honestly said that the performance has exceeded expectation and he was happy about Hong Kong kung fu film's glorious recent performance. "During the depression for one dramatic and one action film to be so well coordinated and have decent market response it is very rare." He hoped investors, martial artists and viewers could find interest in martial art and action films anew.

Hung Kam Bo hoped that the IP MAN series success would be able to strengthen everyone's confidence in Hong Kong action film, promote Hong Kong action film development to revive Hong Kong's past action film kingdom glory. Otherwise, if investors are unwilling to invest and young people are unwilling to study martial arts, "Funding, personnel and scripts are all missing, Hong Kong action film then has no hope." Hung Kam Bo said with concern that fewer and fewer people was able to make action films in Hong Kong. "However no hope doesn't mean hopeless." He hoped that ever more people would join action films. "I hope those with hearts would participate anew and expand Hong Kong action films." Hung Kam Bo joked that he would like to make a romance the most, but no one would hire him. Even he would not dare to hire himself for a romance. He revealed that his next film was already under preparation and would still be an action film, a Hong Kong and Mainland co-production that would have an estimated 80 to 90 RMB budget and start production next March.

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Elanne Kong Yuek Lam yesterday appeared on a Commercial Radio interview to promote her new song BABAYA. She expressed that she had to work on a television series but due to rain the shoots were cancelled, giving her a day to promote her new song and time to sleep at home.

Elanne expressed that she has been busy with the series. In July she will work on a movie and a television series for CCTV. She will first go to Thailand for the film YUEN MEI TUNG WA (PERFECT FAIRY TALE) with Lau Ching Wan. Although Thailand has been politically unstable, she was not too worried. She pointed out that her junior colleagues Square was in Thailand but they still went out.


Anita Yuen Wing Yi

Josie Ho Chiu Yi
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Josie Ho Chiu Yi yesterday attended an award presentation. She spent Father's Day with her father Stanley Ho Hung Sun, who expressed that she would see her film DREAM HOME (WAI DOR LEI AH YUT HO). At first she was afraid that it would be too scary and would not let her father watch it. However many after watching thought it was fine so she was at ease. She pointed out that her father disliked war films the most. She is now planning a small romantic film that will start production in July. Earlier half sister Sabrina Ho Chiu Ying expressed an interest in film, would she ask her to guest star? She joked that if she was interested then she should not just guest star, perhaps they could form a heavy metal band. Was she afraid of upsetting their father? Chiu Yi joked that father instead would feel they were talented.

Anita Yuen Wing Yi expressed that her husband Julian Cheung Chi Lam has become much thinner because he was busy with Wong Kar Wai's new film. She said, "I don't know what Wong Kar wai told him. Now whatever he eats he has to weigh first and always work out until very late. His weight loss process seems to reach obsession level. He shrinks down day by day and I swell up day by day. I don't even know what role he is playing. When I called the film company to ask, they said it was none of my business."


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The Chow Yun Fat, Gong Li, John Cusack and Ken Watanabe starred SHANGHAI last week opened in the Mainland and ran into TOY STORY 3. Finally it did not disappoint with 20 million at the box office.


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TRIPLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG JI WONG) will be released on July 1. Chapman To Man Jat time and again went to revenge against Louis Koo Tin Lok. Goo Jai's character suffered mental disturbance with To Man Jat constantly threatening his life, putting Goo Jai in an intense life.

One scene made Goo Jai very nervous. Not only the director but also Ah Jat used a very exciting way to get Goo Jai into character. "That day the shoot took place in a gun club. I made a suggestion to the director and Goo Jai for him to point a real gun at my head. Everyone objected strongly when they heard because of the danger. Only under this condition though were we able to play our own roles with focus. Goo Jai with a real gun in hand no matter what would be extra careful. He even had to point the gun right at my temple while I held the barrel of the gun. At the time everyone on the set were so silent that I could quiet my and Goo Jai's heartbeats very clearly." Afterward, Ah Jat of course stated, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared! However, for realism I can only go all out!"


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THE LEGEND IS BORN IP MAN (IP MAN CHIN JUEN) yesterday was released nationwide. Lately executive producer Sin Kwok Lam along with Ip Chun, To Yu Hang, Huang Yi, Louis Fan Siu Wong, Yuen Biao, Rose Chan Ka Wun and others attended the premiere press conference in Beijing. At the event To Yu Hang and Ip Chun demonstrated their kung fu. Huang Yi who has been involved in recent divorce rumors revealed with a smile, "Boss Sin has said that if the film will exceed 100 million at the box office, he will take us to Russia for caviar. Now that I told the media, he will have no excuse." As the media gradually prepare to ask about her personal life, she missed all media event after the press conference. Huang Yi perhaps did not want her personal matter to steal the thunder of the film, she quickly left with the crew and did not accept any media interview.


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Zhang Zilin yesterday attended a Swarovski 2010 watch exhibit opening ceremony. She revealed that on July 1 she will begin work on her first film with Liu Ye. They will play a couple in a romance. She said that with her height she actually never thought about being able to make a movie. Working with Best Actor Liu Ye who she has always admired, she felt some pressure as a new comer. She expressed that she did not know whether she and Liu Ye would have any kiss scene. She believed that Liu Ye was a little taller than her because they ran into each other in some public events before, but after landing this role they have not met or communicated.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Lin Chiling, Sun Honglei
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The Sun Honglei, Lin Chiling starred WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN has already opened on June 22 nationwide. On opening day it faced PRINCE OF PERSIA, ROBIN HOOD, SHANGHAI, THE KARATE KID, and TOY STORY 3. During prime time the sole Chinese film broke through as it sold out in each major city and laughter and applause turned into beautiful box office.

On the 23rd, director Li Weiran along with leads Sun Honglei, Lin Chiling, Gan Wei, Huang Haibo and others gathered in Beijing to celebrate the film's opening day success. Sun Honglei expressed that in order to play Village Chief Tang well he went to a farm village to experience life. He drank and chatted with the village chief. His blue uniform came from a village chief; speaking of Lin Chiling's rather subversive and violent image, he joked that he was scared just thinking about it. When asked about box office expectation, Li Weiran expressed, "I went to a cinema to check out movies in our slot and discovered almost all foreign films. I hope viewers will be able to see WELCOME TO SHAMA TOWN in the cinemas and support national films."


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The Louis Koo Tin Lok starred film TRIPLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG JI WONG) will soon open. Earlier Goo Jai in an interview expressed that he felt rather difficult and stressed from playing the sniper in the film. Did he want to learn to shoot after the production? He expressed probably not because he was rather busy and rarely had a chance to play. He said, "Actually each bullet costs several bucks. It's very costly spending, a little like burning money. I won't get a gun license."

However, before the shoot Goo Jai received shooting training. He said, "We the actors went to the shooting school. The training was very complete. When I was little I definitely have played with toy guns so I had actual interest. During practice we fired 20 shots one day. Only then did I feel the power of the gun." Goo Jai also excitedly expressed that during the training, he tried many different guns. The rifle was very powerful, its shot could be silent. As for the most memorable scene, he said, "In one scene over a dozen actors fired all at once. I think 500 shots were fired, luckily no accident occurred. Before the shoot we prayed." The film's title was somewhat similar to the Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing starred DOUBLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG). He explained that the two films had no connection.