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Pakho Chau recalls his apprentice days
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Singer Pakho Chau yesterday promoted his film MY WIFE IS A SUPERSTAR (NGOR LO POR HAI MING SING) and its theme song IMPOSSIBLE (BUT HOR NUNG) on the radio. He said that he felt honored to be able to be music maker Chan Kwong Wing's apprentice. He also pointed out that while in those two years he had no income, he learned to tolerate. "Two years without income required a lot of tolerance. Those days were very tough, very poor, Grandma every month would give me HK$ 2,000 to live on. At the time we didn't have online banking, Grandma walked with a cane to the bank to deposit the money for me. I was really very grateful. Luckily the company covered meals, I had enough for expenses like transportation and food." He encouraged young people to invest more time for their future. He earlier with his fellow singers performed a live show. "It's a very innovative project, without any sponsor or big production. We also used a very short time to prepare."


Apple Chan fights in the mud
Chen Kuan Tai keeps his eyes to himself around Apple Chan
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"Tiny Shu Qi" Apple Chan Chi Yau starred in her first lead role in the film SIU NUI DA LUI TOI (GIRL IN THE RING). The film had many training and fighting scenes, which were "right up her alley". Her father was a fighter and won prizes in competitions, and her uncle was a the Muay Thai Association director. Thus when she was little her father trained her to fight as well. However she humbly said, "Papa taught me a little, but not as detailed as this time. So now I am training everyday." Earlier she and veteran artist Chen Kuan Tai worked on a mud wrestling scene. Her sexy appearance made elder Chen Kuan Tai keep his eyes to himself.


Flowers can also be found outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
After 13 years fans still miss Leslie Cheung

The classic team of Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui and Maggie Cheung in the 1984 film BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE made over 10 million in 6 days in its China debut
G.E.M. performs a Leslie Cheung song
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Gor fans send flowers to express their feeling
Guangzhou fan sends a rose arrangement in the shape of  the words Gor Gor
Avenue of the Stars
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April 1 was the 13th anniversary of superstar Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's death. Every year "Gor" fans would hold memorial events to remember their idol. The Avenue of the Stars yesterday continued to hold Gor Gor photo exhibits and displayed his stage presence and movie stills. Many Gor fans sent floral arrangements and attracted visitors.

A female fan from Xiamen said that she came to participate in the Gor Gor memorial events for the first time in Hong Kong. She said that she has liked Gor Gor for 11 years. After he passed she began to like him. "The farm village didn't have great communication before, I only started to pay attention when he passed away. My favorite was FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE." She also said that Gor Gor was her goal. A post 80 Hong Kong fan Jason stayed at the exhibit for a hour. He remembered when his idol passed away. "That day was April Fool's Day. At the time ICQ was spreading the news of Gor Gor's passing like mad. At first I thought it was a prank." He said that Gor Gor's songs were his favorite.

Outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Central many "Gor" fans around the world sent floral arrangement. Guangzhou "Gor" fan sent two heart shaped red rose arrangement with the word "Gor". Tomorrow night a memorial concert will take place and Leo Ku Kui Ke will perform.

Younger singers remembered Gor Gor's glory. G.E.M. saluted him with a performance of his song SOMEONE WITH HEART. When the video began the screen said, "Thank you for the foot prints you left on our journey." Although she posted the video a week ago, some online still questioned whether she was taking advantage of the situation. The video already had over 150,000 hits. Taiwan singer Winnie Hsin (Sun Hiu Kei) yesterday morning posted her "duet" of LOVING EMBRACE at the Gor Gor memorial concert to express how much she missed him. In addition, the Mainland also had different memorial events. In Shanghai a video art exhibit was held; a Mainland site also successfully "brought back the original sound" of Gor Gor, using technology for him to converse with "Gor" fans. Gor Gor, Anita Mui Yim Fong and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk's classic romance BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE (YUEN FUN) was also released for the first time in China, which Gor fans looked forward to very much.

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Joyce Godenzi promotes with her husband Sammo Hung
The stars give a kung fu demonstration with children
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THE BODYGUARD (DUT GUNG YEH YEH) held its premiere in Beijing. Sammo Hung Kam Bo appeared with Zhu Yuchen, Li Qinqin, Feng Jiayi, Jacqueline Chan Pui Yin and others. Even "Seven Little Fortunes" members Yuen Wah, Yuen Ting, Yuen Bo reunited. At the premiere, Hung Kam Bo emotionally said to viewers, "The thing that I am the proudest of is I am still standing here now. I am the happiest about being able to see everyone." Speaking of the exciting fights in the film, Hung Kam Bo joked, "I am prepared to keep fighting until 150." His wife Joyce Godenzi (Go Lai Hung) also appeared as the "host". Dressed in an elegant gold evening gown, she was by Hung Kam Bo's side the entire time. Hung Kam Bo appeared in Chinese clothing with the cast.


Derek Tsang and J.Arie play a wasted youth and a HK woman
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Eric Kwok looks everywhere except at Anita Chui
Eric Kwok and wife Grace Ip
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Anita Chui Bik Ka, Eric Kwok Wai Leung and wife Grace Ip Pui Man, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung, J.Arie (Lui Sum Yu) and others two nights ago attended their film ROBBERY (LO LUP)'s premiere. Anita and Eric had many passionate scenes in the film. Would the presence of Eric's wife Ip Pui Man be awkward? She said, "I have said hello to his wife. (Are you afraid that Kwok Wai Leung would be punished?) I am not the one who would get punished, in addition I listened to Ip Pui Man's songs. She is an actress too and would understand. (Would you challenge the sexiness standards again?) I don't set the standards. (Full nudity?) I haven't thought about it, I don't want to set standards for myself. It would depend on what the script requires."

Eric stated that this performance made him the envy of many of his male friends. His "copping a feel" scene with Anita had frequent bad takes, which was very awkward for him. He even revealed that director Fire Lee (For For) personally "instructed". "The chest grab took six times. I touched them but the director thought I wasn't intense enough. He wanted me to just go for them, then the director demonstrated on my arm and my rear." Tsang Kwok Cheung was asked about his father Eric Tsang Chi Wai's lawsuit. He said that his father told him not to worry.


Helen To carries her father's photo
To Wai Tung's god daughter Elva Ni
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Hilary Tsui hopes to spend more time with Helen To
Josie Ho
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Helen To will follow her father's wishes and take care of her mother

Jackie Chan sends flowers
Cherie Chung praises To Wai Tung for his humor
Lam Kwok Bun and Ken Low pay their respect
Elaine Lok is teary eyed when she leaves
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Travel program host Helen To Yu Fung's father, former Golden Harvest promotional department chief and veteran media person To Wai Tung earlier passed away at age 75 from kidney failure. Yesterday his family held services for him at the Hong Kong Funeral Home. This morning at 11AM his funeral will take place and his remains will be cremated at Cape Collinson. Dressed in black and wearing sunglasses, Cherie Chung Chor Hung said that she would miss To Sir's humorous personality.

After years of working in the media, To Wai Tung was well liked in the business. The hall was filled from flowers from friends, like god daughter Elva Ni (Ngai Sun Hei), Andy Lau Tak Wa, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Yuen Biao, Willie Chan Chi Keung, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Sally Yeh (Yip Man Sin), Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Lau Kam Hung, Eason Chan Yik Shun and his wife, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Peter Chan Ho Sun, Chin Ka Lok and Angela Tong Ying Ying, Chin Siu Ho and his wife, Edmond Leung Hon Man and his wife, Maggie Chan Mei Kei and her husband, Cherie Chung Chor Hung, William So Wing Hong, Teresa Tang Lai Kwan fan clubs and others. In front of To Sir's photo was his daughter To Yu Fung, wife Lo Pui Jing and brother To Wai Man's floral arrangement. On the altar were fresh white floweres and two white candles. To Sir's family also published a program in memory of him with "Carefree with Joy" on the cover. In it were many photos with To Sir and his family, friends and stars. Mrs. To also wrote an eulogy titled "50 Years Together". The program also had To Sir's love letter to his wife from 1969, and his writing THE TASTE OF DEATH. Daughter To Yu Fung signed her "Final Love Letter To Papa" as "Prodigal Daughter" to bid her father farewell.

Around 5:35PM yesterday, To Yu Fung spoke with the media. She said that she was okay as she was already prepared for Papa's passing. She said, "I made it back to Hong Kong in time and spent his last 5 days with him. I held his hands and accompanied him on his final journey." Yu Fung admitted when she thought of her Papa she would cry. As for To Sir's final words, Yu Fung said, "He hoped that I would work hard, be a big girl and take care of Mommy." Did she console Mommy? Yu Fung said that from now on she would be obedient and would not dare to talk back, as she said that Mommy was even stronger than she was. Since Papa passed she has not seen Mommy cry as she kept working hard on the farewell ceremony. As for burial goods, Yu Fung revealed that they included Papa's glasses and watch. Yu Fung was asked if her work has been affected. She said, "Actually I didn't stop working. Last time in Japan when I got Mommy's call and learned Papa was critical I immediately came back. Later I negotiated to follow the plan and keep working. I didn't want to quit halfway, I believe Papa had the same idea."

Yu Fung admitted that at work she tried not to think about her late father, but once she bawled all night that she looked like she had pink eye. Did her friends comfort her? Yu Fung said, "They have been great, Ah Tsui (Hilary Tsui Ho Ying) sent me text everyday to tell me that everyone love me."

Many industry insiders paid their respect last night, including Che Suk Mui, Chung Chor Hung, Tsui Ho Ying, Michelle Lo Mik Suet, Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Stanley Kwan Kam Peng, Ken Low Wai Kwong, Lam Kwok Bun, Ting Yu, So Wing Hong, Stephanie Cheng Yung, TVB assistant general manager To Chi Hak. Chung Chor Hung even permitted the media to take photos. Hung Goo would miss To Sir's humorous personality the most. Did To Sir help her a lot? She said that they helped each other. Tsui Ho Ying came to pay her respect alone. She said that her husband Eason was performing in Taiwan. She said, "Since Yu Fung's Daddy passed away, Yu Fung and I haven't seen each other. This time I also came to visit her." Has Ah Tsui dined with To Sir? She said no, but she was very close with Yu Fung. During this period they stayed in touch with social media and she would properly take care of her.

Former Golden Harvest promotional department chief and veteran media person To Wai Tung earlier passed away from kidney failure. Yesterday his family held services at the Hong Kong Funeral Home and a simple yet warm farewell ceremony. To Sir who was well connected and well liked in the entertainment and media world received flowers from many artists, stars, media organizations, industry insiders and outsiders alike as they filled the entire hall like a funeral for a star.

His family in order to coordinate with To Sir's optimistic personally did not want the atmosphere to be too sad. They only held a farewell ceremony without any religious ceremony. Mrs. To and Helen To Yu Fung appeared strong. God daughter Elva Ni (Ngai Sun Hei) was particularly saddened. When speaking of To Sir wrote a story about his family with her father she broke into a sob. Mrs. To invited To Sir's friend Ko Sai Hong, Wong Tin Long, former employee Chan Wai Chun, brother To Wai Fu to share stories of To Sir as remembrance. Everyone missed his generous, direct and loyal ways; Ken Low Wai Kwong and Lam Kwok Bun felt that To Sir treated them very well and took great care of them when they started a Golden Harvest stunt people and made the trip to pay their respect. Chiang Kwok Ming, Tsang Sing Ming, Elaine Lok Yi Ling, Joe Cheung Tung Cho and others left after the farewell ceremony. As his brother said if his brother lived a few more years it would have been even better. He also felt fortunate that his daughter To Yu Fung had shades of her father and succeeded him which he felt deeply comforted about. The farewell ceremony arranged for two violin renditions of To Sir's friend Teresa Tang Lai Kwan's songs I ONLY CARE ABOUT YOU and STROLL DOWN THE ROAD OF LIFE. With Tang Lai Kwan's songs accompanying him on his final journey on Earth, conceivably To Sir in Heaven truly would be carefree with joy.

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[2016.03.30] FOR MARCH 24-27 2016

For March 24-27 2016
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

    d. Stephen Chow Sing Chi
    Brenton Thwaites, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gerard Butler

  Can : Mung Ji Fa Ga
  Lit : Dream Wedding
    d. Shunji Iwai
    Haru Kuroki, Cocco, Go Ayano,
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 119 mins.
  Opening March 17 2016
  Trailer :

    Nanami is an apathetic, part-time junior high school teacher, whose only solace comes from connecting with others on “Planet”, a new social network service. One day, a young man named Tetsuya messages her and asks to meet in person. The two begin dating and quickly become engaged. When Testuya begs Nanami to increase her guest list for the wedding, Nanami reaches out to online-friend, Amuro, a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, who hires actors to play Nanami’s guests on her big day. A few weeks following the ceremony, Tetsuya’s mother confronts Nanami with allegations of lying and cheating. Heartbroken and despondent, Nanami checks herself into a hotel and manages to get hired there as a maid. One day, Amuro offers Nanami a housekeeping job in an old mansion, whose sole resident’s infectious spirit helps Nanami to let joy into her heart. However, Nanami soon realizes that Amuro, the mansion, and its occupant aren’t what they seem – and even dreams have limits.

    d. Tom McCarthy
    Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams

    d. Lenny Abrahamson
    Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridges

    d. Tom Hooper
    Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Amber Heard

    d. Babak Najafi
    Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett

  Can : Um Sik Tin Tong
    d. Steve Yuen Kim Wai
    Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Karena Lam Ka Yun,
      Michelle Wai Si Nga, Catherine Chau Ka Yi, Wong Hei
      Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Helena Law Lan, Edmond So Chi Wai
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 99 mins.
  Opening December 29 2015
  Opening March 24 2016

    After sharing a passionate kiss with Pastor To, Michelle files sexual harassment charges against the pastor. The scandal and the proceedings take their toll on both of them in different ways. While the pastor finds himself turning away from his faith, Michelle tries to find her salvation in religion. When they meet again many years later, To and Michelle both realize that absolution was never the ultimate destination.

    d. Alessandro Carloni,Jennifer Yuh Nelson
    English Voices: Jack Black, Bryan Cranston, Dustin Hoffman,
      Angelina Jolie, J.K. Simmons, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen,
      Lucy Liu, David Cross, Kate Hudson, James Hong
    Cantonese Voices: Eason Chan Yik Shun, Jackie Chan

    d. Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush
    Disney Animation
    English Voices: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba
    Cantonese Voices: Dayo Wang Tze Wah, Joey Yung Cho Yi

    d. Zack Snyder
    Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jessie Eisenberg

[2016.03.30] FOR THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 26 2016

For the week starting March 26 2016

  Can : Bit Loi Mo Yeung
  Zhang Lei

  Can : But Yu Wai Lim
  Chen Chusheng

  Can : Dor Seung Nei Oi Ngor
  Elaine Koo (Gu Yui Ling)

  Can : Yeh Mok Tin Sing
  C AllStar

  Can : Yin Fa
  Isaac Dang (Tang Yeung Tin)

  Can : Shan Lam Doh
  Kay Tse On Kay

  Can : Jor Sum Si
  Hanz Guo (Kwok Man Hong)

  Can : Dor Siu Nin
  JW (Wong Ho Yi)

  Can : Yut Gor Yun
  William Wei (Wai Lai On)

  Can : Oi Yu Chiu Shui
  Jeffrey Chang (Cheung Shun Jit)

  Can : Ngor Ho Duk Han
  Joey Yung Cho Yi

  Can : Can : 12 Yuet 22
  Tsai Chin (Choi Kam)

  Can : Hong Tam
  Hebe Tien

  Can : Seung Seung
  Gin Lee (Lee Hung Yi)

  Can : Seung Luen Yut Gor Oi
  Della Ding Dong


Jacky Cheung shares experience from his 30 year film career
In his first film DEVOTED TO YOU, he falls for his wife May Lo and changes his life
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ASHES OF TIME will probably be the last Wong Kar Wai film Jacky Cheung is in
Jacky Cheung gets teary eyed as he watches Anita Mui's JULY RHAPSODY performance
A kiss with May Lo affected Jacky Cheung's life, he jokes
Jacky Cheung reveals that Wong Kar Wai had him do the same expression 60 times in DAYS OF BEING WILD
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Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and director Shu Kei yesterday attended the Academy for Performing Arts forum "My Life as a Film Actor: Jacky Cheung in Conversation with Shu Kei", which played clips from many films of his career. Hok Yau even talked about how his wife May Lo (Law Mei Mei) changed his life.

Shu Kei said that he promoted Hok Yau and his wife Law Mei Mei starred DEVOTED TO YOU (CHI SUM DIK NGOR). Hok Yau said that this film was very memorable. He could tell what was on the scene from just listening to the sound. The film even changed his life. "This was a very important training. Actually making a movie is really making a movie, if you treat it like real then you would have consequences. Then I knew. The first film I didn't know, I thought making a movie had to be very real. At the time I was still young, so it influenced my life. Now if you tell me to kiss 10,000 times I wouldn't dare to have anything happen. When the movie is over it is, no thank you. However the feeling at the time still can't be shaken off."

Hok Yau with BULLET IN THE HEAD (DIP HUET GAI TAU)'s Fai Jai was nominated for the 1991 Hong Kong Film Award Best actor but lost. Hok Yau after watching the BULLET clip could not help but smile and said, "The performance was pretty good, if that didn't win I don't think I ever will." Later the event also played Hok Yau's Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actor performance from THE SWORDSMAN (SIU NGO GONG WU). Hok Yau said, "Even I don't know why I won. I wouldn't look into it though. Actually whether I win or not it doesn't really matter." When the clip from JULY RHAPSODY (NAM YUN SEI SUP) with Hok Yau and his late friend Anita Mui Yim Fong, he dabbed away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

Hok Yau also shared experience from his three films with Wong Kar Wai: AS TEARS GO BY (WONG GOK KAR MOON), DAYS OF BEING WILD (AH FEI JING JUEN) and ASHES OF TIME (DUNG CHEH SAI DUK). Hok Yau pointed out that when he met Wong Kar Wai, he was working on Jeff Lau Chun Wai's HAUNTED COP SHOP (MAN GWAI CHAI GUOON). He was a screen writer who constantly came over. So everyone would sit on the street and chat. Later when he became a director I offered my services. Then by DAYS OF BEING WILD their relationship changed. "In the film I had a very simple expression, which took 60 times. After that Wong Kar Wai said, 'let's call it' and walked away. I felt very uneasy. If when I met him he was a director, I would just submit. The worst part was when I knew him he was a friend. I couldn't separate that at all. 'Why would you treat me like this? Why don't you tell me which take was good?' I completely did not know, I started to feel the pain of being an actor. The space was very small. I wanted to perform, but when I did something I didn't know I didn't know what to do. This is the reason that later I worked with Wong Kar Wai less, but Wong Kar Wai is a talented and outstanding director."

Having made many movies in the 90s, Hok Yau in 2000 suddenly reduced production. He explained that was because his first daughter was born and he wanted changes in his life. "Now I am 50, I don't want to be like before and pass through every stage of life pointlessly. So I reduced production, but I still get offers." Later a viewer asked which character was Hok Yau's favorite. He joked, "Now I am working on HEAVEN IN THE DARK (UM SIK TIN TONG) of course I would say this one, because now I know how to drum up business."